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Doing the Laundry, part 2

Doing the Laundry, part 2

She had the hottest fuck of her life, and now she wants more.
After that hot fuck in the laundry room, I couldn't stop thinking about how slutty and dirty I felt, and how good it was, and how I only wanted more. It was like having anonymous sex turned a switch on inside me. I started to fantasize about fucking both men: the guy who bent me over the dryer and fucked me, and the guy I saw in the hallway afterward. Having one fuck me while I lay across the dryer and sucked the other one's cock. And if I was feeling really nasty, take their cocks up my pussy and ass, pounding me hard with cock, fucking me into submission while the dryer vibrated against my clit.

I left a note under the door of the hot guy who saw me walking up the steps in a torn camisole, covered in cum and holding my soaked panties in my hand. I told him how wet it made me for him to see me just after I'd been fucked so hard. I said I'd be down there at 2 a.m. that night.

I left a note under the door of the guy who I fucked. I told him how badly I wanted his hard cock again, and to meet me at 1:45.

I thought about it all day long. Taking both of their hard cocks inside me. It made me so wet I ducked into a side room at work and slid my fingers down under my short skirt and inside my panties, fingering my clit and then sliding two fingers inside my wet pussy until I came, silently shuddering.

I wanted go all out this time. Be a hot, dirty fantasy for them and for me. I wanted to dress like a slut and be their little fucktoy, and let them do whatever they wanted to me. I put on an kinky and sexy fishnet bodysuit, my hard nipples poking through the holes in the mesh, my ass tight in the fishnet, my shaved pussy pouting against it. I put a tiny little flippy skirt on, and a tight blouse barely buttoned, and tied to leave my midriff exposed.

I brought down a load of laundry that was all lingerie: tiny pairs of panties, red stockings and garters, black thigh highs, lacy little bras, and a few scarves, because I was hoping we'd need them. I love to be tied up and fucked hard.

I put a few random clothes in the dryer, then put in quarters and started it up. I rubbed my pussy against the warm, vibrating dryer for a moment, then sat down on the couch with the laundry basket. I was pretty sure at least one of them was already watching me. I slowly untied, then unbuttoned my blouse, and it fell open. My nipples were hard, sticking through the fishnet. I played with the tips of them, circling them with my fingers, getting them hot and swollen. I then took a pair of sheer stockings from the laundry basket and slowly slid it across my tits, my hard nipples poking through the thin material, my tits caressed by the stocking, my pussy getting wet and tingly.

The first guy (I never knew their names) sat down in the chair opposite the couch.

"You like to be watched, don't you? It gets you wet."


'You are such a little slut."

"Yes. I'm a very bad girl." My hands were sneaking down to my pussy, stocking in hand.

"You like to fuck strangers, don't you? Make their cocks hard and then fuck them."

"Is your cock hard, baby?"


"Show me your cock, baby." I was now lightly rubbing my pussy lips with the stocking. "Take it out."

He did. It was big and hard and I wanted it inside me, my mouth, my ass, my pussy, it didn't matter.

"Stroke it for me. baby. Stroke your big cock. Make it hard."

I couldn't believe how brazen I was being. I began to rub my pussy with the stockings, then push them inside my pussy with my fingers as it got wet and swollen. I massaged my clit with my other hand while he stroked his cock. I closed my eyes and began to feel an orgasm rise in me as I stuffed the stocking farther up my pussy.

I felt a hard cock against my cheek, rubbing against me. I didn't even look to see who it was, I just played with the head using my tongue, and then began to suck it.

The stockings were about halfway inside me, and I was rubbing my clit furiously. I felt my fishnet rip open over my pussy and the first guy's tongue on my pussy lips, while he took over and gradually slipped the stockings all the way into my pussy. I was soaking wet by now, and so were the stockings. I was writhing beneath him while he licked my clit and I sucked that hard cock rubbing against my face.

The guy with the cock in my mouth ripped the fishnet over one of my tits and began to squeeze it roughly, pinching my nipple. I moaned loudly. I love to have my clothes ripped off me.

The other guy pulled the stockings out of my pussy and the friction made me cum suddenly, and hard. I wrapped my legs around his neck as I ground my pussy against my mouth. When I had finished cumming he flipped me roughly over on the couch so my ass was in the air. He tied my hands together with the stocking, now dripping with pussy juice.

"Tie me up and fuck me hard." I moaned.

I took the other guy's cock back into my mouth as the first guy slid his cock inside me. I was so wet he was all the way inside me in one stroke, filling me with cock. He began to fuck me hard, and the motion pushed me up and down on the cock I was sucking.

Watching all this hardcore fucking must have really gotten to the other guy. He pulled out of my mouth and began to shoot hot cum all over my face, then smeared it around my lips with the head of my cock.

I cleaned the cum off his cock with my tongue. "I hope you're not done yet, baby," I purred, licking the shaft of his cock and fondling his balls. "I'm just getting started." I continued to suck his cock while he squeezed my tits and I got fucked hard from behind.

The guy fucking me pulled out and shot his hot cum all over my ass. He rubbed his cock along the crack of my ass, smearing cum into my asshole and pussy. I wanted to keep him hard too, so I began to rub my wet ass against his already hardening cock. I had never felt so hot before. Covered in cum like a slut, my clothes ripped open, rubbing myself against two cocks to keep them hard so they could fuck me again.

Suddenly the guy who had been fucking me grabbed a handful of fishnets and stockings and panties and grabbed me roughly and pushed me over on top of the still vibrating dryer. He tied my hands to two pipes begin the dryer with a pair of sheer red panties and a fishnet stocking as I lay on top my pussy right up against the warm vibrating metal. I felt the other guy tie me to the legs of the dryer with stockings so I was tied right up against it, my ass and pussy in the air. He ripped my bodysuit to expose my ass and slapped it hard, then began to lick the rim of my asshole. The other guy ripped the fishnet around my tits open and began to fondle them as he rubbed his hardening cock all over my cum soaked face, smearing another man's cum into my skin. I felt the guy behind me tease my asshole with the head of his cock. They were both hard and ready to fuck me again.

"Oh God. I need it hard, baby."

He climbed on top of the dryer while I lifted my ass in the air and slowly slid his big cock into my tiny wet little asshole. I started sucking the cock in front of me, taking it deep in my throat.

As the guy behind me started fucking my ass, slowly at first and then faster and harder, the other guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and a few seconds later felt it slide up against my pussy lips.

"Oh give it to me. Oh, fuck, I need your cocks inside me. Make me cum."

The guy fucking my pussy reached down and grabbed the fishnet in his fists and ripped them again, so they were hanging in tatters around my legs. The guy with his cock up my ass grabbed my neck and roped another stocking around my eyes and blindfolded me as he fucked me. They were pounding me with cock now, and as the dryer vibrated against my clit I started cumming hard, my pussy and asshole tightening around their hard cocks. "Oh God, oh fuck, I'm cumming, give it to me hard, fuck me hard."

I heard them moaning louder, fucking me even harder, and knew that with my pussy and ass squeezing their hard cocks they were close to cumming too. I started meeting their thrusts by pushing my ass and pussy against them, crying out with each thrust.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I moaned, over and over with each stroke, and I just kept cumming and cumming as they fucked me.

The cock in my ass came first, thrusting deep inside me, filling my ass with hot cum as he pulled hard against the fabric around my eyes. He then stumbled off the top of the dryer and the guy fucking my pussy had full access and thrust deep into me, slamming me against the metal as he came inside me. He pulled out.

I was tied up against the dryer, blindfolded, my clothes ripped off, cum dripping from my pussy and ass and face, the dryer still massaging my clit and making my pussy tingle. I had a fantasy they'd just leave me there as I came and came and came from the vibrations of the dryer, until any stranger that happened to walk by would see me tied up with my clothes ripped off and my ass and pussy in the air, and start fucking my pussy, my ass, my mouth. I didn't care. I wanted it all.

They untied me after awhile. I slumped to the floor, my whole body tingling from the hottest fuck I'd ever had.

I can't wait til next time. I'm going to ask them to bring some friends.

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