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Coed in the Corner Part two

College Coed has more daring fun
"You've got mail!" the screen read as Joni sent Tabber an instant message. "Well, actually you have a picture."

"Alright," he responded, "I'll check it out. Give me a sec, okay?"

"Go ahead," she replied. "I think you're going to enjoy it."

Tabber logged in on his email account. Sure enough, there was an email from Joni. He clicked on it to find only an attachment, no text. He downloaded the picture with great anticipation.

Joni was a college girl Tabber had met online. He found her in a message board at an erotic stories site. She had replied to a posting under a thread about dares. One day she had sent him an instant message. They had spent the afternoon chatting. Thirty minutes into the conversation, he had her performing dares for him. They had been chatting ever since.

She really got off on the dares he had her do. One afternoon, he dared her to stand in the open doorway of her dorm. The doors of her dorm opened onto an exterior walkway overlooking the back parking lot. She had casually walked out to the railing, stretching as if taking a break from studying. Looking around, she saw a few guys walking out to their cars. She went back into the dorm, stripped off all of her clothes, and slowly opened the door.

She stood about two feet into the room where she could be seen only by a direct look. She slowly counted to thirty, just as Tabber had directed, then she slowly to the open doorway. Seeing no one around, she stood there for another thirty seconds. Just as she was stepping back inside, she saw a guy getting out of his car in the back of the parking lot. He stood there for a second, as if not sure of what he was seeing.

She quickly jumped back inside and closed the door. She was so excited. That guy had seen her standing naked in the doorway. He had seen her tits. He had seen her neatly trimmed pussy.

She jumped onto her bed and spread her legs wide. She was so wet and hot that her clit was poking proudly through the hood of the skin protecting it. She had softly parted her pussy lips open and her fingers were immediately slick with her juices. It didn't take her but a few strokes on her clit before she was coming hard. As her body shook with the after-convulsions, she had promised herself that she would do whatever Tabber wanted her to do.

Joni and Tabber had shared many exciting dares. She would perform the task as he directed and then she would write to him describing everything she had done. Sometimes, she was able to take pictures of herself, always careful to crop her face out of it.

This brings us back to him downloading the picture she had sent him. It was the picture she had promised him after he had her masturbate in the corner of the classroom building earlier in the evening.

He opened the picture, already hard in anticipation. The picture revealed a young girl with pert, pink-nippled breasts. She was standing in her dorm room, naked except for a pair of thong panties she was holding just below her belly. The panties had a lipstick kiss imprinted onto the front material.

"Nice," he typed back to her, "but what's with the kiss print?"

"That is what I found on the pair of panties that I had left behind about 20 minutes ago," she responded. "There was a group of guys and girls that came up just as I was leaving, I think one of the girls saw me masturbating for you, or at the least getting dressed afterwards. She found my panties and tossed them downstairs to me."

Tabber reflected on this for a bit, then he responded, "Interesting. Do you think she saw you? More importantly, did you want her to see you?"

"How does he always know just how to read me?" she thought to herself. "Did I want her to see me?"

"Well?" he typed after a long pause had gone by.

"I don't know," she typed back, "I'm just not sure how I feel."

"Let's discuss the lipstick kiss," he told her.

She was sitting there in her desk chair, wearing only her sweats after taking the picture for him. She picked up the panties and laid them across her lap. Slowly, she brought the panties closer to her face. Amazingly, they were still damp. She had really been excited and her juices had been flowing from her pussy. Curious, she sniffed the damp crotch.

"This is what that girl smelled as she kissed my panties," she thought to herself.

"What are you thinking about?" Tabber typed on the screen. "Remember, this is me. You can tell me anything."

She thought a few seconds before replying, "I'm excited. I'm intrigued. I'm wondering why she did it."

"Well," he responded, "there's only one way to find out. You need to go back."

"Right now?" she typed. "It's late. It's dark outside."

Tabber typed back, "Okay then, but I think you need to go back tomorrow."

Again, she sat there for a few seconds, pondering his statement. She just couldn't imagine herself going back to see if the girl would come back. Did she even know what she would do? What she would say? Why exactly did she want to go?

"Joni," he typed back, "do you want me to dare you?"

That settled it. "Yes," she said softly out loud as she typed it at the same time. "Dare me to do it."

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