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A lighthearted story.


“What do you want right now?” I ask myself out loud as I’m searching for a new story idea. “Coffee” I answer myself like a crazy person, and then I say “Everything, I want everything!”

So then I start to wonder, should the story be called “Coffee” of should it be called “Everything”? Then I made myself a coffee and just started typing. I hope you enjoy.



It’s really hot outside and we’ve been sunbathing. It’s lunchtime and the sun is getting hotter by the second so we decide to come indoors for a while to cool down.

The first thing I do is run upstairs and take off my strappy top so I can see how much I’ve tanned so far, the light in the bathroom is best for this particular task and seeing as I’m undressed now, I decide on a tepid shower.


“I’m just jumping in the shower” I shout to you,   “Can I have a coffee please?”

I don’t hear your reply but you’re definitely mumbling something I think to myself as I climb into the shower, instantly feeling slightly sore on my back when the water makes contact. I guess I must have caught the sun more than I realised.


The bathroom door is open and through the transparent shower curtain I can make out your silhouette, you’re standing in the doorway watching me as the water cascades over my face.

“I wonder how much he can see?” I think to myself and immediately I feel excited that you’re watching me.

I take the bar of Dove soap from its shelf and begin to soap myself all over. I start with my shoulders and work my way round to my breasts paying them some ‘much needed’ attention. My nipples are erect and I play with them slowly.

I run the bar of soap over my stomach and leave a trail of foam that I subsequently massage into my pussy lips. Still I can see you stood there and you don’t move an inch.

I lather up foam in my hands and drop the soap then using one hand I open my pussy lips and rub suds into my already swelling pussy.

I’m imagining how I must look now and I’m trying hard to put on a show for you, my head thrown back and my eyes closed, I know you’re still there in the doorway I can sense you.

I’m rubbing my clit and it’s growing beneath my fingertips, it’s building up to bursting point.

I take down the shower from its cradle and I adjust the nozzle so its spray is harder. Still holding my pussy lips open I aim the shower head at my growing need and fantasise that you’re playing with my clit, that you’re kneeling before me, using your fingers on the parts of me that would beg if they could.

In just moments I feel the most incredible orgasm engulf me and my legs go weak as I feel myself spasm insanely and pleasure oozes from my undulating pussy.

I cry out now, not because I have an audience but because I have no control over it, the intensity takes me by surprise and the fact that you’re watching me is just arousing me more, arousing my mind as I wonder what you’re thinking as you witness my self induced thrill.


When I have recovered enough I turn off the shower and pull back the curtain, you’re still standing there and your cock is straining through your shorts, you have this look about you, this wanton look that makes me feel as though you’re about to jump on me.

I try to smile but smiles and horniness don’t mix too well with me, and I have this innocent look about me that completely contradicts what just happened and is about to happen.

I don’t bother with a towel I just walk towards you and embrace you with water dripping from me.

Your hands cup my face and you kiss me hard and furiously.

I am hungry for you, starved in fact and my fingers on your face clawing if only my nails weren’t blunt tell you what my mouth doesn’t and they ask you for everything.


I feel your cock pushing into my stomach and I know I have to release it, have to touch it and taste the pre-cum I know exists already.

I untie your shorts and slide them down to your ankles, I’m on my knees now and I look up at you with big brown eyes as my mouth seeks your inquisitive cock and I get my first taste of you.

My eyes don’t leave yours as I sink my throat onto your needy cock swallowing it, and still striving to take more.

As I look up at you I wonder whether this would make a good snapshot and decide that how could it not.

My hands clench your ass extenuating my hunger, and your hands, they clutch handfuls of my wet hair, your fingers flexing, making you feel in touch, in control.

Faster and faster I suck the length of you, encouraged by the look of pure untamed lust in your eyes.

Finally and at this point if my mouth wasn’t full of you, I would cry out myself as you buck towards me and I drink your warm salty cum like a dehydrated dog laps at a puddle.

Only when I am certain that I have consumed every last drop of you do I slowly get to my feet.

Taking you by the hand I lead you to the bedroom, if you thought this was over, you’d better think harder because this is never going to be finished.


I am still sopping wet from my recent orgasm and fresh juices are threatening to drip from my aching pussy. At this moment I have needs of my own and I’ll beg you if I have to, sod it I’ll beg you anyway, we both know I can’t help it.


My bed feels soft beneath us you’re laying flat on your back still smiling my favourite sort of smile, a contented one.

I straddle you, my wetness leaving a trail of juices on your leg as I deliberately slide myself over you.

I guide your hand to my desperate cunt and gasp as you make contact, as you discover just how bad my need is.




I whisper to you as I watch your fingers go to work on me.


The expression on my face pleads with you but what I need is beyond my comprehension.

I’m watching you play with my smooth hairless pussy, watching your fingers gently rolling around my clit.

With your other hand you probe inside me and find a place that finds the most wonderful sensation I’ve ever experienced and a waterfall, one which surprises us both, soaks you, satisfies me, and makes your cock grow hard.


Now I’m using my fingers to scoop my own juices into my mouth, I could say that I’m doing it to drive you wild and I suppose I am but I do taste delicious and there’s plenty to go round. I rub my wet fingers over your lips and you suck on them hungrily before I retract them and dig for more.

It’s becoming out of control now and I’m rubbing my juices all over your face, enjoying being in charge.

I’m satisfied you’ve had enough for now and I rise up and slowly sink myself down onto the full length of your cock, I’m at a fucking awesome angle and your cock rubs all the right places as it makes the journey into my darkest place.

I find myself riding you hard and fast because I can’t sit on this gorgeous cock of yours and not fuck it like a maniac.

You’re moaning under me, it make me go faster, makes me want more than anything to get you where you’re heading.

My breasts are bouncing around in front of your face and you try desperately to suck at and lick my nipples, I’m not stopping for you though, I’m not stopping for anything until I feel you spurting copious amounts of cum into me.

The noises I’m making, well I can’t describe them but they describe my pleasure well.

It’s too much for you when I scream that I’m coming on your cock and you let go completely, you grab me, and using your hips and your sheer desire to cum, you give us both what we need.

I collapse on top of you, my head buried in your shoulder and I laugh because I don’t have the words to tell you that you are fucking wonderful.


“I need a cigarette”


I finally say when I’ve recovered.

I climb off of you and squirm as our bodies part company our combined juices start to trickle from my well and truly fucked pink pussy.

I stretch for my cigarettes and you watch me as I light up inhale deeply and enjoy the first few post coital puffs. I’m smiling at you because I have nearly a whole packet left and from you I want everything.



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