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Concert Pick-up

Stranger picks-up another man's girlfriend at outdoor concert and fucks her in the parking lot...
You’re in jeans and a t-shirt heading to get another beer at a small outdoor music festival in a small rural town. The crowd is good but not overwhelming. As you near the beer stand your eyes immediately catch a long, dark haired beauty. Her jeans perfectly snug on her athletic yet thin body. Her tank top is equally snug and is just short enough that you can see her waist and her firm, flat, smooth stomach. Next your eyes fixate on her perfectly sized chest.

Your mind tumbles as you try to gather your composure. After a step or two you notice she is not alone. You see her arm is around a man. Your heart sinks as the beginnings of many hopeful thoughts fade away. As you look for a spot to squeeze into close to the server you notice that she is looking at you. Her bright blue eyes capture your attention fully. You see her smile at you when she knows she has your attention. You can’t help but smile back. Then the moment is lost when she turns to her man.
You find your spot at the make-shift bar. You order. While you wait you can’t help but look down the bar to the woman. After a moment of staring, she begins to turn to look your way. You don’t know if you should be caught a second time staring, but you don’t look away.

She finds you looking at her. She stares at you for a moment, then smiles again, seductively, invitingly. You're confused by her. She is with her man. You look to see him say something in her ear. You’re almost sure he caught the stare between you two. You smile back nicely before picking up your beer and taking a drink.

After several more drinks you finish the beer and set the cup back down. You look back for the woman, but she is gone. You raise up a bit and start to scan for her. A moment later you hear, “Looking for someone?” You turn and see her right behind you. Your heart picks up a few extra beats per minute. She continues, “I hope it was me you were looking for.”

You quickly compose yourself mentally and respond, “I might have been.” You smile.

Her blue eyes move from yours down your body then back up to your eyes. “There,” she begins, “I’ve checked you out. Now you can check me out with out worry.”

“What about your man?” you ask wondering if this is some sort of trick.

“He knows I’m talking to you,” she says and then takes a drink of her beer.

“Are you guys together?”


Your brow lowers with curiosity and disbelief. “And he’s okay with you talking to me and with you letting me look you up and down?”

“Yes.” She smiles.

You then take the moment to look her up and down slowly. You let your eyes linger on her sweet chest, her exposed stomach and then how her jeans hug her legs and waist, even how they hug between her legs. You look back to her face to see her reaction. She smiles seductively and playfully. Her tongue licks her lips. She takes a sip of her beer.

“Your man’s my hero,” you tell her. “Fuck, if only every guy would let other men check out their women. Heck that’s not going too far is it? Just a good look for something to remember later.”

“Is that all you wanted is a good look?” she replies with a grin.

Your mind staggers and nearly falls over. “Ahh, well. Not exactly,” you manage.

You see her look at your hand. “So... not married. No girlfriend?”

“No. Not for a few months now.”

She smiles. “Do you want one for a few hours?”

The world seems to come to a stop for the next few seconds. You feel your head moving side to side with disbelief at what you just hear. Then you manage, “If it’s you.”

She bites her lower lip seductively and smiles, she nods.

“What about your man?”

“He told me when I came out I could have anyone I wanted today.”

“Fuck,” you mutter. “Are you serious?”

She nods.

“Not strings attached?” you ask.

She shakes no. “Well, one. If you see him see us, don’t worry.”

“Are you sure you want to be my girlfriend for the next few hours?”

She nods.

“You might not like what I have in mind for my girlfriend today.” You smile devilishly.

She leans in close to your ear and whispers, “Does it include me sucking your cock?” 

You whisper back, “It includes a whole lot more than that.”

You feel her hand touch your waist then slide to the front and feel for your cock. She easily finds it semi hard in your pants. She rubs it. “I hope you plan on putting to good use.”

Your mind expands with near endless thoughts of the various things you want to do to this overwhelming beauty and sexiness. Your hand finds its way to her back. You pull her into you. You kiss her, not caring if her man sees. She kisses you back. Her lips are soft, her mouth opens and your tongues meet. It is a perfect kiss.

After a few seconds you separate. She steps back and smiles. She turns and signals for you to follow. You watch her for a second, admiring her perfect ass in her jeans. You follow. Soon you are at her car, an SUV. You look around and don’t see anyone around. Your heart is pounding with anticipation at to why she brought you here.

She opens the back up; it offers some shade at the back of the car. She turns to face you. She smiles and then pulls her tank top off, exposing her bra and how it holds her chest. You almost mutter, ‘oh fuck.’ She smiles “Your turn.”

You don’t hesitate, you pull her t-shirt off revealing your nice body. Her eyes light up as she looks at you. You see the want in her eyes. It excites you to see this hot woman with the look of sexual desire for you in her eyes. You start to undo your pants, knowing what she wants. She stares at your waist as you undo your belt, then open your pants a bit to push them down. Then you do, you push your pants and boxers down. Your big, hard cock springs free.

Her eyes get even wider, her mouth opens a bit. You know what to do. You step forward and you grab her hair at the back of her head. “Let me show you how I treat my girlfriends.” You guide her to her knees in front of you and your hard cock. She looks up at you into your eyes. “Suck my cock like a good girlfriend.”

She opens her mouth. You move your hips and slip your cock into her sexy mouth. Her lips close around your cock. Her tongue presses on it. She moves her head letting her lips slide on your cock as her tongue caresses it.

“Oh fuck,” you mutter at feeling her warm mouth around your cock. You hold her head tight and push your cock deep into her mouth making her take as much as she can of your cock, almost gagging her. Then you pull back. “Look up at me,” you tell her. “I want to see those sexy eyes as you suck my cock.”

She looks up. You look from her eyes to her mouth as she sucks your cock. You can’t believe it is actually happening. This beautiful, sexy woman you just met is sucking your cock. Your heart races with the surreal enjoyment of the moment.

You feel your pleasure building. But you stop it. You're not going to take any chances. You want something else. You pull out of her hot mouth. You pull her up and kiss her again for a second. “Fuck you're a good cock sucker.”

She smiles. “So this is what you like to do with your girlfriends?”

“That’s just the beginning. Let me show you how it ends.” You reach down and grab her by the front of her jeans. You start to undo her belt.

“Oh, so you like to treat your girlfriends like whores,” she mutters.

You open her belt then undo her jeans opening up the front. You see the front of her panties. You moan seeing this secret area. You look up into her eyes, “Well some of my girlfriend need to be treated like whores.” You grab the sides of her open jeans and pull them down and off her hips exposing her sexy, snug panties. “Oh fuck that’s hot,” you mutter. She steps out of her jeans. You stare at her, now just in her panties and bra, standing at the back of her car. Your eye soak up her incredible hot, fit, thin, sexy, irresistible body. You must have her.

She smiles at you checking her out. “So make me your girlfriend,” she challenges you.

You look up at her and take the steps between the two of you quickly. You lift her up by her hips and set her down inside the back of the SUV. You grab her panties and pull them down. She lifts her hips for you. “Fuck YES,” you says your eyes see her smooth waxed pussy.

Your cock is pulsing with anticipation of pushing it inside of her perfectly looking pussy. She spreads her legs for you. You can’t wait. You move in between her legs. You put your cock down above her pussy. You rub it back and forth on her smooth skin as you look down and imagine it deep inside her pussy. You hear her breathing rapidly with excitement and anticipation.

“Fuck me like I’m your girlfriend, or someone else's girlfriend,” she teases.

You pull your cock back as your hands find her hips. She spread a bit more, inviting you to fuck her. Your cock slips down and you press the tip against her smooth pussy. You look down at your cock ready to fuck his hot woman’s perfect pussy. You press your hips forward and push your cock slowly into her tight warm cunt. “OH FUCK!” You moan at feeling how tight her cunt is. “OH fuck you you have a tight little pussy.” You moan to her. Your hands tighten on her hips.

“Fuck me.” She moans.

You thrust in. Pushing the full length of your big cock into her tight pussy. “OH FUCK!” You moan again. You look up and see the pleasure on her face. It excites you even more. You pull back and thrust into her again. Her pussy warm and tight on your cock, better then you thought possible. Again and again you thrust into her, moaning with each thrust into her. She grips the side of the inside of the SUV and rocks her hips into your thrusts, fucking you back.

She begins to pant and tremble then tense in pleasure. Pleasure she is getting from your cock inside of her. She moans, “Oh fuck, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me.” You do. You thrust in time to her hips. She can’t take anymore. She explodes in orgasm. “OH GOD YES!” Her body tenses up, every muscle tight in the pleasure of an overwhelming orgasm.

Her excitement and pleasure pushes you past the point of stopping or controlling yourself. You thrust faster and harder. “OH fuck. Oh fuck, yes!” You thrust deep inside of her tight pussy and explode. “OHHAAHHHH!” Your cock twitches and pulses inside her tight cunt as you cum. You feel your cock shoot stream after stream of cum into her pussy. The pleasure physically is near matched by the thrill of knowing your cumming in this hot woman’s cunt, cumming in another man’s woman. You love it.

After a moment of bliss, you both relax. You look to her and she smiles widely back at you. “I like the way you treat your girlfriends,” she says.

You pull your cock out and see your cum drip from her pussy. You smile. “Like I said, some girlfriends need to be treated like whores.”

“Is that so?” You hear a voice from the side of the car. You turn but are not surprised. You see her man with a camera. “I bet we could make a lot of money if we charge people to watch.” Her man lowers the camera and holds it out to you. “Now it’s your turn to film something.”

You take the camera and quickly get a shot of your cum dripping from her pussy. Then you record her man guiding his woman to her knees...

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