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Cruise of a Lifetime, Part 2

Mike goes on a cruise with his parents, hoping for plenty of sand, sun, and sex.
I woke on the second day of our cruise feeling battered. I hadn't slept much—thoughts of Teri had kept me awake. I was hung over and had a terrible case of blue balls. I decided to take a shower. Today was our day at sea, with nothing on the agenda but sun, water, and anything else I could find on board for my enjoyment. I already had an idea or two of what that might be.

My parents had already left the room, and left a note. "Looks like you came home alone after all! We'll let you sleep it off. At breakfast!" I dropped my clothes, realizing for the first time that I slept in the clothes I had worn the previous night. I turned on the shower and waited for it to get warm, until steam started filling the room. Finally, I stepped into the shower.

As I stood there in the steam, soaping up, I started caressing my balls. It felt good, they were sore from being so pent up. Before long, I was rock hard in my hands and starting to stroke. It felt so good I must have missed the sound of the cabin door opening and closing again. I was really working my shaft, about to cum, when my mother burst in the door, dropped her pants and sat on the toilet to pee.

"Mom!" I screamed.

"What?" she said, "I really had to pee!"

Goddammit, I thought, I'm never going to get this load off.


My parents and I took a quick tour of the ship, we hadn't had time to look around much the day before. The ship was very impressive, but the decoration was a little gaudy for my preference. Still, you had to appreciate the amount of time and money they had to of put into designing and building this thing.

Finally, my parents were done looking around and we went up on deck, where, as usual, the hotties were a-plenty. This was exactly why I was on this cruise. We settled down and grabbed some chairs on the upper deck, overlooking the pool, and my Dad ordered us a bucket of Miller Lite. Why he liked that stuff I couldn't understand, I thought it tasted like piss. But hey, free beer is free beer.

As we were laying there, I saw Leah and her friends settling down by the pool. They waved at me, and I waved back. My dad elbowed me in the side.

"Friends of yours?" he inquired. "Which ones were you going to bring back to the cabin?"

"All three dad, but instead we went to theirs!"

He turned to my mother. "Did you hear the shit your son is spouting off? He's so damned full of it."

"He's full of himself," she said, "and rightfully so!"

I decided to take a walk over to where the girls were laying to say "hey." Leah seemed very nervous around me, and the other girls tittered and giggled as I walked up. She must have told them about our intense make-out session the night before. Hopefully, she had given me a good review!

I sat down on the chair next to Leah, who had been laying on her stomach. After a few minutes of talking, I could tell she was still very nervous. In order to ease her nerves, I ordered the girls a round of Rum Runners. Next to an ice cold beer, there is nothing better in the sun than a nice rum drink.

The sun was really baking now, it was the height of the afternoon. I noticed that Leah's skin was turning pink, so I offered to put some lotion on for her. She shyly smiled and told me the lotion was beneath her chair, near her flip-flops. I eagerly grabbed it and squeezed a generous amount into my hand. I started rubbing it into her back and shoulders, moving her hair out of the way.

"It looks like I poured too much," I said, and began working the lotion onto her thighs.

I could feel how tense Leah was, but she hadn't told me to stop, so I kept going. I ran my hands all up and down her thighs, and then, slipped two fingers under the bottom of her suit, rubbing the lotion into her sweet ass cheeks. She was trembling, but it must have been more lust than discomfort. I looked over to see Carrie watching me, eyes wide. She noticed me looking and bit her lip, blushed, and turned her face away.

Rubbing my hands all over Leah's sexy, athletic body had really started to turn me on. However, I wasn't about to let everyone at the pool see the tent starting to grow in my pants. Thankfully, just then, my parent's saved me.

"Mike!" my dad called from across the pool, "come up her for a minute." I told the girls I would meet up with them later, leaned down and kissed Leah's cheek, and then walked up to meet my parents.

"Your mother has had too much sun," my dad told me, "we are going down to the cabin to shower and relax. We'll see you around dinner time, right?" I told them that was fine, and then watched them walk to the elevator. I saw the pool bartender and ordered myself another bucket of Corona. This was what I had been waiting for.


"ADULTS ONLY – NO CAMERAS" the sign read. My pulse quickened as I walked up the steps. I was going up to the topless deck, hoping to score a peek at some tits. I tried to act non-chalant, but as hard as I tried, I could not get the lump in my throat to subside. I carried my bucket of beer over to an empty chair, sat down, and glanced around. There were a couple topless women, but mostly they were laying on their stomachs or too far away to see. I sighed, shrugged, and decided I was going to stick it out.

I stood up, committed now, and undid the velcro on my swim trunks. Underneath was a Speedo that my parents didn't know I had brought. I know there is a stigma about Speedos, but I feel it more applies to fat, hairy guys who wear them when they shouldn't. For me, it was far more appropriate because I was young, in shape, and it showed off my large package.

I am not one of those guys that goes around comparing dicks with my friends, or boasting about it. But I knew from conversations with my guy friends, watching porn, and from the limited sexual experiences that I had, that I was packing. My cock, on average, is 8" long, although when I was really horny it was 8.5 or 9 inches easy. I was cut, and quite thick (the size of a girls wrist, I've compared).

Anyways, I knew that being on the topless deck, in a Speedo, alone, would be screaming for attention. I just didn't know who I'd be getting it from. I laid down, put on my sunglasses, closed my eyes, and relaxed. I reveled in the thought of some hot coed walking by, topless, and checking out my package. My cock started to stir at the thought so I quickly opened my eyes so that I wouldn't end up in an embarrassing situation.

As I sat up, I looked around again, and BINGO! About 20 feet from me, sitting up in her chair, tits exposed in all their glory, was Teri. My heart started pounding, her rack was unbelievable. She saw that I noticed her, and waved. She indicated the empty space of deck next to her and her husband, and told me I should bring my chair over.

I gulped. How was I supposed to go over there, sit there and talk to her while her tits were out and her husband was right next to us? Especially with my cock in full view, or at least outlined beneath my Speedo! But, I really wanted to get a better look at her amazing breasts, and my sunglasses were mirrored, so I thought I could pull it off. I slid my chair over next to hers, took a long swig of my beer, and sat back down.

Teri's husband was obviously not happy that I had come over, but he just sat there with a pissed off look on his face, not saying anything. Teri started talking, as if she were oblivious to his discomfort.

"Hey there, we met yesterday, but I don't think I got your name?"

I managed to choke out my name, Mike, but this was a lot harder than I had expected. Her tits were so round, and her nipples were the perfect size, not stretched out the way they are in porn all the time.

"Well Mike, this is Ray, and he's a grumpy old man who doesn't like the fact that I'm out here with my tits hanging out. But, he paid for them, and he used to like it, so he has to deal with it now!" she said cheerfully. I could not believe she was sitting here talking about it in front of him so candidly. I figured what the hell, I guess I should just act cool about it and hope I don't piss him off more.

"Well ma'am," I said, "they are a very nice pair of tits. He should be proud to get to look at them every day. I know I would be."

Ray grumbled and turned onto his stomach. Teri laughed and reached for her bottle of tanning lotion. Unlike Leah, who's skin had turned pink in the sun, Teri's skin seemed to soak it in. She was roasted, her skin was darker than her blonde hair. In all, with her fake tits, blonde hair, and darkly tanned skin, she actually looked kind of trashy. But it was a crazy-hot trashy, if that makes sense.

We chatted while she applied the lotion, slowly, across her chest and arms. She asked where I was from and I told her I lived in Gainesville but was raised in Tampa. She and Ray were down from Atlanta, she said. Teri asked if I was a student, and I said yes, that I was studying at the University of Florida.

She laughed, leaned over and whispered, "Don't tell Ray that, he's a big UGA fan!" I was barely listening, her tits were practically touching my arm when she leaned over like that. My cock twitched and I prayed she didn't notice.

Teri sat back and began applying the lotion to her abdomen, running her hands across her tight belly. All I could do is watch, mesmerized by how hot this woman was. I noticed her staring at me, staring at her, and I realized I had been caught. She smiled at me and then winked, which caught me off guard. Then, she turned the upper part of her bikini bottom down, applying oil to the area just under the seam. As I watched, I could see a neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubes.

This was too much for me to handle. My cock began to strain against the fabric of my Speedo, and I new I was soon going to have a raging hard on. I coughed, quickly stood, and mumbled something about needing to go get ready for dinner. What I hadn't thought about was that standing up like that had put my cock just about even with Teri's face. I saw her eyes go wide, and she looked up at me.

She turned to Ray. "Honey, I'm really hot and I need a glass of water. I'll be right back." He simply mumbled in response.

I pulled my trunks over my Speedo as Teri started to put on her bikini top. She turned, with her front to Ray and her back to me, and asked me to help her tie the strings. I took the string from her and my hands were shaking. She held her hair out of the way with one hand, and with the other, reached down and started stroking my cock through my shorts. I jumped, not expecting the contact. As pent up as I was I almost came in my Speedo right then and there.

I managed to finish tying her bikini strings, and she turned and winked at me. I gulped, and not knowing what to do, turned and started walking down the stairs towards the elevators. Teri followed me, giving Ray a little wave as she walked past him down the stairs. Once we were out of sight, she grabbed my hand and pulled me next to her, placing my hand on her ass. I was feeling pretty cheeky, so to speak, so I gave it a nice squeeze. We got to the elevator lobby and were waiting with a couple in their late 20s I assumed, and their small child.

Teri and I boarded the elevator first, and I went straight to the back. She stepped in front of me and once again her hand started rubbing my shaft through my shorts. Thankfully, the family was only going two floors to the cafeteria there, so once they left, we had the elevator to ourselves. My pulse quickened, my cock was rock hard, and I wondered what Teri had in store for me. As soon as the doors closed, she turned and kissed me full on the mouth, then quickly dropped to her knees.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Before I could react, Teri was undoing my shorts and pulling them down to my ankles. This hot bitch is going to give me head in an elevator! I thought. I was incredibly nervous, but I was not about to say no either. She began to slip my Speedo past my hips, which was proving to be pretty difficult because my dick made the material so tight. I said a quick, silent thank you to myself for buying that thing. It surely had gotten the desired results!

My dick sprung free from my Speedo, almost smacking Teri in the face when it recoiled. She gasped, exclaiming, "Oh my God!" She wasted no time, grabbing the shaft and stroking it a few times before starting to kiss my thighs. She licked around my balls and along the crease of my legs. She looked up, smiling, and said she loved the taste of my sweat. I groaned, reached down, and pulled her boobs free from the bikini, first one, and then the other. She giggled, and started to lick up and down my shaft.

I pinched her right nipple, softly, and continued to caress her tits as well as I could from my standing position. Teri's tongue was circling my cock head, getting it really moist. This was like having my own personal porn star! She looked up at me.

"I can't believe how big it is! I'm so wet right now playing with your cock!" She took the head of my prick into her mouth. She continued stroking me with one hand, and I watched as her other slipped between her legs. She pulled the bottoms of her bikini aside and started playing with her cunt.

This was too much for me, I groaned and leaned my head back. I was in complete ecstasy. The ding of the elevator bell snapped me out of my trance, though, and I realized we had gotten to our floor. Teri stopped, and I quickly stepped to the front of the elevator so I could press the 'Close' button. She laughed, and moved over to continue sucking my cock. I could feel her hand kneading my balls as her head bobbed back in forth, starting to go further and further down my cock.

I knew I was going to cum soon, and squeezed Teri's tit twice to let her know. She pulled her mouth off of my cock, a trail of saliva between her lips and the head. I wondered what she was going to do, when she put my cock between her tits and squeezed them together around it. No way! I thought to myself, she wants me to fuck her tits. She had me pause for a second, and then slipped my cock underneath the strap of her bikini. She started moving her body along my cock as I fucked her gorgeous rack.

Teri's saliva on my cock, combined with the tanning oil and sweat on her tits, added up to the perfect lubricant. Within seconds, I was at the point of no return. I groaned loudly as I felt my cock start to unload. It pulsed out a hot stream of cum that shot up onto Teri's chin. It continued to pulse spilling my hot load all over Teri's hair, neck, and chest. I couldn't believe how much cum I had just unleashed, but I had been storing up for quite a while. She didn't seem to mind. I watched as she rubbed some of it across her nipples and tweaked them.

"Fuck that was hot! You are one hell of a stud, young man!" Teri stood up and adjusted her bikini top back over her tits. I pulled up my Speedo and my shorts. She kissed me, cum on her face and all, and told me that she hoped we would have another chance to fool around during the cruise. "That cock is too damned big to let you get away without fucking me," she said. I was definitely not going to argue with her. I couldn't believe what had just happened and how lucky I was to have met this hot cougar.

I released my pressure on the elevator button and the doors opened. I was hoping that no one would be around because Teri was still covered in my cum. Her cabin was right around the corner so hopefully she could sneak in before someone saw her. Unfortunately, that was one wish that was not to be granted. As the elevator doors opened, I saw my dad standing there. As soon as he realized what had been going on, he got a shocked look on his face. I didn't know if he would be mad, or proud, but all I could do was walk past him to the room, wearing a shit-eating grin...

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