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Cracker Barrel's Fireplace Gets Even Hotter with Blair and Casey

Blood rushed to Casey's extended peak as Blair bit down softly onto it.
Blair continued to kiss Casey as she caressed her breast using Jacob's now cool expelled nucleus as a lotion. She was getting the most out of two of her five senses; taste and feel. Blair was tasting Jacob's tangy core as well as feeling his slickness coat her best friend's firm frontal projection. Blair had always wanted to enjoy Casey's company this way. Now she was doing it with an audience.

Casey fell into the touch of her best friend. It was something she could not help. Her body was giving her signals that said it was alright. Jacob lay motionless beside both of them. Casey knew exactly the way he felt. After letting loose her own arousal, her body needed to recoup also. It did as Jacob came on her hands free. Seeing him do that sparked another erotic ember inside her and now, she was getting a chance to go another round with her best friend.

It was the first time with another girl for Casey. Not for Blair though. Casey had always known Blair swung both ways. She was just glad that if she had to make it with another woman, it was Blair. There would have been no other Casey would have wanted touching her the way Blair was now.

Blair felt Casey's nipple get hard as she rubbed over her best friend's breast. She loved how long Casey's nipple got as it was stimulated. The length it achieved was nothing on her own. Blair wished that when hers was stimulated like Blair's, they would poke out at that long length, but with the puffy nipples she was blessed with, they would not. All hers did was form separate mounds.

Casey sucked in a deep breath as Blair pulled on her exotically long nipple. She could feel her areola lift as Blair pulled. The feeling was so desirable, she hoped Blair would do it again.

Blair did, but not with her fingers. She took her mouth from Casey's and as she cupped the bottom roundness of her firm producer of nourishment, Blair covered her long nipple with her mouth and began to nibble.

Blood rushed to Casey's extended peak as Blair bit down softly onto it. The heat that filled it as Blair nibbled slowly, sent pleasurable pulses through her body. Casey felt the vibrations enter the nerve endings of her again dampening crevice. She felt the warmth fill her labia and also her clit this time. It felt like her sexual place of entry was actually elongating itself. Then Blair's hand passed over it.

There was a gasp of air in the dining room from the food consumers as Blair petted Casey's smooth partition. They were not the only ones gasping. Casey took a huge gulp as her best friend felt her kitty. Up and down, Blair passed over Casey's slick pink lips, spreading the dampness that leaked out of her hot canal all over her shaved smooth skin. The palm of her hand rubbed over Casey's clit that now resembled her long erect nipples. It felt so good to Casey to be asymmetrical.

Without any warning, Casey sighed heavily as Blair took it a level higher and split Casey's tender pink, piercing her vaginal orifice with two fingers. Casey arched her body as she felt her best friend's fingers penetrate her wet inner darkness. Instantly, the flow of hot desire coated Blair's finger's just as it had Jacob's hard cock. The warmth of her personal gooey consistency felt wonderful as it flowed from her hot pink walls and covered her best friend's fingers.

"Oh Casey, you are so wet and keep flowing over my fingers," Blair said then kissed Casey gently and began to slide her fingers in and out of Casey's pussy faster.

Casey moaned into Blair's lips as her inner walls wrapped tightly around the two fingers fucking her. Her muscle seemed to convulse as Blair's fingers sunk deep into her sodden pink treasure.

"Oh my! No wonder Jacob likes being buried inside you! You are so tight!" Blair said then circled over one of Casey's long erected nipples.

"Oh God..." escaped from Casey as the stimulation of her nipple brought on the spark of another orgasm. She could feel this one was going to be just as intense as the one she had with Jacob. Casey wondered if when she let go, would her body react the same way. It just felt that good. Maybe even a little more intense.

"Am I going to make you cum best friend?" Blair asked with a sultry look.

"Uh huh," was all Casey could mutter.

With that being said, Blair began to attack Casey's pussy with a vengeance. Her hand began hitting Casey's puffy labia with each fast stroke she pushed her fingers inside.

Casey began to leak her hot inner moisture all over Blair's fast finger insertions. It also began to puddle on the brick floor underneath her. It actually began to pour out of her and she was not even close to orgasm yet. It was building, but not ready for release.

Blair felt herself begin to get wet. She could feel the droplet of her own core dribble out of her hot entrance. She would have to be next. She knew that.

"Yeah, make her cum again!" came a voice from the back of the dining area.

It seemed Blair and Casey had forgotten they were being watched. The voice startled Blair a moment and she stopped moving her hand.

"Don't stop Blair! Let him see you make me cum! I'm almost there!" Casey said as she wriggled slightly on the brick floor.

"Yeah Blair, don't stop. We want to see her explode like she did before!" said another patron of Cracker Barrel that Blair had seated. What went through Casey's mind was if she had served that table.

Before Blair began moving her hand again, she left her fingers buried inside Casey, but began to circle her erect clit with her thumb. It was very easy to massage. With Casey having secreted such sexual sweetness, Blair's thumb slid easily over Casey's pink button of pleasure.

The nerve endings in Casey's clit certainly did their job. They sent a trigger to her brain of mass sensual proportions that sent a warm and enveloping feeling all over her body. It also caused spasms inside her pussy that made her wet passage grip Blair's fingers even more. Blair knew that it was time to make her best friend cum again.

Blair began to finger Casey slowly this time as she started again. As Blair pulled out her fingers, the warm dribble of clear goodness evading Casey's hot pink pudding, pooled in the palm of her hand with the way it was situated. Blair looked at the sticky pool in her palm and when she inserted her fingers again, she folded her hand up to the rest of what little bit of Casey's tender slit was exposed. Blair slid her palm over Casey's sensitive hot fleshy folds, covering her already slick sex with even more of her personal evasion.

Casey whimpered as she felt Blair petting her pussy at the same time she slowly fingered it. Suddenly, the feeling of climax came forward. Casey's body began to tense. Her breasts became ultra firm. Her long nipples became more rigid. To her, they felt hard enough to cut glass. Casey's areolas even wrinkled tightly around her nipples sticking out into the dining room in extreme length.

She took a finger and circled around one as Blair now quickened her fingers inside her even more dampening personal incision. The feeling of both made Casey moan and close her eyes as she now squeezed her firm breast. Her long nipple slipped between her fingers as she did. Casey felt her extended sexual projection slide between her fingers. It was hot and full and she could not help but pinch it between her fingers as she compressed her firm bodily mound. The feeling brought forth the tingles of eminent sexual rapture.

Blair could feel the imposing spasm on her fingers. Casey's pink walls began to constrict tightly on her fingers buried deep inside her best friend. Again, Blair accelerated the pace of her hand. Her fingers stroked at a fast rate inside Casey's delicate saturated surroundings. Blair watched Casey's body stiffen with impending sexual release. She saw the beads of sweat form on Casey's forehead as her body tensed. It was a most beautiful sight.

"Oh, it's about to happen. She's going to blow!" exclaimed a Cracker Barrel patron sitting at one of the tables.

Suddenly, Blair felt Casey's pink channel pulse. She knew that Casey was getting close. So she surprised Casey by curling her fingers upwards and stroking quickly. Her finger found the spongy spot that gave all women intense pleasure. Casey yelled out in delight as Blair's finger slid delicately across the patch inside her womanhood that had never been touched. It was more than Casey could take.

Blair knew to pull her fingers out of her best friend's pussy and she timed it immaculately as Casey pressed hard on the brick floor with her bare heels. As soon as Casey felt Blair's fingers exit her hot pink lodging center, she felt her pussy push outward. Casey yelled, as loudly as she could, forcing a hot arching stream of sexual nectar out of her body. All the dining customers gasped in amazement as Casey looked like a human fountain for five full seconds.
The splashing sound of Casey's internal element echoed throughout the whole dining room as it landed on the cold brick floor at least seven feet in front of her. Casey again proved to herself her body was capable of doing something she had never before done. Blair's eyes were as big as the saucers Cracker Barrel served their soup bowls on to hungry customers. The sight of seeing her friend shoot her cum was invigorating. It made her want to try and see if she could do the same.

All of the sexual ruckus finally stirred Jacob. He looked up in time to see Casey's best friend lean down and rest her head just below Casey's breasts. Jacob watched Blair's head go up and down quickly from Casey's heavy breathing. Jacob turned his head and looked in front of where Casey lay. He saw the stream of clear fluid. It was even farther now than when he had made Casey orgasm. Immediately, Jacob's cock begin to lengthen at the site of Casey's sexual release on Cracker Barrel's brick floor.

Jacob then turned his head and made eye contact with Blair. Blair smiled. She smiled for two reasons. One, she knew that Jacob knew what happened; and two, she saw his cock erecting itself.

It was becoming apparent that the night in front of Cracker Barrel's fireplace was not going to end any time soon. There was plenty more to be played out in front of it.

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