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Finding a new hobby

I found out I love to expose myself and my husband loves it, too.
San Francisco’s beautiful skyline could be seen out of the glassed wall in the lounge. The night-lights and the bay seemed so very calm even though it had been raining off and on all day.

I was here for a regional meeting and it had been one busy workweek with upper management making projections on avenues of next year’s business plans.

Dwayne, my husband of 16 years was flying up to met me. We planned on doing some sight seeing before heading back home to Texas.

He is a wonderful man, but like a lot of Texas ranchers & builders cannot dance very well.

Our sex life had always been good, but the last few years the spark had seemed to less often.

This scared me, I have seen the signs in my previous two marriages, and was the major cause of prior divorces. I am a very jealous woman of this humorous, handsome man and he has never made me feel like I was not his one and only. I just did not know before what I could do, to bring the spark back into our love life.
It was almost eight o’clock when Dwayne walked over to the table. I had just finished my second drink after dancing with a young college graduate and did not see him when he arrived.

“Missing me?” he asked. I gave him a big passionate kiss and hug.

“From the moment I stepped out the door,” I replied. It was so good to see him, he knows how to cheer me up and make me feel desired.

We ordered dinner and chatted small talk about the week's events away from each other. Dwayne is someone that tells a story with lots of humor in it, so we were really laughing and having a good time. But like all conversations, we needed a break after awhile.

While our table was being cleared of plates, we took to the floor for a slow dance; Dwayne is an okay, slow-dance partner and it is about the only way he will dance.

I noticed Dwayne had grown rather quiet during the dance, which was unusual for him. Dwayne does not usually mind who I dance with, knowing he is not a very good dancer, as long as they follow a simple rule; they buy a round of drinks for both of us. So I spent a little bit of time, dancing with a couple of rather nice men.

It sure seemed to be getting hot in the place. I did not know if it was from the weather, the crowd that had appeared, the dancing, or the alcohol; but the place was really warm. And I needed some sit down time.

Though Dwayne was in his regular good humor mood while we talked, it was obvious he was not having a good time, and it made me feel guilty. So I declined a few dances from some very good looking men and spent my moments with him. He denied that anything was wrong, and blamed his mood on jet lag. I asked him if there was anything I could do that would make him feel better.

SHOCKED at his reply, I sat there quietly a few moments to make sure I heard him correctly.

He had whispered into my hear, "If you really want to make me happy...go into the lady’s room and remove your bra and panties. And after each dance with someone new - you have to unbutton one of the buttons on your skirt or blouse. You will control how often you dance."

I was wearing a silk white blouse, heels, and a short business skirt with a buttoned split on the side. It sounded exciting, we did not know anyone here.

I smiled at him and almost in a laughing tone said, “Anything to cheer you up!" I then stood up and walked to the powder room.

I finally found an unoccupied stall that was very clean, you cannot image how difficult it is to move about in a stall wearing heels; I wondered what the other women were thinking from all my movement and the occasional bump on the stall walls. I just prayed my heels did not slide outside of the stall.

Removing my bra was rather easy, but the panties required removing my heels and putting them back on. Everything worked out fine.

Buttoning up my blouse, the soft silk against my nipples made for an amazing sensation.

Straightening my hose, the realization that I was sexually aroused became obvious to me, as my ears and body was burning up hot. No - I do not wear pantyhose they are way too hot.

Touching up my hair and make-up, I noticed that my nipples were quite hard and visible through the blouse. My mind stopped for a moment, my heart was pounding, can I really do this?

To keep from backing out, I dumped my bra and panties in the trash receptacle on the way out of that room. What if someone from the company sees me? What if a family member or church member on vacation see me? They will think I got too drunk, perhaps.

Walking back to our table, I felt an unbelievable sense of excitement.
When Dwayne saw me, it was like the biggest smile in the world came over his face. My church-going friends would be having a fit if they only knew, I thought.

I snuggled up to Dwayne, kissed him, and placed his hand on my bare mound, so that he would know that my panties were removed.

It didn’t take long before I started to get petty offers to dance. If I was going to dance like this, close to strangers, I was going to be picky. I really did not know if I could follow through with the unbuttoning clause, but the excitement of the moment urged me on.

"Dwayne, I am sorry, but I don't think I can do the unbutton thing. If you want them unbuttoned, you are going to have to the unbuttoning."

After the first dance, Dwayne gave me a big wonderful kiss and unbuttoned a button on the skirt. After each new handsome dancer, while I finished each drank, hugged, and kissed Dwayne; unbuttoned each button of my skirt as we wildly kissed and petted.

I felt like a schoolgirl again on a date.

WOW, feeling stranger's hard excitements pushing against me and their hands sliding up my leg and feeling my bare mound was unbelievably thrilling. This new dancer did know how to dance, I felt on fire as his body brushed against mine and he entered a finger into me. I really need to come. But the dance ended too soon.

Approaching the table, Dwayne asked the guy if he would like to sit down a bit and chat.

My mind was in a cloud, the alcohol and exposure was crying out to me. As I slid into and across the booth seating next to Dwayne, I knew my skirt had stuck on the seat material and pulled the slip wide open. I could feel the coolness in the room's air. I did not care.

I was past any point of return.

With each button that was unbuttoned, I was sent to a higher level of excitement. If Dwayne had wanted me to strip off naked right there in public - I would have!

I was dripping wet, the sweat had caused my breasts and nipples to stick to my blouse and be easily seen as if I were involved in a wet t-shirt contest. It made me feel so very naughty.

Bill, the dancer, hesitated for a moment; he seemed spell bound staring at my breast. Bill almost dropped his drink when I sat down next to Dwayne, slid over on the booth seat and gave Bill quite the show. I flashed him and he not only noticed, he leered!

At some point during our small talk, Dwayne’s hand had moved to my leg and stopped short at my mound . He leaned over and whispered, “If you are game - rub him and I bet you he will go wild getting his fingers into you and getting you off.”

The words sent me into a tailspin. I did not hesitate.

Bill felt so hard and big. Bill also did not waste any time, either. After a few minutes I felt both Bill's and Dwayne's fingers working at my clit, slit and very moist mound. Biting my lip trying not to moan, I unzipped Bills pants and pulled him out. He felt so good.

Dwayne had unbuttoned all of my blouse buttons, removed one of my breasts. Bill immediately starting sucking on the bare nipple. Looking out across the room, only a few men at the bar were staring at us.

Looking into Dwayne’s eyes, I felt Bill's cock jerking in my hand; this sent me into a wave of climaxes, and me screaming out in pleasure while I ignored the many strange stares focused on our booth.

After he came, I thanked Bill and placed my breast back into my blouse, before we stood to leave. The split in my skirt, still exposing me with each step as Dwayne and I left.

That weekend we screwed each other until we were exhausted. We never did go sightseeing. And now when we are out of our local area, we enjoy a new hobby; exposing me!
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