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Doubting Thomas

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Just what the Doctor ordered
"Won't be a minute love", she flapped as she frantically began searching for her keys.

Brenda always flapped about in a constant rush, which was in total contrast to her husband. Lennard was cool , calm , and collected as he patiently waited for her. He kept looking at his watch as he reminded her of the time.

It was a hospital appointment today, Lennard was experiencing problems with getting Brenda pregnant. Dr. Thomas wanted to see them as a couple and explain the options available. Brenda was to be physically examined today, despite nothing being wrong with her, it was just required as part of their treatment. 

Eventually they set off on their journey to the hospital. Brenda talked non stop all the way, she talked about everything and everyone, such was her nature. Lennard would just throw in the odd "yeah okay", as he wasn't much of a talker, plus he couldn't take his mind off his condition.

A rare medical condition rendered Lennard impotent. Cialis helped with the erection but he had lost the sensations. He now found having sex with Brenda mundane, more of a duty rather than pleasure.

Brenda was supportive as she loved him relentlessly. They had a fantastic sex life ever since they got married. She introduced him to the pleasures of prolonged foreplay, fingering her to climax before penetrating her etc.

Brenda And Lennard were two different people, "opposites do certainly attract", everyone who knew them would say. Brenda was always full of beans, the life and soul every party, she loved socialising.

Lennard was more reserved, liked keeping himself to himself and wasn't much of a socialiser.

Brenda was very reluctant to take adopt or to take donor sperm, an option that tormented her soul. She loved Lennard very much, she viewed the latter option almost as a violation of her womanhood. 

Lennard let her get on with life as he was very attached to her. There were frustrations at her low cut tops, which exhibited the best part of her 38c tits. She would bend over to pick something up without bending her knees, sit without crossing her legs, not composing herself in a ladylike manner etc. Lennard realised that she didn't do this deliberately, it was a trait that he had to live with. He knew how faithful she was to him when he overheard her phone calls, secretly read her facebook messages, and was told by others who knew her very closely. In a nutshell Brenda was just clumsy in her ways, like an innocent schoolgirl not knowing the repercussions of being a size 18 and having a beautiful white complexion.

"Take a seat", said an authoritative voice, as he read through the referral with his reading glasses dangling from his nose.

"Ah good of you to come along too Lennard", he added. "Today we're just examining Brenda as a formality, but the partner's presence is always good idea", he continued looking up from the letters as he made eye contact with them.

Dr. Thomas was a well presented elderly gentleman with grey hair. He wore a three piece pin striped suit with gold coloured cuff links. He looked very professional as he sat at his desk.

Dr. Thomas reiterated the treatment details to them both, as he beckoned Brenda to the couch.

"It's always wise to check for lumps in the breast area", he remarked as he cupped Brenda's breast with his hand, pressing gently. His gaze was divided between the breast and Lennard as he continued with his clinical explanation.

Brenda sat on the couch topless, her large nipples pert with the action of removing her blouse. She was totally confident and didn't shy away from the fact that another man was playing with her tits in front of her husband.

"You can check this for yourself too Lennard", said Thomas as he let her tit flop back down.

"Yes , yes", were the answers coming from Lennard as he nervously fought with his insecurity and lack of self confidence.

Thomas reminded him of his old science teacher at school, clinical and concise with his explanations. Lennard had always shown great respect for authority and as such was well liked by his teachers at school. Despite Thomas's attributes Lennard felt that his manhood was being challenged since it had been quite some time since he had been intimate with Brenda, and now another man was feeling his naked wife in front of him.

With his medical condition, Lennard had given up on the idea of sex. Brenda was always encouraging him and as such decided to give him time and space to readjust.

Seeing Brenda on the couch topless brought back some very dear memories, Lennard would kiss, lick, and suck her beautiful dark nipples on a daily basis. 

"This may hurt just slightly Brenda, especially given your abstinence ", Thomas went onto explain as he placed latex gloves on his hands and asked her to lie flat on the couch with her legs open far wide.

Lennard looked on as Brenda, in her usual hurried self, removed her skirt and lay back in a comfortable position. Her natural tits flopped to the sides touching her shaved armpits, as she lay down. She removed her black satin knickers, rolling them off as she raised her bum to manouvre. She let out a sigh of relief as she did so, as if she had accomplished a heavy task. She kept the black matching stockings on as she spread her legs, placing her hands underneath her head.

Thomas was using his fingers and the metal tool to examine her vagina.

 "Ah, ah ", she groaned in the process.

Lennard looked on, not one for challenging authority. Brenda's thick legs were spread apart. Her stockings were elegant with the material reinforced at the toe and heel. Her nipples erected further, turning darker together with the surrounding dark rings.

Pleasant memories of yesteryear began to flood Lennard's mind. The times that he fingered her in that position, talking dirty to her so that she would orgasm.

Brenda's eyes were half closed as her head gently swayed from side to side. "Ah, ah", the sounds she made along the way.

Lennard cleared his throat rather nervously as he looked see the effect on Thomas.

"Nearly done", Thomas stated, as he seemed to prolong the procedure.

Lennard noticed that the material underneath Brenda's buttocks was quite wet. The memories of him having to wipe her and himself dry during sex flashed in his mind, she came very easily and with abundant fluid.

Lennard was beginning to feel a little sweaty as his nerves were getting the better of him, Thomas was talking to her about the treatment but his tone was more relaxed than before.

Lennard noticed that Brenda had begun to move her toes back and forth somewhat with the ensuing procedure. Her feet were cute with an erotic pes cavus arch in the centre which elegantly hugged the contours of the open toe high heels that she was in the habit of wearing.

The times she rested her beautiful feet on Lennard's shoulder or back as he would eat her out. These were the images that were stirring in Lennard's mind.

Brenda always had slightly sweaty feet, combined with odour of leather only heightened Lennard's arousal and hard-on.

The lace at the top of her stocking pinched her thighs gently, allowing the plumper part of her arse to spill over slightly.

Brenda was very light in complexion with black hair. Her freshly shaved armpits left that 5 o'clock shadow since she only used a razor. Her cunt was the same, the goose pimples now on clear display.

Brenda kept herself very clean at all times but owing to her nature she was slightly sweaty most of the time. Lennard could sense her smell as she lay there. The same aroma that came from her armpits as he would taste while fingering her. The aroma on the gusset of her knickers, the chemical attachment that had always driven him crazy.

It had been the best part of a year since Lennard and Brenda had any sex, this was tormenting Lennard even more.

Brenda replied to all of Thomas's questions, her voice more subdued this time. It was almost as if she was asking him "what to do next".

Lennard was glad when the examination came to an end, by this time the doctor's words were more or less lost on him since he could only focus on Brenda.

"It usually takes about three months to hear from them", stated Thomas as he peeled the latex gloves from his hands.

"Amanda , my secretary will handle all the paperwork, should you have any further questions", he added briskly as he shuffled his papers into his briefcase.

"You may get dressed now Brenda", said the authoritative voice as he bid good day to them both.

No sooner had the door closed behind Thomas that Lennard moved swiftly towards Brenda, kissing the life out of her. He played with her soft tit as he began to feel weak at the knees.

Before Brenda could clearly make out what was happening, Lennard dropped his trousers to his ankles as he thrust into her.

"Ah, ah, ah", the groans were louder now. Lennard held her by her thick ankles as he sucked on her toes through the shiny black stockings.

"Yes Len, yes Len", she panted with immense happiness on her face, "You see you can do it Len , you can do it", she cried in ecstasy.

Brenda's tits were swaying with the deep and fast thumping that Lennard was giving her. She was quite tight considering her time away from Lennard, this resulted in him cumming quite quickly as he emptied his sack into her warm, moist, sticky, and sweaty cunt.

Weeks later Brenda smiled radiantly as she tore the letter and placed it in the bin. She was overwhelmed by conceiving naturally, that too by the man she loved the most.

Both Brenda and Lennard decided to name the child Thomas or Amanda if it was a girl.

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