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Festival Fuck

Re losing my virginity in the dirtiest way imaginable,
Festivals, probably one of the best experiences a person could have, definitely one of my favourite things. The people, music and alcohol consumption rolled into one is an atmosphere I thrive on. One of my favourite festivals as yet began on the 24 th August 2011.

Now, if we’re being picky, this whole thing began with an idea. I was sitting on the train with a group of my friends on our way to Reading and realised that I was the only single one in my group. I began to think about that one awful time I had sex, was it all really like that? I guessed it wasn’t when looking at how loved up my friends were, but at the same time I wasn’t particularly sure I cared all that much. Mainly because I’d learnt a lot about my body, what I liked, what I didn’t. And my god, did I have a fucking brilliant time learning.

The hours of the train journey rolled on with the sun beating down onto my freckled shoulders, the chit chat of my friends filling my ears and the smell of fresh cut grass blowing in through the windows. But one thing remained constant, the thought of having sex. Surely I was just unlucky with my first time. I began playing out multiple different situations in my head; imagine if I met someone at reading? He’d have to be perfect, tall, dark hair, cute. I’m stereotypical, forgive me. It was beginning to warm in my mind as I thought about the hype that surrounded it, my pussy began to leak onto the navy blue white lace trimmed panties I had on. This needed to happen; I needed to re discover sex.


We arrived at about 3 that afternoon and found large area thick with grass. We threw our bags down and grabbed a cider each out the cooler. This was going to be a good weekend. We put up the tents and headed out to explore the festival, checking out the Cure on our way. We danced the night out and I danced with a couple of guys but no one caught my attention, their grinding against my back just wasn’t doing it for me but I had a good time with my friends and got ridiculously drunk which was always enjoyable.

The following evening was similar but this time I was drinking Malibu which always made me horny. We headed over to the Foo Fighters gig early and got in the middle of the crowd before it started – they were the reason we came so we wanted to be in the midst of it. That’s when I saw you. Or heard you, should I say.

I was standing round chatting with my friends when I heard a deep English voice from behind, I’d always had a soft spot for intelligence and his voice oozed it. I snapped my head up and was greeted by a tall shirtless guy chatting with his friends.

Uh, his body, it enchanted me. His gorgeous olive skin radiated beauty like the sun above us, I allowed my emerald eyes roam down his torso which was slightly toned and towards his legs, they were covered up but I could tell they were muscly, I liked this. I looked back up, not even caring how obvious it was that I was checking this guy out and focused on his arms. They were big and strong, oh to be wrapped up in those. Then the grand finale, his face. It was a baby face, soft and rounded with big eyes. The cuteness and sexiness that surrounded him made my knees go weak and I couldn’t rip my eyes away from him, I was in a trance when suddenly a sharp pain jolted through my side.

“He’s cute, but they’re about to come on, stop ogling!” Amber mocked me. She was right, this could wait, I turned round and began to enjoy the music, dancing away the night. Half way through the set I felt a hot stream of air hit the base of my neck making a moan escape my lips, shit. Even brushing past my neck turned me on, I couldn’t help it. That’s when I heard your deep chuckle in my ear, oh god I just moaned for you, what else could you do?

“Did you like that sweetie? I thought you would, I caught you checking me out with those big eyes of you, bet you were planning pouncing after the Foo’s, right?”

I turned round slowly, making sure my bum rubbed against his crotch, “You know me already and this is the first time we’ve spoke, am I that predictable?”

He grabbed me by the waist and spun me back around “Dance with me, sweetie, we’ll talk after, I’m Ollie by the way”

I knocked back the rest of my Malibu and threw my cup on the ground, the alcohol was getting the better of me and our little encounter had my pussy leak onto my purple lace panties immediately. After the gig we headed to the nearest bar and our friends all began to socialise whilst we sat at the bar drinking and talking, getting to know each other. The atmosphere was electric as we leaned in close whispering in each other’s ears about our lives, your right hand was clamped down on the soft skin of my leg and slowly edging its way up to my denim short shorts which enclosed my crown jewels. You suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled my away from our friends and towards the nearby tree’s, they were all too drunk to notice are disappearance which I was glad of.

You threw my back against the tree and I wrapped my legs around your waist as you pulled my lips into a deep passionate kiss. I clung onto your back, pushing my nails deeper into your back as I grinded against your torso. Your tongue slipped inside my mouth met my tongue, they danced around under the night sky and you shocked me by pulling away. You dropped my legs and undid the bronze button keeping my revealing shorts in place. They dropped to the floor along with my lace panties which you’d quickly pulled down in concession.

You plunged two fingers deep into my sopping wet cunt and made me scream your name, I was tight but you didn’t care. The dirty sluttish feeling that overcame me brought me closer and closer to climax as you drove your tongue down my throat in time with your fingers. You suddenly stopped and brought your hand up to my mouth, it was coated in my cum and you stuck them down my throat, I was hungry for it and licked every last inch of it up, knowing that there was more to come from my aching pussy which had leaked onto my thighs. You bent down onto your knees and pulled me on top of you, I started riding your face. Rubbing my slit up and down your long tongue which darted inside me at any point it can and hitting my clit on his nose. Pleasure shot through every inch of my body as I came closer to orgasm, I wanted you to fuck me, now.

I manoeuvred my body downwards and slipped my hand down to his jeans which were getting in the way, I unfastened them and let his big cock spring from his dark boxers. I kissed along your chest and downwards stopping just at the base of your dick. I licked cool streams up and down making sure it was as soaked as my pussy, teasing the tip with quick flicks of my tongue, I came back up and pushed you deep into me.

It wasn’t at all like losing my virginity, the bare flesh of your cock pressed against my wetness and made me feel like a complete slut – I loved it. I began bouncing up and down on your hard cock straight away, the pressure and intensity was too much and I needed to be relieved. I was rocking my hips back and forth whilst you thrusted deep into me hitting my g-spot. I could feel the vein in your cock twitching as you used your thumb to rub my clit viciously, I heard some people walk past and gasp which pushed me over the edge, I screeched at the top of my lungs and squirted all over your groin area. I kept on cumming as you fucked me even harder, calling me a dirty little slut and ordering me to cum again and again. I obeyed as you pulled and twisted my nipples making me wince in pain, I enjoyed you using me as your slave, I pulled myself off your cock after orgasming for about 10 minutes straight and sat next to you, quivering and still moaning at the beating my wet cunt had just taken. I reached down in between my legs and circled my clit once more before dipping my fingers inside me and bringing them back to my mouth, I sucked all my juices up with my eyes closed when I felt a movement.

I opened my eyes and saw that the sex god beneath the baby face was still awake and wanting more. “You got me sticky without permission, now it’s my turn to return the favour” before I got the chance to respond his thick shaft was in my mouth. I took the base into my hand and started pumping up and down whilst using my tongue to circle the tip of his head, the mix of my hand going fast and my tongue tracing the head of your penis slowly was driving you over the edge as you started moaning my name. I picked up the speed and took as much of you into my mouth as I could, your dick hitting the back of my throat made you crazy and you started fucking my mouth hard, facially abusing me like the slut I was. You held my head as if it was an inanimate object with one hand and with the other reached down towards my boobs which you grabbed and twisted making me moan in pleasure. I felt the tell-tale sign of the vein in your cock pulsate and with two deep thrusts you came in my mouth. The thick creamy liquid streamed down my throat and I carried on going making sure I’d milked every last drop from your body. You stared down into my eyes, planted a soft kiss on my forehead and pulled me up from the grassy floor. We threw our clothes back on and you swooped me into your arms waking towards your tent. “You’re staying with me this weekend” you proclaimed.

We talked for hours and kissed passionately, spending time to truly get to know each other. We fucked a few more times, each time making me more and more sex obsessed by the minute. We still occasionally meet up for coffee and a fuck to this day, each one making me orgasm as hard as the first. I had a lot to thank Ollie for, he re-introduced me to sex and made me into the cock hungry slut I am today.

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