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Her white cotton t-shirt was soaked from sweat, her bikini top showing through underneath. He couldn't help notice her nipples, just barely standing out in the heat. God...there must be something we can do to cool off a little, he thought.

Suddenly, she caught his eye and grabbed up his truck keys. "Lets go for a ride and crank up the air," she yelled a little mischievously. She tossed him the keys as he opened her door, watching her pull her long legs into the truck. He ran to the other side and opened the door, climbed up and started the engine while she turned the AC up full blast.

At first it just blew hot air so they both rolled down their windows, but by the time they were on the highway it was cool enough for her nipples to get hard and push her t-shirt out.
He glanced at her, but seeing those cute tits through her shirt gave him a hard-on and he looked away quickly. She caught that look and turned towards him, noticing that he shifted in the seat. She looked towards his lap and grinned at the reaction she's caused...then she placed her hand on his crotch and gave a little squeeze.

"Want me to take care of that for ya baby?"

The tone of her voice told him that she'd had something like this planned...he looked at her again with eyes a little wide,

"You think you can without causing an accident?"

She grinned evilly, "You worry about the safe driving, I'll take care of the rest"

She squeezed his cock again through his shorts, then began to deftly unbutton them with one hand. His cock was straining and when she took it in her hand and pulled it out of his pants he groaned. She had to turn around and stretch across the seat, with her legs behind her, then she lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth.

Her hand began pumping the shaft while her mouth sucked the head, saliva running down to lubricate the action. She sucked harder, taking more of him into her mouth until she was able to use her hand to take his balls and massage them. He shifted again in the seat, then realized he'd have to pull over if he really wanted to enjoy this.

She felt the change in speed, realized what he was doing, but didn't stop what she was doing. After he pulled off the highway and into a parking lot, he put his hand in her hair, grabbing a handful and making sure she didn't think about stopping. Her tongue was making circles around his cock while her head went up and down.

He looked out the window and saw cars passing...the AC was blowing cold air up into his lap where she was doing her best to swallow him whole.

He felt her nipples against his thigh and reached around her to give one a little tweak. He felt her moan and the vibration made his balls tighten...she started to finger his ass for a second, but it was too late, his hand went back to her head and he pushed her down onto his cock, she took it all in and worked it with her throat, feeling him stiffen in her mouth while he arched back and shot into her mouth and then tasting that salty cum going down...he groaned loudly, still holding her hair and not wanting her to move.

She lifted her head a little and gave the head of his dick a little bite, just to feel it jump.
Then she sat up while he fixed his pants, they both jumped when a car passing slowed down and blew it's horn at them...
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