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Football Field Fuck Fantasy

My Darling Love's Fantasy
It had been a long day at work, and we were on the drive home. My boyfriend and I were riding in silence. Though my boyfriend didn't have a license, I was much too tired to drive that night.

“Why are you taking this turn?” I asked. “There's no traffic; you don't need a back road.”

He looked at me with a sly grin on his face, “I figured we could take a little detour.” Placing his hand on my thigh and squeezing. “You said you liked pleasing me, right? Well, I want to make a little fantasy come true, and you're the girl to do it with.”

I looked at him questioningly, but remained silent. He seemed more intense in that moment. More intimidating and it was kind of turning me on. I looked around to see where we were arriving, and it was the high school we'd both gone to.

Tanner had said he had a fantasy for fucking a girl in the middle of the football field.. I guess I was the girl to fuck out in the open. He parked down the street from the gates to the field, and I was led by the hand to the gate. Tanner's grip was firm, and immovable. He ducked through the fence, and I ducked behind him. Walking fifty yards had never seemed so long, or so tense.

My pulse was rising, and my flesh was hot and sensitive as I dwelt upon the thought of him and I, here, of all places. It made sense now as to why all of my bras were missing from my laundry, and I was left to wear a corset under my work shirt today. Tanner must have been planning this from when I got up this morning.

The field lights were out, so it was dark, but I could still see the features of his face in the moonlight. He grabbed my hands and held them behind my back, and brushed my hair to one shoulder. His teeth grazed my neck, and then he bit down hard, making me gasp out a moan.

His hand slid between my legs and he began playing with my pussy over my slacks. Tanner placed my hands on his cock, groaning in slight pleasure as I made contact. I could feel his dick throb, even through his pants, and it made me wet. He reached around me, with both of his arms encasing mine, keeping my hands behind my back and on his cock, while he undid my pants.

He pulled my pants down from my hips, and they fell the rest of the way to the ground. “On your knees.” He demanded.

My legs buckled, and I could feel the grass as his hand went to my hair and he forced me down by my head. He walked in front of me and unzipped his pants. His cock was out and in my face, daunting and inviting.

“You know you want to put it in your mouth.” He taunted. “Mm, cause you're my own little slut, aren't you?”

I could feel my face ablaze as he degraded me. I liked it, whether I told him or not, and he knew that. He stuck his fingers in my mouth, then pulled my jaw down by pressing his fingertips by the back of my front teeth. I had no option but to open my mouth, and then Tanner shoved his cock in. I could feel it going down my throat as he moaned in pleasure.

Tanner stopped abruptly, pulling my mouth from his shaft. “You want to please me, right?” He breathed heavily. “If you want to be allowed to suck my cock, you have to touch yourself first.” He stated simply.

“But I-” I stammered. “You know I'm embarrassed to-”

“I don't care.” He cut me off sharply. “You like the thought. You toy with it constantly. The thought of me making you touch yourself.. I know you get off to it, and now it's going to happen.” He knelt closer, and whispered in my ear. “Your pussy is going to be dripping wet for me before I even consider letting you take my cock.”

I began sliding my hand towards my wet pussy, when a pair of headlights flashed in the corner of my eye. Tanner and I froze, staring in the direction of the lights as they passed by on the road. The car moved out of sight, and we both breathed.

“Now, I'm really hard. Get touching and get sucking, bitch.”

Tanner's hand was in my hair and forcing my head to his cock as I slid my hands to my puss again. I was rubbing myself over my underwear, blushing furiously, and getting soaked. Suddenly, Tanner's hand stopped, and he slid his cock out of my mouth slowly. He pushed me back, and I fell. His body was on top of mine, pressing me down in an instant.

“I'd love to play around for longer, but I need to fuck you before we're disturbed.” He growled.

My underwear was pulled aside roughly, and he shoved his cock in. My back arched as he fucked me hard and fast. My hips began moving in rhythm with his, and I felt him all the way inside of me. He grabbed roughly at my torso, and undid the front of my corset, revealing my breasts to the cold night air. Another car rolled by reminding us we weren't alone, and Tanner paid no mind. The thrill of someone walking up was tantalizing and all too real. I was nervous, yet hot over the thought.

His breath was hot on my skin, and steaming in the night air. He flipped me over and shoved his cock in hard from behind. My moans were getting louder as I got close to cumming. His rigid shaft felt so good, and just hearing the sounds of his pleasure had me excited and hot.

Tanner wrapped one hand around my throat and forced my head down. He thrust harder and faster, making it impossible not to scream.

“That's right who's my good girl? Huh?” His other hand found my clit as he kept thrusting. “Come on, you little slut, cum for me!”

“Tanner!” I screamed his name and came hard. My pussy pulsing as my cum squirted out around his dick.

He fucked me a moment longer, my pussy in pleasant pain from being fucked so hard. He pulled out, flipped me over, and pulled my face close. After all of his cum was on my face, he stood up.

“Clean up, you little slut. We have to go home.”

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