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Father Xmas Who's your Daddy Party

Spiced Holiday Party Action
The Happy Holidays dinner party was going relatively well I suppose, I had the honor of being Master of Ceremonies. The one hundred guest in the hotel ballroom seated at the tables were as diverse as one could imagine since it was being hosted by an Allegheny County Alternative Lifestyle chapter. The invitations having been posted on Alt. Com and Adult Friend were open to anyone during the allotted time frame.  Regular member had first dibs and at large requests were selected by committee; yes photos were required.

 Because the Holiday Party committee was chaired by Lady Everham who was from Birmingham, England, I was dressed in the green robes of Father Christmas instead of the usual red suit. As Emcee I had the task of ensuring the entertainment portion of the party moved along properly and making announcements as needed. My primary duty was in fact to pass out the gifts for those people that had their names on one of my lists, and that was what all the boys and girls looked forward to.

 The entertainment was a live band and they were good, plus a talent show in between the band's sets. For some reason people like to perform their stupid human tricks in public and the talent show was not always a crowd favorite. Last year I spiced it up Apollo Theater style, but we didn't have the Sand Man escort you off stage.

Bad acts paid a price for the rotten performances; if you sucked, you might really have to suck. If you know, what I mean. 

This year the punitive measures were being handled by a tall dominatrix know as the Kraken; due to her expertise with the lash. She attended all the group functions, yet nobody knew who she was because she wore black clothing from head to toe, which included a mask of some sort at every event. Also she never spoke above a whisper; I myself did not know what her voice sounded like.

We were observing a woefully inept juggling act during one of the band's breaks. I suppose the performer thought the ability to keeping four working vibrators in the air was interesting but the crowd was getting restless and the vibrators kept hitting the deck. 

Finally I held up my hand to stop the act. All the vibrators crashed to the floor with a clatter as the Juggler froze; except for the noticeable shuddering. Fear no doubt of what the Kraken was about to do to her.

I was feeling merciful since she was a pretty girl and that always meant extra pain from the Kraken.

"Seven lashes with the bamboo!" I announced with my cordless microphone.

"Oh that's chicken shit," a woman cried out from the crowd. 

"And ten lashes for the big mouth. Now come forward and take your medicine for back talking Father Christmas," I quipped at the heckler.

 I waited ten seconds and still didn't have my heckler. I was miffed at being dissed, so I stood up and point in the direction the voice came from.

I announced, "Very well we will carry out carry out the seven, but the guilty party better present their self when we're done, or everyone over here will face the lady in black."

I heard the crowd buzzing, as the Kraken march the juggler to the portable whipping post she brought.

 The six foot wooden post jutted up from four long horizontal legs on the floor. From the top of the post hung cuffs, which were clapped on to Juggler in short fashion. Then the Kraken gathered the woman’s little black dress in to neat pleats which she lift high enough to place the gathered end between the woman's clenched teeth.

 The juggler watched over her shoulder as her own panties were lowered to her knees by the Kraken. Before walking back to pick up the rod she used for caning the ole' Krak’ motioned with a hand for he woman to turn around and look away. 

The band's drummer who had finished enjoying a drink at the bar decided to get into the act. So he played a drum roll as the kraken approached the woman with bamboo in hand. With blurring speed the rod smacked loudly against the woman's buttocks.

 The juggler's muffled cry was drowned out by the crowd as they shouted in unison “One!” 

The juggler stomped her foot hard several times. I'm sure it was a feeble attempt to take her mind off the sting of the bamboo. The slim rod’s red imprint faded quickly, only to be replaced by an angry white welt that mushroomed instantly.

 Again the rod found it mark and the welt had a twin to join it in the world. The juggler by now swung her hips back and forth quickly trying to extinguish the heat burning her bottom.

 I picked up my microphone and walked over to the juggler holding up my hand to pause the beating.

 When I was beside the juggler I asked her a simple question, "I bet you will find a better use for your personal electronics?" 

She nodded her head in agreement, and in that instant when her mind was not in the moment, the Kraken fixed landed another blow against her butt.

An ear splitting cry came from the jugglers mouth as the end of her dress dropped from her open maw. The dress just covered her tightly clenched cheeks when another solid shot burned through the black cloth to roast her flesh once more.
 The crowd roared approvingly as the woman danced a jig in pain, "Three...four!” 

The poor Juggler nearly tripped herself when her panties fell around her ankle as she hopped and kicked in agony. I being Father Christmas gifted her by leaning over to remove the dangerous garment impeding her feet.

I'm not above copping a free feel either and ran my hands beneath the woman's dress and squeezed her hot buns in my hands. 

"Now that's a hot piece of ass!" I shouted into my mic. 

The crowd exploded into laughter. I even got a rim shot from the drummer. 

"Show us," The crowd chanted until I lifted the black dress.

So I exposed the Juggler’s battered posterior, now a bright mottle of pink, rose, and crimson, and flipped the garment over the woman's head to get it out the way. 

The Juggler tried to shake the dress off her head, and the distraction again took her attention off her situation.

The Kraken quickly reminded her where her mind needed to be, as the crowd shouted while the rod was still in flight before it crashed smartly. "Five!” 

I took a look at the poor wretch's ass and though surely she could not take two more lashes without her skin splitting. I held up my hand and stopped the proceedings to a shower of boo's. 

"Just hold on, I need to check for open wounds. Someone bring me a wet towel or napkin.” I said. 

Instantly one of the waiting staff brought me a wet bar towel. As the waitress walked away; wearing only an apron; I thought of my next group participation activity.

But first I dabbed the cool wet towel over the Jugglers flesh. She moaned softly as the towel soothed the throbbing hot stabs on pain. She closed her eyes releasing the welled up tears which started down her face, taking her eye makeup too creating black streams on her cheeks. 

I continued to dab the angry welts crisscrossing that pretty ass. I bet she never got beat like I did as a child, when Grand Ma would get you wet before putting the switch to you. 

I wrung the towel out over her butt, before motioning for the Kraken to continue. The next blow was a visual masterpiece, as water drops exploded off the juggler’s buttocks when the rod struck.

 The crowd responded like they were at a fireworks display, Ooohs and ahhhhs coming from their mouths, most didn't even bother to count the sixth blow.

 The Juggler’s reaction may have caused them to forget counting also. On impact she jump off the ground and slammed against the post moving it several feet across the floor as she screamed pure gibberish trying to out run the searing pain before she collapsed blubbering to dangle limply from the manacles that held her arms.

"Only one more to go..." I said bring the crowd back into the fun. The drummer started a drum roll and with a whoosh the rod bit into the juggler for the last time. 

It was very anti climatic as the limp form of the Juggler barely registered the lash, I guess the poor dears body just shut down in shock.

"Okay someone in here owes me for being a wise ass, I haven't forgotten. The longer you make me wait the worst it's going to be," I informed the crowd. 

Anyway the party had to move on, so I point to the band and they started to play and the folks went back to dancing and drinking, hooking up with their partners for the evening.

 I sat back down on my throne and plotted. I couldn't actually have the Kraken beat an entire section of tables. 

 Twenty minute later the band took another break and people opened the doors to step outside to smoke or cool off from dancing. As they the crowd milled around I noticed two people standing in front of my throne.

One was Lady Everham; dressed in a form fitting red velvet dress suit with white fur trim. She looked many years younger then the Sixty year old woman that she was. The other woman was Lady Everham's thirty year old concubine; Ginger a waifish little thing who acted like a teenager. Ginger was dressed in her usual punk attire of tight jeans, sneakers and a cut up tee shirt. Maybe Lady Everham made her dress that way.
I thought I was in for another stupid human trick, so I motioned them forward to inquire what they wanted. To my surprise; and relief; since Ginger fronted an all girl band that blew chunks; I was presented with my Heckler.

 As the crowd filed back in I made several announcements.

"Ok if I could have everyone come back inside and close the doors so we can take care of our next bit of business," I said as my voice caused the mic to crackle with feedback.

First I wanted to throw a red herring out to the party crowd. 

So I told them, “Ok now I have a complaint for the waiting staff it seems that someone put a pubic hair on my coke..." I waited to see if anyone got the joke, before I continued. “...So now I want everyone to check the waiter or waitress closet to you at this moment and check them for proper grooming. And by properly groomed I mean this.” 

I then lifted the apron of the little Latina who was my personal waitress that evening revealing her fresh Brazilian wax job. I looked around the banquet room to see the wait staff was being assailed by the guests who were lifting aprons to check their grooming. 

 As expected two males and one female had decided they were not to groom, enough though they had been warned. The offenders were promptly led to the post by Ole Krak.

Once there they were summarily given six lashes a piece. The Kraken once again left no doubt about her skills with the pocket snake. The six foot, twelve plait leather whip branded a K on the left and right cheek of each offender.

For the rest of the party the guests took great pleasure in touching and squeezing the emblazoned flesh of the servers as they continued to wait on tables. Each time they were in arms length of some curious guest they were groped. I believe they quite enjoyed being abused by the end of the night.  

But I digress; I finally informed the audience that the culprit I sought earlier had finally surrendered to me. I was all set to turn Ginger over to the Kraken’s gentle caress, but I suddenly had a moment of inspiration.  

Why just beat Ginger, she obviously enjoyed that experience, so I changed my mind on the form of punishment I would inflict upon her. 

I called the Kraken over and whispered in her ear. I saw her eyes widen in surprise then narrow to slits as she eyed Ginger while smiling menacingly.  

I picked up my mic and spoke to the crowd as they watched in fascination at what the Kraken was removing from her travel chest of wicked wonders.  

I split their attention so as not to ruin the surprise I had for them. 

"As you all know Ginger is known for enjoying her time under the lash. Therefore I had to come up with the most egregious punishment I could think of for her." 

As I spoke the Kraken cuffed Ginger's right wrist to her left ankle and left wrist to her right ankle. She then removed a riding crop from her chest and caressed Ginger's neither region with gentle mocking lashes.  

Ginger smiled her crooked little sneer, as to say "I enjoy a good pussy spanking." I'm sure the guests were expecting the same thing, but most of the ladies watching probably would cringe at the prospect of getting their labia lashed with a crop. 

Now I was ready to drop my bomb on Ginger, "Ladies and Gentleman holiday spirit of giving I am gifting you for the next thirty minutes the most deliciously twisted treat."  

I noticed Gingers smile had dropped at the thought of getting her pussy whipped for thirty minutes, but even I'm not that cruel without a reason.

 As I spoke the Kraken returned to her chest and removed a large covered object, which she brought over to where I was standing. 

"I present to you..." and with my best Chairman Kaga imitation I whipped back the cover to reveal my surprise, "Ginger the cumslut."  

Ginger screamed as she saw that Ole Krak was holding a bukake collar in her hands. 

I held the struggling brat as the collar was put on her neck and locked in place. Then a clear bowl shape piece was slipped over her head and wedged down on the collar like stopper in a bottle.  

"Okay don't be shy boys step up and make a contribution, don’t waste that shot in tissue later when you can help this little bimbo get her daily requirement of man juice now." 

I thought my idea would be wasted until an earring wearing stud from the back on the room came forward and dropped his trousers right in front of Ginger and started stroking his swand. 

Ginger tried to move away but Ole Krak grab brass lock the secured the collar and held it like a handle to keep her head still. She also gave Ginger’s little cunny a few whacks with the crop to keep her in line. 

"Come on who else wants to bust a nut on this little lovely." I chided the crowd. 

Then slowly a few more men took the offer to come forward and cum on Ginger. Then before I realized it there was a five man circle jerk in using Ginger as a target. The crowd was murmuring and I heard some giggling as the men beat there meat furiously, sudden like road rage they all wanted to get there first.  

Then there was a line down that trailed out in between the table about fifteen deep. The mob syndrome was beginning to take over, and the folks waiting started to fuss at those already at the trough.  

"Hurry up you weenies," One fellow bellowed while stroking himself through his trousers.  

"Move out the way so we can see," Yelled a female in the audience.  

Cat calls were flying back in forth as the natives got very restless.

 Then one youngster grunted and started to release his seed in a series of long arching globs. The first few over shot the target and a man opposite him became collateral damage. 

"Hey ya fucking fag I oughtta...Oww fuck!" The splashed jerker yelled. 

Cut off in mid sentence by the Kraken cracking him across the hand with her crop, as she waved a chastising finger at him.  

"Can't we all just get along?" I asked the crowd, as I laughed at the abused chap. 

Cum sprayed and spanked to boot he slunk away stuffing his shrinking member back in his pants with his good hand. 

With the first nut of the night dripping down the side of her head Ginger screamed in frustration, that was a bad move. Her open mouth made an inviting target and two stroking men squirted loads on her face almost at once. The bit that landed in her mouth made her wretch, but that excited the initial dick skinner because he shot his load in heavy thick globs smack against Ginger's forehead and nose to ooze down like melting snow on a windshield.  

As the next group stepped up, the Lilith crowd decided to be heard from. Three women all dressed in long black gowns move forward.

The one in front shouted, "Stop this!" 

A hush came over the banquet hall as they moved forward. These three were ardent Femanazi, who would have had no problem if Ginger had been a twink, but they couldn't handle a female getting coated in love potion. 

"We are claiming this woman, shame on you all for this dreadful abuse of God' greatest creation." Said the leader a mature brunette with a butch cut.  

I as about to get pimpish when a woman intervened; and surprise it wasn't the Kraken. 

As the brunette stepped up on the riser where Ginger kneeled before my throne, a loud whip crack sounded.  

The brunette wailed in pain as she grabbed her wounded hip, then another crack sounded and she went down clutching at her back. 

My eyes darted around to find her abuser, and there was Lady Everham holding a ten foot bullwhip. I had noticed her earlier admiring the Krakens tool chest, but who knew she could handle the lash like a pro. 

The brunette’s lackeys rushed to their fallen leader, only to be scalded themselves with several lashes of the leather. Lady Everham was ladling the pain out liberally, and the rhythmic cracking of the whip made the women dance an abstract ballet. 

The leader fallen to the floor and crawling slowly off stage using only her hands due server bruising and paralyzing pain the whip had on her legs. The second woman lay prone with her arms covering her head and wailed in pain as the whip’s “cracker” popped every so slightly on her skin with the sting of one hundred paper cuts. The last woman; a blonde; seemed to enjoy her scourging. She was a bottom’s bottom, with arms crossing her breast and her back bared she writhed excitedly under each lick of the leather. Like the fairy tale, Goldilocks she was getting it just right, while others suffered with too much or not enough. 

We only needed one more act to become a three ring circus; I delved into the twisted recesses of my mind for another event. We had an bottoms getting beat, dicks getting beat, something had to compliment these activities somehow.  

Then I noticed we the Sybian Machine that was suppose to be a Major Award to some lucky raffle winner. Well I was Father Christmas so; I decided to throw a bone to the guests who just wanted a good fucking tonight. I had a strip of condoms in my pocket, did you think I came unprepared for a party with adult friend guests. 

"Okay Ladies this one for you. We are going to be giving Sybian rides to any lady who has one of these special Holiday Condoms.

 Who wants one?" I asked. 

Then I started tearing condoms off the strip and tossing them into the crowd. The last time I saw a battle over an object it involved a bouquet of flowers at the worlds most ghetto wedding.

 Small three and four woman groups grappled for the foil packets in six separate piles amidst over turned tables and chairs. The battle royals final concluded when six winners emerged after fighting free of the clutching hand that stripped dresses from bodies of the person possessing the prize.  

The six winners stood in a semi circle to wait their turn. Two were butt naked stripped by the combat, three pressed the remains of their clothes against their bodies the fact they were being so modest as they waited to get machine fucked in public still makes me scratch my head. One woman obviously had dressed for the occasion in her leather chaps, shorts and tight vest were askew but intact.

Now my little show was complete fucking, jerking and beating all in one place. I retreated to my throne to observe.  

Ginger's head was covered in spunk and there were still men lined up too put another load on her. Her tightly closed eye seemed to be pasted shut, and her smooth pink labia now looked like a couple pieces of chewed bubble gum after the Kraken's work with the crop. 

Lady Everham had slowed her pace and was walking amongst the three ladies. She would stop and have one lick her shoes or suck a finger. Goldilocks stuck her head out Lady Everham's skirt and did something that put a smile on the old girl's face.  

The first rider was actually pulled out the saddle by the woman waiting because she over stayed her turn. The second rider stuffed her condom over the phallus without removing the initial rider's. She slithered her way to a speedy orgasm, but stayed on until her time was completely over, bragging to the others about how great it felt. Well possession is nine tenths of the law I suppose in this case.

I let the kids play for an extra quarter of an hour before I closed down the show so we could hand had out the gifts. After that was completed the band cranked it up until two in the morning when I help shoo the last guest out.

As I was making my way to my room joined by my personal waitress; she was all of nineteen and like older men; when I heard a voice behind me said.

"The bukake collar was nice touch, wish I would have thought of that myself,” The woman said.

"Thanks I do try," I replied.

Turning around I saw the Kraken, and she spoke; aloud; to me.  

"I always wondered what your voice would sound like," I said slightly off guard, she had a ballsey young Barbra Stanwyck delivery. 

The Kraken said pointing to her mask, “Well to be honest, you've know for awhile. We have fucked a time or two at Otto’s place when I wasn't wearing this."

My mind was racing trying to think who she could be, since Otto's parties were all open orgies and I sampled many a leggy girl while there. She had surprised me again as I was lost in thought. 

"If you let me keep on my mask…I'll try to refresh your memory,” She offered.

I of course had my tender young thing already lined up, but I accepted her offer.

Alas I never did figure out who she was, but we did have a good time and Little Lupie discovered she liked older woman too, but that a tale for another time.

Have a Happy Holiday and to all a good night!

The End

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