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Coed in the Corner Part 3

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she makes a new friend
He dared her to do it. She always did her best to do what he told her to do. When it came to doing something naughty, Tabber always knew what to tell Joni. So there she was, walking across campus, heading toward her special corner of the general classroom building. Her heart was beating so strong she could feel it. "I can't believe I'm going to do this," she thought to herself. "What exactly am I doing anyway?"

She chewed on her lower lip as she walked, lost in her thoughts. She was thinking back to what Tabber had told her last night. "I want you to wear a short skirt," he began, "and a tight t-shirt. No bra, of course. I want you wearing the same pair of panties that the girl had kissed."

"Before you go, I want you to lie on your bed naked. Take the panties and rub them all over your body. Let the waistband of the panties slide slowly across your breasts until it meets your nipple. Slowly pull it across until it catches on your nipple, tugging at it until it finally comes loose, snapping your nipple," he continued with the rules.

"I want you to think about what might happen," Tabber went on, "you might kiss her, you might press your hand against her breast, you might even suck her nipple into your mouth. I want you thinking of all these things as you slide those panties around all over you. I want your pussy hot and wet, and when you touch it with your hand, I want your fingers to easily slide inside."

As Joni was walking across campus, she remembered what else he told her, "When you are so wet that you want to start fingering yourself, I want you to put the panties on. Stand up and really pull on them. Pull on them so hard that the crotch slides between the swollen lips of your pussy. Then, get dressed and go to see if she comes back."

So there she was, wearing a short skirt and flipflops, a tight shirt, no bra, her thong panties pushed against her steaming pussy, walking to her rendezvous. She pushed the door open of the building. It was silent as a tomb, just how she liked it. She stopped just inside after closing the door, listening, straining to hear if anyone was around. Slowly, her heart pounding in her chest, she started up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Joni carefully looked through the small window on the door. "Well, how about that?" she thought to herself, "There's a perfect view of the sofas where I sit. I bet that she did see me. But what exactly did she see?"

There was no one sitting there. She opened the door and walked through. She looked all around the area. There was no one there. A little disappointed, she walked over to the sofa and plopped heavily onto it. She let out a deep sigh. She opened up her bag and took out the laptop. She signed on to her instant messenger and contacted Tabber. "There's no one here," she wrote. "Have patience, my friend," he replied. "Did you follow all of my instructions?"

"Yes," she typed back, "and I got so turned-on, that these panties are soaking wet. Tabber immediately wrote back, "Take them off. Take them off and go to the stairwell and toss them down to the floor below."

"Okay," she replied. She leaned back on the sofa, lifted up her hips and slid the panties down. They hung tight against her pussy for a second, and she had to give a good tug to get them down her thighs. Sliding them down to her feet, she reached down and pulled the panties off, one foot at a time. She sat the panties down next to her and replied back to Tabber. "Okay, I have them off, I'm heading for the door now. I'll be right back." she wrote.

She pulled herself up off of the couch, and carried the panties to the door. She pulled the door open and walked to the stairwell. "Here goes nothing," she thought as she tossed the panties over the railing. She watched them float and spin as they fell, landing in a little tangled heap at the bottom of the stairs.

She walked back over to the sofas and sat down. She leaned over to reply to Tabber. "Mission accomplished," she typed, "now what?"

"Now, we wait," he wrote back. "Are you still excited?" She replied, "Yes, a little, I'm wearing the sexiest clothes I could get away with, and you just had me toss my panties to the ground floor."

"Okay then, no sense in just sitting there." He wrote, "take off your t-shirt." Joni reached down and grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt and slowly slid it over her head. She fluffed her hair out and typed out the message to Tabber that she was now topless.

Tabber typed out what he wanted her to do. "I want you to first take both nipples in your hands. Tug at them, tease them, pull on them until they're really erect. Then, stand up, and wearing only that skirt, I want you to repeat the walk that you did last night. This time, however, I want you to walk farther than you did last time. I want you to walk completely out of sight of the sofa. When you have gone as far as you can, I want you to go into the Men's restroom."

"Wow," she responded, "that's a little too daring for me. I can't do that." His response was immediate, "Joni, Joni, Joni..., You know you're going to love this."

Joni wrote back to him, "Hey, I'm sitting here topless, isn't that enough for now?" Before he could poke fun at her again, she wrote back, "I tell you what, I'll go downstairs and pick up the panties and then come back. That way, I'll know for sure that no one is coming into the building."

"Sounds good to me," he responded. "Go now. I'll be waiting." Joni stood up, straightened the skirt against her thighs out of habit. She laughed out loud to herself. "I'm topless, and I'm worried about my skirt," she mumbled.

She walked to the doorway and peered through the window. Seeing no one, she opened the door and walked through. After the door closed, she paused for a second, listening for sounds. Hearing nothing, she walked quickly down the stairs, her breasts jiggling with every step.

In a hurry now that she was at the bottom of the stairs and at her most vulnerable position, she reached down and grabbed the panties where they lay on the floor. She stood up and prepared to turn and run quickly back up the stairs, when suddenly the door to the outside opened.

"Oh!" said the girl from the night before. She was standing in place, frozen. Joni, also frozen in place, holding the panties, didn't know what to do. The girl recovered first, she stepped inside and closed the door. She was wearing the same outfit that Joni was, except of course, she had on a shirt. Joni was topless.

The girl reached out and gently took the panties from Joni's hands. Slowly, without taking her eyes from Joni's, she brought the panties up to her lips and added another lipstick kiss to them. Joni didn't know what to do. Should she turn and run upstairs? Should she speak?

The girl saw her panic, and stepped forward and took Joni's face into her hands. She slowly leaned forward and pressed her lips to Joni's. Joni closed her eyes as the girl kissed her. Their lips were wet, and warm. Joni surprised herself when she felt her own tongue push through her lips to caress the girl in front of her. The girl met her tongue with her own, lightly flicking hers against Joni's.

Their arms wrapped around each other in a firm embrace. They pulled the other closer to them. The girl's left hand moved up against the back of Joni's head and pulled her tighter against her face, their lips now mashing against each other. Joni felt light-headed. Her hands caressed the girl's back as they continued to kiss each other. She reached down to the bottom of the other girl's shirt and tugged it upward, unconsciously wanting to feel her naked breasts against hers.

The girl stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. Joni caught a quick glimpse of perfectly tanned breasts, with light brown nipples standing firm and erect. They quickly mashed their bodies together again, pressing their breasts against each other. Joni turned her head to the side, and started licking the girl's neck, rapidly placing little kisses up and down her the smooth, taught skin.

"I'm Joni," she whispered huskily as she turned her head and moved across the girl's throat to the other side. "Jenni," said the girl, as she arched her head up, exposing her throat and neck for Joni's lips.

Jenni couldn't believe what she was feeling as Joni nibbled at her neck. It felt so good. She was so glad she took a chance and came on her own to the building. "Let's go upstairs," she whispered to Joni, "before someone comes in like I did on you."

Joni stood up, and smiled. She reached down and grabbed Jenni's shirt and took off up the stairs. Jenni followed behind her, admiring the view as Joni's ass and pussy were easily seen as she climbed up the stairs ahead of her.

At the top of the stairs, Joni stopped and turned, waiting for Jenni. "Just what did you see yesterday?" Joni asked her. Jenni looked in Joni's eyes and replied, "I saw a beautiful girl having a beautiful experience. I was jealous. I wanted to join you."

"Would you like to know why I was doing that?" Joni asked her. "Sure," Jenni said, "as long as it makes me feel as good as you did." Joni smiled back at her, pushing the door open. She grabbed Jenni's hand and pulled her into the room.

"First of all, you have to meet Tabber," Joni told her as she pulled her over to the sofas. Jenni responded with puzzlement in her voice, "Tabber?" she said as she quickly looked around the room.

"Yes," Joni said with a happy, contented sigh as she turned the laptop in her direction, "Jenni, meet Tabber."

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