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Day Strip- Chapter 03: Coming Home

Kay is ablaze with desire.
It started to rain as we headed for the car and Ryan and Dave dashed for the front seats but Cherry protested that Ryan had been 'referee' in the quiz before, so he couldn't drive as it was his turn to answer questions on the way back. It wasn't until she snatched the keys away from him that he gave in and allowed her to drive. He came in the back between Sharon and me.

Soon the CD was on and Ryan was answering like an expert - it was on his favourite era.

"This is no fun." Cherry moaned, so I suggested that we put it on random so we got different topics.

"You can't just keep firing questions at me until I get enough wrong, though!" Ryan complained.

Cherry responded, warming to the role of referee herself, "Okay, just 10 – but you have to get the answers exactly right or off something comes."

Ryan seemed pleased with the odds although the first question was about rap and he didn't have a clue. He took off both sandals, leaving a t shirt, belt, shorts and boxers as the other four items to go.

Questions on Punk and the Beatles followed and Ryan had no trouble getting them right. He answered the next "Average White Band" and the CD's answer concurred, "The Average White..."

"No," butted in Sharon, "It was 'The Average White Band, you missed the 'the'!"

"That's not fair!"

"Sharon is right Ryan, it has to be the exact answer." Cherry ruled.

Realising that this was going to be unfair from now on Ryan tugged off his shirt, helped rather unnecessarily by Sharon.

"In which year did Abba have the hit 'Dancing Queen'?"

Unbeknown to Ryan Cherry used the fingertip controls on the steering column to move the track on. The answer came in before he had a chance to think.

"Too slow!" she pronounced.

"What! No way..." Ryan spluttered, but Sharon was unbuckling his belt for him already. In protest he refused to help – but he didn't stop her either.

No matter how he answered now Ryan was going to end up without any clothes, so rather than let Sharon unzip his shorts and get her hands too close to his precious "jewels" (as I nickname them) I undid them, and he just let me. Sharon assisted in pulling them from under his bum and down his legs. Obligingly he stepped out of them.

The final 'wrong' answer inevitably came, but I hesitated – do I really want my husband exposing himself in the back of a car? Too late, Sharon yanked the elastic at the front of his boxers and there was his semi-hard penis on show. She didn't have to struggle to get them all the way down either as Ryan lifted himself off the seat to make it easier for her, and I helped from my side too.

Cherry had angled her mirror so she could see what was happening on the back seat and she and Sharon cheered at the sight.

"Wow, Kay, you had better see to that cock before Sharon does!" Cherry laughed. She may have thought it was a joke but looking at Sharon staring at it open mouthed I wasn't sure she did.

Half to cover my own embarrassment and half to stop any other advances I cupped a hand over Ryan's penis – but it was becoming progressively stiffer and I couldn't hide it.

"Come on Ryan, time to get your clothes back on..." I urged, noting that he didn't seem in any great hurry himself.

"Oh no you don't!" Sharon responded, and she gathered the pants and shorts, throwing them into Dave's lap in the front. He then pushed them down into the foot well.

"The only way you are going to stop that erection being the centre of attention is to make it go down, Kay!" I heard Cherry declare from the front.

I had become aware of that myself and the familiar inner turmoil of wanting to do something highly erotic tussling with the shock of doing something as lewd as making my husband ejaculate in front of people rose up as sharply as ever on this trip. I looked at Ryan's eyes for some help, thinking he would find a way out of this.

He mouthed the word "please" to me and once again my world changed.

My hand moved from covering Ryan's balls and dick as much as I could to wrapping my fingers around the shaft and slowly stroking it, up and down. Sharon audibly gasped. I moved quicker and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip. The skin felt dry from the sand and salt on the beach and I felt the urge to coat it with my saliva to make it slicker to my touch.

Could I do such a coarse thing? I thought of how I had turned from being a demure woman this morning into what my mother would have called "a hussy": the kind of person who showed her "charms" off in broad daylight and allowed her tits to be fondled on the beach. I thought it was now only a small step from hussy to slut. I pulled my arm out of the seat belt, leant over and put the head of my husband's cock in my mouth.

Sharon's gasp became a squeal of delight as I sucked it. Ryan just laid back and took whatever I wanted to do, the more I built up a rhythm the louder he moaned.

I felt hands tug at my blouse, up my back and over my head. Did someone want to shroud this lewd act? No, the pulling continued, straining to free my breasts. A button burst off in the attempt and I had to undo another to save it from going the same way but finally my breasts were bare, my bra having been discarded earlier. The collar and cuffs of my top had to be freed from my neck and wrists but I allowed the hands to unbutton them. Lifting my head so the whole thing could be pulled free I saw the hands were not Ryan's but Sharon and Dave's: he had turned round in the front seat to help strip me, and no doubt, to get a better view.

If I was going to be a slut I was going to be a good one, I then did something that felt perfectly in keeping with my new persona but shocked the hell out of the others: I unbuckled the seatbelt, undid the buttons of my jeans and pulled them and my knickers down. In a less than graceful move I struggled in the space I had behind Cherry's seat to get them off, but finally managed it. For the first time since my breasts started to bud as a young girl I was naked in front of a man other than Ryan.

"Kay!" spluttered Dave.

"You're not going to..." his wife said incredulously.

I was going to... I swung my leg over Ryan and reached underneath me to hold his dick so I could impale myself on it, only to find another hand already there. It is funny what goes through your mind but at first I thought 'that's nice of Sandra to help me out!' It wasn't until her hand was squirming out from between us that the less generous idea of "she's a bitch for getting hold of my husband's cock!" sprung to my mind.

I sunk down on Ryan and felt my vagina filling with his thick cock. I pressed my breasts against his chest and rode him. No matter how I tried I couldn't grind my clit against him in that position, though, so I leant back as far as I could to finger myself.

"Get down, people can see you!!" I heard Cherry call. Opening my eyes I saw for a split second that a car close behind contained a couple staring wide eyed at me before I ducked down. I felt Cherry speed away as I pushed my tits into Ryan's face. I allowed him to suck on each nipple in turn until Cherry gave 'the all clear'. Sharon suggested that she stop the rear wiper to let the rain obscure the view and it came to rest.

I resumed my upright position, rocking my hips to stimulate my G spot with Ryan's dick and rubbing my clit at the same time.

Sharon could hardly contain herself, almost shrieking and griping Ryan's arm as we screwed. "This is so sexy... you are actually fucking... that is so brave..."

"Shut up Sharon and let them get on with it!" Dave cut in.

With that she found another way to express her arousal: she lifted her T Shirt and began pinching her nipples, quite hard I thought. Intermittently she flicked them with her fingers.

To make sure Ryan's attention was on me I lifted his hands to my breasts (up to now he was submissively taking all that was being done to him) and he fondled them while I continued to frig myself.

Dave had lowered the back of his seat and leant over it to get a better cop at what was happening behind. All this attention was making me feel wild with sexual abandon. Coming closer I began to moan loudly, but Sharon was actually making more noise than me! Open mouthed, staring at Ryan and me, she was in a high state of excitement and playing with her tits was not enough. She had her skirt up round her waist but with Dave's chair back like it was she couldn't get her knickers down so with two hands she stretched and tore at the fabric until she ripped a hole in them to delve inside and masturbate furiously!

The sights, the sounds and especially the feelings – of Ryan's cock up my fanny, my fingers manipulating my clit and his hands squeezing my tits – were sending over the edge, and I wanted everyone to know.

"I'm cumming, fuck me Ryan, fuck me you beast, give me your spunk..." I don't know if it happened on purpose or by accident but the wiper swished across the back window at that point. It revealed a young couple in a sports car, or rather it revealed me to them, but I was passed caring.

"Shoot your spunk... shoot... I'm gonna cum" Seconds later he let out a load, throaty growl and let his seed spurt inside me. That was it, my fingers to picked up speed and the wild pulses of a fantastic orgasm surged through me.

"Yeeeesss!" I screamed, bouncing as much as space would allow on the prick that skewered my cunt. All the time Ryan was squeezing my tits so hard I thought they would ache afterwards. Eventually he let go, his energy spent and I collapsed on top of him.

Soon the sports car sped by honking its horn! They missed something though as we were roused by the struggles going on beside us: Sharon had managed to get out from behind Dave's chair, which was now leaning further back than before, and she was climbing over him head first. She straddled the head rest and lowered her fanny on to his willing mouth. At the other end she worked to release his cock from his pants. Soon her mouth set to work too.

With Ryan's spunk dribbling out of my pussy I turned round and sat on his lap – it was our turn to enjoy a show: to see better I lifted Sharon's skirt over her waist. Dave's head arched forward to stick his tongue through the hole Sharon had made in her panties and he swirled it around the lips of her pussy, over her clit and dipped it into her cunt.

As her knickers still obscured the view I reached over, took hold of them and pulled them apart, ripping the material right up to the elastic; now her whole arse was on view!

Sharon hardly seemed to react, concentrating as she was on her husband's cock. She was being aided and abetted by Cherry whose left hand was holding her by the hair and pulling her up and pushing her down the shaft. Dave, on the other hand seemed to get very animated by my intervention. He tried to tear Sharon's knickers apart, when that failed he started slapping her arse; she whimpered in complaint with each smack of his hand but didn't lift her head from his loins.

Dave then turn his attention to his wife's skirt pulling it down over her buttocks by the waist band, but of course it was too tight. That didn't bother him though he was going to force it. Clearly it wasn't going to work and could have dug into Sharon's hip so I took matters into my hands again, undoing the fastner and zip. Even then it wouldn't slide down her splayed legs. There was nothing for it but to wrench the garment apart, so I pulled it either side of the zip. The teeth dug into my fingers and I couldn't get enough of a grip but when Ryan lent over to help and Dave held on to the skirt on his side it finally gave way.

It tore up the side of the zip and down to the hem. It was a little difficult to get the last threads undone at the top but I managed to do it and the skirt just fell away leaving Sharon naked from the waist down, save the remnants of her shredded knickers.

Sitting back down I felt Ryan guide me onto his rejuvenated dick: it slipped easily up my slick fanny, where I felt it throb and twitch. Dave now set to work on Sharon's top, tugging and twisting it with both hands. It pulled on her neck and she grunted her discomfort. There was a small 'V' cut at the sides of the shirt, on the hem and Cherry managed to pull it round enough to allow Dave to get hold of it either side. With his cock about to gush in Sharon's mouth he yanked on the garment with as much effort as he could. With Cherry pulling against him the seam finally gave way, ripping half way up the side. One final tug and the shirt split right up to the arm. The ripping sound coincided with Dave's dick spasming and shooting its load down Sharon's throat. With eyes closed she continued to pump the spurting rod that was fucking her mouth, swallowing as much of the fluid it squirted there as she could. She rode out the rough treatment her clothing and mouth sustained until Dave finally stopped bucking into her and let go of the top. He collapsed back against the chair, but Sharon now wanted her turn.

Moving backwards Sharon slid her fanny back to Dave's mouth. He sucked and licked at it but she couldn't stop herself from rocking her hips and he kept losing contact, so she lowered herself further and rubbed herself against him. What he did with his tongue no longer mattered; she was using his face to masturbate on.

I feared that Sharon would suffocate him but every so often she lifted herself up and Dave gulped for air. We could see his face glisten with her juices in the lights before she ground her fanny back on it.

Building up to a frenzy Sharon moaned and panted hard and I could feel my own orgasm rising within me too. She groped her breasts through her T shirt until she got hold of the V neck and wrenched at it. After two or three tugs the material tore from the bottom of the V down to her navel. Pulling it a part, Sharon twisted and pulled on her nipples in the lights of oncoming cars until she cried out her climax. She scuffed her cunt over her husband's face as she convulsed in the throws of a strong orgasm. The erotic sight and sound, even the smell of the sex she and Dave gave each other took me to the point of cumming and feeling Ryan once more ejaculate in my pussy pushed me over.

"You're such a bitch, Sharon!", I blurted as the orgasm shuddered through me.

"You slut, Kay, you dirty slut!" she replied, smiling. It sounded like the best compliment I had ever been given.

"What a show!" Cherry enthused once we had all collapsed in sexual exhaustion. "Steve's going to get no sleep tonight I can tell you..."

We slowly got ourselves back in some semblance of order; Sharon and I sat back in our seats and Dave wound his back to an upright position. Clothes were returned to rightful owners and put back on – except for Sharon, whose clothes had all been reduced to tatters. She was left with little more than her shoes to get out of the car with. The best we could come up with was to wrap her in a beach towel, but she said that she might just manage by holding her skirt and T shirt together for the short walk back to the front door.

Out she got a short while later and we watched as the shirt fell off her shoulders as she walked up the steps to her house and the skirt dropped to the floor on the door step. Naked she stood and waved us off.

Cherry pulled up at her apartment block and we said goodbye. "What I day." I said, I can't believe everything we did..."

"Well, look at it this way," she said, "at least you will have something to say when people tell stories about risky places they have had sex, now!"

That was certainly true – although I might not be able to bring myself to reveal everything I did.

Even here.
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