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Confessions of a Bad Girl - Part 3

A Bad Girl gets a taste of college!
After my 'good time' date with Chris, I became a very busy girl! By the time the school year ended, I had signed and given away 19 black and gold thongs. According to the buzz, they have become quite a status symbol and the guys who 'earned' them are calling themselves the Thong Club. So who got them?

Some went to Varsity Letterman who were named to an All-District or higher team for exceptional performance in their sport. Others went to guys such as the President of the Student Council, who when 'properly stroked', reciprocated by opening closed doors for me. Finally, a couple went to guys who treated me right. But a guy didn't get a thong unless we had actually fucked. A simple blow job, and I've given more than few of those, wasn't going to get a guy a thong. That meant Brendon and Tony, the two guys I wrote about in Part 1, weren't members of the Thong Club.

I think it' obvious by now that I don't have a steady boyfriend. I'm not really 'wired' to be an exclusive girlfriend. I bore easily and answering to, or having a guy constantly around, isn't all that appealing to me. Besides, I didn't have a boyfriend before I got my reputation as a slut, so why should I limit myself to one guy now?

But now that I do have a reputation, no guy is going to ask me to go to a dance or to take me home to meet their Mom. Guys take their girlfriend, not a slut, to the prom so they can show her off and keep their own reputation clean. But sometimes the stress of having to deal with a girlfriend can be a bit tiresome. Or maybe the day-to-day routine with her has gotten bland. When that happens, that's when a guy thinks a little spice would be nice!

That's where I come in. I'm a 'Bad Girl'. Bad girls are not tiresome or boring, we are fun! For a guy, I am everything his 'girl next door' isn't. I'm like the forbidden fruit, and that is the beginning of any fantasy. The guys know I'm not afraid to cut loose and take things to the edge, and if one of them is lucky, I might even show him a 'good time'.

So even though a guy doesn't want me to be his steady girlfriend, most of them do want me to be around and liven things up! So as the rumors spread, I finally made it onto the social 'A-List'. Now I get all the party invites, and if I show up, I get all the attention or any special 'party favor' I want.

This gathering promised to be good. It was an afternoon pool party, and the kickoff for summer. My plan was to mingle and leave, but since I also wanted to make sure my 'available for fun sign' was flashing, I wore a dark blue, thong top string bikini. When I first tried the bikini at the store, what sold me was how risqué it was. My friend Heather thought it made me look naughty.

It did, but I really liked how the halter top accentuated my 35B boobs! I also liked how the bottom's front barely covered my 'airstrip', and the way the T-back really showed off my 'cheeks'. To complete my outfit, I accessorized my bikini with gold sandals and a short black swim skirt that just covered my ass and drew attention to my 25 inch waist and 34 inch hips.

My blonde hair was styled in a shag that fell just below my shoulders. But since I was going to be outdoors, I'd gathered my hair into a ponytail and pulled it through the back of my favorite pink baseball cap. My makeup was light, with just a touch of rouge, eye shadow and fire engine red lipstick. Overall, When I was finished getting ready, I thought I was dressed for success.

As I wandered through the crowd, I saw quite a few members of the 'Thong Club'. The ones who with their girlfriends either tried to distract their 'significant other' or just avoided any direct contact with me. That didn't really bother me because I knew they were just trying to maintain 'domestic tranquility'. But guys are always horny, and when their girlfriends weren't looking, they all checked me out.

The 'members' who came to the party without a date were more friendly. But I was keeping my conversations with them both simple and short. For the most part it was no more than, "Hi , how are you, long time no see." After that, I kept moving on. Why? I'm not rude or stuck up, but I'm not interested in having a 'repeat performance' with a guy I've already fucked. Once is enough, so why waste time and energy on something that is not going to happen?

But guys I had never been with? Those were the ones with whom I lingered with. I knew they had heard stories about me, so when I stopped to chat, most of them started 'fishing'. These 'fishermen' made it very clear to me that they were available for a hook up. In fact, one of them, who was already a bit tipsy, came right out and asked me, "What does it take for me to get a thong?"

I looked him over, and since he wasn't my type, I replied, "For you, I think you should either check your sister's dresser drawer or make a trip to a lingerie store!"

As his buddies started laughing, he turned beet red and said, "Shit, so you're not only a slut, but you're a bitch too!"

I said, "You're right, I am. Woof!" After my not-so-witty retort, I waved goodbye to his friends, turned away and left. As I was walking away I heard one say, "Dumb ass, you blew it for all of us!" But the best part was when I looked over my shoulder and saw the 'dumb ass' being tossed into the pool!

I eventually ended up standing beside next years's Senior Class President. That was a little awkward since he was in 'the club' and he was also with his girlfriend. While giving me a look that could kill, she was trying very hard to get her boyfriend as far away from me as possible.

I knew exactly what she was thinking, 'This is my guy and you can't have him!' Well she was halfway right, he was her guy. Good luck with that! But, I had already had him!'

Actually, since I don't do 'repeats', she really had no reason to be worried. But here we were, all together, so I decided to have a little fun. As I gazed up adoringly at 'Mr. President', I feigned interest while he talked about his plans for the coming school year; and in the process I had the pleasure of 'torturing' his girl friend. I guess the guy who had just taken the swim was right, I am definitely a bitch!

As 'the speech' droned on, I glanced to my side and saw a guy named Josh standing across the pool. I'd fucked him a few weeks before at a another party. That's when the associated memory triggered a mental flashback about why and how he got his thong.

Josh is a letterman who plays football, but he had also been named to the All-District basketball team. That made him eligible for a thong. Understandably, he is very cocky, but I think he felt I now owed him a fuck. Whatever the reason, he came on to me very strong, very often and very publicly. I'm not sure why I did it, maybe it was his attitude, but I just kept putting him off and that only made him more eager and persistent!

But my attitude toward Josh changed one day during lunch. I was reading a book when Josh's girlfriend, Anne, and a few of her friends approached the table where I was sitting. After they crowded around me, Anne said, "Everyone knows you're a slut and you like to steal boyfriends. But I bet you're a whore too! Do the guys you fuck pay you with cash? Or do you accept their credit cards too?"

As she and her friends were laughing, I looked at her and thought, 'What a bitch! If you're worried about your boyfriend cheating, go talk to him - not me! He's the one that's sniffing around for new pussy!'

But I didn't say what I was thinking and instead purred, "I just take cash, but since you and I are obviously such good friends, I can make an exception for Josh if you want."

When I looked away and started reading my book again, that was a mistake, she slapped my head. Well naturally I reacted and we had a cat fight. After we were separated, I ended up in the principal's office. At first all of the 'witnesses', who were Anne's friends of course, said I'd taunted her and had initiated the fight. Fortunately a teacher who was serving as the lunch room monitor had seen everything.

Although I wasn't suspended or expelled, I did get two weeks of detention. I was also grounded and got a 'black mark' on my disciplinary record. The latter came back to haunt me later. Anne? She walked - no punishment - nada! Guess it helps when Daddy is on the School Board!

The whole thing made me a very angry girl. But I'm not stupid and I knew that revenge is best served when it's cold. So I waited for about three weeks, and when Josh came around again, I told him I had a thong waiting for him. After his initial shock wore off, we agreed to meet at a party the coming weekend. After we sorted out the details of how we would get together, we parted company.

When I got to the party, it had already drawn a big crowd and was in full swing. People were wandering around the house and drifting from room-to-room talking, drinking and well other things. Sometimes a guy even got 'accidentally' separated from his date - imagine that!

That night I was wearing a dark blue, tie-in-the-front halter top, a black, double-ruffle micro-mini and gold platform shoes that made my 5'6" height less noticeable. I was standing where Josh would see me and I was talking to some guys about sports when he finally slipped away from Anne. As he walked past me, he gave me a slight nod and then continued toward the back part of the house. That's when I told the guys that I had to go the bathroom, but that I'd be back in a few. As soon as I left them, I followed Josh outside.

It was cloudy that night and there were no outside lights on, but the pool was lit. The darkness, plus the glow from the water made it difficult for anyone inside the house to see what was happening on the far side of the pool. Josh told me if we went over there, we wouldn't be seen. I was thinking this is a little kinky, which I liked, since we'd be fucking somewhere that was both public and private!

When we got the far side of the pool, we stopped at the diving board. That's when Josh told me we had to be quick because Anne would eventually miss him. He gave me a sloppy kiss, and as he began to grope me, I undid his pants and squatted down. After I had pulled his pants down past his knees, I stroked his cock and sucked him until I knew he was about to come. Then I took a packet from my purse, tore it open and rolled the condom over his cock. Then I stood and turned around so I was facing the ladder. After I grabbed the hand bars for support, I spread my feet apart and leaned forward.

When I looked over my shoulder, he knew I was ready. He got close behind me, lifted my skirt, and then used his thumb to slide my thong strap to the side. As he was doing that, I reached between my legs, grasped his cock and guided him into my pussy. I was already super wet so he slipped right in. Then he began fucking me hard and fast from behind. Because his hands were on my hips, and mine were on the ladder, we had great friction and he was getting great penetration!

I knew he was nervous about getting caught, because he was thrusting as fast as he could and he came very quickly. When he pulled out, I still hadn't come yet, but I've learned that's just the way it is, during a 'quicky', when you don't have a lot of time. As he pulled his pants back up, tucked in his shirt and cinched his belt tight; I slid my thong off. After I signed it with a gold sharpie, I handed it to him. Then he gave me a quick kiss and whispered, "Thanks!" Then he headed back to the party and his girlfriend.

Since I needed to wait few minutes after he left, so we wouldn't be seen returning to the party together, I sat on the diving board to pass the time. But just as I was about to leave myself, I heard voices whispering in the darkness. At first I thought I'd imagined it, but then I heard the voices again.

Had someone seen me and Josh? Or had 'the voices' just arrived and they were now watching me to see what would happen? Surprisingly, the idea that I might have a secret voyeur or voyeurs was erotic. That made me wonder, 'Was I was an exhibitionist? If so, and if someone is watching in the darkness, should I give them a show?'

As those thoughts were running through my mind, I wasn't even aware that my hand was already between my legs and I had already started fingering myself. Now once I start touching myself, it is almost impossible for me to quit until I have cum. I can, but I get real agitated.

Sadly my experience with Josh had been more like an interrupted masturbation session than a true fuck, and it had definitely left me agitated! Since I was still in heat, I laid back on the diving board. My heels were up on the board, my knees were bent and I had my thighs spread in a 'Vee'. My back was arched, and since I was now commando, I'm sure no one could mistake what I was doing! My technique is very effective and it wasn't long before I was was experiencing a well deserved and very enjoyable orgasm!

When I finished pleasing myself, I licked my fingers clean, touched up my lipstick and went went back to the party. After I got back inside, I rejoined the guys I had been talking to earlier. That's when I saw Josh and Anne. They were standing off to the side talking and she looked very, very angry.

I didn't know what they were arguing about, but news can travel fast. If Josh and I had been followed, then it was possible she'd already heard about our little rendezvous. I really didn't care if she had, but I also didn't want to get into another cat fight. So I decided it would probably a good thing if I made myself scarce. So I said goodbye to the 'sports fans' and departed.

After my mind returned to the present, I realized I wasn't surprised to see him at this party without Anne. But as I looked his way again, I noticed he wasn't alone. He was with a guy I'd never seen before. Now that definitely caught my interest and made me curious!

The guy was a tall, at least 6'4". He had dark hair, blue eyes and chiseled facial features. His shoulders were broad and he had a thin waist. He also had thick biceps that really stood out because the tank top he was wearing was very tight. Based on what I could see from a distance, I thought, 'He probably has a very nice package tucked inside those surfer shorts too!'

In short, he was a god and I was ready to 'worship'! But if Josh was having 'Anne Issues', he was probably going to avoid me like the plague, and I probably wouldn't be getting introduced to the guy. So I enjoyed a momentary carnal fantasy and then turned my attention back to the Senior Class President whose his girlfriend was still 'stabbing me with her dagger eyes.'

Turns out that I was wrong. Josh and his friend did come over and when they got near us, Josh said, "Hi EZ, I want you to meet a friend of mine."

Well that was all I needed, I turned and gave them both a big smile. Simultaneously the President was dragged off by his girlfriend. Now it was just me, Josh and the 'mystery man'. I said, "Hiya, Josh, nice to see you! How's Anne?"

Well that got me a slight frown, but Josh recovered, ignored my question and said, "EZ, this is my friend Sean. He's attending the University on a football scholarship."

I knew there had to be some interest on Sean's part, because when we shook hands, and he had very big hands, he held the grip until he'd had a chance to completely look me over. Then as his hand released mine, I felt his middle finger slide over my palm and he gave me a wicked smile and asked, "Ticklish?"

I returned the smile, nodded and asked, "Very, What position?"

He was focused me now and said, "Well any I can get. I was a red-shirt Wide Receiver last year, but I may be moving to Tight End. Either way I'll be catching balls!"

That's when I thought, 'I'm not so bad at positions either, especially doggie, and I'm pretty good at catching balls too!'

But I said, "I'm sure you'll do great in either position. So has practice already started? How did you two guys meet?"

"Not yet. The weight room is open, but I'm here early for the summer session. That way I can knock off a couple of required courses and maybe get my grade average up."

After I nodded my understanding, he continued, "I met Josh at a football camp and we were roommates. When it was over, we kept in touch and he called me the other day and told me about this party. So here we are!"

I felt the start of a very familiar tingle between my legs. I also knew without looking, that my nipples were probably bursting though my bikini top! I must have also been in 'la la land' because the only thing I only heard at that point was something about "having a good time."

I just nodded and said, "Yes you are!"

Then Josh said, "I'm going to get us something to drink. EZ, would you mind looking after Sean until I get back? Maybe introduce him around?"

Well of course I minded - NOT! So I slipped my arm around Sean's elbow, gave Josh a wink and said, "I'd love too. I'll take very good care of Sean for you and can definitely make sure he has a good time!"

Then I turned to Sean and said, "Would you rather meet people or should I keep you to myself so we can get to know each other?"

He smiled and leaned over and as his hand slid up to my shoulder, he whispered into my ear, "Well you're the boss, but getting to know you sounds like a very good idea to me! Josh said you were worth knowing!"

That got my attention and I asked, "Oh? That's interesting. Did he say anything in particular?"

"Oh, that you aren't like most girls. That you have a bit of a wild side, and you push the boundaries. He also said you were the reason he broke up with his girlfriend."

I was pretty sure that if there was a breakup, it was Anne, not Josh. who had done the breaking. But that wasn't my problem and Josh wasn't on my radar - Sean was!

I tried to look sad and said, "Well I guess stuff happens, but Josh and I are just friends and I'm not dating him. I guess I'm not really into the boyfriend-girlfriend thing so I don't have one. I have friends."

Smiling he said, "Well that's good news for me, so maybe we can be friends too."

I grinned, "I'm sure we can be very good friends!"

I'd noticed that there were a couple of empty lounge chairs. When I pointed them out, Sean and I walked over and 'claimed' them. We were laying face down and chatting when Josh finally showed up with some drinks and said, "Well you two look comfortable and two is company, but three is a crowd. Sean, I'll catch you later. EZ, try not to be bad!"

After Josh left, Sean asked, "Are you normally bad?"

I looked over at him, ran my tongue over my lips and purred, "Absolutely! But right now I could use a little sunscreen."

Sean sat beside me and took the small bottle of sunscreen I handed him. After he'd put some of the lotion on his hands he started applying it. He wasn't just smearing it on, it was more like he was giving me a deep massage. He and started with my shoulders and worked his way down to my lower back. Then he shifted to my legs, and starting with my ankles, he worked his way up.

His hand stopped at the hem of my swim skirt and when he paused momentarily. I asked, "Are you finished?"

Then his hand slipped between my thighs, he said, "No, I need to get one more spot."

Covered by my swim skirt, his fingers were exploring my mound. When I felt them circling on my labia, I lifted my hips ever so slightly. Then he began finger fucking me, at a pool, in broad daylight. I felt so, so wicked! That's when he stopped, licked his finger clean and whispered, "Tasty! Do you think just maybe we should move this somewhere else?"

When I answered his question with a vigorous nod, we both stood up and left the party. Once we got to his car, a dark blue BMW Z3, he asked me if I wanted to go to his fraternity house. Well of course I agreed and 20 minutes later we were there. So how did we spend those 20 minutes?

A Z3 is a very 'cozy' car so I was able to reach over and 'massage' him during the drive. I wasn't planning on giving him a 'happy ending', but I definitely wanted his attention, so I ran my hand up sad down his thigh. While we were at a red light, my hand moved under his shorts to his crotch; and then I began was using my fingers to tease his cockhead. He looked over and growled, "If you keep doing that, I'm going to spank you!"

Well I stopped, crossed my arms and gave him a pout. When the light turned green, I turned towards him, stuck my tongue out and started up right where I'd left off. When I felt his precum, I pulled my hand back and gave my sticky finger a lick. That was about the time we pulled into the parking area of his fraternity.

Before I knew it, my door was open and he had me by the hand and was literally 'dragging" me through the front door. This guy was a real 'caveman'! There were a couple of guy watching the TV, but they only gave us a casual acknowledgement as we went upstairs. When we got to Sean's room, he pointed me towards one of the two beds, dimmed the lights and hurriedly shut the door.

I was standing at the end of his bed when he drew near me, and that's when he put his hands on his hips and said, "Well I guess I'm going to find out how bad you are!"

Smiling, I unzipped my swim skirt and let it fall to the floor. Now I was just wearing my bikini and sandals. "You like?" I asked.

"Most definitely!" He responded as he peeled off his tank top, slid off his shorts and kicked his sandals too the side.

Moving closer to me, he kissed me hard and then he pulled off my cap and undid the tie for my top. Holding my top in his hand, he stepped back dropped it to the floor. Then he cupped my breasts and slowly massaged them and then tweaked my nipples. As I began to respond, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on to my knees. Then I felt him grasp the back of my head.

As I stared at his engorged eight inch cock, he rubbed it across my lips and cheeks and then began slapping my face with it. I turned my head left and right as he slapped. Then I opened my mouth and offered it to him. As I looked up, I saw his smile and then he said, "Good girl, you do know exactly what to do!"

Laying my tongue over my teeth I felt his cock slide into my mouth and backward toward my throat. I reached for his hips but he said, "No hands, watch me,"

Obeying I immediately dropped my hands to my thighs and kept my eyes up as he fucked my face. As his hips thrust back and froth, his hand held my head firmly in place. Throughout, he told me I was "Such a good girl and your mouth is perfect for cock!"

Long after when I thought he would have to cum, he was still going strong and continued to have his way with my mouth. As he continued to thrust, he said, "You're definitely a cockslut aren't you? Bet you want it all the time! You want more?"

His words were turning me on, and when I nodded, he stopped and pulled back. Then he told me to get on the bed. I turned and crawled over to the bed and laid face down. Suddenly I felt a smack on my ass and heard, "Get on your hands and knees."

Startled, I obeyed immediately. Then as grabbed my pony tail, I felt the gentle caress of his hand were I'd been struck, he asked, "Do you remember what I said would happen if you kept teasing me in the car?"

"Yes", I replied, "You said you would spank me."

The next swat was sharp, and like the first it was followed by a soft caress and squeeze. Five swats later, he eased me forward and then turned me over on to my back and said, "When you're bad, you are going to get spanked. But something tells me that you like being spanked and you will be bad a lot!"

As I rubbed my ass, I opened my lips and he took my invitation and began to kiss me. Our tongues were in a duel and I tried to pull him closer. When we finally broke our kiss, he told me to raise my hips and as I complied, he slid off off my T-back bikini bottom. Then his hands grasped my ankles and he placed my legs over his shoulders. As he lifted me up, my hips were now in the air, I could feel up his cock at the entrance of my cunt.

Breathing heavily, he asked, "You want me to fuck you, don't you!"

Squirming, I moaned, "Yes! Yes, please! Please fuck me now!"

With a hard thrust his cock slid swiftly into me, and he asked, "Who owns this pussy?"

"You do, oh my god, uhhh! Sean, oh please, fuck me! Hard!", I begged.

Putting his hands under my hips to support me, he started pumping. Each thrust took him deeper and deeper. Holding on his neck, I felt flushed as he pummeled me. As our bodies moved together, the first orgasm hit me, followed by another, and another. I was twisting harder than I ever had before and was almost out of my mind! I started screaming when I felt his hot spurts of cum explode into me.

When he was finished, he lowered me and we lay by my side. With his arm around me, I snuggled up close and began nuzzling his neck and massaging his cock. As it hardened, my caresses turned to strokes and that is when I moved on top of him. After I lowered myself on his cock I squeezed my thighs against his hip and slowly rode him while I massaged his chest.

Upon hearing the sound of the door opening behind me, I turned. I could see the silhouette of a bare chested guy in jeans, who was holding a drink and leaning against the door. Then a greeting, "Hey Sean, what ya got here? Doing an interview for the next house pet?"

Sean's answer was a bit muffled but it was basically, 'Yes.'

As the guy approached, I continued riding Sean. Tightening on his cock with each flex up, relaxing as I rode back down his shaft. Up, tight, down, loose. Over and over. Since our visitor showed no interest in departing, I assumed he was enjoying the show. Sean then placed his hands on my hips and by way of introduction said, "Hank, EZ. EZ, Hank."

After I gave him a quick nod, I turned back toward Sean and continued my ride. Hank walked over to the side of the bed and stuck out his hand. It was as though shaking hands with me while I was fucking a guy, was the most normal thing in the world, and said, "Nice to meet you EZ.

Trying to keep cool, I took Hank's hand and said, "Nice to meet you too, I guess.", Hank then turned back to Sean and asked, "So Sean, we got us our next house pet?"

Without missing a stroke, he replied, "Well it didn't start out that way, but EZ has real potential. Hot, Friendly. She's fucking insatiable and smart too!"

Hank just nodded, "You don't say, she much of a talker?

This was crazy, while I'm fucking one of them, two guys are talking about me like I'm not there.

Sean replied, "Naw, not if you keep her mouth full. More of a moaner and screamer. But she can keep up with a conversation if you give her chance. But she really is into sucking cocks!"

That's when Hank turned to me' smiled and said, "Want to suck mine?"

That's when I stopped thrusting on Sean. After I looked Hank over, I said, "Sure, why not?"

Well he immediately slipped off his jeans and stepped closer. Now I'd never been with two guys at the same time before so I wasn't quite sure how to start. That's when Sean rolled me off him and had me get into the doggie position near the edge of the bed.

Hank, who was standing, moved near me and I had a great view of at his pumped up cock. After I grabbed him by the hips, I began licking and sucking him. Sean, who had my hips, took me from behind. His first thrust was preceded by a swat on my ass, this was turning into a habit, and the words, "Giddy up, girl!"

After that it was suck, fuck, switch and repeat. By the time it was over, Sean had come one more time in me. Hank came twice, once in my mouth and then on my back. As they rested side by side I finished 'our play' by sucking them both clean. Then Sean showed me the shower. After I got cleaned up and dressed, they dropped me off near my house and invited me to their next fraternity party.

After that day, I never did another High School guy again or handed out another thong. I'd 'graduated' to the college level of my sport and I've never looked back! I also found out , when I went to their party, what it meant to be the fraternity's 'pet'!

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