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He wanted to show them how good he got it.
Jake always knew how to set me off. Hot breath on my ear, kisses on my neck, and a caress of my hip and I would melt. Every time, but I was reluctant to be close in public. I didn't like to be intimate with people around, but he did. He finally got his way that day....

The teacher drones on like another usual day, and I take notes, like every usual day, yet today Jake wanted to sit closer to me. I can feel his hand lingering on my hip, his fingers playing with the waistline as he watches the teacher lecture.Using his hand on my hip he pulls me right against him.

"Stop" I mouth as I notice that we are completely alone in the back row of the hall...

He smiles before leaning in and whispering "You know you love it". His breath caresses my ear and I can feel myself getting hot for him. He lightly kisses down my neck as his hand slides from my hip to the inside of my thigh, my checkered skirt a flimsy covering as his fingers slip slowly up my thigh.

I shiver with excitement as he runs his hand up to the top of my panties before hooking them with his fingers and pulling them off my body.

He smirks as he notices the liquid shimmering down my thigh. I gasp as he slowly strokes the opening of my pussy, his fingers coating themselves in my juice. He plunges them into me, stroking deeply, making me whimper silently as I try to hold in the moans.

With his other hand, he unbuttons his khakis before pulling them down enough to expose his cock. He continues to stroke my neck, yet as he does he pulls my head down towards his dick and instantly I wrap my lips around his hot shaft. Sliding my tongue lightly over the soft skin, I suck on his cock. Deeply at first before pulling out to the tip, then plunging it back into my mouth. I watch as he bites his lips, holding his moans, his hand working feverishly between my legs, coaxing me closer and closer to climax.

Just before I am about to cum from his touch, he stops me by pulling my chin up to his lips. He kisses me harshly as he yanks his khakis all the way off and slides me onto his lap. Slowly, I feel his cock fill me and it takes all my strength not to cry out in pleasure. I wait until I am comfortable on his huge cock before rocking forward and back, riding his hips as his dick moves in and out of me. I whimper gently as he starts to pound harder and harder, holding my arms to keep me still above him. I lean down and bite his shoulder to muffle my moans as he keeps pushing deeper and deeper into me. Suddenly, his cock fills me with his hot sticky cum, right before an orgasm rips through my body, my cries finally escaping my lips.

"Shhh!" the teacher cries as I shake next to Jake, his pants already on his waist and a smirk on his lips. After my orgasm passes, I look at him, his smirk still planted on his face.

"Who saw us?" I whisper to him at the end of the period. I see stares from people in the class, most of them smirking just like Jake was. He slips his hand around my waist, pulls me against his side, before whispering in my ear:


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