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Closing the Deal

Starting as a celebration and becoming much more.
Friday afternoon when I arrived home, hubby was already there. He told me we had some celebrating to do and were going out with his clients to close a deal he’d been working on.

He asked me to dress really nice for an expensive evening, and that he’d told them how sexy I was, so to really do myself up right.

I got a party dress out of the closet, a little black one that he really likes and laid it out on the bed.

When I got out of the shower, I noticed he had laid out my sexy black stockings and my black snake skin shoes with the five-inch heels. I smiled as I walked past, thinking about what kind of night it would be.

When he saw me an hour later I was perfect. I pulled up the hem of the dress to show him my stockings and shoes and he growled at me and said he wanted to attack me right then. I also showed him I wasn’t wearing any panties in case he wanted to play on the way home.

We arrived at a very high end restaurant down town that was a part of a very exclusive hotel and as the valet opened the door I thought to myself that this would be an evening to remember. As we were walking in the door hubby whispered to me that he hadn’t told them he was married and that we could have fun pretending I was his date for tonight.

His clients met us in the hotel bar and we talked over drinks for a while before dinner. I met four very distinguished gentlemen, very well dressed and well spoken, the type that exude lots of money. They were all married and flew out here to close the deal with my husband leaving their wives at home to take care of their children.

We drank four or five drinks before dinner and then were escorted to a suite in the hotel. They had ordered filet mignon and lobster and asked if that was alright. I was very well pleased as polite conversation, and lots of wine flowed during our meal. I could feel myself getting a little tipsy and decided I should slow down a little. When I mentioned it, one of the gentlemen said it was alright and I should relax and enjoy myself. We did some brandy after dinner and sat around talking, then one of them got up and made another round of drinks. They brought me a tall drink and it really tasted great. Before I knew it I’d had four of them and was afraid I couldn’t stand up.

As I finished that drink, I noticed my husband was on a chair at the end of the couch and that I was in the middle of the couch with one of the gentlemen next to me. Another drink appeared and as he handed it to me I spilled some on my dress. By this time I was pretty drunk and feeling very good. The gentleman who brought me the drink, said they wouldn’t hear of me leaving without allowing them to clean my dress.

I stood up and told them it was alright and one of the men stood up in front of me holding me up and the other one was behind me undoing my dress. I looked over and hubby was sitting there smiling.

In just a minute I was standing there with my dress around my ankles, in a black bra, stockings, and shoes, no panties. I heard 'ooohs' and 'ahhhhs' coming from all four men as I sat back down on the couch and he kneeled down to take my dress off my feet.

As I looked down in somewhat of a stupor, at the man pulling my dress from around my shoes, men on both sides of me started rubbing my thighs and gently parting my legs. A third one was behind the couch undoing my bra and sliding it down my arms and onto my lap.

I was now naked except for my stockings and shoes.

One of the men asked if I could walk. I said I thought so and stood up. They asked me to walk to the other side of the room and back, and I heard them say to my husband that he had good taste. He looked back at them and said, "Yes, and she tastes very good too."

I barely made it back to the couch and sat down. The man behind me pulled my shoulders back and I sat back on the couch. Then the man on each side cupped my breasts and started rolling the nipples in their hands. It felt like an electric shock in my nipples. I laid my head back and felt someone spreading my legs wide apart. I looked down just in time to see him start licking my clit. Oh my God it felt good.

Hubby knows that when I’m drunk I become very friendly, and very shortly want to fuck everyone in sight. He was about to get a show, because I was getting very very horny very, very quickly.

I sat there as they fondled and then licked and sucked my nipples, and the one between my legs licked and sucked my clit and as I started getting wet he fingered my pussy as he sucked.

I started breathing very heavily and my hips were moving in fucking motions under the man’s mouth. I was getting really hot.

I threw my head back on the couch, and the next thing I felt was the head of a cock on my lips. I leaned my head back even further and opened my mouth and he slid into my mouth and into my throat.

Hubby knows I have no gag reflex when I drink and love to deep throat cock when I’m that way. I know he told them. Each one took a turn, as the one before him came down my throat sliding his cock there and moving it slowly down my throat. All the while his friends were sucking my nipples and eating me, driving me crazy. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. The man between my legs was having trouble eating me I was thrusting my hips so hard.

I didn’t mind giving blow jobs, but wondered why no one was fucking me. I really needed to be fucked thoroughly to satisfy me as horny as I was..

As the last one came down my throat, they used a napkin to wipe my lips and then stood me up. We walked, or should I say they carried me through a door into a bedroom and laid me in the middle of a king sized bed.

I was laying there moaning and gently moving my hips as I heard the door open again. I looked toward the door and saw two of the most georgous, well muscled, thin, and good looking black men enter the room. They were both naked and I saw that while one was endowed very well, the other was hung like a bull. I was afraid for a moment but the older guys started licking and sucking me again as one walked to each side of the bed. I reached up and touched each of those magnificent cocks and started to stroke them both. They instantly grew stiff and hard.

One of the black men straddled my chest and put the head against my lips. I took him in and slowly sucked his huge cock. My mouth was a perfect circle around it as I worked the bottom of it with my tongue. I could take in the first six or eight inches of it. When I finished, he took his place between my legs and slid his tongue well into my pussy, swirling around inside.

The second one mounted my chest and had to slide back to get the head in my mouth. I had to lick it so it would slide past my lips. It was so big around that I could hardly get it in my mouth. Once in, I had a mouth full and swirled my tongue back and forth across the bottom of his cock to make him feel good.

I really wanted them by this time. The alcohol and all the foreplay had me dripping wet.

They turned me sideways on the bed with my head on the edge and the first one slid up my body and eased his cock into my pussy. I could feel it stretched tight against his cock as he slowly slid it in till it stopped, then waited and slid it in more as I became accoustomed to his size. Finally he was all the way in and I felt his head inside me in places I’d never felt cock before.

Then he started to fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My God. I felt like my pussy turned inside out each time he pulled out. Shortly I was slick enough and he really started fucking me hard. Each time a full stroke, so deep inside me, stretching me like I’d never had a man before. As he thrust into me, I looked around quickly, and found out my husbands clients were sitting and standing around the bed watching. They all wanted to watch me fuck. Four more just like my husband. Wanting to watch a woman thrusting her hips and breathing heavily fucking like a mad woman.

Well, I had the guys to do it, and we were going to put on a show!!

I pulled my legs up and wrapped my stockinged legs around his back and thrusted against him. I remember asking him to fuck me hard, and he did. Each stroke so long and so fast. I started cumming and the first time couldn’t stop cumming for a minute or two. It was so wonderful.

The second guy was at the side of the bed again and put that huge cock in my mouth. I sucked him hard while his friend pounded me for all he was worth.

My pussy was becoming accoustomed to his cock and he really felt good.

After a while he came and I felt him shooting a huge swathe of cum inside me. He was jerking on top of me, and I was feeling his orgasm flow into me.

Just as fast as he finished, and pulled out, the second one was between my legs. I felt his cock as he touched my pussy lips. All the men were watching intently as he mounted me. He started to work it into me, cum gushing from around it as he filled me. After the first eight or nine inches, I pulled my legs up under his ass and pushed him onto me. I swear I had a good 12 inches of cock inside me and as I looked down I saw it disappear a dull brown inside me and as it came out it was a beautiful shiny black with streaks of cum all around it. He put it in further and I let out a loud moan as he pushed harder and harder. To my amazement, I felt his balls on my ass.

I thrust my hips into him and we started fucking in earnest. He was holding himself above me so they could see my body under him and he was bouncing up and down, burying his cock inside me with each thrust. I started cumming wave after wave sweeping over me as he kept up his fast pace. I was so wet you could hear a sloshing sound as he fucked me, fast, never letting up. I grabbed his back and wrapped my legs around him, thrusting my hips into him each time he thrust into me.

I was breathing so hard my throat hurt, repeating over and over, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!!!" It seems like he went on forever and we bounced each other all over the bed. Finally he came with a guyser of cum shooting inside me. He finished filling me full of cum and then just laid there on top of me for a minute, his cock still pumping fluid into me and throbbing, buried deep inside me. I clutched him with my arms and my legs wrapped around his back. My pussy tilted up to catch every drop and every inch of him.

He sat up on the edge of the bed after a minute, and it was then I noticed two of the men putting away movie cameras. They wanted to remember it and we’d really put on a show for them.

One of the old men brought me a drink and I got up on one elbow to sip it.

He looked at me and said, "Darling you were magnificent. I will remember that till we meet again."

They had one last request.

They wanted to watch the one with the bigget cock fuck me doggy style while I sucked the other one’s cock. We rested for a while, and then I got on my hands and knees as the same movie cameras came out. One of them got on his back in front of me and the one with the big cock slid into me from behind. He kept back from me so that they could film all that cock sliding into my pussy. He fucked me slowly and we went for a long time. I sucked the other guy and made him cum.

They started watching me suck him because I moved my head back and forth and swirled my tongue around his cock, making love to it while that huge cock slid in and out of me slowly so they could catch the length of it disappearing inside me with every stroke. He finally came and gushed another load inside me.

As I laid back on the bed, the two black men bent down and kissed my stomach, looked me in the eyes and left.

The old guys talked to my husband for a while, then shook hands and left, gathering up their movie cameras as they went. There were actually three in all, filming from every angle. They didn’t know me and I didn’t care. I figured they would end up in their private collections.

After they left, hubby walked over to the bed, sat down, and asked if I’d enjoyed myself.

I looked up at him, smiled and said, "I need a shower, and another drink."

My dress was waiting for me, perfectly done up when I came out of the shower.

I’ll not forget this night for a long time. God, they were good!!!

This morning I asked him what they were talking about.

He told him that they would be back in a month for a progress report and if his "girlfriend" was interested, we would all try something different next time.

I’m actually looking forward to it.

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