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Cum Contest

It was one of those moments where you did not want to watch, but had too. . .
The following story is/was a project. It was an idea I had that just seemed fun to write. I am not sure if there is such a thing as a "Cum Contest" for real. Also, if you read this, I was contemplating making it a two part story, but thought that if I did, it would be much of the same and I would not be able to embellish it much from the original. If you have comments about, I would love to hear them!

The night was very clear and warm with a slight breeze blowing that felt good on me and my girlfriend as we walked the nightlife sidewalk hand in hand. I loved how she was dressed in her hip hugging jeans with a ruffled blouse that was cut low enough to see her cleavage form from her perky breasts. I could look over and see her sexiness whenever I wanted too. I had to admit, I did that a lot during the night and she knew it. She reveled in it as well. 

We kept walking, holding hands and glancing at each other every so often until we came to a club called Inhibitions, that we had never been in before. It was a quaint establishment on the outside with a nice and down to earth appearance. We liked the look of it so we decided to go in. Upon entering, it was certainly a different story. The inside was a no holds back appearance with the name of the establishment written on the opposite wall with the phrase, “Where you can lose all control here” written underneath it. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and I could tell we were thinking the same thing.

Still, we went further inside. The music, provided by some band on a big stage, was loud, but it was good. The band was playing music that everyone could get into and grind with, which some couples were doing very well on the dance floor. The dance floor was huge and so was the stage where the band was situated. So big, in fact, the band did not even take up the whole stage at all. There was plenty of room to move around.

My girlfriend and I found our way to the bar and ordered drinks. We were actually enjoying ourselves, even though this was different for us. We sat at the stool and enjoyed our drinks. After finishing them, my girlfriend took me by the hand and lead me down to the dance floor. I was not a dancer, never had been, but I joined her and tried to act like I was doing something. Five minutes later, the band quit playing and started putting up their instruments and an emcee came on stage. The emcee actually saved me from showing off my very bad dancing skills.

My girlfriend and I were beginning to have a very good time and we just stood there listening to the emcee.

“Ladies and gentlemen, give a big hand to our house band, we all know they are great, but you didn’t come to see them tonight now did you?” he asked the large crowd.

We watched him ask and hold the microphone out to the crowd. We did not say anything, but the audience, who were obviously regulars, sure answered him in loud “NO.” After the crowd had answered, the emcee continued.

“Of course not, you came to see tonight’s featured performance! Well it’s time and we know you have never seen anything like this before! We have put together for you a contest! Yes, that’s right, a contest! It’s for you to enjoy and actually be judges! That’s right judges! That being said, gentlemen, are you ready?”

As the emcee looked over to his left, my girlfriend and I just stood waiting to see what the contest was going to be. We were also wondering what “gentlemen” for which the emcee was speaking. All we could do was just wait.

“Alrighty then. Gentlemen, will you please join me on the stage,” the emcee asked and all in one line, these men walked out on the stage. I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me and we both had the same expression. We were both thinking the same thing. Meanwhile, the regulars were screaming and hollering and having a good time. Still, we were in awe. It was a first for both of us to be standing in a club and have a line of naked men standing on the stage. Well, naked except for the numbers hanging around their necks. We both now knew why the club was called “Inhibitions.”

We did not know what was going to happen and to tell the truth, I was not quite sure if I wanted to know what was going to happen. But I looked at my girlfriend and I could see the curiosity on her face. I saw how she was looking at the men standing nude on the stage. It was not a look of lust or a look of her wanting to cheat on me. It was a look of knowing what was going to happen. It was a look of anticipation. Quite frankly, I was in awe of a couple of those men myself. Their dicks were considerably large than mine. At least I was bigger than the other six that stood on the stage. I was happy about that.

“Well now you see them! What do you think?” he asked the audience and the yell was loud. “These eight guys are going to do something special for you! Are you ready?” the emcee continued.

The regulars of the club chanted and whooped and hollered. The guys on the stage air pumped their arms. It was obvious they did not care they were standing on a stage naked in front of who knew how many people. And me and my girlfriend was just two of those people. For some reason, I could not take my eyes off the stage, just as my girlfriend could not either. It was one of those moments where you did not want to watch, but had too so you could see what was going to happen next.

As the audience cheered, one guy on stage obviously found it stimulating, as his cock quickly erected itself. The emcee look behind him and saw that guy's erection and said, “Well, we can see that he is ready!” and there was a laugh from the audience. And that guy laughed himself, but never lost his erection. He stood there with his cock at full attention. “Okay, now that we have one guy ready to go, lets get on with tonight’s performance! These eight guys are going to show you what kind of power they have in there genitals! That’s right! You heard me! All you have to do is cheer them on to get them off!”

Once again, the regulars yelled at the top of their lungs. My girlfriend looked at me, smiled, and said, “Oh, it’s a cum contest.”

I looked at her with a very peculiar look and said, “A what?”

She opened her mouth to answer me, but the emcee started again, interrupting her, “Yeah, you guessed it! These guys are going to cum for you! All you have to do is get their cocks hard, well, one is already hard for you, pick the number of your favorite, the one you think will shoot the farthest, and cheer him on! So, are you ready?”

The club goers went wild. They all started chanting their favorite number. There was no one guy in the lead with the yelling either. It was all equal. Upon hearing the crowd, the emcee said, “Let the contest begin!“ and darted off the stage and that is when the patrons went crazy. Numbers were being yelled and the guys on stage had started rubbing their cocks.

I had never seen such a thing or heard of such a thing, but obviously, my girlfriend had. I looked at her and asked, “I have to know, how did you know what was going to happen?”

She looked at me and said, “Really? You have to ask that? I put it together. I mean, what other kind of contest would it be? Think, the guys on stage are naked in a contest and one gets hard from the crowd and the emcee jokes saying that he was ready? It only made sense.”

All the while she answered me, she watched the stage and listened to the others yelling and screaming. Almost all of the guys were hard. There were a couple that were semi and still working it. To tell the truth, I wondered if either one would get it up at the rate they were actually going trying to raise it.

Then, not even two minutes into the contest, the guy that got hard during the audience cheering, stepped forward and let go. My girlfriend busted out laughing, so did every other woman in the club. Not only were they laughing at how quickly the guy had cum, but also how he came. He did not shoot his load, not even the first volley. It just rolled out of his erection and landed on the plastic covered stage in front of him.

“Well, that would have been very memorable,” my girlfriend said and laughed again. The funny thing was after he had cum, he laughed and raised his arms as well. At least he was taking it like a man!

Each guy had their own way of rubbing their cock. It was actually like me and my girlfriend were watching a masturbation session instead of a contest. In a sense it was. Seriously.

The crowd was heavily into it and most of the women patrons were having a ball. I could tell that my girlfriend was more into it than she let on to me. I did not care. I actually found it a little fascinating myself. Just because it was something new and I had never seen.

Ten minutes went by with the yelling of numbers and cheering and by this time, all the guys that were left on stage were fully erect. Really. If they moved their hands away from their cocks, they were rock hard, staying upright without even wavering. I knew the feeling.

Just a few minutes later, a second guy stepped forward, pumped on his erection a few last times and exploded. Compared to the first guy, it was a real cumshot. Five spurts total of moderate length. He did get some cheers from the crowd.

Minutes after the second guy, the other contestants began to deliver their loads. It was mostly one by one, but there were two that came at the same time. Every one of them released their loads at varying lengths and all had different volumes. Some of the guys had small loads but actually shot a pretty good length, a couple had a medium load and dribbled, but one had a huge load, where his first spurt shot the farthest and the subsequent spurts he released resulted in thick creaminess.

I was actually into watching these guys cum more that I had thought. I think it was because I was not used to a contest like this. Not that I had never seen a guy cum in person before, I had, but not eight in row and certainly not in a contest. The last time I had seen a guy cum in person was when I had been with my cousin in high school, but that is a different story all by itself.

Once the last one had blown his load, the audience went crazy and the emcee took the stage once again. The contestants were now standing behind him in a line, there cocks all returning to normal. The plastic that covered the front of the stage was cum cratered in several places. It looked like little white land mines here and there with maybe a stream leading up to a couple. It was actually a funny sight.

“Well, well, well! There you have it! Have any of you ever seen this much cum before?" the emcee paused and questioned the audience that just yelled their answer in his direction. Continuing, the emcee said, "Okay, it’s time to vote now! One by one I am going to ask each numbered guy to step forward in order and by your cheers, we will determine the winner of this contest! So, are you all ready?” the emcee said and, once again, the audience went wild.

He called the first guy and he walked up, his cock now back to normal and dangling, and the club goers that thought he deserved a vote started cheering right away.

My girlfriend watched and then turned to me and said, “You have them all beat. If you were standing up there, my vote would go to you!” and she smiled.

I looked at her and started to turn red. I was actually happy she said that because, in all actuality, watching all eight of those guys cum in a row as they did, I knew could out shoot each one. I was not bragging either. Even my girlfriend could see it.

Finally, we had a winner. It was the guy that shot his first volley with the thick subsequent spurts that followed. In all honesty, he was the best cummer of them all.

As he was being crowned the winner, the emcee said, “Congratulations! Do you have anything you would like to say to the audience?”

He stood beside the host, still naked of course, and the emcee held the microphone as the winner said, “Never done anything like this before, thank you for voting for me, and I will be saving up for next week!”

“You hear that guys out there?” the emcee asked, “If you think you got what it takes and you have the nerve to stand up on this stage and show your stuff, in one week, we will have another contest! Come see if you can beat tonight’s winner next week! Sign up for next weeks contest will be at 6:00PM that night!”

The emcee dismissed the guys and walked off the stage. The guys went behind the stage to change, obviously and me and my girlfriend started to walk away together.

She grabbed my hand as we walked and said, “You know you got those guys beat right?”

I looked at her and smiled.

“Just think, if we didn’t have sex for this full week and you wouldn’t get the urge to use your hand, we could visit again and you could enter and show them who really is the man!” My girlfriend said as she looked up to me, squeezed my hand harder and smiled that devilish smile she had that I never knew how to say ‘no’ too.

“You know, the thought actually crossed my mind, as bad as that sounds. I’ve never done anything that freaky before though. Knowing me, I’d get on that stage and couldn’t get it up.”

“Not you. You’ve never had that trouble. You’ve always been able to get hard within five seconds and stay that way. No, you wouldn’t have a problem. And knowing that I was in the audience, you’d be hard in an instant!”

I laughed because I knew she was right. I never had a problem gaining an erection. It had always been something about me that I loved. And since I was thinking like that, I knew what I had to do. As silly as it sounded, for a very conservative guy like me, for once, I was actually going to let my inhibitions go and enter the contest. I told my girlfriend I would do it.

She looked at me again as we walked out of the club. As we stepped on the sidewalk to enjoy the night again, she stopped me, turned my body to face her, and leaned up to kiss me as I leaned down to kiss her. My cock stirred now for two reasons: one, I wanted to fuck her, and two, because of thinking of standing on that stage next week. To tell you the truth at this moment, I was not sure which one would be best. Both sounded equally fun! But I had to save up. I had a contest to win!
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