Four and Five - part Two

By Joanna86

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I put my phone down on the ground, looked at my glistening body, then the clear blue water of the lake in front of me, jumped to my feet, ran four or five steps and dived as far as I could into the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever dived into such cold water before. It felt as though every bit of heat in my body was being sucked away but at the same time, when I surfaced from under the water, I felt invigorated and so clean. I took four or five strokes and dived under the water once again, going down two or three metres and as I peered down I agreed that it did indeed look very deep. I surfaced again, thinking it unwise to stay in too long as it was seriously cold and turned towards the shore.

The story continues.

As I turned around I was horrified to see a couple sat by my trainers and phone, swimming towards the shore, the girl smiled and waved, filling me relief, realising that it was the couple from the car-park. It wasn’t easy to climb out as it was so deep but before I had chance to try the guy had got up, offering me his hand to help me.

He was strong, lifting me easily, immediately stepping back as I stood by the water’s edge, almost as though he was trying to get a better view of my naked body. I stood for a moment, drying off my long dark hair with my hands, feeling the sun warming my body quickly and feeling very sexy, the couple never taking their eyes off me as I moved to sit in front of them.

“Hi, I’m James and this is my sister Kelly.”

“I’m Joanna!” I said, somewhat surprised as I’d seen them having sex in the car-park.

I’d guessed that James was in his early twenties and that Kelly was eighteen or nineteen. James was very tall; I’d guess at least 6’ 2, stocky build, by no means overweight, being part of the local Rugby team, dark eyes and light brown hair. Looking at Kelly, it was amazing to think they were a couple; there was a huge difference in terms of physique. She was barely 5’ tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely pretty, solidly build and large breasts. She was wearing a short low cut V neck flimsy, semi see-thru white top, showing a good section of her midriff, no bra, her nipples standing proud, three quarter length multi-coloured trousers and finally, she’d been wearing trainers but had taken them off to leave her barefoot. James had on a blue t shirt, tight small red patterned shorts that did little to hide his growing bulge and a pair of scruffy trainers.

“You have a fantastic body, you’re really sexy and gorgeous”, Kelly confessed shyly.

“Who were you talking to on your mobile? That was one hell of a show. They must have been turning you on so much; it looked like one hell of an orgasm.”

I couldn’t help laughing, “It was my girlfriend Issabella and yes she was being pretty naughty and was naked too”

After a slight pause, I continued, “Did you have a good time in the car? You looked great naked.”

“Are you lesbian then”, James asked with an air of disappointment.

I did my best to explain my sexuality. I would be happy living in a lesbian relationship with Issabella but because of how our relationship began, we quickly got used to having sex with others and enjoying watching each other. Up until that day, we’d had sex with five guys and four girls but that Issabella had said I should have fucked James and Kelly in their car.

All the time that the three of us had been talking, they’d not taken their eyes off my naked body as I sat in front of them with my legs apart. I could feel my pussy throbbing and juices dribbling steadily. James was making no effort to hide his hard cock and the way Kelly was shifting her thighs I’d guessed that she was extremely turned on.

I wasn’t that surprised when, after a deep breath Kelly confessed, “I’ve always wanted to go with another girl”.

For a few seconds there was silence, both of them waiting for my reaction as I wondered what I should do. I knew Issabella wanted me to have sex with them, so as I looked straight into Kelly’s eyes, got onto my knees and crawled slowly towards her. Her breathing quickened the closer I got, until my lips were millimetres from hers. I could almost feel her heart beating as I knelt motionless, teasing her by being so close.

I couldn’t resist any longer, letting my lips touch hers as softly as I could. She moved closer, trying to kiss more but I pulled away for a second and then let my tongue trail across her lips. Kelly opened her mouth expectantly, gently the tip of my tongue caressed hers, circling slowly, seducing her with a slow kiss, allowing the passion to build gradually. I felt her arms go around me, lying back, pulling me on top of her. As our tongues worked, ever more feverishly I took hold of her top, pulling it up her body. I pulled away long enough for her to lift her arms, allowing me to pull her top off over her head to throw it onto the ground but before I had chance to go back to kissing her, she had turned to James and said, “take off my trousers please”.

Without hesitation I turned my head towards him and raised my lower body for him, getting up onto my knees. He smiled as he crawled to us but instead of going to pull off her trousers I felt the fingers of his right hand run across my pussy lips causing me to moan and push against him involuntarily. I heard Kelly whisper, “Oh god yes”, realising exactly what he’d done but then as I looked back I saw him removing her bottoms. Bit by bit her lower half was revealed, pale white flesh, silky smooth, freshly shaved pussy and rounded irresistible thighs, her trousers removed to leave her naked beneath me.

I lowered back onto her, our body’s moulding together as once more our tongues caressed, kissing passionately, legs wrapped around my waist, my pussy pressed on hers. I felt her hands wander nervously down my back, onto the curves of my arse cheeks and squeeze them gently. My body tensed, instinctively grinding against her. She pushed my arse onto her, a sure sign that she wanted me to continue, so found a steady rhythm, moving in a circular motion, picking up pace as her kiss became more desperate. I was so turned on, juices flowing steadily, pussy throbbing harder with every passing second. Soon, movements lost control, full of lust and passion as Kelly responded more and more but before she had chance to climax, my juices were squirting over her as I began to cum.

Even before I’d started to relax I focussed my mind on satisfying her, kissing inch by inch down her body, taking time to kiss and lick each of her large breasts, sucking and teasing her nipples. She was breathing hard and moaning quietly, her body tensing beneath me as I kissed lower, down her stomach and over where she shaved. Kelly’s legs were open, allowing me between them. I took a moment to look at her pussy, lips swollen and glistening, the unmistakable odour of cum, both male and female filling the air, the tip of clit poking between her lips, visibly throbbing. As I kissed the tip of her clit as softly as I could, I heard her moan, “Oh god, yes” and again as my tongue pushed slowly inside. Immediately I could taste James’s cum, swirling my tongue as if cleaning her, faster and faster, making her moan louder and with more desperation. Her hips began to move her on and off my tongue as I probed in and out hard and fast, her climax not far away. My teeth took hold of her clit, pulling, teasing with my tongue, letting go then repeating over and over, each time harder and more intense than before. Kelly was gasping, telling me not to stop, her body finally tensing, moans of pleasure echoing through the hillside as she began to orgasm.

I could feel her body shaking as I licked her pussy tenderly as she recovered from her orgasm, the warmth of the sun eating down on our naked bodies. After a short while I got up, keeling between her legs, immediately taking hold of her wrists, pulling her up towards and kissing her as we cuddled together.

James hadn’t entered my thoughts at all until I stopped kissing Kelly, the two of us turning to look at him. His shorts were down by his ankles, hard throbbing cock in his hand, stoking it with fast strokes as he looked at us. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”, he said as his pre-cum flowed steadily.

“Do you need any help with that”, I said as I giggled.

Both he and Kelly looked at me, not knowing what I was about to do. For a brief moment I considered sucking him until he exploded but as I crawled the small distance towards him I decided to have sex with him and without hesitation, straddled him, lowering onto his shaft. The two of us groaned with pleasure, soon finding a steady rhythm, his cock and my pussy throbbing hard.

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing, so told Kelly to answer it, realising that it was most likely going to be Issabella. Sure enough it was her, so assured Kelly to describe to her exactly what had happened and what I was doing with James. Not once did I slow down, moaning more and more knowing that Issabella was going to be very turned on. I looked at Kelly as I pounded harder and faster on her boyfriend’s throbbing cock, her legs were spread apart and was masturbating as she spoke to Issabella. James had his hand around my waist, driving me hard onto him as he thrust upwards. Kelly began teasing her clit furiously, announcing to us that she was going to cum very soon. As the words came out of her mouth James thrust hard into my pussy, I felt the first spurt of his seamen surge into my vagina, then his second, third and fourth and still he came, he seemed to be lasting forever but finally he lay back on the ground exhausted.

I didn’t move, merely looking at them both lying on the grass, Kelly still talking to Issabella but eventually handing the phone to me. Issabella had suggested that they came home with me when she could meet them, so, I said goodbye to her and asked if they’d like to.

As I got off James I couldn’t believe how much of his cum trickled out of me as I got to my feet. I’d expected them to both get dressed before we began the walk back to their car but to my surprise, James kicked off his trainers, and shorts and pull off his shirt. I went to pick up my trainers, drink bottle and phone but before I had chance to, James had collected everything off the ground, the three of us heading up to the top of the hill, Kelly and I leading the way. Before too long we’d reached the place where I’d left my clothes but before we started to go downhill, James said, “Let me take a picture of you two kissing.”

I looked down at the car-park, noticing that there were more cars parked, so knew that there must be other people on the hillside somewhere. We turned to face him, his cock growing harder as we held each other, bodies pressed together, beginning to kiss. I felt her fingers squeezing my arse cheeks, both of us enjoying the passion as our tongues caressed gently. By the time our mouths had parted, James’s cock was standing proudly and twitching. Looking beyond him, we could see a number of people walking, immediately realising that they’d have seen the three of us naked.

It was nothing new for me to be naked in a public place but despite being turned on by the situation, I was still nervous about being seen. James quickly picked up everything as Kelly and I began to go down the hill, no longer a casual stroll but moving quickly until we reached the viewpoint. We were five or six paces ahead of James as we headed down the path to the car-park, the two of us freezing momentarily as an elderly man came around the corner, eyes widening as he saw us, his face changing once he saw James behind us, his cock still hard. I took Kelly by the hand, trying to reassure her, leading her towards the car. The elderly guy stood motionless, watching us as we walked past him, the two of us giggling mischievously, breaking into a run as we saw the car.

James on the other-hand, walked steadily and calmly down the path, his cock bouncing, still fully hard looking at Kelly and me. Kelly was very excited, pushing me against the car, sucking and caressing my breasts as I felt the fingers of her right hand thrusting desperately into my pussy. My knees buckled a little as her teeth pulled hard on my left nipple and began thrusting her fingers In and out of me hard and fast, trying desperately to make me cum.

Above my moans I heard the car peep as James unlocked the door, Kelly immediately stopping, moving me aside to open the back door, telling me, with an air of desperation to get in the back with her. The car was extremely hot inside, heated from several hours of being in a shade less area of the car-park. James got into the drivers seat and turned to see Kelly sucking eagerly on my nipples and once again fingering my pussy hard. I gasped out the address to James and gave him rough directions but then turned my attention to Kelly. Altering my body position a little, opening my legs wider, with the fingers of my left hand, I went to work on her clit, teasing it with as much lust as she was using on me. Before long the two of us were writhing and moaning as James drove us home. Neither Kelly nor I took any notice of where we were going, concentrating completely on satisfying the other but within five or six minutes we’d made it home.

James turned round to ask where the keys to the front door were. I was just about able to give him an answer, between breathing hard and moaning as Kelly continued to tease my clit. A few moments later the back door was opened and James was pulling his sister out of the car. She protested as she was pulled away from my fingers, her pussy glistening and wet, James carrying her into the house. Quickly, I got out of the car, following them inside a few seconds later.

I was oblivious to the fact that Issabella’s car was there but as I entered the house, to my total disbelief, there was Issy, completely naked being fucked hard by James on the staircase. Shutting the door behind me, I said, “Let’s go upstairs!”