Four In the Car

By one4play

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We all had just enough to drink to not think about what was happening next.
One night we were at the bar. (You, a couple of friends and myself.) We had a lot to drink and were getting a little flirty at the bar. You and I were talking dirty to each other. My two friends also joined in on the fun, teasing with you. We were all telling stories about different sex experiences and what we liked about them; it was getting us all very excited.
We all decided to leave the bar and go somewhere else.

You were wearing a skirt, a sexy top and some very sexy heels. As you got into the back seat of the car, you bent over. I noticed then that you weren't wearing any panties. It made my cock jump with excitement. You slid into the car and moved over so I could get in. My two friends got into the front seats.

We started down the road, when you and I started kissing and putting our hands all over each other. Your hands moved down to feel my throbbing cock through my pants. I could see your eyes widen with excitement. Without words your eyes told me you wanted it, and wanted it right now. You took my hand and slid it under your skirt to show me just how excited you were. Your pussy was dripping wet. Mmmm, I wanted to taste it! I wanted your wet pussy all over my face for you to suck the juices off of.

I slowly pushed you back across the back seat, at the same time sliding your skirt up. You knew my friends could see but had just enough of a buzz that you didn't care. It was part of your rush and what made you even more aroused.

I moved my face down across your aching tits, down your stomach and onto your slippery wet pussy. I took my hands and spread your tight pink lips exposing your hard wet clit. I first teased it with my tongue. Your hips were moving around because it was driving you crazy. You then pushed your hips up to push your pussy into my mouth and begged me to make you cum.

I sucked and bit on your clit until you were moaning out with ecstasy. You couldn't handle it and asked me to fuck you. I told you that I wanted to taste every bit of you. I moved my mouth down across your dripping hole to tease the skin just below your pussy with my tongue. You loved it. You put your hand on the back of my head, as you did, you opened your eyes to see that my friend in the front passenger seat was watching all of this happen.

You hesitated for only a second then closed your eyes, again forgetting he was there and went back to what I was doing. Which now, I had moved further down and was licking and teasing your tight little ass hole, at the same time I had two fingers in your pussy. As I slid them in and out the others could hear just how wet your cunt was. Your juices were running down across your ass as I licked it. I then took one of my fingers and slid it into your ass. I had filled both holes.

My cock was throbbing so hard I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to fuck you. I sat straight up in the car, flipped you over, put your ass up in the air, and flipped your skirt up exposing your beautiful ass. I used the juices from your dripping pussy to lube your tight hole. With the other hand I had my cock as was guiding it into your ass.

"Easy," you said and I slowly moved closer to you. My cock hurt as it found the hole and slowly entered. I paused, knowing that you would relax if I didn't force it all the way in. Slowly I entered you until I was completely buried in your ass.

"Oh my God!" you moaned as you felt the sensation. You moaned louder as your body started moving backward to take it.

You told me you wanted to feel me cum in your ass. Your motions became smoother and quicker. You really enjoyed me in your ass. You were so into it, you didn't realize that the car had stopped moving and both friends were watching me fuck your ass.

You loved knowing that you were being watched, you loved knowing that others might also see you. It made you FUCK me harder. Yelling out to me to fuck your ass harder.

I knew I couldn't hold back. Knowing that everybody was watching, it made it all the more intense, every sensation was heightened. I became short of breath as I got closer and closer to cumming. I could feel your fingers working to find your clit, as you did you started rubbing it, pushing your ass against me harder telling me that you too were going to cum. That is all it took.

I pushed as deep as I could into you and filled your ass with cum. Just then, you came. You came hard, we both yelled out with pleasure.

As I was lying on top of you feeling your warm, soft ass checks against my cock I was facing the back of the seat and you were facing forward, You opened your eyes to see that the two guys in the front had their pants open as was slowly stroking their cocks. It made you hot knowing they were playing with themselves because of you.

You then pushed up on me so to allow yourself to move more freely, In doing so, you had now moved yourself between the seats so you could get a better look at what they had in the front of the car. You moved yourself so half your body was up front and your sweet little ass was facing me in the back seat.

Just as I reached through the seat so I could expose your tits and they could get a look at your amazing breasts, one of them reached over and started softly teasing your aching nipples. You closed your eyes and moaned with pleasure.

As this was happening I was teasing your pussy and making myself hard again. It did not take you long for your hands to find both of the hard cocks in the front seat. You ordered them to pull their pants down so you could get a better look at their swollen piece. You really liked what you saw.

You grabbed one of them with excitement readying yourself to suck it. When the other took you by the back of the head and started kissing you. One was kissing you and the other was sucking your tits. Your hands were going crazy trying to get their share of both cocks.

You started moaning with enjoyment knowing you were getting all of the attention. It was heaven for you. I was eating your pussy from behind while the others were paying attention to all of your other pleasure zones.

You now had pulled away from kissing one of the guys so you could wrap your waiting mouth around one of their cocks.

You slowly slid your mouth down onto the guy's cock in the drivers seat. You let out a deep moan with approval telling him you liked what you were tasting but also you were moaning because I had just slid my once again hard cock into your waiting pussy.

You loved it when I fucked you from behind. I would first start out slow then move faster and faster as you got more and more into it. The harder I pounded you the harder you sucked his cock. You were stroking his cock with one hand and sucking it and stroking the other guys cock with your other hand. You could not get enough. You stopped sucking his cock only to move over to start sucking the other guy’s cock. You were getting fucked from both ends and were loving it.

For several minutes we pounded away at you from both ends. As I pounded away at you, you were giving my buddy the best blowjob of his life. I heard his breathing become harder and harder, I knew then he was filling your mouth full of cum. You were taking it all in, not missing a drop.

When he was finished you turned to whisper in my ear. I pulled out of your dripping wet pussy, lay back on the seat, lifting you by the waist and sat your ass down upon my throbbing cock. I easily slid into your already used rear. As I started to fuck you from behind, you leaned back and my other friend slid from the front to position himself on top of you and pushed his hard shaft into your slippery pussy.

You were in heaven, a man on top of you and one underneath. This was something that you had never done before but only thought about. Now you were doing it in a car out in public. It was driving you crazy.

The two of us pumped you. It was as if you could feel both cocks almost touching each other. At that moment you came with a scream, never having an orgasm with more intensity than you had at that moment. Your juices were gushing out of you and down across my balls.

It was so hot your pussy was squeezing the other guy's cock so hard he came very fast. It was an amazing feeling for you to have two men in you and cum running out of you. You kept pushing your ass against me, you could feel my cock swell. You didn't want to stop because you knew I was about to cum again.

I came so hard. We had a mess everywhere. All of us satisfied and exhausted, not realizing what was going on around us.

All at once the world came rushing back. realizing that we were all naked and in a parking lot.

We got ourselves straightened out and got the car going again. As we did you sat back with your eyes closed and a dirty smile on your face as if you were looking forward to the next time.