Enema for a Friend

By cannonball2020

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Wife asks me to give our friend an enema

I was just getting comfortable in my favorite recliner anticipating another exciting playoff game when my wife Laura called and asked me to do a favor for one of our friends. Before she gave me the details I said no, but quickly7 changed my mind when I heard what she wanted me to do. Seems our good friend Cindy was in a world of hurt with severe stomach pains and had called Laura at the hospital where she worked as a RN. Laura thought Cindy needed an enema and tried to find one of her girlfriends to do the job but no one was available. So, Laura asked me to do it. When I asked, Laura said Cindy reluctantly agreed since her husband Mike was away with his buddies on a fishing trip. Laura said Cindy would be very embarrassed to have me see her that way but it was the fastest and simplest way to get her some relief.

I had admired Cindy for the many years we’d known her and Mike. She was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t believe I was going to give her an enema and actually stick a finger in her asshole.

When I arrived Cindy answered the door bent over with obvious pain and dressed in loose fitting shorts and t-shirt. She averted looking at me and led me upstairs to the master bath. Cindy sat silently on the commode and watched as I set up the tripod and filled the bag with warm water then added a soap solution. I finally turned to her and nodded that we were ready to start. She began blushing as she stood and came over to the towels I’d spread on the floor. I told her she needed to lose the shorts and she stiffened and just stood there as if deciding to go through with it. Suddenly, Cindy doubled over with pain and dropped to her knees. She yelled to get started through clenched teeth.

I began pulling her shorts down and could hear her sobbing softly. I could only get them to her knees and slowly pushed her forward until she rested on her arms. There before me was Cindy’s beautiful ass spread open with the little rosebud winking at me. Below that was the most perfect pussy I’d ever seen. My cock was trying to tear a hole in my shorts.

I had a rubber glove but decided not to use it. I lube my finger and gently pushed against Cindy’s rectum until I was in up to the first knuckle. I pulled out and added more lube then penetrated to the second knuckle. I worked my finger around a bit before pulling out and inserting the plastic tube. I opened the valve and let the water flow. The bag was half empty when Cindy yelled for me to stop. I assured her that she could take more and began rubbing her stomach. I looked down and was surprised to see Cindy’s naked tits hanging down as her top had fallen open and she was braless.

Cindy was grunting and sobbing and saying she couldn’t hold it any longer. I stopped the flow and told her to squeeze it tight for another minute as I removed the nozzle. I helped her to her feet and she dropped on the commode but not before letting out a watery brown squirt on her shorts and my leg. Once on the commode Cindy let go a torrent of water mixed with shit and more water.

She was really embarrassed but also relieved that her pain was substantially lessened. She even smiled at me as her expulsion was just a slight trickle. I have to admit that the aroma was not very pleasant but I was still hard, which did not go unnoticed by Cindy. I saw her looking at my crotch that was at her eye level.

When she was done, I wiped her ass and legs with a wet wash cloth after cleaning myself. I had her step out of her shorts and she seemed to be more relaxed now although she was standing in front of me naked to the waist with her shaved pussy completely exposed.

I refilled the bag and told Cindy to get on her back and hold her legs to her chest. She complied without hesitation and her sweet pussy was staring me in the face. Oh, how I wanted to drive my tongue between those gorgeous lips, shit smell and all. Instead, I lubed my finger and prepared her asshole for the nozzle before inserting it and beginning the flow. She took the entire bag without a word. I glanced t her a few times but she had her eyes closed. I wondered what she was thinking.

When the bag emptied, I helped her back on the commode and told her to hold it as long as possible. She did for a few minutes before expelling loudly. This time she became even more embarrassed as she farted several times.

One more was bag administered while on her back and we were done. Cindy, although embarrassed by the ordeal, was thankful that I’d helped her. As I was gathering the supplies and cleaning them in the sink, Cindy got in the shower and washed herself. She turned off the water and called out to hand her a towel on the rack behind me. I grabbed it and when I tapped the frosted glass, Cindy opened the shower door and stood there totally naked with a sexy smile. She took the towel and dried off in front of me. I knew she was doing this as a gesture of thanks and I certainly appreciated it.

Cindy wrapped the towel around her covering her tits to her ass and walked me to the door while thanking me over and over. I turned and said, “Thank you too.” and as I walked away I turned and looked just as the towel fell and the door closed.

Since then, neither Cindy or I have mentioned anything to one another and I’m sure she didn’t tell Mike. However, Laura knows all the details and enjoys the benefits.