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First Time at a Nudist Club

First time couple at a nudist club, first time meeting in public too. True story
I met Julie on an online dating site called OKcupid. Julie was a teacher working in the Springfield school system and was a very nice looking large woman. She was around a size 22 with a very pretty face and a smile to die for. She had some of the largest nipples I had ever seen and DDD cups that hung down around her waist out of a bra. She was divorced and was just starting to explore herself sexually after her divorce. I was 38 at the time and Julie was 44.

Julie and I talked for several months online and some over the phone. We were both very interested in visiting a nudist club but she, like myself, didn't want to go alone. There was a club about an hour-and-a-half drive from me but she was an additional hour-and-a-half drive located in Springfield IL. I was living in Roxana, IL.

Julie and I decided that we would go to forty acre club nudist resort on a fourth of July holiday weekend in Londell, MO. We had never met before and would be meeting at my place for the first time then getting in her car to drive straight to the resort.

On the way there we stopped at a Hardees to get some breakfast. Julie was dressed very nice and had some black almost silky pants that were sort of split along the legs but tied at the bottom at her ankle, exposing her large thick legs. They were almost sheer like a gown material and her large ass cheeks were very clearly visible through the material but yet not see through. She had on a nice white with dark print blouse that fit her large chest rather well.

As she walked in front of me I could clearly see each one of her ass cheeks bounce with each step of her mid length heel shoes. I imagined what her bare ass would look like bouncing and exposed to the whole world, that I would be seeing very soon. We made small talk and got along really well.

We continued on to the club which was way out in the country off a dirt road. As we were on the final approach to the club we were both very nervous and she admitted that she could not believe she was doing this. I said, "Me either!" 

We pulled up to a large chain link gate and rang the buzzer. A female voice came over the microphone and asked us had we ever been here before and Julie said no. The lady said, "Pull forward and into the parking lot then come to the office and register."

As soon as the gate was opening my heart was pounding. Julie slowly pulled forward and made a left hand turn to go forward into a parking lot. We could see naked people everywhere. Not just a few but it looked like easily over 100 maybe 200. There were all shapes and sizes, short, tall, skinny, fat and everything in between. Julie said in a low almost whisper voice, "Oh. My. God."

We both had our sunglasses on as we began walking fully clothed over to the office. Talk about feeling out of place! We entered the office and a middle age woman with an average build was sitting at the desk fully nude. She was very friendly and told us, "Welcome. So glad to have you." She assured us we would enjoy it and went over some basic rules as we filled out paper work. I paid the $25 day fee and the woman told us to return to our car, place this on the dash, and leave our clothes in the car to enjoy the afternoon.

As we walked back to the car neither of said a word and we each went to our side of the car. I began slowly getting things together such as towels, hat, and sun screen. Julie was slowly undoing her ankle ties and buttons on the blouse. I began removing my shirt and then dropped my pants, standing there in my boxers.

I peeked over to Julie as I bent down to remove my shoes and could see she had removed her pants but not her blouse. I was standing up and watched over the roof as her blouse came off then her bra, releasing her DDD breasts. We were standing behind the open doors of the car and I still could not see Julie's body because of the roof of the car.

She bent down to remove her panties then put on a wide brim sun hat. We looked at each other from over the roof and almost laughed. I said, "Are you ready?"

She said, "No!" She then asked if I would hold her hand.

I said, "Yes, meet you in front of the car."

As we both walked out to the front of the car I was seeing Julie fully nude for the first time ever. She had very large hanging breasts that hung down to her waist, with large nipples and saucer size areolas. Her belly almost covered the front of her pussy but I could see just enough to know she was shaved bald. She had large, very thick legs and a very traditional pear shape.

My shaved 5-inch dick stood out proudly from my thin body even in a non-aroused state, my shaved balls hanging below. I could feel my dick move side to side as I walked and Julie's large tits were swaying side to side very noticeably as she walked.

We walked side by side and decided we would walk around the grounds first before venturing to the pool and club house which was where everyone was.

As we walked down a shaded street of houses fully nude except for our shoes it seemed like any other street, except every once in a while you would see a nude person or couple in the yard. I pretended to look around but was checking out Julie's large hanging and swaying breasts that would sway side to side with each step.

We walked around the grounds looking at houses and yard decorations for about half an hour and were both sweating badly. Julie said, "Okay, I think I'm ready for the pool." 

We headed over to the pool and mixed with everyone else. I jumped into the pool and Julie found two lay down sun bathing chairs to put our towels on. As she was putting the towels down she was bending over and I could clearly see her shaved pussy lips opening as she bent over. She was soaking and glistening wet.

We both swam for a long time and so many people were in the club pool it was very crowded. We tried to stay together so we would not bump into others. After a while we got out of the pool and decided to go explore more. They had a mini golf course we had seen earlier. On the way to the golf course I told her that I noticed she was wet when she bent over. She smiled and said she had been all day since she left the house and still was.

As we walked up to the free mini golf course and selected our putters there was another couple there, probably late 40s to early 50s. She was a slim athletic build with a very flat chest, had to have been A cup. He was very tall and average build but very well hung. I do not remember their names but they were very friendly and invited us to play golf. We were both a little hesitant and shy, I guess, but we agreed. We actually had a good time playing with them and they were very nice, telling us they only came there on big holiday weekends.

As we played I wondered if one of the women would end up bending completely over because everyone had been squatting down so as not to display their ass hole and genitals to everyone. The squatting got less restricted as time went by and finally the other woman bent fully over exposing her naturally hairy ass hole and pussy to us as we stood waiting our turn.

This was close to the end of the game so we had by now become more comfortable with this couple and were having a good time. I wondered if Julie would do the same thing or if she would keep squatting down. It was Julie's turn and now the female of the couple was on the other side of the hole waiting for us.

Julie walked up to put her ball down and bent completely over in front of me and the woman's husband. Because of Julie's large ass cheeks we could not see her ass hole but could clearly see her open pussy and wet pussy lips.

The game went on this way and we finished.

After the game the couple invited us back to their cabin on the grounds and Julie looked at me through her sunglasses and very quickly said, "Thank you, but I think we will pass. It's getting late and we have a long drive back."

We both knew what they wanted but they did not know we had only met that morning. We all hugged and they told us the cabin number if we changed our mind.

I asked Julie if she wanted to go for a walk on the nature trail so we did. We walked for what seemed like forever through these woods on a very nice manicured 1.5 mile walking trail. As we walked I could not hold back any longer and my dick began to get hard. It was semi hard and standing out straight in front of me.

Julie began to notice and neither of us said a word. We continued to walk and it was soon a full raging hard on, standing up straight and bouncing as I walked. Julie began looking unashamed at it and eventually began reaching over to hold it. We were walking side by side on the nature trail and Julie was jacking off my dick as we walked. We rounded a slight bend in the trail and we both just stopped walking and stood there Julie still jacking me off.

I said, "Where do you want to?"

She looked around and just bent right over with her hands holding onto her knees. Without speaking any words I walked in behind her and drove it home deep into her vagina. No lubrication at all was needed. We fucked out in the open in nature both sweating like animals with sweat pouring off of us. I reached around and held onto her big wide ass and belly.

We fucked for a while and then I pulled out so I could eat her ass hole and pussy, tasting the sweat and sex running down the crack of her large ass cheeks. We fucked more and I asked her where she wanted my cum. She turned her head and in a desperate voice she said, "Fill it up! Fill it up!"

I began driving my five inch dick into Julie's fat pussy lips as hard as I could. The sound of my hips slapping her large ass and her DDD tits slapping together rang out through those woods. I unloaded my sperm into Julie's vagina and felt it sloshing as it ran back out of her pussy and onto the ground. When we were done I pulled out of her and a load of sperm fell out on the ground ran down her belly and down the inside of her legs. We took our towels that we had with us because all nudists carry towels to sit on and cleaned ourselves up

So we both walked back me with dried pussy on my dick and her with sperm all down her legs, belly and ankles. We walked straight to the outside showers and cleaned up.

True to the last detail. The walking trails have now been opened up to golf cart trails so anyone that goes there will now this is true.

More of our adventures to come if this one is received well.

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