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First Impressions

She had waited months to visit her Sir. Months. And quite honestly, it had felt like years. Time seemed to drag by while she waited on funds to purchase her very first passport book. You see, her Sir lived in a neighboring country, Canada. She had met Him on an online networking site, and found that they had many of the same likes and dislikes. She had chosen to serve Him a little while online, until she could, perhaps, join Him. She longed to give Him her all … to finally feel the leather of His collar against her skin.

At long last her little book had come in the mail, and she had wasted no time in making the arrangements. In fact, she had hastily booked a flight out the next day. In her rush she forgot all about consulting her Sir. She thought only of her desire for Him.

When her plane landed, she was a basket of nerves. Questions swirled around and around her head, as she walked toward the baggage claim. What would He be like? What would she say? She hoped against hope that she wouldn’t act all giddy (as she sometimes was prone to doing when nervous).

Now, she had chosen her attire very carefully, paying special attention to lingerie. She was wearing a brand-new red bra, one she had purchased with Sir in mind. As she was walking along, it occurred to her that perhaps He would like it even more if perhaps He caught a glimpse of her pierced nipples peeking out from beneath her shirt. Grinning, she dodged into the nearest ladies bathroom, and slipping into the first open stall, she quickly drew off her new bra and stuffed it into her carry-on. Mmmm … so can’t wait to meet Sir. she thought, checking and rechecking her fleshy exposure.

As she flew out of the bathroom, she couldn’t help enjoying the bouncing of her free breasts. The softness of her shirt brushed against her erect nipples, making her extremely aroused. She wondered whether Sir would take notice of her vulnerability … or would He expose it?

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wonder long. As she rounded the corner, she caught a glimpse of her Sir. She read volumes within the depths of His steel blue eyes. How she had waited to see Him. How she had longed for this moment in time. It was as if time stood still.

His eyes probed her body, and her cheeks felt like they were on fire. Under His gaze, she was having mixed feelings. Uncomfortable and yet, completely at ease.

Then, remembering her place, she dipped her head and dared not lift her eyes. He went to her. He gently lifted her head, and waited for her to raise her eyes before He said, “I am both upset and glad you are here. You forgot something, didn’t you?” she lowered her eyes in reply. Instantly, she knew what it was that she had forgotten. Embarrassment heated her body. “you failed to ask for permission … failed to speak to Me regarding your plans .. Hmm?” she nodded slowly, regret filling her heart. Somehow she had seen the first meeting playing out differently. Better.

“I am sorry, Sir,” she mumbled.

“Mmm … and you come here and tease your Sir,” her eyes flew to His face. “Wondered if I would notice?” he laughed heartily. “I noticed when I first laid eyes on you.”

“But I …” she stammered. He glared at her choice of words. Her second mistake. “No … I mean …”

“Shut it. You know how I feel about that word. Now, you see that gentleman standing over by the luggage carousal?” she nodded slowly. “You are about to give him a show. As you bend over to retrieve your suitcase, be certain your shirt falls open and your breasts are exposed. Before you straighten to your full height, give ‘im a seductive smile and a wink.” Once again, she nodded her reply. “Well? What are you waiting for, bitch? Get to gittin’.”

“Yes, Sir.”She nervously looked for her bag, which was marked with distinguishing purple bands. She really did not want to obey her Sir. She wanted nothing more than to be whisked away. To be chained and whipped repeatedly. She wanted to show Him her desire, her ultimate sacrifice. She wanted, above all, to feel His dominance, His authority. In that instant, she made up her mind. If that is what her Master wanted, that is what she would do.

Spotting her bag, she walked up to the carousal and bent down to retrieve it. Her shirt fell open, just as she had hoped, exposing her breasts and nipple rings. Before she rose, she glanced up at the man. As per her Sir’s instructions, she smiled seductively and winked at the man as she stood. He was watching her intently and licking his lips as if she were a sirloin steak he was about to devour.

As the man rounded the carousal, Sir pulled her to Himself, and whispered into her ear, “If he were to give me two pop bottle caps right now, I would let him fuck you for your disobedience.”

“Mmm … nice nipple piercings.” he breathed. “May I have a closer look?” She felt Sir nod his head, as He pulled her shirt from her body flashing her nipples again. The man started to reach his hand out to touch her exposed flesh, but Sir returned her modesty to her. “Oh, fuck … hot. Thanks, dude.”

Sir nodded, as He looped His arm around her body. He raised her chin, and whispered harshly, “Okay, let’s leave. NOW.”

Her skirt fluttered in the breeze, as she walked behind her Sir. She wondered the whole way what He might have in store for her. She knew His fantasies, and He knew hers. Together, she hoped, they would find fulfillment. Where would it begin?

She was so completely absorbed in thought that she nearly bumped into her Sir, as he stopped beside His vehicle. He stood with His back facing her for a few minutes, seemingly calming His nerves. Then whirling around, He pinned her to the vehicle with His pelvis. She could feel His arousal through the many layers of clothing between them, and it was turning her on. She wanted to let her hands search His body, to massage His erection. Instead, she searched His face, yearning to know Him implicitly.

He bent down and roughly kissed her mouth. She felt his unguarded passion in His heated kiss. Her arousal was steadily rising, and the awareness that there were people watching their very public sex only increased her wetness.

Then He slammed her, face-down, against the hood. Hastily, He unzipped his jeans and shoved himself inside her wanton pussy. “Oh fuck …” He muttered, as He pounded her against the vehicle several times.

Suddenly, He vacated her pussy and forced her to kneel. “Suck my cock.”

“Mmmm … yes, Sir,” she looked up at Him, as she eagerly took His cock in her mouth. Hungrily and greedily, she sucked, making his arousal climb rapidly.

Just as He was about to cum, He pulled her off Himself. “Open your mouth, and receive my gift.” She opened her mouth and waited. He was so arousing to watch. As He came, He shot His load onto her waiting tongue. “Mmm … this is merely a taste of what is to come ...”

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