decided to fulfill old fantasy part one

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how my fantasy went way beyond my hopes.
I have been reading for a long time now. I have enjoyed some good fantasies from these stories, while playing with myself. Anyway, this past Friday, my husband and girls went camping for the weekend. I am not a camper, so I stayed home.

All week I was thinking about being alone for the weekend, and by the time my family left for camping, I had worked myself up to a heated mess. I logged onto Lush and started reading some of the 'dare' stories. That just made my situation worse and when I decided to try out a fantasy of my own that I have had for a long time.

I went into the bedroom and pulled out a short coat, and a clutch. Then I went and put on some make up, and did my hair so it was flowing over my shoulders. That finished, I put my license, credit card, and some cash into the clutch. Enjoying the feeling of excitement and anticipation, I slowly undressed in front of a mirror. Once totally naked, I put on a pair of flats, grabbed a towel, the coat and clutch, and walked out to my car like nothing was any different.

I put the towel on the drivers seat, I got in and off I went. Once I was on the interstate I noticed that I was getting some stares, but not as many as I thought I would. Once I was in Asheville, I drove around and went through the areas where I knew there would be a lot of people around. Then people were stopping and pointing, and I heard some wolf calls and whistling. This all made me soaking wet and very happy that I had thought of the towel.

After a short time I noticed that I was being followed but a big black pick up. So I figured I would do what they do on the t.v. shows and movies, and made some random turns. I made a u-turn on Patton Avenue and he followed. I guess he figured he was spotted and started getting closer to me. Now I had not thought about something like this, or what I should do if it did. It was making me so hot thinking someone was interested in someone like me.

That is when I heard a ding ding noise. I was almost out of gas. Leave it to me to forget I was below a quarter of a tank. There was a gas station that you can pay at the pump, thank goodness I thought about bringing the coat. Putting on my coat, I got out and started filling the tank. I looked up and he was driving by very slowly, the windows were very darkly tinted, so I could not see in. It was starting to get dark out, and I have no idea why I did it, but I let the coat slide off my shoulders and pool at my feet. The truck pulled over to the side of the parking lot. I was shivering but I think it was more from excitement then the chill, my inner thighs were soaking wet by this time. I could not remember the last time I was this horny. When I finished with the gas, I took my receipt and again, I don't know why I did it, but I bent over to pick up my coat making sure my my legs were wide open and my ass was towards the truck.

I got in the car and drove out of the station and had to stop at a traffic light. I had no idea what to do next or if I should even do anything, being a married woman. He pulled up next to me and when the light turned green he pulled in from of me, so I decided to follow him. He made a few more turns, and we ended up in a cul-de-sac. He stopped and shut off his truck. I stopped a little bit behind his truck, but I kept my foot on the break and left the the car in gear and running. That is when I noticed two other trucks pull in and block the entrance. Now I was berating my self for doing something so stupid. He stepped out of his truck and my god, he was a gorgeous, well built black man.

He came up to the side of the car and said, "Alright. I have watched you for awhile now and I am pretty sure you are looking for a real good time. So I tell you what is going to happen, I will walk back to my truck and take out a moving blanket and go on the other side of the truck and lay it out. Then I will get back in my truck. When I do my two friends will move up closer and park their trucks. That is when you can make your choice. You can either turn around and leave, and we won't follow you. Or you can step over to the blanket get down on your hands and knees and have a very very good time with three very well hung guys. But just so you know if you go to the blanket you are agreeing to let us do whatever we want with you. So it is your choice."

Without waiting for me to say anything he just turned and went back to his truck. I felt like I was in a trance, kind of like I was watching someone else and really was not thinking one way or the other. He laid out the blanket and got back in his truck. Just as he said the other two trucks moved in closer and shut off their engines. I realized that I was still sitting there waiting for something but what I have no idea what. That is when I made up my mind to go ahead and do it. I put the car in park, shut off the motor, and tuned out the headlights.

The next thing I know I was standing in front of the blanket wearing only my flats. I have no idea how I got there, it was like I was in a dream. Anyway I was there now, so I got down on my hands and knees as I was told, and made sure that my legs were spread as wide as I could get them. I heard all three car doors close almost at the same time. The noise made me jump a little bit and I swear I almost had an orgasm right then and there. I thought for a just a second that this is one of the stupidest things I have ever done. A stinging slap on my ass brought me back to the present.

He said, "I am glad you made this choice, and I am sure you will be happy you did as well."

End of part one.