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The Cougars

I have just married a girl I knew when I was growing up. She is amazing, Beautiful, fun and adventuresome. When we were in high school , Lydia was a cheerleader and her and her group of friends were what I would call Dick Teases. They were all pretty, but I never spent any time trying to date them because of their famous reputation of not doing anything. I heard they would laugh about the boys trying to feel them up, and none of the girls would let the guys get anything. I spent my time go after the girls from the Catholic School because they were much easier.

The girls all got married young and started families quickly. They were all happy in their 20’s and even there early 30’s. As they approached there 40’s though, it seemed like they all had trouble in their marriages and all ended up getting divorced. This kind of brought them back together again socially and they kept in touch more and more. They shared their difficulties about dating again, the kids, and trying to get balance back into their lives. The other thing they shared with each other was all of their dating experiences and every detail you could imagine. This is something that I was shocked about how graphic these women were with each other. Lydia would tell me some of the things they talked about when she was drunk, but I could tell the next day she was upset that she told me. What I am beginning to think is that they made a pack with each other that they were going to enjoy sex from here on out and even compete with each other on their stories. This has turned out great for me, it seems like every day my girl is trying something new and exciting. I did not know how she was getting the ideas and I really didn’t care, because I was getting the benefits.

Now, my wife is a beautiful blond with a tight body and a great smile. Her nipples are always hard on top of her 34B breasts with an incredible ass. She comes across as a totally nice girl. In reality she loves to blow me, fuck me and let me fuck her ass. Lydia has never said “no “ to anything I have wanted to try yet.

Her friend Karen is almost 5’10” with big hair and large breasts. Karen is loud and loves to talk about sex with anyone who will listen. Lydia has told me that when she first got divorced she was dating 5 different guys at a time. I know I have only been told a couple of the stories, but from what I hear it is crazy.

Nicole Is loud short Italian girl, who basically grabs a guys cock to see how big it is before she will even commit to a conversation. Lydia says if the guys not thick around she won’t give him anytime at all, unless he has money and I mean big money. Supposedly, Nicole first husband was too small and she is not going to make that mistake again.

The last of the core group is Donna, she is a pretty petite girl. I do not know much about her yet, but I have a feeling as long as I can keep getting Lydia drunk I will slowly learn more and more about all of them. I plan on posting some of the stories here and some of the stories Lfrancis writes as well. You need to read “what a Night” that is one of the stories I have figured out about Karen. My wife and I just got married in Vegas and we have many stories from our brief yet incredible visit to Nevada. On the way home though Lydia was horny and the flight was crowded but not full. I could tell that she was horny as hell because she was rubbing my leg up and down each time going all theto my cock. Lydia finally got out her sweater and put it on my lap. Slowly unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out stroking it up and down as I get harder and harder. Lydia then stretches out her legs and puts her head into my lap. She is still stroking my cock, now only inches away from her face. The boys behind us start to look in between the seats or sit up into their seats so they can watch. A fiery redhead from across the aisle leans over and watches everything as my wife is stroking my cock right into her face, she is also now trying to lick off the pre-cum. I try to tell her that people are watching by tapping on her shoulder and whispering down to her “Lydia they know what you are doing”. As I say it she swallows my cock down to the base and moves her hands down to my balls. It feels like her hand is trying to shove my dick into her mouth deeper and deeper and she is sucking loudly now. We must have had at least 7 people watching her blow me on the plane. I know that she is now a woman possessed and she wants me to cum. I close my eyes and try actually to do the opposite and try to cum as quickly as I can. Lydian is still sucking me like crazy and jerking my off into her mouth at the same time. It doesn’t take long with this excitement and I tell her that I am going to cum, I don’t know why because she will have to swallow in this situation I think. As I tell her and as I cum she pulls away from my cock, most of it goes down her throat but the last two spurts hit her face. As I finish she gives my cock a good cleaning with her mouth and then sits up. I tell her some is on her face and she asks me to take a picture with her phone, which I do, thinking it is for our ever growing collection.

Wow, I tell her that was crazy that she kept going with everyone watching. She just smiles and pulls my hand in-between her legs. Her crotch is soaked thru her jeans, I love how wet she gets and can’t wait to fuck her at home.

Now back to what I have just figured out and think will soon be a collection of stories. When we got home, I wanted to take another look at the picture of cum on her face, so I got her phone. As I was going to look at the picture I noticed that she emailed the picture already to Karen, Nicole and Donna with a message

“ Hey ladies I got a new challenge for you and also think this should count against Donna’s story of fucking the guy on a plane she had just met in the bathroom. I just gave a blow job, let him cum on my face as people watched in a moving plane. Here is the picture to prove it. Cannot wait to hear how you sluts top this one. I think Nicole is the only one with a shot by fucking the short little executive from the Borgota on his private plane otherwise I have you whores beat!!!!! Lol so horny! Bye”

Now I have enjoyed the crazy sex I have been getting but I wonder how much and how far these girls will go to compete against each other, especially my new wife.

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