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Flashing a New Friend - Part 1

Wife likes to do a bit of flashing, and makes a new friend in the process.
Flashing a New Friend - Part 1

I had been in an online chat room talking with a bunch of guys about our wives. I began chatting with one guy, Cody, in particular. We had many similar interests. We both thought our wives were hot, and told each other about them. We shared what turned us on and what our wives enjoyed sexually. We eventually traded pics of us as couples. Cody and his wife made a very good-looking couple. I knew that Kelly, my wife, would also think they were attractive.

I told Cody that my wife liked to do a bit of flashing. He wanted all the details, which I willingly shared. I told him about a time that Kelly had exposed her breast to a stranger in a bar making it look accidental. He couldn't believe it and kept saying that he wished it had been him. That gave me an idea. Cody had told me that his wife was away visiting family for the weekend, and that he was on his own. I also knew that he lived in a town about a half hour away from us.

I asked him if he would be interested in meeting us at a bar. I said that we would act as strangers (which was what we really were). He said he would love that, and we formulated a plan to meet at Kelly's favorite bar. I knew he'd be able to pick us out since he had seen our picture. He was excited at the prospect of seeing Kelly in person. I promised to ask Kelly to wear something sexy and try to get her to do a bit of flashing. I told him that we'd arrive at the bar at nine o'clock, and suggested he arrive a bit later and try to sit as close to us as possible.

When Kelly came in from a day of shopping, I asked her if she was interested in going to The Riverside that night. She always enjoyed going out, and said sure without hesitation. As the evening approached, I asked her what she was going to wear. She said she hadn't really thought about it, so I asked her if she'd wear a really sexy outfit for me. As Kelly knew, this always meant any outfit with no bra or panties. With a twinkle in her eye, she told me she'd see what she could do.

At twenty to nine, Kelly came out of the bedroom. She wore a short pleated skirt over what I assumed were her usual thigh high black stockings. She also wore a blazer beneath which was a low cut, semi-sheer blouse that buttoned up the front showing a good portion of her breasts. She had left an extra button undone to expose a bit more of her breasts. My blond haired, blue-eyed beauty looked fantastic.

We arrived at the Riverside just about on time. We entered the dimly lit, nautically themed, bar area. There was a good size crowd as usual. We made our way to the far side of the rectangular shaped bar. There were four bar stools there, all empty. I guided Kelly onto a stool and sat down next to her at the corner of the bar. We ordered our drinks and I told Kelly how hot she looked. As she sat on the stool, her skirt moved more than half way up her thighs. She has very long, sexy legs.

Our drinks arrived, and as Kelly leaned forward to sip hers, she showed even more breast. I asked her why she wore the blazer. She said it was just to keep everyone from seeing her boobs bouncing as she walked since she had no bra on. With that, she placed her blazer on the back of her bar stool. She looked incredible. Her nipples looked as if they were trying to break through the skimpy fabric.

As I was ogling her I saw the bar stool next to her being pulled out. I looked up and there was Cody. I smiled and nodded at him as I would for anyone. Kelly looked over and smiled. Kelly looked at me and we continued our conversation. I couldn't help but notice Cody checking Kelly out. He certainly seemed to enjoy what he was seeing.

As Kelly leaned forward for another sip of her drink, her blouse hung even further away from her chest allowing me a better look at her breasts. I watched as Cody took in the sights as well. Each time Kelly had a sip of her wine Cody's eyes were glued to her breasts. She was exposing a lot of her breasts to us, but I hadn't yet glimpsed her nipple. I could see the tan line formed by her bikini top. I knew that tan line was barely above her nipples. We were so close.

The band started, and Kelly dragged me up to the dance floor for a slow dance. Feeling her body pressing against me gave me an instant hard-on. As we danced I told her about the guy on the bar stool next to her checking her out. I told her how hot it was watching him, watch her. I asked her to undo another button on her blouse. She just poked me in the ribs, laughed, and said she couldn't.

As the song ended I followed Kelly back to the bar watching as she played with her sand dollar necklace. During our absence, the bartender had refilled our glasses. Kelly reached for her wine and hesitated as she leaned over. I saw immediately that while playing with her necklace she had also undone another button for me (us?). While the button was undone, her blouse folded inward obscuring the view I had hoped for of her nipple.

She took a big gulp of wine and said, "Better?"

I whispered that it was better but the fabric fell inward covering her nip. I also told her that the guy next to her was trying very hard not to be obvious looking down her blouse. She began playing with her necklace again. As she twirled it, her fingers casually pulled the thin fabric of her blouse outward. When she took another sip from her glass, the fabric of her blouse fell away from her breasts.

I couldn't believe that I was sitting there staring at her hard, pink nipple. Because Kelly was facing me, Cody was not able to see what I was seeing. I'm sure he knew I was getting an eyeful, because he began to start a conversation with us. Not wanting to be rude Kelly turned toward him to respond. I knew that she was aware of his intentions. I was hoping she would lean forward and grab her glass, but instead she leaned back to speak with him. She was such a tease.

Cody excused himself saying he was going to the men's room. I took the opportunity to try to convince Kelly to give him a peek. She said she didn't think she could. Cody came back, and Kelly reached for her wine and finished her second glass. This time her blouse opened up a bit giving Cody a better view, but not showing all I had seen.

Kelly pulled me up to dance again. This time it was a fast song and Kelly's breasts were moving about freely beneath her blouse with her nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Obviously, she was no longer concerned about wearing her blazer. We were dancing only a few feet away from our seats and Cody sat smiling as he watched us dance. Upon our return, the bartender informed us that Cody had bought us another round.

Kelly quickly reached out for her glass and downed half of it in two gulps. Her limit was always three glasses in an evening. As she turned to thank Cody, it was obvious that she was feeling the wine a bit since she made no effort to keep her blouse from gaping. I could easily see both of her thirty-six B breasts. Her pink nipples were fully erect, sticking out about a half an inch, and each was as thick as my pinky. I could tell that Cody was being treated to a wonderful view also.

Kelly really seemed to enjoy talking with Cody. I was very surprised when she reached across in front of him to grab a bar menu. As she leaned forward, her breast pressed into Cody's hand, which was resting on the bar. As she lingered resting her tit on his hand I knew it was no accident. This night was getting better by the second.

Kelly sat back looked briefly at the menu, finished her third glass of wine, and said she had to go to the ladies room. We both watched her make her way through the crowd no longer giving a thought to her bouncing breasts.

As soon as she was gone, Cody told me that Kelly had awesome tits. He couldn't believe that he had actually gotten to see all of her breasts. He also said he had trouble deciding whether to look at her legs, tits, or face, because they all turned him on. I told him I couldn't believe that she actually pressed her breast into his hand. He said it took every bit of willpower not to at least move his fingers a bit. I told him he should have. It would have been interesting to see her reaction.

Cody then asked me if it would be okay to ask Kelly to dance with him. I had no idea whether she would, but told him to ask her. I also told him that since he liked her legs so much, he should try placing his hand casually on her thigh and see what her reaction was. We saw Kelly returning and changed the topic of our conversation. As she sat down, her skirt moved upward showing an inch of bare leg above the thigh high stocking. She told me she was really feeling the wine and didn't think she should have another. After a bit of prodding I convinced her to have one more.

We sat there having a nice conversation. As we talked I watched Cody casually place his hand on Kelly's knee for a second. There was absolutely no reaction from her. A couple of minutes later Cody tried again. This time he placed his hand on her thigh just below the hem of her skirt, but still on the stocking. He started rubbing it a bit. Kelly's only reaction was to lean forward and grab her wine glass, once again allowing both of us to look at her tits.

I really was expecting her to move his hand or have some other reaction. A few seconds later Cody placed his hand on her skirt, almost to her hip and tapped her asking if she like to dance. Kelly looked at me, and I told her to feel free to dance. She took another swallow of wine and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

Cody was no fool. Of course, he had asked her to dance to a slow dance. I watched as they chatted and danced. As the song went on, I watched Cody pulling Kelly closer. Her breasts were pressing against his chest and her head was on his shoulder. Their hips were now also pressing together, and I could see that his leg was pressing between Kelly's. His hands moved up and down her back slowing moving downward. I watched as his hands slid down and lightly stroked her ass. With that, the song ended and they returned to their stools. Kelly took another gulp of wine, leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek.

As she kissed me she whispered, "I could feel his dick. He had a hard-on."

I smiled at her and said, "What did you expect? He's been looking at your tits all night."

Kelly laughed and we all continued our conversation. It was only a matter of seconds before Cody had his hand resting on Kelly's thigh again between her stocking top and skirt. Cody began to lightly rub Kelly's thigh. As I watched, he moved his hand so that his fingertips were touching the inside of one thigh while his palm caressed the other.

Kelly reached for her glass, and as she did, Cody "accidentally" slid his fingers a couple of inches up under her skirt. The only reaction from Kelly was to drink more wine, and turn slightly on her stool toward Cody so that one leg was on the side of the stool while the other pointed forward. I was amazed that she had actually parted her thighs for him. I was also glad that we were the only ones sitting at that end of the bar.

I pretty much chugged my beer and watched as Cody continued to stroke Kelly's thigh even higher. As he worked his way beneath her skirt, I wondered if she had worn panties. I thought this looked like it could be Cody's lucky night. Kelly suddenly stood up and grabbed her wine. As she finished it, Cody left his hand where it was. It looked to me like he had to be touching her pussy.

Kelly waited in that position for a few more moments and then said, "I'm going to the ladies room. I think we should probably get going."

I really did not want the evening to end. I was sitting there with a major erection, as I'm sure Cody was. I suddenly had a wild idea. I knew that when we arrived home Kelly and I would be making love. I asked Cody if he'd be interested in watching us. I told him he could sit on our patio right outside our bedroom window. I told him that I would leave the window open. Since our yard was totally fenced, no one would know he was there. He didn't hesitate. I asked him if he had a GPS. He did, and I gave him our address.

Kelly returned and we said good night to Cody. As soon as we were in the car, I reached beneath Kelly's skirt. She had a thong on that was thoroughly soaked. I thought to myself that Cody missed out on feeling one sweet pussy. On the ten-minute drive to our house, Kelly kept saying she couldn't believe that she not only let him see her tits, but that she let him rub her thigh. I also mentioned that she let him rub his cock against her while dancing. As we pulled into the driveway, I told Kelly I couldn't wait to get her into bed.

Kelly went to her dresser, grabbed a nightgown, and headed into the bathroom. I pulled down the bed, and opened the bedroom window about a foot so that Cody would be able to see and hear us. I also placed a porn movie in the DVR to have some background noise. I stripped out of my clothes, and peeked out the window to see if Cody had actually come.

He was there sitting in a chair, just far enough back not to be seen. I jumped up on the bed just as Kelly walked out of the bathroom wearing a totally sheer white nightie that was closed by three little ribbons tied across her chest. She also wore a tiny, sheer thong that barely covered her pussy. I knew Cody's eyes were glued to her. I kissed her, parting her lips with my tongue. As I pulled back, I untied the ribbons to her nightie leaving her still covered by the thin fabric.

I asked her if she liked showing her tits to Cody. She said that she couldn't get over how hot it made her. I lightly rubbed her nipple through the sheer fabric as I asked her if she liked pressing her breast into his hand. Kelly was a bit flustered not knowing that I had seen this casual activity. She confessed that she had lingered resting her tit on his hand in hopes that he'd move his fingers and touch her.

I decided Cody had waited long enough and removed Kelly's nightie leaving her wearing only her tiny thong. I leaned forward and sucked her nipple into my mouth making her already long nipple even longer. I asked her if she'd like to have Cody suck on her nipples. She panted that she would enjoy that.

I also asked her if she enjoyed Cody's hand up her skirt. Kelly said it felt so hot. She continued telling me that when she stood up Cody's had moved all the way to her pussy. She said her thong had worked its way into her slit, and that he was lightly stroking her outer lips. She said she stood there hoping he'd get under the thong, but decided she'd better go to the ladies room.

I asked her to show me how the thong was when he was touching her. She leaned forward and tugged on the sides oh thong making it disappear between her lips. Since our bed was facing the window, I knew Cody had a wonderful view of Kelly with her legs spread apart. I began stroking her lips very slowly, asking her if this was what Cody did to her. I then started working my way beneath her thong. She told me that was exactly what Cody was trying.

I decided it was time to really show Cody all of Kelly. I pulled her thong from between her lips and slid them down her long legs. I pulled her knees up, and spread her legs. Kelly has a clean-shaven pussy. Her lips are as pink as her nipples. Her inner lips are totally covered by her outer lips. I spread her legs even further, and separated her outer lips with my finger to allow Cody a view of her small, pink rose petal like inner lips. I could see, as I'm sure Cody could that she was dripping, and I slipped a finger into her juicy pussy. I continued playing with her pussy trying to give Cody a great show.

All of a sudden, I got another hot idea. I went to Kelly's dresser and removed three silk scarves. I told her I had some more ideas for fun. She asked what I had in mind. I then blindfolded her, and lightly tied her hands to the metal headboard. I told her she had to use all of her other senses, and that I had to get something from the kitchen. She protested a bit, but said okay.

I went to the back door and asked Cody if he wanted to sit in the chair near the foot of our bed to watch. He jumped up. I noticed he had no pants on, and that he was sporting an erection. I told him to leave the rest of his clothes so that there would be no rustling sounds. He followed me as I stopped at the fridge and picked up a few fresh strawberries. We entered the bedroom and I pointed to the chair at the foot of the bed. Cody positioned himself so that he would easily be able to watch our activities from only two feet away. I took a strawberry and held it close to Kelly's nose.

She immediately said, "Strawberries."

I bit it in half, and placed half in her mouth. I took the other half and began rubbing it on her nipple. I ran my finger in circles around it and began tugging on the center stretching it outward. I then watched Cody as I sucked her long, hard nipple in to my mouth. He was just about drooling as he sat there stroking his cock. Kelly kept saying it felt so good.

Look for Part 2 tomorrow!

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