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Elevator ride to remember

I meet a girl in an elevator and have my way with her
Imagine you are in the city at the courthouse or somewhere important and you have to ride the elevator up to the top floor. You are wearing a respectable dress and shirt and high heels. The elevator stops on the second floor and I step on wearing my business suit and tie. I give you a glance, then a double take as I smile a charming smile at you. I punch the button for the 5 th floor and then back up to stand next to you. I look you up and down, my gaze lingering on the curve of your breasts, then come back up to your eyes and catch you watching me. I make it obvious that I don’t care if you catch me as I boldly look you in the eye, then slide my gaze down your body. My eyes travel down between your breasts, looking at your exposed cleavage, straining to see your nipples through your shirt. Then down your belly to your hips, then sliding down your legs to where I can see your bare calf and ankles and your sexy high heels.

I lick my lips, look you in the eyes again and tell you that you are Gorgeous!
You smile and tell me that you are glad I noticed, and then you gaze over my body and linger on my crotch as you see my pants tented due to the hardon that you gave me.

When I see your boldness, I decide that it could not hurt to flirt with you and I tell you that I have always wanted to be stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous woman like you.

You ask me why with a devilish grin and a glint in your eye.

I step closer (uncomfortably close in most circumstances, but in here it just makes us both aware of the sexual charge) and look you in the eye, then I look down at your luscious lips and watch you breath in and out. Your lips part, and I lean forward and kiss you. As soon as I feel your lips respond, I reach behind you and grab your ass, pulling you into me. Your dress is thin, and I think I feel your naked ass underneath the material. I break the kiss and look at you in surprise and whisper, “Are you naked under this dress? That is soo hot!”

You say, “Why don’t you find out?”

Without a moments hesitation I drop to the floor and slide my hands up your legs moving my face close to your pussy as I pull your dress up. Pushing the light material up your legs makes you quiver as you feel the soft caress moving higher. Soon enough I have the dress bunched around your waist and my hands on your naked ass as I expose the tiny little thong that is barely covering your pussy. Pulling your ass towards me, I press my mouth over your barely covered pussy and suck on the material, pressing my tongue into you. You grasp my head and moan deliciously. I reach up letting the dress fall over my head and grasp the thong on either side of your hips and slowly pull it down. As your pussy is exposed, my hot breath caresses it and my lips touch yours. Pulling your thong down your legs, I take every opportunity to run my hands over the naked flesh until I get down to your feet. You step out of your thong and my tongue reaches out to taste you.

Suddenly the elevator stops! I try to get out from under your dress, your thong in my hand, and stand up. The doors open and a couple of girls get on. They see me hastily stuff your thong in my pocket as I’m standing up and they look at your flushed face. There is no way they cannot detect the sexual tension in the small elevator. They give a shocked look. The fifth floor button is already pressed but one of them presses it again anyway. Then they look me up and down, look back to your face and you smile and blush. As the elevator reaches the next floor, the door slides open and they ask if this is our floor.

I look at you, smile, and then tell them, “No, I think I will escort this lady on up." Then I look at you and ask, “What was your name again ma’am”. They get off the elevator and as the door begins to close I say, “I think I should know if I’m going to fuck you on this elevator.”

The women gasp and look back quickly at us, but it is too late to see their expression as the door slides shut and the elevator starts to move. You grab me head, kiss me deeply and start to undo my pants. Pulling my hard cock out you gasp in surprise then quickly kneel and put your lips around it. You suck me all the way to my balls, then pull it out and spit on it, rubbing your saliva all over my cock. Standing up, you bend over pull your dress up and lean your hands on the wall exposing your sweet pussy to me. I slide my cock up and down, finding you already wet as I plunge into your pussy. I thrust into you hard, filling you up and pressing you forward. You gasp loudly as you are suddenly filled with my throbbing hard warm cock.

You say, “Fuck me hard, I want to cum right now,” as you start pressing back into me. I start slamming into you, my hips rocking you forward, my balls swinging and hitting your pussy with each thrust. You begin to moan and shake as you feel your orgasm approaching.

I’m grunting and moaning, holding onto your hips and tell you that I love the way you feel and you are going to make me cum.

You cry out, “Shoot your cum inside me, I want it inside me,” and then you start cumming. Your moans tell me you are coming and that is all I need. I feel your pussy tightening around my cock, and it starts pulsing and suddenly I begin shooting my cum deep inside you. You feel my cock get harder and then you feel the warm cum shooting in your pussy. You feel each spurt as my cock throbs. You push back against me as your orgasm rips through your body, we both cry out and then we hear the ding of the elevator and feel it stopping.

I stand you up in front of me, your dress drops in the front, but is bunched up over your ass as my dick is trying to stay inside you. The door opens and several people step on. We push back towards the corner and you feel my semi hard cock slide out of your pussy. You press against me so no one can see my open pants and dick. I’m still throbbing hard and our cum starts dripping out of your pussy and down your leg. I lean over your shoulder, and softly moan in your ear, we can smell the sex in the air and are pretty sure everyone else can too. The door opens on the next floor, and everyone gets out.

As soon as the door closes, you drop to your knees and lick my cock, sucking our juices off of it, I start getting hard right away but you stuff my dick back in my pants and zip them up. Standing up, you kiss me deeply, your tongue going in my mouth so I can taste us both. You tell me that was the hottest thing you have ever done, and as the door opens on your floor, you drag me out with you by the hand.

I ask where we are going, and you say, “I’m not done with you yet.” I watch your hot little ass in front of me, your hair is messed up, you look flushed, and your breasts look they want released from your shirt as you are breathing deeply. My shirt is untucked, my cock is hard, and I’m eagerly following you. You push open an office door, we look inside and nobody is there. You pull me in, slam the door and lock it, grab my cock through my pants and kiss me again…

Round two: cumming soon!

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