Fishing in Canada

By Alice

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The great outdoors

Since my husband and I both enjoy fishing, we checked the WEB for somewhere to go this summer.  North Carolina has some nice lakes but decided we wanted something more exciting where a person can catch fish in clean waters.  A friend of my husband who belongs to a sportsman club suggested we check into fishing in Canada where many lakes are loaded with fish.  He suggested an area in upper Ontario where they will fly people into a lake for a week.  We checked their website and decided that was where we wanted to go this year.  We called them and discovered there was a week open in July and had to send a deposit quickly to hold it for us.  My husband's Stepson could not go with us since he recently found a good job, so it was just hubby and I.  I have never flown before and the idea of flying in a small float plane was a frightening thought at first.  Luckily we both already had U.S. Passports since we had taken a vacation to Ireland a year ago. 

A lot of planning was necessary and luckily we have a covered pickup truck for the gear.  A motel room was reserved not far from the airport and gave ourselves time to get there, taking a nap on the way there.  Canada has many rest areas along the way which was needed during the long 900 mile ride.  My husband loves me to dress sexy when we travel and I wore a one piece summer dress for him.  Many times while passing a tractor trailer truck on the Interstate, my husband would reach over and lift my dress.  We are well versed on flashing drivers on the road since it could be dangerous.  Of course I had removed my panties and each time hubby exposed me, I could feel that terrific thrill that a stranger was looking at my twat which nowadays I keep shaved.  We reached Watertown, NY and stopped for a bite to eat but instead of sitting down to eat, we ordered a nice Italian sub to split after crossing the border.  The Canadian officer at the border crossing looked at our passports and asked some questions if had guns etc and then told us to go on.  My husband said the officer was looking at my legs the entire time even though he didn't see anything sexual.

We drove for a half hour and found one of the many rest areas and stopped to stretch and eat our meal.  There were only 3 other people there and later discovered they were from Virginia and going to another area in Ontario to camp and fish.  I have a way of noticing when a man looks at me whether or not he wants to see more.  They were a couple with a teenage Son and we all talked for a while.  It was only about an hour before darkness would set in and I sat on a large rock taking in the scenery.  He seemed to sense I was sitting there with my knees up for a reason and sure enough, he walked past me to look at a small stream going past us.  I was holding my knees as I was sitting and when he walked past, he looked straight at my pussy as he made some small talk.  He kept glancing at his wife but hubby was talking to her.  I could feel my juices running as his eyes stared at my exposed lips which by then was swollen nicely.

Eventually we were back on the road and I was so horny that hubby gave me an orgasm while he drove by using his trained fingers.  I can have sometimes up to 4 or 5 orgasms a day, depending on our suroundings and situation.  After about 2 hours of driving, we reached a truck stop and decided to take a nap until going on.  It was a huge truck stop with many trucks sitting during their required rest periods.  We went inside the large building where there was an eating area and a store where truckers could by just about anything.  We went to the rest rooms to freshen up and returned to our pickup truck.  I took out another dress from the back of the pickup and took it up front to change.  There wasn't anyone nearby and soon I was completely naked when I removed my first dress.  It just feels so good when we are in a strange area and I remove all my clothes.  I had washed myself good while in the restroom and soon hubby was eating me out, right there on the big parking lot.  I have a very large clitoris when I am excited and he has a way of stretching it more with his experienced lips.  I also enjoy him probing my "forbidden" area while eating me.  I pulled a blanket over me, still naked and we both pushed the seats back and took a nap hoping to take off again in a couple of hours.  Well, we both slept until daylight began showing.  We noticed other vehicles had came in during the night near us.  Here I was naked under a blanket and had to pee real bad.  I didn't see any movement in the closest car and slowly opened the door and squatted near our pickup.  My husband then left to get us a coffee as I combed my hair and started to put on my clean dress.  All of a sudden, I noticed someone get out of the car next to me and stood there.  I couldn't believe my eyes when he pulled out his penis and was peeing.  Apparently he had noticed me when I did it and he was looking in at me sitting there naked.  I didn't think a man could pee with a hard-on? Hubby had locked the doors and I took a chance by lifting my left leg up onto the seat.  I had that tremendous thrill again knowing a stranger was looking at my twat only feet away.  There was someone else in his car and would have probably looked more but discovered later it was a woman, his wife I guessed.  Hubby arrived with the coffee and I told him what happened.  The car soon drove off and saw it had Canadian tags.  We then drove off on 17 heading east looking at all of the great scenery in Canada.  We had about 5 hours to drive yet and stopped in a large town just off 17 and had breakfast.  The motels check in time is 2 PM and had to kill some time by stopping to buy booze such as beer, wine and some whiskey my husband enjoys.  It is very expensive in Canada because of high taxes and weren't allowed but one bottle of wine and one case of beer to come through the border.  The American dollar was about $1.15 to their dollar.

We at last reached the area where we were to be flown in the next day (Saturday) and looked around since we had an hour before check-in.  We went to the office at the small seaport which is situated on a large lake to let them know we were there.  They told us where to shop for food items to take in to the lake.  We knew we would be eating fish for each evening meal and only bought breakfast foods etc.  The cabins have a refridgerator which runs on propane.  We then checked in the motel and had two full sized beds since they rent to many fishermen with parties of 4 or more.  There was a bar at the motel and after unpacking and showering, we stopped in for a drink.  The people in Canada are so friendly and not once did we ever see a police vehicle since the person who runs the fly-in business said there is no crime in that part of Canada.  We bother odered a beer at the bar which tasted so good since it had been a couple of days without having any booze.  We ordered a pizza so that we wouldn't drink too much and have a hangover the next day.  Then someone walked over and asked us if we were there for a fishing trip since he noticed our USA tags on the pickup.  We found out he was from Michigan and was there also for a fly-in trip with one other man.  We bought him a drink and talked for a long time it seemed while offerering him some pizza.  He said his buddy didn't drink.  I was feeling just a little tipsy and was wearing a nice summer dress and did notice him glance at my legs a few times.  I did have panties since I thought perhaps Canadians may be somewhat prudish.  He excused himself and said he had to go to his room to tell his partner to go buy some groceries for the weeks fishing.  My husband kept prompting me to take off my panties since he noticed the guy looking at me.  I went to the rest room and put the panties in my purse.  Just thinking about having no panties on instantly makes me horny.  The man came back where we ordered another round.  They started talking about fishing gear and since this guy had been there two other times, he was giving us hints how to fish the lake we were going to.  My husband then said, "Come on over to our room where I can show you what lures we have with us".  Hubby bought a six pack and we went to our room.  The room had a fridge so that we could keep our perishable goods safe and we each grabbed a beer and began chatting again.  I excused myself saying I wanted to take a shower while they both talked and of course in the back of my mind, I wanted this guy to somehow see me naked "accidently" of course.  I took out a thin robe which I always wear after a shower and in about 20 minutes entered the room wearing it.  I saw his eyes wander over my body as he tried to see through my robe and purposely walked in front of the large window since it was till daylight so he could see me.  Wow, was I ever so horny.  My husband, to make it look good scolded me for not wearing enough clothes.  Then I thought all was lost when the guy said he had to go change clothes since it had been a while since they left Michigan.  My husband then jumped in the shower and we started fooling around since he was then naked.  Then there was a knock at the door.  The guy had returned, this time with another six pack.  My husband had ran into the bathroom to out on a pair of shorts.  This guy looked great and had showered, combed his hair and shaved.  I knew then that my husband would work things out so that I could get a little bit.  It was getting towards night and we all three weren't feeling any pain.  Someone had to break the tension and I soon allowed my thin robe with snap buttons to come undone somewhat.  I saw him looking at my then bare pussy through the robes opening.  The converstaion got around to privacy at the lakes and the guy said a person can walk around all day nude and nobody would ever know it.  He mentioned that you take a shower right off the front porch using a solar heated shower bag.  My husband becomes brave at times, especially when drinking and all of a sudden said, "Hon, take off your robe so we can see what you will look like at the lake".  I took that opportunity and quickly unsnapped my robe.  I heard him gasp as my tits and twat were all of a sudden exposed for him to see.  There was some music on the small radio they had and my husband said, "Why don't you dance with her"?  That was all we needed and then I knew I was going to be used by my husband and a stranger.  He was a married man and was wondering how far he would go.  He had his hands on my butt as we danced and kept looking down at my boobs with their swollen nipples.  My husband doesn't enjoy another man having sex with me as he watches but likes to catch me in the act and later talk all about it.  He said he was going to take a walk since the beer was getting the better of him.  I knew what he wanted me to do and as soon as he left, I pulled down this guys pants and underwear.  His tool was hard as a rock and then I went over to my purse and got out a condom.  He was frightened somewhat that my husband would catch us.  I told him not to worry since hubby likes to see me have sex.  I took his shirt off and sat him on the bed.  I love to give head and whispered to him, "Don't cum yet" as I knelt in front of him.  When glancing towards the curtains, I noticed my husband had opened them up about two inches.  I was loving this situation and knew hubby wanted to see some action.  I took the condom and used an old trick of using my mouth to put it on him.  I took his hand and had him recline on the bed with his feet towards the window.  It was now dark outside and I caught a glimpse of my husband standing there looking in since there was a light in the distance.  This guy had a terrific hardon and I soon straddled him so that hubby could see his shaft going in and out as I rode him.  Before he could cum, I used my hand and motioned for hubby to come on inside.  All of a sudden they guy jumped as my husband opened the door.  I quickly explained to him, "My husband likes to watch  me screw other men".  He eventually calmed down as I got on the edge of bed bending over and said, "Come on screw me please".  He got his hardon back and entered me.  I saw my husband jerking off as he watched this stranger using my pussy as a toy.  I must say, he was very good and soon I could feel him getting ready.  I spoke rather loudly, "Cum baby please cum in me".  He plunged hard as he did and wearing a condom didn't allow me to enjoy that familiar wetness afterwards.  I saw my husband squirt from jerking off and then our friend since he was worn out afterwards went to his room.  We discovered later that his room was next to ours and wondering if his friend heard us.

OK, that was one more experience we have had and since this story is so long, I will have to post another as to what happened after the fishing trip.  I love exhibitionism and pleasing myself and my husband by having sex with another man, including his Stepson.  Bye Bye for now, Alice