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Entertainent at the Harem

Visiting sheiks are invited to view punishments.....
Entertainment at the Harem

For the final act, the curtain opened to reveal only a very large, study wooden chair placed toward the front of the stage. Then one of the two pretty harem girls, who had spanked each other earlier, walked out on the stage. She was rather tall, light-skinned and slim for an Arab girl. She was dressed in Western style, with a light, green silken dress, nylons and high heels. In her hand she carried a long, whippy malacca cane and she brought it down to the edge of the stage, as she flexed it almost double, to show the audience its springiness and giving an inviting smile to the wealthy patrons seated in front of the low stage. She then slowly went over to the chair and first knelt on it to test its strength, moving back and forth several times, then stepped down and slowly and seductively jutted her rather slim bottom toward the audience. At this point, Abdul, the cruel overseer, walked on stage and held out his hand to her. Lingeringly, she kissed the slim cane and placed it on his palm, as he moved to the side of the stage.

Standing near the chair, she began a slow, teasing removal of her garments, humming to herself, as she unbuttoned the buttons down the front of the smooth dress, stepped out of it, and let it drop to the floor. She was now dressed in a thin, tight slip that revealed her gauzy, thin, black, nylon bra and bikini panties beneath. Turning her back to the audience, she slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders and tugged the slip down past her waist, then stepped out of it and turned again to the front. Walking again to the front of the stage, in just her stockings, bra and panties, she let the audience view her dark nipples through the thin bra and then she slightly parted her thighs, clearly showing the dark muff of pubic hair at her groin. She then reached behind her back and unfastened the black bra, allowing her cuddly-looking breasts to swing free, as their proud nipples stiffened from the air and possibly from her anticipation of what was to happen to her. She flashed another timid smile at the men in the audience.

Nude to the waist, she returned to the chair, sat down and kicked off one high-heeled shoe and lifted one foot onto its edge. She slowly released the tabs that attached her nylons to a small garter belt, and then pulled the dark stocking down and off. She repeated the action with her other leg, then reached behind her and unhooked the garter belt, pulling it up from beneath her clinging panties and dropping it to the floor. She again donned her heels and slowly walked back to the edge of the stage. Cupping her breasts, she bent and offered them for the admiration of the watching men. She then turned her back and bent to show them her bottom, encased in its covering of thin black nylon. She then returned to the waiting chair.

The time for her punishment was now at hand. With the same tremulous smile, she gingerly mounted the chair, grasped the top of it for support, then bent and arched her back, thrusting her thinly clad bottom up and out, awaiting the overseer's cruel cane. She kept her knees close together, but the wispy black nylon offered a gauzy view of her private parts as she arched and offered her bottom. As she waited, she again began to move her buttocks in slow circles. Abdul then moved into place at her side and gently placed the tip of the cane across her pantied buttocks, causing her to lift them even farther up to meet it. Lowering her back, she awaited the first stroke. The man swung the cane back, then sharply down onto the tensed, offered bottom. A loud “Whack” resulted, as the pretty girl cried out in pain and rotated her backside quickly to try to dispel the ache. But, within a few seconds, she docilely returned to her position, lifting her black-gauzed orbs out and up. Two more strokes of the cane followed, with similar results. She cried out each time, and after the third, he allowed her to reach back and massage her rump.

He then gave her a gruff command, causing her to rest her chest against the top of the chair to maintain her balance. At his further instruction, she grasped the waistband of the tight nylon panties and tugged them slowly down below her swelling bottom to let them rest at her knees. She then again grasped the back of the chair with her hands and arched her bared bottom up and fully out for the next stroke. Her bottom was very shapely, with a deep valley dividing it, and her black-haired vagina and amber-hued, puckered anus were clearly in view even though she tried to keep her legs tightly closed. She arched her back deeply and jutted her fully nude bottom out toward the audience as far as she could.

Abdul again measured his stroke, and there was an audible thrumming sound as the cane sped to its target. As it landed, the girl gave a harsh scream; shortly a red line started to appear perpendicular to her bottom crack. She rose to her knees and began to rub the afflicted area as Ahmed watched. After several moments, however, she resumed her kneeling position and thrust her bottom out to receive the next stroke. Again, he measured the cane against her bottom, then the thrumming was heard, followed by another scream and the appearance of another red line. Ten more strokes of the cane followed, at a rate of about one a minute. Between each, she performed the same routine of rising to her knees and massaging her bruised behind. She was crying openly now and deep sobs wracked her body. However, each time, she again bent low, arched her back and thrust her bottom back for the next cruel stroke of the ravaging cane. It seemed as though each time she bent even lower, moving her knees out to the edge of the chair so that she could bend even deeper. Her vagina lips were now opened to show her moist pink interior and her puckered anus seemingly winked out at us.

When she had received all dozen strokes, Ahmed placed the cane in his left hand and gently assisted the slave girl to stand again in front of the chair. After letting her regain her composure for a moment, he then led her down to the front of the stage to present herself to the wildly cheering audience. Her black panties had dropped down to her ankles, and so hobbled her movement quite a bit, and tears were still streaming down her face as she stood nude before them with her arms clasped behind her back in a gesture of submission. He gently tweaked her jutting nipples with the tip of the cane, then gave her a quiet instruction.

Somehow managing to produce a suggestive smile on her young face, the lovely girl crouched and squatted with her legs thrown wide apart to the gaze of the sheiks. Amidst the thicket of jet black hair, a brilliant pink vagina lay opened wide to their gaze. At a further soft command from her overseer, she reached down with both hands and pulled the labia even further apart, so that those closest to her could see right up her glistening vaginal canal. She rubbed the strongly erect nub that arose from the upper junction of the lips, and a quiet moan escaped her lips.

Ahmed then clapped his hands and the girl again rose to her feet, with the panties around her ankles. We assumed that the performance was over; that she would pull them up and leave the stage, but we were mistaken. She stepped out of the panties, leaving them on the stage, and returned to the chair again. He again clapped his hands, and two more slave girls, both dark black, with their nude bodies oiled and glistening in the lights, came on stage carrying another sturdy chair, which they placed right next to the first chair. The punished girl knelt up on the two chairs and spread her legs wide apart, grasped the backs of both chairs, and thrust her naked, lined bottom out to Ahmed. The two assisting slave girls each then reached and firmly grasping each of her buttock cheeks, pulled them wide apart, revealing fully the dark opening of her anus. Ahmed casually loosened the ties that held his pantaloons in place and let them drop to the floor, revealing a massive erection. The girl looked around, gasped and shuddered, but remained in her pose of abject offering.

The overseer moved up close behind her, dropped a wad of spit onto her hole, then placed the bulbous tip of his penis at its opening. Showing little inclination to take his time, he thrust himself deep into her rectum, as she let out a loud shriek. Then the brutal bottom-fuck began, with him grasping her hips and pulling her to and fro on his shaft, as one of the slave girls reached underneath and fondled his large scrotum. In a few moments, he growled and set his face in a rictus as his orgasm hit and he shoved hard against her loins as he shot his sperm deep within her bowels. He continued for a few more moments, then pulled out quickly, replaced his pantaloons, and left the stage, followed by the two naked black girls.

Sobbing quietly, the ravished slave girl retained her position kneeling on the twin chairs with her bottom thrust out, but this time, mixed sperm and fluids flowed from her ravaged anus as the spotlights slowly dimmed to close the act.
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