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Economics class and Chloe

My day had started in a normal way, getting up early for my training session at my local pool, but normal is not how I’d explain the events that followed. My friend Chloe was in a mischievous mood and throughout our session, she proceeded to seduce me.

It began with flirtatious touching and by the time our swimming session was ending, she had her fingers in my pussy, not caring who saw. As soon as we entered the changing room, we undressed and had sex before her mother arrived to pick us up.

We were both around seventeen years of age. I was still at school, staying on to take my A levels in the sixth form, but Chloe had chosen to go to a local college and do a more vocational course. We had breakfast at Chloe’s house, and as her mother took me to school, Chloe took the opportunity to tease my pussy some more. By the time I got out of the car, I was on the verge of another orgasm and walked into school feeling extremely horny.

I went from the car, to the sixth form common room and talked as normal to my friends, waiting for the bell to go and classes to start. Soon after, the bell went and the room emptied as we disappeared to our various classes. For me that meant a double lesson of Accounts. It was a subject that I really enjoyed, most likely because I was very good at it, so the ninety minutes seemed to pass by quickly, and I was on the move again, going to my next class.

A double lesson of Economics was not an exciting prospect, but being the only girl in a class of eight, made it a little more interesting. The subject was taught away from the main school, in a building that had been used in the past as residential quarters for staff. It was at least a five minute walk up a wide path, to the left, a well-manicured cricket field, the right, a fast flowing stream. At the far end of the field was a short flight of steps, the stream cascading down a little waterfall. Once I’d left the main building, I was alone, but soon heard voices and steps behind me as my Economics classmates caught me up.

The first class of Economics I had in the sixth form was an interesting experience. David had bet me that I couldn’t take off my undies and bra without the teacher noticing. I couldn’t resist the challenge but in doing so, all seven of my classmates had witnessed my actions and at the end of the lesson, they persuaded me to strip naked for them.

I counted myself as being single but regularly had sex with a group of friends. I don’t like labels, I simply enjoy sex, male or female doesn’t matter as long as I can satisfy who’s with me. I’m 5’6, with long wavy dark hair and blue eyes. People constantly tell me that I’m pretty but with an athletic body, 34 B cup breasts and shaved pussy, I’m well aware of my appeal to either sex.

Walking up the long path, it was no surprise when the boys began to tease me. The conversation, from that first lesson onwards had a sexual edge but I classed it as harmless banter and if I’m honest, I enjoyed being the centre of attention. However, when Andy quipped that it was time I stripped for them again, the atmosphere changed and they fell silent waiting for my response. We walked the following fifty metres in silence, reaching the door of School House before I gave my response.

“I’ll strip if all of you do too!”

I expected that suggestion to have put an end to their ideas and there was silence as we entered the house, walking quietly down the hallway and turning right, into our classroom. It had a blackboard and desk at one end but then resembled an overly furnished living room with a number of armchairs against the walls for us to sit in.

We sat in our normal positions and prepared for the lesson, waiting patiently for our teacher, Tony Lynn to arrive. I pushed off my shoes, took my folder and pen from my bag and sat with my legs folded Indian style on the chair. As normal, Tony droned on from the second he arrived, with his back to us, writing copious notes on the board for us to copy. Time appeared to stand still as I regularly checked my watch to see how much more of the purgatory was left to endure. Every ounce of enthusiasm I had was being tested to its limit. As my mind wandered aimlessly, I smiled, thinking that at least my pussy was dry and sexual urges virtually extinguished.

Before I had chance to refocus on the lesson, I heard my phone vibrating in my bag. I reached down and took it out. My heart began to race, seeing I’d a message from Chloe but when I opened it, I nearly died of shock. She had sent me pictures of herself at college, totally naked. Within an instant, my pussy was wet; tingling and throbbing because with the picture she’d texted, "Masturbate for me Joanna."

Suddenly, my mind was a blur with memories of being with her earlier at the pool and of whether or not to obey her instruction. Instinct and desire took over however, my left hand unbuttoning my skirt and lowering the zip. Without thinking, I’d made my decision and having undone my skirt fully, it did little to conceal what I was about to do.

I placed my folder on the right arm of the chair and pulled down my skirt a little. I fumbled underneath my tank top and shirt, resting the fingers of my left hand on the warm flesh of my stomach. The anticipation sent tingles radiating through my body and breathing began to get heavier as I bit my bottom lip.

Inch by inch my fingertips travelled towards my pussy, pushing my thong lower and lower until they could tease my lips. I bit my lip harder as I became more turned on, slipping one finger slowly in and out of me. I shifted position a little, placing my left foot flat on the chair, spreading my legs further as I pushed my knee outwards. Inevitably, my classmates noticed what was happening and began to focus on me rather than our teacher.

Gradually, I added a second finger into my pussy but maintained a slow long steady rhythm, occasionally teasing my g-spot with my fingertips and clit with my thumb. My skirt slithered down my left leg but as my body writhed involuntarily, it was pushed off my thighs slightly. As I glanced down, I could clearly see how I’d pushed down my thong and to where my fingers were disappearing into my pussy.

With more of my body being exposed, thoughts of having sex with Chloe and masturbating during an Economics lesson, I was incredibly turned on. However, I was trying to control myself, not rushing and enjoying the building sensations radiating through my body.

Instinct was driving me and with each passing second, I no longer cared where I was. I put down my pen and with my right hand, pulled off my left sock, dropping it onto the floor, followed moments later by the other to leave me barefoot with my toes wiggling. With the fingers of my left hand, I changed my focus, concentrating fully on teasing my g-spot as hard and slow as I could take.

I was trying desperately to contain my moans, biting hard on my bottom lip but was breathing heavier and heavier the more aroused I became. Every one of my classmates was focussed on my actions, whilst like me, attempting to maintain the pretence of copying notes off the board.

There was approximately fifteen minutes of the lesson to go when I shuffled in my chair again, desperate to be able to buck my hips more but also to lower my skirt and thong further to give myself freer access to my pussy. Shifting position, allowed my skirt to drop away from my hips.

Suddenly, Tony turned around and looked straight at me. I did not attempt to stop or cover up, there seemed little point, and I was too turned on to care. He must have had a great view of my fingers going into my pussy. He closed his books and still looking at me said, “As you all are clearly not bothered by what I’ve got to say, I’ll end the lesson there but the next time you’re here, I’ll be asking you all ten different questions about today’s lesson and none will concern Joanna’s state of dress!”

As soon as he had uttered those words, he picked up his books and left to go back to the main school. I expected the boys to tell me to carry on masturbating and to undress completely but four of them began to complain about the test we were going to face and stormed off quickly. I was confident in my ability to remember what had been said, as were the three remaining classmates, so merely sat up and packed things away in my bag.

“Are you going to strip Jo?” Kyle asked as he looked at me.

“Did you not hear what I said earlier,” I replied.

“About us getting naked first? Yes I did,” Kyle answered and then, looking at Reece and Andy, continued, “Well, I’m up for it. What do you two think?”

Neither Andy nor Reece replied but a second later, began to undress. Shoes, socks, blazers and ties were taken off by the three boys. Then, they unbuttoned their shirts and took them off, to leave them topless but for a few seconds after, there was a pause, obviously nervous about continuing. It was Kyle who made then next move, unfastening his trousers, taking hold of them and his underwear and pushing them off quickly. He stood in front of me, naked and proudly looking down at his fully erect cock.

Kyle was the least attractive of the three boys. He was about 5’3 tall, solidly built with a hint of a layer of fat, ginger short hair, hazel eyes and heavily freckled. His cock was by no means a monster, five inches at the most but as soon as I looked at it, I noticed how thick it looked and thought it might stretch my pussy a little.

With my focus on Kyle, I’d not noticed Andy and Reece stripping. Andy was over 6’0 tall but extremely thin, in my opinion, physically as unappealing as Kyle. He had very short blonde hair, blue eyes and it was that which made him more attractive to look at. His skin was very pale and his cock was approximately seven inches fully hard but thinner in appearance to Kyle’s.

Reece was the best looking of the three boys but also the least confident. I guessed that he was about 5’9, with wavy shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes, giving him a pop star appearance. Even, standing naked, he was stunning, with a well-toned and developed body. As with the other two boys, his cock stood proud, fully hard and although he tried to cover himself, he couldn’t conceal that he had neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“Your turn Jo, get your clothes off,” Andy demanded.

I chuckled mischievously and quipped, “I didn’t say I’d strip but it’s so good seeing your three naked and hard.”

The atmosphere changed a little, suggesting to each other that they should give me no choice and take my clothes off themselves. An instant later, Andy moved to my left and Reece to my right. Reece took hold of my wrists and raised my arms over my head, allowing Andy to lift off my tank top up over my head but leaving it on my arms. Andy yanked off my tie and undid the top two buttons of my shirt. However, his actions were becoming steadily more desperate and rather than undo my remaining buttons, pulled at them violently and rip them open. My heart was pounding and pussy continued to dribble juices steadily, I was so turned on.

With my shirt open, Andy reached around to unclip my bra but after a few seconds, where he failed to release it, I felt him take hold of either side of the clip and pull hard. An instant later, I heard and felt the fabric being ripped apart. Reece adjusted the position of his hands and pulled off my tank top, followed by my shirt and bra. My skirt was already below my hips, so it was no trouble for Andy to pull it off.

I was as desperate to be naked as the boys wanted me to be, and if I’m honest, my clothes being ripped, turned me on further. Andy didn’t try to pull my thong down; he simply took hold and tore each side to leave it in shreds and me nude. Reece wasted no time leaning down and forcing his tongue into my mouth as he maintained his grip on my wrists. I did not attempt to resist his advances. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to kiss each of the three boys. I wanted them to ravage me. As his tongue worked furiously in my mouth, moving with no finesse or seduction, I tried hard to slow him down and improve the sensations but there was no stopping him kissing me like a desperate boy on a mission.

An instant later, I felt my legs being forced apart and fingers rammed deep into my pussy. Despite being over-powered and vulnerable to whatever the boys wanted to do, I knew they’d stop if I told them to but I was desperate to be fucked and to cum. Andy wasted no time, fucking me with his fingers, moving very fast in and out but each time going in, he’d thrust hard going as deep as he could. I groaned more with each thrust of his fingers, the sound muffled as Reece kissed me.

It wasn’t long before Reece turned his attention to my boobs and nipples. They were already hard and sensitive and with him biting and sucking desperately, it was impossible for my groans not to develop into moans of pleasure.

“Bite and suck my skin Reece, put love bites on my boobs,” I instructed.

Reece followed my instructions immediately, sucking first on my left breast and then my right, biting and pulling each time. I looked at Kyle and stretched my keg towards him. I guided my toes to between thighs and began to wiggle them under his balls. He tensed and I saw his cock begin to quiver and ooze pre-cum. I ran my toes across the underside of his shaft, teasing slowly up and down its length repeatedly but taking time to take his pre-cum and rub it onto my toes. In his eyes, I could see that he was losing control and wasn’t surprised when he took hold of my foot. He pulled me away from his cock and raised my foot up to his mouth, beginning to suck my toes one by one.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations flowing through my body. My breasts and pussy were being ravaged in desperation and complete lust, making me feel sexy and irresistible. The subtle, erotic movements of Kyle’s tongue around my toes was the sensation that sent me over the edge and made me orgasm hard, squirting my juices over Andy’s fingers onto the floor.

“Oh my god, the dirty bitch just pissed over my hand,” Andy protested.

I laughed and replied, “That was me cuming not peeing!”

Andy and Reece had stood up, pulling away from what they’d been doing to my body. I took a moment to look down at my breasts and smiled proudly when I saw the four love bites on my boobs. With two fingers of each hand, I slipped them into my pussy, coating them with cum, before offering them to the two boys to taste.

Once they’d tasted my fingers, I turned to face Andy and looked at his twitching cock. With a swift movement, I leaned forward and engulfed his shaft with my mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure as I began to bob up and down on his cock and felt it swelling as I increased my pace. It didn’t take long for Andy to take hold of my hair as he started to thrust himself deep into my mouth. I altered my position to allow his knob into my throat and to prevent me from gagging too much.

I’d been sucking him for less than two minutes when he tensed, groaned and thrust hard into my mouth, spewing his first spurt of cum down my throat. I moved faster as I squeezed the cheeks of his arse with my hands, desperately trying to squeeze every drop I could from him,

I swallowed every drop of Andy’s cum. As soon as I was satisfied his balls had spewed their load completely, I pulled away and turned around to face Reece. His cock was trickling a steady flow of pre-cum as he stroked himself slowly. I looked up into his eyes and smiled but an instant later I’d begun my second blowjob. His shaft was a little thicker than Andy’s was, so took a few seconds to adjust to its size. However, it didn’t take long for me to find a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down his cock and for him to start reacting.

I was so turned, knowing that I was the centre of attention and was no surprise that my pussy was dribbling more and more, throbbing and craving attention. Before I realised what I was doing, I’d moved my left hand to between my legs and fingers were teasing my clit. Reece had taken my head in his hands, controlling the pace of my movement. As our rhythm quickened, so I teased my clit faster.

Once again, it didn’t take long before the cock began to swell in my mouth and motion turned desperate. Reece began to thrust aggressively and a few seconds later, squirting spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth. It felt as though he came more than Andy did and made it harder to swallow it all.

Reece pulled away, allowing me to sit properly on the chair. I spread my legs wide, closed my eyes and teased my clit as hard and fast as I could. I let go completely, allowing my body to writhe and buck. I was moaning loudly as the sensations intensified from my pussy. I knew the boys were watching me and enjoying the show, making me feel incredibly sexy. Suddenly, I gasped as my back arched and pussy contracted violently. It seemed as though my body was in a state of suspension for ten seconds or more and felt as though I was going to pass out but then my pussy released its grip as I started to squirt hard.

Eventually my senses returned, and I opened my eyes. Reece and Andy had a look of amazement in their eyes but Kyle was standing as close as he could to my chair, between my legs that were still spread wide. He had his cock in his left hand, stroking it furiously as he looked at me. I guessed that he was on the verge of exploding judging from his actions. I sat up and without hesitation buried his cock deep into my mouth. I was barely in time, gagging as Kyle thrust forward, pushing his knob down my throat and shooting his load simultaneously.

As I had with Andy and Reece, I swallowed every drop of his cum, feeling satisfied about doing so but wanting to do more with them before our lunch break was over.

I sat back and looked at the three boys, noticing that their cocks were still hard. My mind started to think back to Chloe, of the sex we’d had earlier and of the picture of her, she’d sent to me. I reached down into my bag and picked up my phone, giving it to Kyle as I asked him to take pictures of me so I could send them to a friend. Immediately, I was asked who she was and why she’d be interested in seeing me naked. I got a real buzz from telling the boys about what had happened at the pool and as the conversation developed, it was suggested that we did a video call to her.

Before I had chance to discuss it, Kyle had found her number and had dialled her. Events were moving quickly. Reece picked me up and carried me to the desk by the blackboard, telling me Chloe could watch as they fucked me. Kyle was talking to Chloe as he walked towards the desk. Unceremoniously, Reece dropped me onto the wooden surface, took hold of my legs and forced them apart before I had chance to get balanced. He wasted no time, ramming his cock hard and deep into my pussy. I let out an involuntary groan, instinctively wrapping my legs around him as he let go.

There was a pause as Kyle showed Chloe what was happening and gave me an opportunity to tell her to undress as she watched us. An instant later Reece began to fuck me, moving slow but steadily at first, quickly increasing his pace to a blur. There was no subtlety in his actions, as he pounded me hard and balls slapped against my body. His actions were full of lust, desperate to fill me full of cum, showing no consideration towards satisfying me.

I was turned on, despite Reece’s lack of effort to intensify the sensations I may have been experiencing. Andy and Kyle were stood either side of the desk, stroking their hard cocks and Chloe was naked on my phones screen, masturbating as she watched me being fucked. My pussy was throbbing hard, responding to Reece pounding in and out but was nowhere near another climax.

I heard Chloe’s moans becoming more desperate and tell Reece to cum in my pussy. He needed no more encouragement and started to thrust harder. I groaned as he swelled inside me and then with hard, deliberate pounds he started to cum. A few seconds later, his balls were spent and he pulled away, looking pleased with his efforts, seeing cum dribbling from my pussy.

There was no time to recover my senses as Chloe demanded I licked all over Andy’s cock to make it wet. I followed her instructions, enjoying that he tensed with every movement of my tongue and realising I could make him cum in seconds if I so desired. I resisted the urge and was surprised when Chloe instructed the boys to turn me over, heart racing with curiosity and excitement.

Andy was instructed to stand by my bum, positioned at the edge of the desk with my feet on the floor. I felt him caress and squeeze my arse cheeks, moaning with pleasure in response to his attentive touch. Instinctively. I’d positioned my feel apart, expecting that Chloe wanted Andy to fuck my pussy doggy style but then I heard her next instruction.

“Spread Jo’s arse cheeks Andy. Then guide your knob into her tight and gorgeous arse.”

I’d never had a cock in my bum before and had no idea how it would feel. I was so excited but tense at the same time and pussy throbbed hard with anticipation.

I felt the entrance of my arse being stretched as Andy’s cock began its journey and then as it slid in deep, I was stretched further still. With his shaft being long and thin, it seemed to take an age before he was fully inside, making me wince in pain as he pushed deep. I was breathing heavily and groaning but it was obviously a new experience for Andy too and he paused for a few seconds, allowing each of us to readjust.

He placed his hands either side of my waist and then bent over to kiss my neck and spine. The pain from him entering my arse disappeared quickly to be replaced by a rhythmical throb, similar to the sensations experienced in my pussy. I couldn’t resist and started to move up and down his shaft slowly. They were circumspect movements but soon developed confidence as I enjoyed the feelings more and more. Within a few seconds of me beginning to ride Andy’s cock with my arse, he responded with his own rhythmical motion,

I’d not expected this form of anal sex to feel so good. Our steady motion made it feel as though my g-spot was being teased from the opposite side, making both my pussy and arse throb hard. I could feel my juices trickling steadily down my thighs and legs, the sensations turning me on more with each passing second. My breathing got more erratic as our rhythm quickened and moaning got louder.

I could feel my arse squeezing hard on his shaft the faster and harder he thrust into me. Suddenly, from nowhere, my arse clenched tight, followed by my pussy and a loud groan from my mouth. Andy thrust harder, his balls slapping against me twice before my body relaxed and I could moan with pleasure as I started to orgasm. I felt an intense surge from my pussy and heard a splashing sound between my feet as my cum hit the floor.

The fact that I’d cum seemed to drive Andy to a higher level, pounding my arse even harder. An instant later, I was cuming again, creating a bigger puddle on the floor. I could feel my body being lifted with each of his thrusts. It was a little uncomfortable, if truth be told and those sensations not turning me on. I was cuming because I loved being the focus of attention and knew Andy would be filling my arse with his seed at any moment. Sure enough, as I squirted for a third time, he started to cum, spewing spurt after spurt inside my arse.

Andy had been fucking my arse for twenty-five minutes and as he pulled out of me, I felt incredibly sore around both my arse and pussy. I’d noticed, as had the three boys that there was less than five minutes of our lunch break remaining and all three started to return to their clothes.

I reached out and grabbed Kyle’s wrist and asked where he thought he was going. As Andy was fucking me, Kyle was watching Chloe masturbate through the video call we’d made with her and he’d cum, shooting his load over the desk by my body. The call was ended once Andy reached his climax and the boys appeared satisfied with their efforts. Kyle looked a little surprised but his semi-erect cock sprang to life instantly as I guided him back to the desk.

Both Andy and Reece continued to put on their clothes as I told Kyle to sit on the desk. I pushed him back and climbed on to the desk, straddling his thighs. An instant later, I eased my pussy down onto his thick hard cock. My pussy lips were swollen and extremely sensitive, making me groan as I lowered down, stretching to accommodate his girth. Kyle looked as though he’d just won the lottery as he reached up to caress my breasts.

I moaned with pleasure, feeling his cock throbbing and teasing my g-spot. He pulled me down so he could kiss me. I wrapped my arms around him and started to suck gently on his tongue, wondering if he could taste the concoction of the three boys cum in my mouth. At the same time, I started to ride his cock slowly, sliding effortlessly up and down his shaft.

I felt my bum being pinched and then slapped by Andy and Reece as they left the room. I broke off from kissing Kyle for a few seconds, saying thank you for the sex and returned immediately to kiss and fuck Kyle slowly. With Reece and Andy, it had felt as though they were simply having sex with me, full of lust and desire but with Kyle, there was more intimacy. We were making love, moving slowly, allowing our sensations time to build and trying to satisfy the other.

Lunch break had long since finished as I sat up and began to ride Kyle properly, circling my hips as I moved up and down faster. I was dripping wet as my juices flowed steadily and was breathing heavily as I moaned a little. Kyle was growing in confidence with every passing second, pinching and pulling my nipple in addition to squeezing my love bitten breasts.

We heard the front door of school house open. Kyle froze under me as I continued to ride him. We turned our heads, looking at the open classroom door as we heard Mr Lynn’s voice and that of his wife Miss Davis, expecting them to walk in and see us but their footsteps fell silent as they went upstairs.

It took a few seconds for Kyle to relax and allow his body to respond to mine, finding a rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I bit my bottom lip hard, trying to contain my moans as my pussy throbbed more and more. We were controlling our movements, allowing our sensations build steadily.

“I can’t believe this Jo. I’m having sex for the first time and it’s with the prettiest girl I know,” Kyle whispered.

I took his right hand from my breast, guiding it to my pussy and placed his two fingers on my exposed clit. As I continued to ride him steadily, Kyle’s thick shaft rubbed hard against my g-spot. My pussy was throbbing with increasing intensity, and as soon as I began using his fingers to tease my clit, it took every bit of will power within me not to moan loudly. His eyes were opened wide, watching me use him to tease myself faster and faster.

Suddenly, I arched my back, tensed and gasped as I felt my pussy clench tight on his cock. It felt as though he was swelling inside me, stretching me further. I tried in vain to keep my eyes open, wanting to see Kyle’s reaction but the sensations were far too intense and an instant later, I was cuming, cum oozing between us and over his balls.

“Fuck Jo, that was incredible,” he whispered as we started to find our rhythm once more.

We had both lost track of time, only concerned with trying to please the other. Our confidence was growing, moving faster and faster and allowing ourselves to be more audible. I was getting tired however and pussy unbearably sensitive, so slowed myself down until I’d stopped. Kyle looked at little confused and disappointed but there was no way I’d give up, until he’d cum inside me. I leaned down, so we could kiss again but only for a few seconds. I began kissing his neck, sank my teeth into his flesh and began to suck hard. I pulled back and looked in pride at the love bite I’d given him, before I did the same, just above his left nipple.

I shifted position a little, moving my feet around, so they were in front of me, either side of his chest. I offered him my left foot, placing my toes on his lips and he wasted no time, sucking and licking each toe. Beginning on my little toe, by the time he started sucking on my fourth, I could feel another orgasm building quickly. As soon as I felt his tongue run along the underside of my big toe, I started to climax again. Although I tried to contain my moans, such was the intensity of orgasm that I simply couldn’t keep quiet.

I gave myself a few seconds to recover, although Kyle’s cock throbbing meant my g-spot continued to be teased. I pulled him up and immediately wrapped my legs around him. He looked into my eyes as he took hold of my arse cheeks and started to move in and out of me again, finding a steady rhythm. Once more, we kissed, tongues swirling together but with more passion than intimacy. Kyle moved his hands to either side of my waist and began to guide me on and off his cock. I leant back a little and he wasted no time leaning down to suck on my left nipple. I gasped as I felt him bite and pull hard, and my pussy clenched tight around his shaft as if I was going to orgasm again.

Time had passed by so quickly and neither of us had realised that we’d been fucking for at least forty minutes. I don’t think either of us wanted to stop. Although our rhythm had increased considerably and I was moaning more loudly, we were both controlled and felt like Kyle was nowhere near to shooting his load. My pussy, clit and g-spot were unbearably sensitive but my desire to satisfy him, made it easier to keep going.

Kyle moved to the edge of the desk. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and put my arms around his neck as he stood up. He walked towards the wall and tried to fuck me but it was never going to work given our state of fatigue. I suggested we fucked on the floor and without a reply; he knelt down slowly, making sure his cock stayed inside me.

I was on my back and Kyle on top of me, about a metre from the open doorway. I put my feet flat on the floor and began to buck against him as he started to fuck again, pounding hard into me. I froze for a moment as I looked beyond Kyle to the open door and saw Miss Davis, who smiled and put her finger to her lips. I assumed from her actions that she was giving us her blessing and when Mr Lynn came up behind her, kissing her neck repeatedly, I knew we could keep going. I let go completely, allowing myself to moan as I would normally and began to thrust my hips against him with growing desperation.

Kyle responded to my desperation, fucking me with greater intensity. I maintained eye contact with Miss Davis, feeling my pussy throbbing harder and harder on Kyle’s cock. I groaned as he started to swell inside my pussy and following four or five desperate lunges, my back arched as I clenched around his shaft tight for the third time, squeezing hard.

Kyle grunted as he rammed his cock hard into me, shooting his first spurt of cum, followed an instant later by his second. My pussy relaxed and I started to climax, moaning with pleasure as I felt myself squirt. Kyle continued to thrust hard, spurting another rope of cum into me each time and to my surprise, my pussy clenched again. A second later, I was squirting hard and digging my nails into the flesh of Kyle’s arse.

Kyle slumped on top of me with his balls emptied of their seed and I stretched my legs out either side of his, being completely exhausted from the sex I’d had. Even though we’d been fucking for fifty minutes or more, his cock was still hard inside me and I considered telling him to keep going. I looked towards the open door, just in time to see Miss Davis readjusting her skirt. She smiled, blew me a kiss and left.

Kyle and I kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, before he asked if I wanted to go home with him, to continue having sex. I said yes and he pulled away from me so we could put on our clothes. I felt so drained that I thought walking might be difficult and as I got to my knees. Juices gushed from my pussy onto the floor.

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