Encounter at work part 2

By storylover1976

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Chance encounter at work
Here is part 2 of my story. Things will start to pick up here in this part.

I had just gotten done with my work break for the day. I had just gone back to work when the actions of the last hour were playing back in my head. My texting friend, Stephie had just shown up out of sheer surprise, and had gave me one of the most enjoyable breaks from work I have ever had on the job. We had just walked off into a secluded place and gave me a feel of her breasts. I had barely been able to keep my mind on my work the rest of the day.

I had gone home for the evening and started texting Stephie again.

She started by saying, "You liked what you saw didn't you?"

I replied, "I certainly did."

It wasn't everyday that anyone let alone a new friend would come up to you, flash you and let you grope them, especially while being in a public area. I would love to keep replaying this over and over again in my mind when she wanted to ask me a question.

I was intrigued by what she could come up to ask me. Of course though I let her ask me a question.

"I was wondering to ask you if you would love to go and grab a lunch with me one day next week at the restaurant where you work on a day off?"

"Of course we could," I said stating that it was a good idea.

I was off the day before and wouldn't have another day off in a week so I told her the following Wednesday would be fine. She said that would be great and that we can plan for that day.

The week went on and I kept thinking about what happened and about lunch coming up. During the week on Sunday afternoon, I received a text while I was at work. She had taken a mirror shot of herself while topless and sent it to me. I was sure to make sure I was alone and that no one saw the shot while I looked at it and thanked her for it. Wednesday was coming by very slowly and I couldn't wait for it to get here.

Finally it was Tuesday night and we had discussed at what time we should meet. "How about 12PM, that should be a good time to meet each other." I said ok and that I will see her there. All that night I could not sleep and finally fell asleep around 3AM. I almost slept in, but lucky for me I woke up and had plenty of time to get in the shower and dress up and show up at the restaurant.

She showed up right on time at noon and we went in and grabbed a table and sat down. We had plenty of time to eat and just enjoy each others company and slow down a pace for a bit. We had just ordered our food and of course I was nervous as hell. I would have believed this would happen especially since the first time we saw each other I also saw her big and lovely breasts and held them in my hands. Our food was almost at our table when all of a sudden I felt her start rubbing her foot against mine. She started looking at me with an innocent face while she was doing it. I thought nothing of it and just let her do it. It actually felt good and thought it was all in fun.

All of a sudden I feel her foot climbing up my leg and once again she pulled the innocent, what me?, face. The food arrived at the table just at the moment that I felt her foot rub up against the crotch of my pants. Looking with total shock I looked at her. She looked at me with that little I found something I want naughty look. Of course I had no idea what was coming up. She stood up and whispered in my ear lets hurry up and eat, I want to have some fun with you today in the bathroom. Of course who am I to say no.

We finished eating, the whole time she was rubbing up on my crotch with her foot, trying to not cum right then and there. We then left off toward the men's room and I let her go first and I would follow later on as to not attract attention. I then went into the bathroom and proceeded to lock the door. I had just barely walked away from the door and she was already showing me her breasts again. I enjoyed it the last time and proceeded to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples again. This was a distraction technique of course to divert my hands away from her ultimate plan.

She all of a sudden had her hands down and was fumbling with the button on my pants and then had my pants down to my ankles and proceeded to start giving me a hand job. I was totally shocked but I wasn't going to deny Stephie of this. She started to stroke me up and down and I was starting to enjoy this. She said you will really enjoy this really soon. I was thinking of how long I can hold out. I found out that it was a good 7 minutes. at this time she had just taken her shirt off. Stephie had just told me when you are ready to cum I would love to have it on my breasts. I said that I would do that. I was in no time ready to finally cum when there was a knock at the bathroom door.

I looked at the door thankful that I locked the door and looked at her and let her know I'm almost there.

I said to the gentleman at the door, "Hang on for a minute. I must have forgotten that I accidentally hit the door lock on the way in. I'll be a moment, I'm cumming." Stephie started laughing very quietly. Not long after that I shot my load all over Stephie's breasts.

She said, "Wow I'm sure that was a relief to you wasn't it?" I thanked her for the hand job and I told her to go and clean up in the first stall and then I'll guide you out.

Thankfully the gentleman coming in had to use the other bathroom stall instead of the urinal. Not to attract attention I texted her to go ahead and walk out and to go and wait for me to come back to the table. She then walked out, I waited for a moment and walked out myself. I walked back to the table and told Stephie that the meal was on me as a thank you for the nice hand job that I had just received in the bathroom.

We walked up to the counter and the cashier asked, "Did you enjoy your meal?"

" Oh yes very much" we both said in unison. We then walked out the door. Before we left each others' company, Stephie gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "thanks for lunch, I had a great time. I will text with you later bye."

I must admit I had fun too. One could imagine what could ever happen next?

Coming soon part number 3.......