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Erotic Hypnosis - Part 1

He Hypnotizes her for Pleasure
This story is almost completely true.

He heard the trill of the ringer notifying him of the new email that had arrived in his personal email box. He ignored it for a bit as he finished up reviewing a work document on his iPad while sitting on his screened-in porch. "What a great invention," he thought to himself as he took a break from the iPad to refill his scotch and returned to casually check his email. The re line stated: "Craigslist-- Response to posting 'Erotic Hypnosis'." The sender's name was "sassythoughts." He had posted to the casual encounters section of Craigslist several days earlier seeking a woman with the following message: "MWM 40s seeks woman to explore erotic hypnosis. Beginner looking to practice my craft. Not looking for sex. Chaperones welcome." For the first 24 hours after his posting he had gotten the usual stream of spam and one "real" email from a girl who was curious but ultimately stopped responding after a few message. Since then, there had been no responses and he had actually forgotten he had posted. This response seemed somewhat promising, however.

The email stated that the author was a young woman in her mid-20s who was very interested in anything sexually adventurous, and was particularly interested in hypnosis and neural programming language. She asked if he was a killer or stalker and asked him to provide more information about how this might happen. He quickly responded that he was not a stalker or killer and asked to see her picture while providing one of himself, which he hoped would not drive her away too fast. She responded almost immediately to the photo email and proposed that they meet at Starbucks the next day after work, around 8 pm. He agreed and closed his computer, excited and nervous about what the next day might bring.

The next day was brutal at work, his bosses wanted a bunch of new things done "yesterday" and his colleagues kept him busy with questions until around 6 pm. At around 7:30, he grabbed his suit coat and walked confidently to Starbucks, not quite sure what would happen next. He ordered his usual latte and sat at the bar by the front door to wait. At exactly 8 she entered the store. She was wearing knee high light brown boots, a wrap skirt in a tweedy-type fabric, an off-white silk blouse, and a brown leather biker jacket. He watched from his semi-hidden spot as she went to the line and ordered a skinny vanilla latte. She hadn't noticed him and stood with her back to him as she waited for the barista to make her drink. He noticed that she was fidgeting considerably, her hands seemed to twist together and then go to her chest or to tap on her thighs. She was leaning back on her heels and swaying from foot to food. Finally, the barista handed the drink over and she turned and faced him. She was very attractive, not drop dead beautiful by any means, but she had a nice italian face, olive skin, very long black hair that seemed a little unkept or was ruffled by a long work day, and a fit-but-curvy figure that rounded her hips nicely. She looked at him and realized that he was her "date." She smiled and sat next to him on the coffee bar, letting her knee peak thru the slit of her wrap skirt as she crossed her legs.

"So Mr. Hypnotist, where do we go from here?" she said. She was clearly experienced with meeting men off craigslist. There was no chit chat, no names, just an abrupt, what-are-you-going-to-do-for-me-tonight attitude. He explained how they needed to find a quiet place where she could relax and she explained how she had suggested that they meet at 8 because her office was just upstairs and was empty. She stood up and looked at him with a smile and started walking away. He jumped up, almost dropping his coffee, to follow in her wake. He watched her full hips sway under her short leather jacket as she lead the way out the door and into the main atrium of the building. She didn't say a word as they rode the elevator up to her floor, then led the way to her office, which was in the middle of the floor and had a full wall of windows looking out onto some cubicles. She sat down in her office chair, spreading her legs and letting the skirt fall away to the sides, but not so far that he could see up it. "Show me what you got Mr. Hypnotist," she said as she leaned back in her chair.

His induction was basic -- nothing fancy. He started by just having her relax, squeezing and relaxing her muscles from her toes to her head - one muscle group at a time. As she relaxed more, he began the imagery of feeling herself floating on a cloud in a beautiful sky and then feeling the cloud lower in starts as she turned a marked nob from 10 down to 1. He then had her imagine herself on a table with red silk covering her body, counting as the scarfs fell around her from 10 to 1, each scarf taking her deeper. More importantly, as each scarf fell, he told her, he could feel a warm sensation churning in her stomach, getting warmer and even hot. He could sense how relaxed she was as he then had the warm sensation travel around her body, down to her thighs and her calves to her toes, back up slowly through her stomach and chest to her head, then down her arms to her fingertips and back up to fill her breasts, moving into her nipples making them hard and hot.

She moaned softly as her chest rose toward the sky, while the rest of her body relaxed. He could see her nipples pointing through her shirt -- she clearly had removed her bra before the evening started, though he hadn't noticed until now.

He then described how the hot sensation was extending from her nipples into her breasts and moving slowly down her stomach. He watched her breathing quicken as the heat sensation moved lower. He described the heat moving through her left labia, to her asshole, then back up her right labia. Her breathing had quickened and her body was vibrating gently as he watched. He described for her how the energy ball he had conjured was collecting in her belly button, getting superheated. He could see that beads of sweat had formed on her brow. He then described how the ball of heat suddenly moved toward and enveloped her clit in a flash of lightening. As he did, her body lurched forward in her chair and she let out a long low moan. She then collapsed backward into the chair, pushing her hips high into the air, thrusting three, then four times. He could see her impressively-thick labia covered in dew as her hips thrust upward and could see her ass clenching tight in rhythm with her gentle orgasm. He then told her to relax and to release all feeling as he counted to 10. By the time he got to 4 she was relaxed back into the chair. That was when he smelled her sex wafting across the room.

He decided that the room needed to get considerably warmer for this experiment to continue (to be continued).

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