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En Vacances 4: The Balcony

All I want is for someone to fill every single one of my soaked and dribbling orifices.
En Vacances 4: The Balcony

“Just give her the water, Grant.”

There is a different tone to Anita’s voice, a mix of steel and determination so absent from the tinkling waterfall of words and gentle laughter that had fallen from her mouth earlier.

Grant must have noticed the change also, as immediately, if perhaps a little sullenly, he pulls a canvas shopper from beneath his sun lounger, roots around amongst its contents and eventually draws out a small bottle of water. Still he doesn’t wish to part with it; cradling it with both hands between his legs, his aviator mirror sunglasses starring up at Anita, challenging her to tell him once more to give me the water.

I feel her sigh as much as hear it; her skin sliding against mine as her shoulders slump, her bountiful breasts dropping, her stomach expanding without contracting again and her fingers lighten their grip about my tightly constrained wrist. Then, as she starts sucking air back into her lungs once more, preparing to do battle with Grant over a paltry bottle of water, something strange happens; my hesitant, soft, barely audible voice joins the conversation.

“Please may I have some of your water, Grant? I’m rather thirsty and I would appreciate it very much. I’ll buy you a new bottle when the bar steward comes round. I’d buy my own but they seem to have disappeared at the moment.”

So many words, all put together to form complete sentences; four of them. Then, in case that wasn’t enough I add an extra “Please” on the end just for good measure. They work; they dissolve the tension between Grant and Anita. Grant even smiles up at me and it’s neither the leering nor sneering grin of a minute ago but a proper lips pursed, mouth ends upturned smile and he reaches out an arm and offers the water to me.

I’ve never had an audience when drinking a bottle of water before but I’ve got one now. Anita releases my wrist and her happy, fluttering fingers that have been teasing my groin so delightfully slide around my back, tiptoe up my spine and, as if she were a hairdresser preparing to trim my hair, starts smoothing and straightening my fringe along the breadth of my shoulders. She half steps away from me, her flesh no longer pressing against mine leaving only a damp residue from where our glowing skin perspired together. I twist and remove the unsealed bottle top, try to ignore the two pairs of eyes viewing me, place the bottle to my mouth and drink.

“So, what did I miss?”

“Oh Grant, she put on such a pretty little show, I can’t imagine how you didn’t notice her. I saw her as soon as we arrived and I knew, just knew that she was watching us.”

Here Anita takes a breath before ploughing on again.

“She was hiding behind her sunglasses, pretending she was asleep and she had her head turned slightly over there …”

She gesticulates wildly and inaccurately off to the left.

“… but I knew, I could tell that behind her sunglasses her eyes were watching us. So I started watching her out of the corner of my eye and once I started looking I couldn’t help but notice all the little details that weren’t quite right for someone who was supposedly sleeping …”

I take another mouthful of water; it is unappetisingly lukewarm from being sat in the sun and has a distinct metallic flavour as if it has been standing too long in stainless steel, yet somewhere, just at the edge of my taste buds, is something moreish, a hint of chocolate and strawberries perhaps, so I have another sip and try to divine what it might be.

“… like how her mouth was slightly parted because she was breathing through it rather than through her nose and at one corner it was glistening which had to be saliva trickling down onto her chin. Then I looked at her chest; her little breasts were rising and falling quite dramatically and I couldn’t help but notice how her stiff nipples were pushing at her bikini …”

I could tell that Anita was getting more excitable. No doubt she was enjoying explaining how clever she’d been, but with every sentence the volume was rising and now, as I peering over the bottle as I took another mouthful of water, I noticed a few heads turned in our direction.

“… and she had one of her knees raised but I could just make out her pussy straining at those little panties and they were already obviously damp so I deduced that she had her fingers tucked inside exploring her clit …”

We had an audience now but somehow that felt right. I had been very naughty lying by the pool masturbating surrounded by all these nice, decent people and I deserve to be exposed for the wanton harlot I so obviously am. And, I didn’t care; there was a warm glow building in the pit of my stomach, slithers of sensation reverberating out from my hungry little clitoris and a warm, sticky dribble of aromatic juices trickling down my inner thigh. Best of all though, I just knew that I wouldn’t be spending any more of my holiday on my own. In celebration, I raise the bottle to my mouth, splash the remaining water across my tingling taste buds and listen as Anita reaches the climax of her little story.

“… so by now Grant, I’m starring at her openly and she’s putting on quite an erotic show; I’m watching her arms quivering, her stomach tensing and her hips are beginning to thrust rather noticeably, pushing her dribbling pussy up to meet those fingers that I know are buried in her slippery panties and I’m getting pretty horny myself and before I know it I feel my own fingers stroking across my bikini briefs.”

Finally Anita takes a breath and then pauses as if caught up in the excitement of the memory and can’t quite drag herself to the finale. Her bosom rises and falls provocatively glowing with tiny droplets of sweat that I know would perfectly moisten my pretty pink tongue should I be invited to lick them clean.


Grant also seems to be enjoying the story; his hands restless in his lap perched on top of a moderately sized protuberance in his swim shorts that seems to be growing slowly as his fleshy palm delicately strokes its way back and forth.


“Oh she saw me. Maybe it was the movement of my fingers but suddenly we were starring right into each other’s eyes and do you know what she did? Well, she didn’t stop. No, she looked right into my face, spread her legs really wide so that I could see the outline of her knuckles pushing against the gusset of her panties, so that I knew that she had her fingers buried deep inside her drenched pussy and she fucked herself. There, right in front of me, her pussy pushing up frantically to swallow her hidden fingers until suddenly she stopped, bottom in mid air, legs shaking, her mouth panting and came, all the while watching me as I watched her.”

Then she adds, as if the thought has only just occurred to her:

“I think she might like to be watched.”

And the thought immediately became a question.

“Do you like to be watched?”

Suddenly I become the centre of attention as two pairs of sunglasses turn to face me but I’ve got a little lost; my head feels woolly but my little body is supercharged and every slight caress of the barely noticeable breeze is plucking at my skin and making me quiver unsteadily on my 4” platform heels as tiny electrical charges run riot along every square inch of my epidermis. Worse still my eyes have become fixated by Grant’s steadily expanding cock that is now pushing quite noticeably in my direction and my mouth, recently so dry, is salivating excessively in the hope that I might be invited to fall to my knees and offered the opportunity to provide his hot, throbbing muscle with some much needed executive relief.

What was the question? Do I like being watched? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But I know this isn’t the answer that Grant and Anita, their bodies poised expectantly, want to hear and the last thing I want now is to be dismissed, to be sent back to my sun lounger. So, with my teeth nibbling at my slippery bottom lip, I slowly nod my head.

“Poor Grant missed your last show.”

Anita’s fingernails lightly abrade the tops of my arms as she speaks. Mere whispers of a touch, cuticle against my lightly tanned skin, yet I’m cumming, my fleshy pussy walls aflutter with a million tiny contractions and my pretty, empty anus pushing outwards in the vain hope that a pretty finger, a thick cock, a dildo or even a properly shaped kitchen utensil will find its way through its grasping door and into the sleek corridor waiting behind.

“And you can see how excitable he’s become just hearing about it so why don’t you and I …”

Her hand strokes the length of my arm and my mouth releases a very audible moan.

“… put on a special little show especially for him?”

I moan, I nod, I whimper. I really don’t care. All I want is for someone, anyone would probably do, to fill every single one of my soaked and dribbling orifices with whatever comes to hand and to fuck them until I’m nothing more than a twitching pile of flesh, used and discarded on the floor.

And no, I don’t care what floor it is.

I feel Anita take my hand in hers, notice her lean into Grant and give him a little peck on the cheek before straightening up and announcing, to Grant and our still inquisitive audience:

“Why don’t you turn your sun lounger around darling and keep an eye on the balcony. You never know what entertainment the hotel might have planned for this afternoon.”

I don’t remember much of the short trip from poolside to balcony apart from Anita’s hand in mine leading me and how difficult I found it to balance properly on my normally so stable wedges as we pick our way out of the sunshine and into the dark, cool hotel. Their room, when we arrive, is the same as mine; uniform, impersonal, yet strangely more welcoming than my own Spartan quarters but we don’t pause here, Anita crosses to the patio style doors, slides them open and we emerge once more into the sunlight.

We are on the first floor, the pool area directly beneath us, and as I let my eyes drift about me I find, first, my own lounger with my possessions still scattered about it and then, just to the left, Grant, all mirrored sunglasses, smooth chest and stiff cock lying looking straight at me. I’ve never been very good with distances but if you imagine looking out of your front window and viewing your neighbour’s house opposite then that is probably about right. Disturbingly, I can’t help but notice that a few other sun loungers seem to have been repositioned since we left the pool and that a few eyes are taking surreptitious peeks in my direction. It looks like there might be quite an audience for the hotel’s entertainment this afternoon.

I feel Anita behind me; a hand smoothing down the skin on my waist betwixt breasts and hips, her bikini clad bosom cold against my back, and her breath warm on my neck. Her arm reaches around me, a large glass of water in her hand.

“For you.”

It’s a whisper against my skin released as her lips descend to peck their way across my shoulders and even as I accept the glass from her outstretched hand I feel tingles of delight travel the length of my spine.

“Drink up; that’s a good girl.”

So I put the glass to my lips, even as Anita’s hand brushes my hair from the nape of my neck, and fill my mouth with ice cool water. I can feel her tongue lapping at my shoulders as it travels along to meet my fine hairline, cleansing me of the fine grains of salt that have seeped from within my skin, filling her mouth with the taste of me, savouring my aching body’s lustful secretions.

I take another drink, my mouth so recently saliva soaked now strangely parched. My heartbeat races as her tongue approaches the incredibly sensitive skin behind my ear, as it works its way up my jaw line, as it captures my pierced and studded lobe between sharp teeth. My head is light and dizzy; there’s a noiseless throbbing resonating within my tingling ears as the extra blood fizzes through my brain.

Her mouth releases me, her head pulls back and a hand strokes at my cheek.

“Now be a good girl and finish your water. Can you see Grant? Oh yes. Doesn’t he look interested and my you do seem to have attracted quite a few admirers with your disgraceful poolside antics. I do think Grant’s going to enjoy you. I think we both will and I’m sure that you don’t want to disappoint everybody do you? But I know you won’t, I’m confident that you’ll be very entertaining, after all you’re so …”

She pauses, the word on her lips perhaps not the correct one and I use the moment to finish the water.


She steps round me, takes the glass from my hand and places it on the table at the far end of the balcony.

“…yes, pretty, and I do think we are all going to have so much fun with you and I’m sure …”

She’s walking around me, hands straightening my hair and fingers pecking and stroking at my body as her eyes check me over.

“… the Cassidys are going to adore you. You haven’t met them yet but you will, this evening, at dinner. Now, if you could just step to your left a little … a little more … and forward half a pace … yes, that’s about right. Oh yes, quite an audience; can you see Grant? Now, you’re to keep looking at Grant. Understand? Not the way you looked at me, I want you to look right at his cock. Can you see it straining in his shorts? My, he is looking very impressive, but we can’t over excite him can we. We wouldn’t want all his sticky semen soiling his pants. That wouldn’t do either of us much good. I’m sure we can both think of much nicer places for him to fill with his yummy cum.”

She’s come to a stop now behind me; the fingers of both hands poised on my hips, her head positioned just behind mine, her voice a constant prattle in my ear, both of our eyes fixed forward on Grant’s erection trapped uncomfortably in his shorts.

“It’s for you that cock, dearie. Of course I might like a taster but I’m not greedy and I do like to share. I can fill my pussy with it whenever it takes my fancy, whereas you’re obviously desperately in need of a good, hard fucking.”

Her fingers are moving in time with her voice; fluttering up and down my stomach, ten slender digits drifting languidly across my trembling skin.

“And he has these gorgeous soft, squidgy balls that I know you are going to absolutely adore. He’ll want you to nuzzle into them with your nose and rub your cheek against them as you slide your tongue across his perineum …”

I am lust. My mouth unshutable, my stomach quivering uncontrollably beneath the magical touch of her fingers, my raggedy breathing causing my shoulders to shake as I pull in extra oxygen, my ears full of her wondrous promises, my eyes transfixed by the sight of Grant’s eager cock and my mouth watering at the prospect that soon I might get to slurp on that hot, throbbing lollipop.

“… and delve between his hairy arse cheeks. You’re going to love licking his arse; so tasty on the tip of your tongue and the way it quivers and spasms when …”

Her fingers have slid around behind me; teasing at the skin above my panties at the point where the lower back becomes buttock, and then sliding up my spine to, with a deft flick of her fingers, undo the catch of my bikini top.

“… you run your tongue around its puckered pink star until, and I’m sure I’m not going to have to teach you how to do this, you’ve got it so gorgeously sopping wet that it spreads open before you as you delve as deep as your little tongue will go.”

She slides the bikini straps off my shoulders and it falls to the floor between my carefully parted feet. For a moment I pull my eyes away from the vision of Grant’s cock stiffly pulsating in his pants and look down at the discarded bikini. It lies as redundant on the floor as it was on the petite mounds of my chest. Next to it, midway between my feet, is a slowly expanding pool of liquid and, as I watch, a thick droplet descends the spiders’ web thread that travels vertically all the way up to my panty clad pussy; and another; and another.

Anita’s fingers touch me lightly beneath the chin and draw my head back up from the sticky cum mess soiling the floor at my feet.

“I want you to keep watching Grant, dearie. Keep looking at that lovely thick cock. You’re going to be mounted on it. Mounted and fucked until you scream and beg for him to fill your aching pussy with his hot cum.”

“But …”

“Yes dearie, your naughty pussy is making quite a mess. You really are the most excitable creature, aren’t you, but don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to clean it up later. Now though, I want you to stand up nice and tall so that all the nice ladies and gentlemen can see your hard, stiff nipples and little girl breasts, and I want you to focus on Grant.”

I look out at the pool, my eyes drifting across five, six, seven faces all starring up at little me perfectly positioned on the balcony. I push my shoulders back to ensure my pert breasts and throbbing needy nipples now beautifully displayed for their delectation. I love the feel of their eyes ogling my body. I love being the centre of attention; little wallflower me so used to hiding in darkened corners has been brought out and displayed in the bright sunlight for all the stiff cocks and wet pussies to admire and I L.O.V.E it. The realisation leaves me trembling excitedly; my freed breasts jiggling eager for their attention as another wave of pleasure causes my pussy to spasm and yet more sticky juices to slide down between my legs and pool on the balcony floor. Eventually my eyes find Grant, his cock thrusting resplendently upwards in his shorts, his hands fluttering around his waistband, eager yet denied. Drool trickles from the corner of my mouth, down my chin before splashing onto my frantically heaving breasts that still haven’t received the attention from Anita they so desperately desire.

But she is not interested in my breasts. No matter how demandingly my stiff nipples beg for the touch of her fingers or the soft, warm caress of her tongue they remain quivering, unattended, for public display only.

“But what have you got to offer Grant, dearie? I can see that you have a very welcoming mouth and I’m sure he’s going to enjoy feeling your tight little throat around his cockhead as you dribble on those soft, squidgy balls of his, but what about down here. What have you got to offer down here?”

At last I feel her fingers slide down across my belly and come to rest atop my tightly stretched panties.

I cum. I cum and cum and cum; shaking uncontrollably beneath the lightest touch of her fingers on the soaked fabric clinging to my pubis, my eyes fixed on Grant’s gorgeously stiff muscle, visions of cock sucking and arse licking and of being skewered and fucked into oblivion sweeping through my mind as all the time Anita’s laughing, teasing voice chatters in my ear.

“That’s it, bring your feet together. Perfect. Wow, these really are completely soaked. You are such a naughty girl. I’m just going to slide them down your thighs and … My oh my, aren’t you the gorgeously shaven peach. Oh, what a perfectly presented pretty pussy you have and look at your vulva, so swollen and so damp and … Oh yes!”

And maybe, though I may have imagined it because my head was spinning wildly as words, visions and orgasms flooded through my brain, I think she moaned.

“Not a hair. Not anywhere.”

My soaked panties pooled around my ankles as her fingers explore every inch of my now uncovered groin; deliciously drifting across my pubic mound and down between the inside of my thighs, rubbing against my swollen clitoris, stroking down my vulva, circling the wet flesh of my exposed pussy and the engorged cum beaded skin of my labia, running her hands across my perineum to encounter the pool of cum bubbling quietly in I the soaking star of my anus before spreading my thick pussy juices up the crevice between my lightly rounded arse cheeks.

“Not a hair. Oh, perfect!”

Her fingers are returning.

“Oh, I can’t wait. I’m going to have to fuck you myself.”

And start searching through the bubbling wetness for my clitoris.

“Strap on a dildo and watch your overripe swollen peach split open as I thrust my black rubber cock between your drenched welcoming lips. And as I fuck you, as I pummel your squelching, cum slick, beautifully hairless pussy I’m going to spread your arse cheeks …”

And she is spreading my arse cheeks.

“… slide my fingers into your dribbling wet arse hole …”

My eager and obedient anus expands happily and dutifully to easily accommodate Anita’s two cum soaked fingers, inviting them to spear their way deep into the slick, throbbing flesh of my anal canal. Before my eyes Grant’s cock visibly twitches in his shorts and I pray that all my lovely admirers can see the soft flesh of my buttocks reverberating as they gratefully receive Anita’s fingers.

“… so that as I slap my dildo into your greedy, orgasming, harlot pussy I’ll feel you cumming, feel your muscles squeezing, feel you thrusting yourself down eager to be filled from your stretched lips to your cervix with my hard rubber cock …”

Four fingers thrust themselves into my welcoming, liquid pussy, slamming into me frenziedly, pushing hard against my thin pussy walls as the fingers in my arse drive up to meet them.

“… and I’m going to fuck you to exhaustion, fuck you until you can’t walk, until your pussy is so sore you won’t be able to sit down, until you’ll beg me to stop and as soon as I’ve stopped you’ll beg me to start again. I’m going to fuck you until you are a twitching, orgasming piece of flesh that doesn’t know whether it is being fucked or not.”

My eyelids flutter wildly, lashes obscuring my vision, barely able to see, my whole body shaking almost beyond control as Anita’s fingers pummel the desperately needy, achingly horny, soaking, dribbling, orgasming twin orifices between my legs. I try to focus on the pool before me; a myriad of intensely starring eyes and panting tongues meeting my gaze and I cast about for Grant’s familiar face and violently erect twitching cock but …

Grant is nowhere to be seen.

Doubly penetrated; twice violated; Anita’s fingers finding a perfect rhythm, shrapnel exploding from my stiff clitoral nub as her palm abrades it, cum splattering the tops of my thighs as her four digits exit my gaping pussy before thrusting up once more to push me another step closer to losing all control; and as she fills me fore, she leaves me cruelly empty aft, the pink star of my anus contracting violently about the emptiness.

I fall forward, overbalancing on my treacherous wedges, and grab hold of the balcony rail, my small breasts swinging wildly beneath me as I thrust myself on to Anita’s gloriously abusive fingers forcing them to push against my ejaculant swollen pussy walls. Beneath me, at poolside, my well-oiled, bathing suited, sunglasses wearing, devotees await the climax of my show.

“And once I’ve finished fucking you …”

Well, what Anita was going to do once she’d finished fucking me we never found out, because suddenly I stiffen, statue still, speared on her fingers as they piston frantically between my cum slick legs, my body hanging desperately onto the final vestiges of control as her fingers slide again and again deep into the super-sensitised flesh of my anus and pussy. And with every thrust, every stroke, my swollen pussy walls grasp her slippery fingers desperate to prevent the seething reservoir of ejaculant trapped in my urinary tube from release. I squeeze fiercely about her continuously probing fingers, the tension rising throughout my beautifully displayed, sweat and cum soaked body, until, as her near fist slides deep into my core one final time, as my muscles spasm beyond control, as the endless orgasms overwhelm me, the dam bursts and ejaculant explodes from my urethral sphincter soaking everything beneath my wildly orgasming pussy.

As I cling to the railing; my body shaking feverishly on my strained and quivering ankles; my thighs, knees, calves and feet drenched by my cum fountain and my reddened face held proudly aloft, the only thought going through my empty head is:

“I do hope Grant enjoyed his show.”

To be continued

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