For the neighbors

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sex with the blinds open
with our bedroom window blinds open and the television on. there is enough light for neighbours to see what is going on inside our bedroom. i am on my hands and knees with my rear end towards the tv. the television ligth gives a clear view of my pussy and asshole. my husband at the foot of the bed plunging his fingers into my pussy. first 1, then 2 then up to 3 fingers into my pussy. all this enjoyment while the blinds are open and hoping at least 1 neighbour will see us in action. after a few minutes my husband turns me towards the window. now my ass and pussy are clearly in view to the outside world. my husband at my side, fingering my clit while i am sucking him off. i am sure that someone can see our show from another house. as my husband starts to cum, he stands on the bed as i continue to suck him off. i swallow each and every drop of his cum. once he is sucked dry he goes back to my pussy and ass .. fingering my clit and rubbing my asshole i cum violently .. all this time my ass is facing our bedroom window hoping someone catches a view of us.