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Tris was to be punished, in the best ways possible.
"...-derstand, Tris? Do you understand?" Eric's deep voice snapped Tris out of the stupor she was having. The twenty year old woman blinked thrice, her dark eyes sparking with fear and more prominently, arousal. "Huh? Wha'?" She stuttered out, a slight blush covering her cheeks and delicate nose.

A swift slap to her ass caused the petite woman to squeak and jump slightly. "I said," the brown haired man said, chuckling a little, "put on your school girl outfit and the underwear I laid out for you on the bed, then come out of the bedroom again after I call you, do you understand?"

Tris nodded vigorously and dashed up the stairs to their bedroom, rubbing her right butt cheek and moaning softly, feeling her nether regions begin to moisten. She found her school girl outfit already laid out: her pale blue comforter, as well as a thin, nearly transparent bra and a small, matching bikini-cut panties.

She pulled on the small panties, easily slipping them up her legs, then thighs, but she had to struggle them up her ass, wriggling her hips and jumping to pull them across her ample butt cheeks. She hooked the bra on, the cups of it fitting her C-cup breasts perfectly and the black haired woman squirmed, enjoying the silky feeling that encased her breasts.

Then she buttoned on the silky, white top. It was sheer and her nearly see through bra didn't help. Her dark areolas and hard nipples were shown and Tris blushed after seeing her reflection at the wall mirror, which took up one wall in the large bedroom. She clipped on the short, plaid skirt, which barely covered her ass and pussy.

She sat down on the bed, slipping on the white, ankle socks and pulling on 3 inch black heels, causing her five foot frame to enhance. She stood up and tried to balance, unsuccessfully, and tripped over, falling to her knees and mewling softly in pain.

Tris heard her name being called downstairs and stood up quickly. She wobbled unsteadily down the stairs and was extremely surprised by what she saw. There, her dominant boyfriend was sitting on the couch, with his three drinking buddies with him, having wide grins on their faces, and their eyes sparkling merrily and also lustfully.

"Well, well, look what we have here, a naughty school girl," one of Eric's friends, Dave, said laughingly, his brown stubble moving up after each laugh that his large body let out. They all laughed, except Tris, who blushed and pouted slightly. Then another of Eric's friends, Thomas, stood up and walked to Tris, his blue green eyes sparking with glee.

He grabbed Tris's ass and squeezed it gently, emitting a squeal from the small woman. Then he slapped it hard and rubbed it. Tris moaned and blushed, realising the lewd show she was giving to the four men. "You're liking that, aren't you? Naughty girl." Eric tutted and smirked.

Tris pulled away from the tall, green eyed man and hid her ass from him. "Heh, such large aroelas you have, all the better to suck them." Thomas commented. Tris blushed more and was surprised to notice that her arousal was growing the more she was embarrassed. The last of Eric's friends that he had over, Ashton, sniffed the air and chuckled. "She's wet, check her."

Thomas laughed and slipped a finger up her skirt and into her panties. He pulled them back out and presented his now wet finger to the other men in the room. "She's soaking," he announced, and licked the juices off his finger. "Sweet."

Eric stood up and pulled Tris to their dining table. It was big and wooden, seeming to dwarf the woman. He dragged her across it and let her legs dangle down. Tris had to tiptoe to reach the floor, even with her three inch heels. Her skirt rode up and revealed her barely covered ass. Eric smacked it harshly and admired how his girlfriend's ass flattened and bounced back up. Apparently, his friends did too as they gathered around the whimpering lady, their hands twitching, obviously wanting to touch her ass too.

Ashton's hands found themselves on his friend's submissive's soft, round ass and he stroked it, causing the woman under their hands to shiver. He was encouraged by his friend's approving nod and the mewls the woman let out. "Ooooh, more..."

They laughed amongst themselves and they each gave a hard smack on her pert bottom.

"Take her panties off!" Dave cheered. Thomas whooped at that comment and nudged Ashton to do it. The black haired man did pull the sheer panties down and stuck his finger into her soaking wet pussy. Tris let out more mewls and wriggled her hips lewdly.

"Ooooh, it feels... So... Goooood..." The sweating woman moaned out and panted, she was so close. She was going to... to...

But then the probing finger stopped and popped out, causing Tris to groan in frustration and disappointment. She heard them all laugh and felt hands on her ass, kneading it and then spreading it. She knew who it was, she'd know the feel of her own dominant's hands.

"God, look at that asshole, it's so puckered," Dave said, lust deepening his voice. A finger rested on top of her rosebud. Then it was gone. "Dammit, I want to cum!" she yelled.

Harsh slaps rained down her ass. More slaps continued, but they felt different. She heard footsteps that faded and after a while she heard footsteps that got louder again. A pull on her hair caused her head to pull up and she saw Eric there, a semi-large butt plug in his left hand and in the right, a bottle of lube.

"Part two of your punishment, Tris."

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