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First Dates

Two horny girls surprise their new dates
First Dates

“What are you doing Friday, Cin?” I asked.

“A guy’s taking me to the new Coen movie after dinner. It’s our first date. He’s a stockbroker and wicked handsome.”

“For real? I’m doing the same thing with my date. Wanna go double?”

“Sure, but I gotta check with Ben.”

A few phone calls later and the double date was arranged.

Friday, beat after my last law class, I bathed to relax, then dressed for the date. Unless this guy is a complete jerk, I’m going to fuck him, first date or not, I thought as I dropped my breasts into a lacy black bra. I’m horny. I stepped into a thong that matched the bra, then rolled some seamed lace-top thigh-highs up my legs - they decorated me all the way to the top. My blue, patterned dress fit tight on my body and came halfway up my thighs. White shoes, belt, and necklace and I was ready to go.

We all met at the restaurant’s lounge. I found my date, Mark, at a table and Cindy arrived a few minutes later. As I introduced them, Cindy’s good looking date, Ben, arrived. We enjoyed small talk about what field of law I wanted to go into, Cindy’s music, the sports on the TV. With our drinks done, we headed to the dining room, taking a detour to the washrooms.

As usual, we girls took a bit longer than the guys. We found them sitting in a small alcove near the washrooms, partially shielded by a potted plant. They hadn’t heard us.

I whispered to Cindy, “Are you going to sleep with Ben tonight?”

“You bet. He’s hot and it’s been a while.”

“Let’s surprise them with blowjobs, right here, behind the plant.”

She looked startled, then grinned and nodded. We walked into the alcove and the men started to rise. “Don’t get up, guys, we have a surprise for you,” I said as I knelt in front of Mark. I spread my legs and he smiled as he saw up my skirt. His jaw dropped, though, when I unzipped him.I unfastened his belt and tugged down his maroon undies. My hand closed around his cock and gave him a couple of strokes.


“Hush. Enjoy it. The worst they’ll do is kick us out.” I looked over at Cindy. She was about as far along me, with Ben’s cock exposed and partially hard. I turned my attention back to Mark and licked his tip, then took it in my mouth, swirling my tongue over it. I gobbled the shaft and felt it thicken and elongate. I love feeling a cock grow in my mouth! I sucked up and down the shaft several times, then let it out. “Cindy, Mark’s got a beautiful cock.Can I see Ben’s?”

“Sure, hon, it’s lovely.”

It was, too. Perhaps a bit longer and thinner than Mark’s, with hairier balls. I reached over and stroked it a couple of times, then stretched over to suck him. I bobbed my head a few times, swirling my tongue over his tip. Then I backed off. A rope of my saliva mixed with his precum tied us together. “Here, sweetie. Taste Mark.” I tilted my date’s cock toward my friend.

“Thanks, I will.” Cindy leaned over and smiled up at Mark as she took his cock in her mouth.

“This is wild,” whispered Ben.

“Yeah,” gasped Mark.

In a few moments, we girls resumed sucking our own date’s cock. I really sucked in my cheeks and swirled my tongue over his head, and flicked his frenum. Both men breathed deeply.

I looked up at Mark. The men grinned to each other. Ben raised his hand and Mark’s hand met his in a high five. I bobbed my head faster and Mark’s hips started twitching. Both men’s stifled gasps came more frequently, insistently.

“Look, honey, these couples can’t wait,” came a muted feminine voice from the other sided of the plant.

“Oh, wow!” laughed her companion. I glanced aside, dimly perceiving a man and woman, watching us, quietly laughing, arms around each other’s waists. “Don’t stop on our account,” he whispered. “Have fun.”

Mark, nearing his climax, gave voice. “Oh, oh, yeah!” Ben, too, became more vocal. Mark began a series of staccato gasps timed with the spurts of warm spunk that filled my mouth. Instead of swallowing, I collected the thick fluid in my mouth. When Mark’s spasms stopped, I grinned and opened my mouth, showing him his cum on my tongue. I licked my lips, then slowly swallowed. “My favorite lip gloss,” I said, “and a delicious appetizer.”I didn’t catch whatever passed between Cindy and Ben.

The watching couple honored us with subdued clapping, then moved off. “Honey, why not...” he began.

“Don’t fret, dear, you’ll get your blowjob - but privately.”

Our grinning dates thanked us and expressed how excited they were by the surprise, the danger, and the audience. “Taken all together, that was one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life, besides begin just plain a superior blowjob, Pam,” gushed Mark. He gave me a big kiss, no doubt tasting his own cum.

We left the alcove, acting as though nothing had happened. Soon, we were seated at a table and ordering food.

It came out that the judge I clerked for spearheaded an attempt to reform the state’s referral and referendum process. Ben defended it. As I said, “The bottle bill! That was in the 70’s. Most citizen initiatives since have been simple-minded, anti-government, expensive and unfunded, unconstitutional crap,” I felt Mark’s hand slide up the inside of my thigh.As Ben made some rejoinder, Mark slipped a couple of fingers inside my skimpy panties. His fingers stroked my lips, getting me damp as Cindy said, “Well, surely there must be some way to keep the know-nothing idiots out of the process.”

“Unfortunately, most ways to do that are unconstitutional also,” I managed to say as Mark’s fingers found their way inside me, wriggling back and forth, giving me delightful sensations.

Ben said, “You can’t completely suppress the voice of the people.”

I wanted to respond to that. Everyone looked at me expectantly, but Mark’s thumb rasped my clit. “Excuse me a moment,” I gasped. I got a dreamy expression and gave three very deep sighs. “Thank you, Mark, that was marvelous.” I kissed him as Ben and Cindy laughed and clapped.

Our food arrived and all political discussion ended by unspoken consent.I really enjoyed myself at the dinner. Later, I realized that the evening had been so much fun because the men were fully relaxed enough to let their guards down and be themselves. Confident after their blowjobs that the evening would end in bed, they were excited and boisterous. Since then, I abandoned the silly rule about not sleeping with a guy on the first date. Now, I always find a way, maybe a cockrub under the table, or deliberate peeks up my skirt, to let the guy know early I’m as interested in fucking him as he is in me. That always makes for a fun, exciting date.

Question for my readers: What law school does the narrator attend?

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