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Exhibitionist Vicariously Through My Wife

Just another way you can live your life as an exhibitionist through your wife
Just a short experience this time.

So, while we were up at Avila, I suggested my wife take a hot tub and get a massage.  The first time was fine, typical massage with a sheet.  The thought of some guy massaging her just about nude was quite appealing to me.  I knew that a sheet, while providing a minimum of cover could be strategically moved to reveal the treasures that lay underneath.  A guy would have to be a moron or gay not to try. 

The next time, I asked her to "help" the sheet expose herself.  As the masseur was massaging her upper pecs, she tugged the sheet until her nipples came out.  As he worked on her the sheet ended up off her breasts entirely.  He matter-of-factly asked her if her breasts were "tender" to which she said "No."  He moved the sheet all the way down to her pubic bone and proceeded to spend about ten minutes on her breasts.  She said to me later, "Well, you know my nipples just popped and became hard as rocks.  I wish he would have twisted them a little."  I nearly came right there when she said that!  She really knows how to get to me.  She said as he was massaging her she could feel his erection as he would lean in. 

The third time, I wanted just a little bit more.  I asked her to just toss the sheet and see if the guy would object to her getting a nude massage.  She took her hot tub and the masseur came to get her.  When they got to the room, he showed her the rest room where the clean sheets were to cover herself with, she went in put her robe in the dirty and walked out of the restroom nude and only her spa slippers.  She said "I hope you don't mind."  She thought he might refuse because he said, "The customer is not supposed to be nude according to California law..., to which she quickly, and, smartly answered, "I have slippers on!" What a jewel!  He gestured to the table and she walked over to the table took off her slippers and lay on her stomach. 

Now, you have to remember, my wife is blonde, beautifully built and knockout looks, great tan that she works on up on our balcony, and damn near shaved (which leaves nothing to the imagination). 

The masseur started on her upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, slowly working his way down to the small of her back and stopped.  He went to the back of the table by her feet and gently took her right leg and moved it to the right so that her foot was hanging just over the right side.  Then he did the same with her left leg.  She told me later that as he did this she thought to herself, "This is new!"  I know this view, and I knew exactly what he was seeing.  But, better than that, I later found out that massage tables are usually 27" wide.  That is one wide spread, like the great outdoors!  She went with it, and, although they usually start higher on the leg, he started with her feet slowly working his way up.  As he reached the top of her thigh, he got as close as he could to her vulva without touching with his fingers (although that didn't stop his "accidental" brushing the back of his hand as he was massaging the top of her thigh.  Same routine with the other leg. 

Then, from directly from behind her, he began to massage her ass.  As she told me, he put his hands just below her cheeks and put his thumbs inward.  She wasn't sure exactly, but a lot of tugging was going on between his thumbs.  She thought that he was slyly trying to open her labia, at which he apparently succeeded (she felt her lips pulling apart).  This is no small feat to do!  I know, I've tried it and it's not an easy thing to do two inches or so away from her labia, without her feeling like she's being pulled apart.

So, he finished and asked her to turn over.  He turned toward the table for more oil, and she, knowing what he had just accomplished told me she knew I would love what she would do next.  Remember, we're not wild swingers, we just like to have a little fun. 

While he was turned away, and she was turning over, she quickly put one hand between her legs and drew one of her fingers upward to open her labia a little more then spread her legs across the table just like he had them when she was on her stomach (she told me she knew this would keep her lips open).  I can't tell you the excitement I felt when she was telling me all these things.  I love to relive them often!

She said it got quiet for a short time and she lifted her head just a little to see what was going and there he was at the end of the table, leaning forward for a close-up, just staring between her legs.  She just put her head back down and acted like nothing had happened.  Typical massage, but he did massage her breasts, and since she has almost no pubic hair, he massaged around and on her labia majora and pubic bone, again, all around her vulva, but not touching her labia minora. 

Then, something new again!  He lifted her leg, and put her heel on his shoulder, then massaged from her calf up to the top of her thigh.  This guy was having fun!  He, of course, did the same with the other leg.  Two hours for the price of one AND he refused the tip!  Fun for all of us!

I'm always pushing the envelope (but ever so slightly).  The last time we were there I asked her to take her hot tub (which are in a somewhat secluded area) and then lie down with her feet facing the gate and masturbate.  Now I know I set my hopes high, but I asked if she could try to come as the masseur arrived.  Thankfully, she's not a screamer, but I love to watch her as she comes and her whole body tightens up, her back arches, and she twitches and jerks before collapsing into a mass of quivering jello!

The hot tub was in a high area and there are wood steps leading to all the different tubs, so you can here someone coming.  Fortunately, my wife is able to speed up her routine to come faster.  She heard the steps coming and brought up the pace.  Here's where the problem begins!  She tends to go off into herself as she gets closer and closer to climax and she did not know if her masseuse saw her or if he even said anything to her, or if he even made it up there.  She does know that there were no other tubs around being used at that time.  She did her the steps getting fairly close but then lost it!  She came and heard no more.  About 10 minutes later, her masseur arrived, but she is not really sure if he saw or not.  Me, I like to think he did, watched a little and quietly sneaked away.  She did say the walking seemed the same, so who knows?  I hope he got an eyeful of my wife.  I can't tell you how happy this hot, super sexy woman makes me feel!  Just the fact that she goes a little bit further just because she knows I like it makes me love her all the more.

One final thing about the last time.  We experimented with several lubricants, and while this may sound a bit strange, I thought it might make for a more fun day for the masseur.  My wife "remembered" that I had her credit card and sent him out to get it from me (I was conveniently waiting in the outside patio, so it took a little longer for him to find me).  While he was gone my wife got her purse and took out one of those syringes (not a needle but to administer medication) preloaded with a certain amount of lubricant, lay down on her back and squirted it into her vagina.  She rolled over onto her stomach,  put the syringe back in her purse, and waited for her masseur to get back with her card (we experimented quite a bit to get the right effect).  

Do you see where we were going here? 

We really worked planning this out.  We knew the lubricant would stay inside of her as long as she lay on her belly.  We knew the masseur would first massage her tits when she turned over onto her back.  Her nipples would "pop."  While he was busy on her tits, a little stream of "wetness" would begin to leak out of the bottom of her vulva, and the masseur when he moved between her legs, could not miss this wet little stream.  Between the popped nipples and the juices flowing, he probably thought she was ready to explode.  Needless to say, the stream would run down her butt and onto the sheet on the table, leaving him a spot to remember her by!  I can only imagine what he did with it after she left!  Well, hers or not, it was inside her.

More real stories to come.      
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