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Encounter at work part 3

Chance encounter at work
Part 3 to my story. To think that the first 2 parts were something, but this part will get better by far. Until part 4 of course. :)

Hi my name is Richard and I have had an exciting past couple of weeks. I work in a restaurant and have a texting buddy that I met online named Stephie. We have met twice since texting each other and what a time we had during those meetings.

First we met while I was on a work break and was surprised by her as I wasn't expecting it. She surprised me also by flashing her perky 40DD breasts as well as letting me squeeze them and play with her nipples.

Second time was a week later I had a day off and we met to gather at my work to grab some lunch. We sat down and had lunch all the while she was playing footsies under the table getting me excited in the process. We snuck off to the bathroom and locked the door and she proceeded to give me a hand job. I told her to take off her shirt so it wouldn't get messy when I bust my nut on her breasts. Luckily that we locked the door since as we were finishing up a gentleman knocked on the door. I hid Stephie in the stall, waited for the gentleman to go in the other stall, and then carefully got her out of the bathroom. We left the restaurant and then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

Tonight I was reliving the events of the last few days and then Stephie texted me. She said that she was having a problem that she needed my help with at her job. I said that I would be glad to help and I would be glad to come down there to help you out.I asked her,"where do you work at exactly?" I was surprised when she said, " I work down at the Pink Puss Adult Book/Video Store down on Main Street. Oh wow I never thought I would be chatting with someone who worked at an adult book store. I got a little excited just then. Once again I waited till next Wednesday, which was my next day off and was wondering what she needed help with. I had no idea what awaited me on that day.

Before I knew it, it was Wednesday morning and I arrived at the Pink Puss Adult Book/Video Store down on Main St. It wasn't a large store but it was of a moderate size. Books in the front, movies in the middle, and adult movie booths in the rear of the store. I walked in and there was Stephie towards the back of the store, hands on the sides of her hips, with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hey, how are you today? I asked her. She said, "I'm fine but I am totally confused. The boss wants a description on these 7 adult toys in this box, looked at me, thinking I knew what they did and he wants my expert opinion on them all. "Wow," I said looking at her and at the toys in the box. "What did you need my help with on this?" "My boss is gone for about 4 hours and is expecting a full 2 paragraph review on these toys. I needed to have you help me out with this." I totally went red in the face due to total embarrassment and said sure I would be glad to help.

She first put up a sign on the front door saying she had to leave and would be back in about an hour. Then we went into the back in the video booths and found the largest one. We then proceeded to start looking at the toys in the box and I suggested that we start with the smallest one and worked up to the largest. There was something about this booth that I should mention also, that it is covered on all sides with mirrors with a video screen in the middle of one of the mirrors. I suggested that we start with a little small 6 inch dildo with a realistic looking cock head on it that it said was supposed to feel like a man fucking. She shucked her clothing, and I got immediately hard and tried to control myself. Stephie said lets start this. She also said, "I want you to do the inserting of these toys. I gave you the hand job last week so you are going to do this for me, ok?" I agreed

We started with the first one and I inserted it into her hot, wet, pussy and started working it in and out. She got a little excited, but said it didn't live up to its claim. It was too small. Next we pulled out a 7 inch dildo that was shaped just like a penis. It even had a set of rubber balls on it. We worked with this one and I must have hit the spot with this one as she got excited and orgasmed no more than 5 minutes later. I'd say that one was good as she was breathing heavy. We moved on to the 3rd one, another 7 inch model. It was a glass cock and it was around one and a half inches in girth. The previous one was only an inch so this one should be better. I barely got the glass cock in before she started screaming and thrashing around due to another orgasm. This time I noticed her pussy was getting a little bit wet. "I'd say you got into that one a little bit." All she could manage was a lustful look in her eye. I think we should move to the next two at once this time. So I pulled the next two dildos out of the box. The next two I pulled out were of the motorized nature and thought this should be really good. One was 7 inches and wasn't too thick, only half an inch, but the 2nd one was an inch wide in girth and 8 inches long. I turned them both on and inserted them both at the same time and she went wild. Only after a minute she gave out a yell and said don't pull them out. I gave it another go and 5 minutes later she came again even louder than the last time. We put those in the approve column and had moved on to model number 6.

The sixth one dwarfed the last two as this one was 2 inches wide and almost 9 inches long. It didn't vibrate but it was ribbed and was purple. I took it and worked it in and she said I need to lube it up. So she took it and stuck it in her mouth and worked it like a lollipop. Then she handed it back all wet with her saliva and I inserted it again. She worked it like a pro and got off on it twice and gripped my hand so I would leave it in longer. I gave her another 5 minutes with this dildo and she came twice more.

We moved on to the largest dildo in the box and I was surprised by the size of it. It was 10 and a half inches long and 2 inches wide and it was self-lubricated once it came in contact with a woman's pussy. So we tested out the theory and it definitely didn't lie. It slid right in and she took the whole thing right up to the end. the whole 10 inch dildo slid right inside and I had to hold her down to keep her from sliding off the bench. She had an orgasm from this particular dildo a total of 6 times and even squirted from it a couple of those times.

"Wow I am impressed," I said from that display. "I know I never though that would be enjoyable but I loved that last one. She took it from my hands and started to lick it and taste herself from the dildo. She then surprised me and gave me a taste of her when she french kissed me right there in the booth. "Mmmm that was good, I loved it. You taste like ripened strawberries." She said "I know, that's the best part." I asked her if she needed help cleaning up. She told me no I'll be fine and to go ahead and I will text you later. I left feeling that I was glad I helped her out in this matter. I know she will give a good review on those toys now.

Coming soon part 4......

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