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Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

She has Daddy issues, and luckily, he is a Dad.
I'm a single Dad, amicably divorced, reasonably good-looking, and in pretty decent shape. I was at the public pool with my two boys, watching them jump off the diving board, shouting encouragement, providing them with an audience. The pool was very crowed, and it was a hot summer day. This is a college town, so there are lots of hot young girls walking around and sunbathing in bikinis and swimsuits. Beautiful bodies, cloudless blue sky, dappled sunlight playing on the bright surface of the water, the sound of splashing and playful screams in the air: it feels like a dream. I love going to the pool.

My boys were in line for the diving board, and I was near the other end of the pool, in shoulder deep water, watching them, waving to them when they dived, applauding the graceful swan dives and belly flops with the same enthusiasm. They really are wonderful kids, and I love being their Dad. There was a lot of time between the dives, and they were occupied with other things, so I had ample chance to enjoy all the tanned, slim bodies around me.

The woman in front of me was playing catch with her friend several yards away. She was Asian, very pretty, with astonishingly sexy almond eyes, full lips and long black hair. She had a tight little body, lithe and petite, with a perfect ass barely covered by her swimsuit bottom. The upper part of her swimsuit was equally skimpy, but she was wearing a wet t-shirt, to avoid sunburn, I assume. You'd think the t-shirt would obstruct the view, but it made her look even hotter, her pert breasts barely contained, poking through the thin wet cloth.

Her friend was blond and pretty, more voluptuous than the Asian girl but equally hot, and in an equally revealing bikini, but with no t-shirt. It was very sexy watching them play catch, their supple bodies twisting in the water, tits and ass straining against the wet cloth, long legs scissoring in the water.

The Asian girl kept bumping into me accidently, jumping up to catch the ball. Her tight body against my skin was getting me very horny, and my cock was starting to get harder with every jostle. Then she jumped very high, leaning back, and fell right against me. My cock got instantly hard and pressed briefly against her ass, but I couldn't tell if she felt it or not. She said sorry and smiled. She briefly glanced down. Could she see how hard I was? She turned back and gave me an enigmatic grin as she returned to the game.

I continued to wave to my kids every time they jumped off the board, applauding and shouting encouragement from the sidelines. I knew I couldn't get out of the pool with my rock hard erection, because it would definitely show. I tried not to think of how hot this girl was, and what it would be like to fuck her. I thought of politics, work, baseball, chores around the house. But every time my cock started to wilt she would bump against me again, her ass and her tits brushing me, and I'd be hard again.

My kids made their dives, I waved and smiled and cheered. They came over and asked if they could go to the snack bar. I told them they could take some money from my back pack. "Don't fill up on junk food!" I warned as they headed to the snack bar. There was a long line, and it would take them at least 20 minutes.

Within minutes she fell fully against me again, and this time stayed pressed up against my body. My cock was pushed right between her ass cheeks. There was no way she couldn't feel it. She turned and looked at me with those drop dead beautiful eyes.

"Are those your kids?"


"They're cute."

"Thanks. I like to think so."

"You're cute too." She smiled a gorgeous megawatt smile, friendly but with something more than friendliness hiding behind it. I was getting very turned on. "You're a single Dad, aren't you?"

"How can you tell?"

"The way you watch them. It's sweet. It's sexy."

"I love them. I'm happy to do it." And I am.

"Single Dads turn me on. They're hot. Especially cute single Dads. Like my Dad. Like you."

I hadn't been complimented by a beautiful girl in a long time. I stammered, "Thank you."

"I was raised by a single Dad." She reached out and touched my arm. "I know what hard work it is."

"Most of the time it doesn't feel like work."

Her smile changed into something simultaneously sweet and dirty, and those stunning eyes narrowed as she looked at me. "You have to do everything by yourself, don't you?"

"It's worth it. I like taking care of them."

"You take care of them, but who takes care of you?" She reached out and lightly ran a fingertip up the length of my cock, now straining against the swimsuit. I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching, but the glare of the sun on the water kept us hidden. Bright flashes of sunlight played in the air like sprites, and combined with the blue sky and the splashing water lent the moment a heady and familiar dreamlike quality. Was this even really happening?

I reached out and traced a finger along the side of her hip.

She shivered as I touched her. "You've been checking me and my friend out, haven't you?"

"Sorry. I can't help it."

"It's okay. I like it." She ran her finger back down my cock.

"I can see," I said, trying to keep from moaning.

"And now your cock is hard, so you can't get out of the pool, can you?" She brushed her finger under my balls.

"You are a very hot girl."

"Yes I am." She slipped a finger just inside the edge of my swimsuit. My cock was ready to burst.

"So's your friend."

"She's my girlfriend. We live together. But we're open to anything."


"Let's just say I have some Daddy issues," she giggled, then added, "And so it just might be your lucky day, Daddy." She suddenly dropped underwater and swam away, over to her girlfriend. The talked for a bit, and then she was gone, lost in the crowd and the glare and the water.

About a minute later I felt a hand grab my cock through my swimsuit, and looked down to see her underwater, fondling me. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but again, the glare on the water hid her as she stroked my cock through my swimsuit. She came up for air, her hand still on my throbbing erection.

"Do you like that?"

"Oh God, yes."

She smiled that innocent/dirty smile of hers, and then slipped underwater again. She pulled the waistband of my suit down just far enough for the first few inches of my cock to be exposed. Her lips slid around the edges of the head of my cock and she began to suck it, swirling her tongue back and forth under the crown, where it was most sensitive. I quickly looked to make sure my kids weren't around. I didn't see them.

She came up for air, a couple of feet away from me. She licked her lips. As if reading my mind, she said, "Don't worry, your kids are still at the snack bar."

Then she dived right back down, her soft lips sliding over the head of my cock. She was very good, moving her lips back and forth against the crown of my cock, her tongue circling along the tip of it. I was already so close to cumming. She took me right to the brink of orgasm, then came up again for air.

"I love the taste of your cock," she whispered to me, stuck her tongue in my ear, and went back down. Again, she took me right to the brink of cumming and stopped as she popped up for air. She locked eyes with mine, and that amazing smile widened. Then, incredibly, I felt another set of lips around my cock as her eyes searched mine. I looked down to see her hot blond friend sucking my cock as she fondled my balls through the material.

The Asian girl leaned into my ear and whispered, "Cum in her mouth, baby. She loves cum. We both do."

She licked my ear. I turned to her and we kissed long and sexily, our tongues wrestling, our mouths pressing together tightly, our teeth nipping at each other's lips. I reached up, just below the waterline, to caress her tits through the thin t-shirt and skimpy bikini top. As I pinched her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger it pushed me over the edge, just too much stimulation to hold back any longer as I felt the cum building up in my cock. I stuck my tongue deep in the Asian girl's mouth as I shoved my cock deep into the throat of the blond and let go, my cock exploding into orgasm, pumping wave after wave of cum into her mouth.

She came up for air, smiling the same sweet, slutty smile her friend had. The Asian girl broke our kiss and locked eyes with her friend, and they embraced and kissed each other deeply, a small drop of cum dripping down the side of the blond's mouth. I wanted to look around and see if anyone else was watching, but I couldn't take my eyes off them. It was, and remains, the single sexiest thing I have ever seen.

After the kiss, the Asian girl looked at me and purred, "Next time it's my turn."

"Our turn," her friend corrected. They turned and swam to the ladder. I watched their cute little asses as they climbed out of the pool. It was a moment stolen from dreams, my cock still tingling, the sunlight playing lazily on the dappled surface of the water, the hot sun on my skin, the splashing water. They disappeared into the crowd, and I leaned against the side of the pool, lingering in the sheer unreality of the moment. My kids returned soon after, all laughter and ice cream and the joy of play, pulling me reluctantly back into the surety of the real world, and the responsibilities of the coming day.

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