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Four and Five - part One

This story took place about two years ago when I was twenty three years old. I’d always taken pride in my appearance; five feet six inches tall, long, almost black, dark hair, hazel/blue eyes, slim body and 34 B cup breasts, working out to stay as fit as I could most days. I’d go running with Issabella on most occasions and on the weekends we’d be joined by some of our male friends, regularly ending with us having sex, either mid run or after it.

Although I’d known Issabella since school and lived with her, I counted myself as bisexual but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that she was all I ever needed. Sex with guys was simply something that we started doing and never stopped. Besides, it was such a turn on to see her being fucked or for her to see me, so why would we stop.

I woke as normal, around 7.30, immediately looking at Issabella in the bed next to me, the two of both naked, she smiled, the tell-tale sparkle in her eyes, suggesting that she was having naughty thoughts. I raised my arms from under the quilt and stretched. Then, looking back, I reached to pull open the right curtain, the sunlight flooding into the room as I looked at the clear blue sky. It was going to be a nice day, perfect as I’d planned on taking off the morning but a pity that Issabella had to go in and see clients.

Once again I stretched; as I did I felt the quilt being pulled off my body, immediately looking at Issabella’s naked body, the sunlight accentuating her olive dark skin. Just looking at her lying face down naked was enough to turn me on, my pussy wet and body tingling with anticipation. We made love most mornings before work and knew once Issabella had pulled of the quilt it wouldn’t be long before we’d be doing it again.

Sure enough, before I’d finished stretching she was kissing, sucking and teasing my left nipple. An instant later, with my legs spread, her fingers had pushed effortlessly into my throbbing pussy. I moan straight away as she began moving in and out, increasing speed quickly. I knew she was going to make me cum quickly, her actions more lustful than seductive but that too turned me on more, making me feel sexy, almost irresistible. My body was responding, hips bucking as she teased my g spot with her fingertips. Faster and harder she teased, making me become sensitive very quickly, pussy throbbing hard on her fingers as I started to writhe and moan loudly. As soon as I felt her fingers touch my clit I gasped, my pussy contracting hard. I tried to hold back and not climax so soon but she was merciless, teasing faster and harder until my orgasm arrived, my juices oozing between her fingers until finally I began to relax.

I looked at Issabella as she lay on her back beside me, smiling with pride, her pussy lips glistening and a little swollen. I couldn’t resist climbing on top of her, kissing her lips tenderly before we kissed more passionately. Her legs opened and wrapped around me. With my pussy on hers, it was impossible for either of us not to want to grind together. I too, spread my legs a little, feeling my lips open as I began to rotate my hips, grinding rhythmically. I heard a loud thwack as I felt her left hand slap my right arse cheek, then another as her right hand mimicked on my other cheek. She began to respond, pushing hard up onto me as her fingers squeezed and pulled at my cheeks. Still kissing, it wasn’t long before we were grinding together wildly, no subtlety, both overwhelmed with desire and lust. My second climax of the day was building quickly, instinctively knowing that Issabella was close too. We’d both opened our legs wider until our clits touched, seconds later we were cuming hard, our juices squirting out spurt after spurt.

We kissed tenderly for a while before Issabella suggested I go and sort breakfast while she had a shower. We didn’t dress at home, both preferring to be naked, if the truth be known; we both enjoyed looking at the others body and never missed an opportunity to make love to each other. So, went downstairs with nothing on and by the time I’d got our breakfast ready, Issabella had arrived in the living room carrying her work clothes and still naked. We sat beside each other on the sofa, eating our cereal and toast, drinking our coffee and watching the news on TV.

Once finished, trays on the floor beside the sofa and with time left before Issabella had to put on her clothes and leave for work. She lifted her legs to sit cross legged, continuing to watch TV. She looked incredibly sexy, long dark hair drying, nipples standing hard on her full perfectly shaped breasts, her flat stomach and solid thighs enticing my eyes to her smooth wet pussy lips. She caught me looking and smiled but before she had chance to say anything I’d slid onto the floor to kneel in front of her.

Without hesitation, she uncrossed her legs and shuffled closer to the edge of the sofa. Before moving to lick her I noticed that her juices had already began to flow, dribbling from her pussy in anticipation of what was to come. I began by kissing her thighs, first one and then the other, before licking all around her pussy, trying to make her more desperate. As soon as my tongue began licking up and down her pussy lips she let out a moan of pleasure, her hips immediately pushing onto my mouth. I let the tip of my tongue tease her lips for a little while before plunging hard and fast into her. She gasped, her fingers taking hold of my hair as I probed in and out in an increasingly fast rhythm, her pussy throbbing hard on my tongue. I began to alternate between licking her clit and moving in and out, all the time, listening to her moans and feeling her body’s reaction. Her hips bucked harder and harder, her moans louder and more desperate with each movement of my tongue. The devilish part of me wondered if I could leave her without making her cum, she’d have to go soon, so it was possible but I couldn’t be so evil. With my fingers, I spread her pussy lips to expose her clit. Her juices were trickling steadily out, her moans transforming to little gasps, she was close. I took her clit between my teeth, pulling it gently until I felt her body tense and then use my tongue to flick mercilessly her clit. Seconds later, with a loud gasp, she was cuming, covering my face and her thighs with her juices.

I licked her juices off her pussy before sitting back onto the floor. Issabella smiled at me but then, noticing the time realised she had to put her clothes on and go to work. She put on her white lacy bra first, followed by her white shirt, all the time looking at me as she fastened the buttons. Taking hold of her thong, she giggled and threw them at me, saying she’d leave them off for the day. She pulled her skirt over her feet, stood up to pull it over her thighs and hips and fasten it. Quickly, she left the room, going back upstairs to finish getting ready. A few minutes later she was back and ready to go.

She already knew that I’d planned to go for a run, it was a warm sunny day, too good an opportunity not to go up our local and admire the scenery, so she told me, once at the viewing point to strip and go to the top naked. I was already turned on, having made Issabella cum but the thought of doing what she asked made me even more tingly and wet. As she leaned down to kiss me goodbye my mind had already turned to being up the hill with nothing on and that I’d most likely end up masturbating.

I set to work washing up our breakfast things and cleaning the kitchen, the whole time feeling my juices trickling down my thighs, unable to stop thinking about the morning events and of my upcoming run. Eventually I was finished downstairs and back in the bedroom, putting on my shorts, t shirt, socks and trainers. I took a look at myself in the full length mirror, noticing that there was already a wet patch developing on my shorts, tied my hair back and picked up my belt and pouch. Going back to the kitchen, I prepared my drink bottle, putting it in the pouch along with my phone and door keys once I was outside and ready to go.

Even though it was only 9.30 in the morning, the heat from the high summer sun warmed me up quickly, within a few hundred metres the beads of sweat had begun to form. The first two miles of my route undulated gently, allowing me to stride out with purpose, ignoring that my t shirt was becoming wetter and wetter and that the sweat was pouring off my face. Then I turned left, the climb up had begun, the road getting steeper the further I ran.

In the twenty minutes that I’d been out the temperature and humidity had risen appreciably but the easier part of my run was over, seven hundred of the last nine was all uphill. At least, as the road weaved its way up the steep hill, the tree canopy protected me from the sun but still the sweat poured off my body. I looked down to see my top soaked and clinging to my body and my arms and thighs glistening with perspiration. I was getting tired, breathing heavily, legs burning as I turned another bend in the road and headed up the final section, the car-park a path to the viewpoint. I’d almost forgotten about Issabella’s request earlier but something must have reminded me as I began to think about taking off my wet clothes and feeling the warm sun on my naked body, the thought making me tingly all over.

I turned into the car-park, a wide black expanse of tarmac, no longer shaded by tress, the sunlight temporarily dazzling my eyes until they adjusted to the sudden change. My pace quickened as the gradient eased, striding out across the tarmac. One car was parked beside the entrance to the path leading to the viewing point and as my eyes adjusted to the bright light, realised that there was a couple inside. A few seconds later, I giggled, noticing that they were naked and having sex. The girl was facing me as she rode the guys cock frantically and as we made eye contact I was sure she winked at me and then waved. I slowed to a virtual walk as I went past the car, looking at the scene inside, before going onto the path, sprinting the last one hundred metres through the trees.

Finally I’d made it to the viewing platform, sweat pouring from my body as I took deep breaths trying to recover. I sat down against a small wall, immediately taking off my trainers and socks. I took out my drink and tried to replenish my body’s lost fluids, emptying half of the bottle. My top was saturated all over with sweat; even my shorts were wet and clinging to my body.

I sat motionless for a few minutes, looking to see if there was anybody walking up on the hill but being a week day there was never likely to be many walking. My mind started to think about Issabella’s request, took a deep breath and peeled off my top, picked up my trainers and socks, with my heart racing, started to walk up the rest of the hill and as my confidence grew, I stopped to remove my shorts, continuing to walk up to the summit. Still the sweat trickled down my body as I walked, feeling the grass on my bare feet and the warm sun on my flesh.

It took a few minutes to get to the top, a gentle breeze cooled me down a little but still I felt the beads of sweat trickling down my body and the sun burning my bare skin. I’d seen the view many times before; to the north, the massed sprawl and tall buildings of the City, to the northwest was my home town nestling in the valley, surrounding the old church with its spire. Along the western skyline were more hills, scared by mining and redevelopment of towns but as I continued my view of the panorama, south and east, it was like a tapestry of all shades of green, magnificent rolling English countryside, a site you could never tire of.

As I admired the view I glanced back down at the car-park, wondering if the couple were still naked and having sex. My thoughts were answered a few seconds later when I saw the girl get out of the car, totally naked. Even from a distance she looked as though she had a good body but then to my total shock, she looked up and waved at me. I wondered, for a second if it was me she was waving at but sure enough, when I returned the gesture she blew me a kiss. Turning back into the car, a few seconds later she had clothes in her hand and the guy had stood to look at me. I chuckled to myself, momentarily feeling very self-conscious about being naked but then enjoying the excitement of the situation.

I wondered what I should do next, still feeling very hot and not sweating any less, so decided, after another drink to continue walking along the hill. My top and shorts hadn’t dried out very much, so, thought it would be more daring to leave them on a rock to dry, I could take my phone just in case and headed off, carrying just my trainers, drink and phone. After two hundred metres, down another part of the hill was a lake, a great place for me to go and cool down by I thought, so, immediately began the descent towards it.

It didn’t take me long to be at the water’s edge, admiring how clear and blue it looked as I sat down. This was the first time I’d been there since I’d finished my education and recalled that the lake had a reputation for being extremely deep and as I sat there curiosity began to fill my thoughts.

For a few moments, I was lost in my own world, enjoying the peace and tranquillity, finally recovering from my run but then I heard my phone ringing out. I fumbled around inside my pouch that was on the ground beside me, eventually pulling out my mobile to answer it. It was Issabella wondering where I was and what I was doing. She was so excited when I told her that I was naked beside the lake and that I’d left my clothes on top of the hill. We continued to talk, her about her first meeting of the day and then I told her about seeing the naked couple in the car-park, that they were having sex and that they’d seen me naked at the top of the hill.

We’d been talking for a few minutes, I’d lay down as we spoke, subconsciously the fingers of my left hand had meandered down and were gently teasing my pussy lips.

“You should have fucked them both Jo, you know that’d have turned me on”, Issabella said laughing.

My fingers had slipped between my lips, working their way deeper inside my pussy. I gasped a little as I felt my finger being squeezed.

”What are you doing, you naughty girl”, Issabella giggled.

I knew she was just as turned on as I was, her voice trembled and breathing shallow as she told me how she’d be touching me if she was by my side.

“Take off your skirt Issy please”

I knew she was in my office as she’d had a meeting but even in the main office, with our five colleagues there she’d have still undressed, they’d seen us naked many times before after all. So, it was no surprise that she agreed enthusiastically and that I heard her start to moan. With each word we uttered to the other the more desperate we became. My fingers teased my g spot furiously and pumped in and out of my pussy hard and fast, my body writhing on the shore of the lake, moans echoing around the hillside. I was surprised at how long we were lasting. Even her telling me that she was naked didn’t make me cum; both of us wanted a fantastic orgasm. I was resisting as much as I could, until she said she wanted me to cum now. Without hesitation, my fingertips moved to my clit, immediately making my pussy contract hard. I teased as fast and hard as I could, hearing to her moans on the phone until I began to climax. My juices flowed freely, squirting powerfully from my body over and over.

We talked for a few more minutes but she had another meeting and had to put her clothes on but the two of us burst out laughing when she said she smelt of sex as did the office and that her appointment was with a woman that we’d guessed was gay but that we also fancied. Issabella suggested, in jest that it might be good fun to stay naked but said goodbye to me, leaving me to wonder if she’d do it.

I put my phone down on the ground, looked at my glistening body, then the clear blue water of the lake in front of me, jumped to my feet, ran four or five steps and dived as far as I could into the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever dived into such cold water before. It felt as though every bit of heat in my body was being sucked away but at the same time, when I surfaced from under the water, I felt invigorated and so clean. I took four or five strokes and dived under the water once again, going down two or three metres and as I peered down I agreed that it did indeed look very deep. I surfaced again, thinking it unwise to stay in too long as it was seriously cold and turned towards the shore.

As I turned around I was horrified to see a couple sat by my trainers and phone, swimming towards the shore, the girl smiled and waved, filling me relief, realising that it was the couple from the car-park. It wasn’t easy to climb out as it was so deep but before I had chance to try the guy had got up, offering me his hand to help me.

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