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Day Strip - Chapter 02: At the Beach

Kay's passions are ignited in place that surprises her.
It had been a kind of surreal day. After what had happened in the car on the way down, stripping off down to just my panties and throwing my bra out of the window, it seemed like anything could happen – but I didn't know if I wanted it too.

Cherry and Sharon went topless from the start even though no one else on the beach was. We went up in the sand dunes so as not to be near families or be really obvious. Some people did stumble across us; we had a few stares but no comments. I was not sure about it, bearing my breasts in front of friends was one thing, but...

The other girls seemed to have no such qualms, confident in their bodies. Not only was Cheryl not wearing a top she had just a thong on. It was tight over her mound and emphasised her smooth buttocks. She looked stunning. Of course Dave and Ryan were enjoying the spectacle! And it wasn't just their eyes that got a treat. Dave put sun lotion on Sharon for her, massaging it into her legs, arms, back, buttocks and even, briefly, her breasts.

I felt Ryan do the same to me as I lay on my front: the cool liquid on my lower leg and then his firm hands rubbing it in. He took his hands off to get more lotion and then started on the other leg, but then I felt his familiar touch on the thigh of the one he had started with. I looked over my shoulder – the hands stroking my left leg belonged to Cherry. It was very sensuous to feel both of them pampering me.

The hands worked their way up my legs. Ever so gently they were eased apart so that my inner thighs could be 'done' too, right up to the crotch of my bikini bottoms. My buttocks too, with fingers pushing the material up slightly to ensure every bit was covered. Then the lotion was oozed out onto my back. I had undone my bikini top to avoid the strap mark that would spoil my tan and the hands flowed between each other up and down my spine, over the small of my back, down my sides, under my arms and fleetingly round the curve of my all but hidden breasts. Shoulders and arms too were deliciously coated, the hands brushing aside the straps of my top.

Ryan asked me to turn over and a little awkwardly I got on to my back holding the top over my breasts. The hands massaged my hands; my arms were held out as the limbs were stroked and caressed and I drifted in the exquisiteness of the sensations. My arms were held out in front while the top was removed. More lotion was trickled onto my upper chest and rubbed over each breast. It was only when they were touched that I became conscious of what had happened: the natural progression of covering my body with the lotion and moving aside straps to do so led to the top being slipped off. In my rapture I just hadn't thought that my breasts were now bare for anyone coming by to see, in fact they were being, well, fondled in public.

But I did not want them to stop. My breasts were being cupped and stroked and the erect nipples rubbed.

The hands moved on though, down to my waist, where my navel became a pool of the oil. Fingers dipped in it then stroked my stomach, again pushing the material of the bottoms but this time a little more robustly so that they were pushed lower. I wondered if they might even have been pulled down – if they had I would not have been able to stop them I was so taken up by the amazing experience. Tips of fingers glided just under the elastic. How I wanted Ryan to go lower, to explore and find my pussy eager for his touch, to probe between the lips and caress my clitoris.

The hands moved on again though to my thighs and I opened them up without any need of encouragement. The elastic edge of the bikini was followed around the legs as close to my pussy as was possible. I swear, one finger pushed under the costume is all I would have needed to have orgasmed right there. Instead the hands moved lower down my legs and the almost overwhelming feelings subsided, reluctant as I was for them to dissipate.

Still, it was great to feel the sun on my breasts and relive the thrill of bearing them for the first time in front of people. Now anyone could ogle not just Ryan, or Sharon and Cherry, or even Dave. I couldn't stop think about that as I lay on my back in the sun. When someone did come into eyeshot of us I had to resist the urge to cover up and then congratulated myself when I managed to lie still even though I imagined tens of pairs of eyes fastened on my boobs.

It wasn't just eyes, though, it was lenses too. I heard clicks and whirrs and opened my eyes to find Ryan taking photos of the three of us lined up in the sun. He even took a couple of close ups of my breasts. I was very glad that he had got himself a digital camera as I would not have wanted them to have gone to Boots!

Later we took ourselves off for a swim. Cherry stayed with our stuff while Sharon and I donned our bikini tops to go into the sea with Dave and Ryan. We ran into the water, braved the cool water and dived in. Ryan came up close and we kissed passionately.

"Still proud?" I asked.

"Of course." he replied and grabbed my bum as if to emphasis how he felt. He thrust his hand inside my bikini bottoms almost dragging them off in his passion for me... Then Dave and Sharon shattered the moment by splashing us wildly!

We swam and played tag, until Sharon suggested that we gang up on Dave and try to pull his trunks down – I was game. Swimming underwater behind him we struck! We managed to yank them down his thighs. Dave's first reaction was to grab his trunks, but soon decided that attack is the best form of defence and grabbed at our bikini tops. My breasts bounced free of the costume but he couldn't wrest it off me. Nevertheless it had the desired effect and I let go of his trunks to rescue it. Poor Sharon lost her top altogether, though. Hers did not have shoulder straps and the fastener at the back must have burst open. Dave came away with his trophy in his hand. Sharon tried to grab it back but he just threw it to Ryan. They played a game of 'piggy in the middle' using the top and of course every time Sharon jumped to catch it she flashed her boobs – which only encouraged them. Unfortunately it also encouraged some other bathers to take a closer look.

I told Ryan that enough was enough and Sharon was able to put the top back on – at least she tried. Although it stayed on for a while as soon as she started swimming it was pulled off by the water. She bravely swam about, keeping her chest under water until we decided to head for the beach again. Thinking she would be safe without the water dragging it off Sharon just did the back up, but when she went to bend down to plunge her hand in a wave, off it snapped again. Right in front of a crowd of people! Her breasts were exposed to everyone's eyes while she retrieved the costume and fumbled to cover up again. She got a lot of wolf whistles, cat calls and several dropped jaws. I would have been so embarrassed!

Sharon had to walk the rest of the way with her arms clamped tightly by her sides to prevent the same thing happening again. Good job she did as it pinged open again. But not too far from where our things were she passed a waste bin and threw the top in! The audacity! She shamelessly walked the remaining couple of hundred yards not even attempting to cover herself up. She just allowed her breasts to gracefully sway in the sun until she lay back down on her towel in the dunes.

There we found Cherry still sun bathing. After drying ourselves off and topping up the sun block – rather more quickly this time than last - Cherry asked, "Can you put some of that stuff on me too?"

Ryan and I were ready to oblige. Cherry lay on her back and I started doing her face while he began at her feet and worked his way up. I covered her arms and shoulders with the lotion and he was already beyond her knees. Cherry parted her legs so that he could easily reach to do her inner thighs. His fingers worked right up to the creases where leg met groin and followed the line of the thong over her hips. I moved to Cherry's breasts, trickling the cool liquid over the nipples before working it in. I wasn't watching my hands as much as Ryan's, though. His were on her belly and pushing down the fabric of the thong as he had done my bikini bottoms, only more so. The straps at the side were an inch or so below where they had started and Cherry's pubic hair was visible above the elastic where Ryan's fingers brushed through it as he continued to apply more lotion than was strictly necessary.

Getting hot and bothered by this, in both a sexy and jealous way, I suggested Cherry turn over and rather than 'work' at the opposite end to my husband I decided I should be at her feet and move up with him. We did her calves then her thighs. She almost eagerly parted her legs so that we might stroke right up to her crotch and then smoothly over her buttocks.

"Do under the straps, too," Cherry urged us; "I don't want any white lines".

The thong wasn't as tight on her as it had been as Ryan had already edged it down when doing her front. He easily slid his fingers under the thin strip of material that went round Cherry's hip. I did the same and the movement of our hands pulled the tiny garment further down so that the top of the cleavage of her buttocks was visible. We kneaded her bum rhythmically so that her cheeks separated and came together.

"That is so good." Cherry enthused.

I slid a hand under the thong as we did so and pulled it away from her body. Her entire 'derriere' was open to our view and as Ryan continued to roughly massage her buttocks separated and showed us her arsehole (sorry, but I don't know a nicer word). It is such a private part of a person, I couldn't imagine anyone but my husband - or a doctor - looking at mine, yet we were staring at Cherry's on a beach.

Ryan took the lotion and dribbled it between the cheeks; I held the thong to one side so he could get it down as low as possible. He then took his finger and ran it down her crack, to rub it in. That was as far as I wanted things to go, after all we were in a public place and this was my friend's arse Ryan was fingering so intimately.

"I think we are being watched" I lied, and pulled the thong back up Cherry's bottom, to a moan from her that we had stopped too soon.

"Where?" Ryan hissed.

"Behind you: don't do anything sudden, just carry on..."

We continued up Cherry's back. I intended finishing pretty quickly, but after a minute or so Cherry asked "Have they gone?"

What should I say? If I said "no" there was a greater chance that one or other of them would look to see for themselves, but if I said 'yes' she might want our hands back on her bum... "They have turned round" I compromised.

"Just keep doing what you are doing, please." Cherry asked us in an oddly urgent way, and with that raised her buttocks and squirmed her own hand inside the front of her thong.

I could hardly believe what she was doing, "Cherry!" I exclaimed.

"I can't help it... please, just carry on."

We had both stopped, but despite our astonishment managed to resume putting lotion on her back. Several thoughts scooted through my head; I wanted to tell her to stop – what a thing to be doing in front of us! And what if anyone else saw? I was also relieved that we did not have to do anything more compromising ourselves. I felt almost sorry that we had got Cherry into this state and then left her high and dry. Most of all I felt, well, privileged that we could share in such an intimate moment.

Cherry, meanwhile was concentrating on getting herself off. Her hips rolled and then humped against her fingers. Her legs stiffened and her buttocks clenched; she made an 'oooing' sound, then whispered "my cunt, my cunt..." as she drove her self to a climax. Eyes tightly shut, lost in her own sexual world, it was a strained "fuck, oh, fuck..." as she came.

Of course we had both stopped rubbing her back, engrossed in what was happening. But once her body had relaxed our hands came to life again.

"Thank you." Cherry told us.

"That was wonderful!" Ryan replied in genuine appreciation of what she had allowed us to witness.

I managed "hope you feel better now." my head still a whirl.

I finished with what I hoped was not too perfunctory massage of Cherry's neck before sitting quietly on my own, contemplating the events of the day.

I had never been party to anything nearly as sexy as that before and I had got very hot several times that afternoon. At times I felt almost out of control and had to check myself. I was worried that we might be seen, even that someone would get so offended that the police were called – alarmist perhaps, but my imagination was running on high octane fuel. I was also uncertain about the side of me that was emerging, a side that revelled in this openly sexual behaviour. Should I immerse myself in the strong, sensual pleasure built up in me or should I be scared of it? I didn't know so I had got as close as I dared then backed off, only to be enticed again and then shied off once more. I decided that I had done more than I was really comfortable with at that point and wanted to cool off. So although Ryan still wanted to be playful I backed away.

Actually before long the sun started going down and it got a little chilly to be nearly naked outdoors so it was time to change, pack up and head home.
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