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Friends with Benefits

We both understand that being horny and having sex is normal human behavior.
I had to admit being at the same college as Jason had its perks. As a freshman I got invited to all the cool parties, simply because of Jason. Although we hooked up a few times, we had a mutual understanding. He did his thing and I did mine. If we happened to want to do our thing together, that was fine too. Jason had become my best friend, he was also my occasional fuck buddy. His senior year he decided to move off campus and get an apartment, after about two weeks of living alone he begged me to move into the second bedroom.

"It's not like you won't be here all the time anyway," he plead his case.

"True," I rolled my eyes. "I don't think my parent's will go for it."

"Please," Jason flashed a smile. "Marina, let me talk to them, they love me."

It was true, my parents loved Jason. After a very long phone conversation and some interesting promises to the parentals, they agreed to let me live with Jason.

"We are gonna have a blast!" Jason said after I hung up the phone.

"I am not your maid, I am not doing your laundry, picking up after you or cooking your meals!" I said matter of factly.

"Fine, but will you suck my dick?" He flashed me another Jason smile and grabbed my waist and brought me to the couch tickling me. "Can I still play with you from time to time?" He teased inching his hand closer to my crotch.

I pushed his hand away and got up off the couch, "I have to get to class. Try not to get your cum all over the place when you're jacking off." I winked and headed out the door.

After class I headed to the dorm room to get the rest of my stuff and to tell my dorm mate, Charity that I was moving out.

"You're moving in with Jason?" Charity asked confused. "Are you guys like a thing or something?"

"No, we're not 'like a thing or something'. We are friends and we understand each other." I told her.

"Yeah, you're friends alright. Friends that fuck." I almost had to laugh. Charity was being so dramatic.

"So?" I asked.

"So? That's not friendship or roommateship. That's fucked up relationship in the making." Charity crossed her arms and started tapping her right foot.

"Charity, it will be fine. Besides, it'll be nice to live off campus." I smiled.

"Fine, but I get to drop by whenever I want. Right?" She challenged.

"Within reason," I rolled my eyes. "Look, I know you are not a big Jason fan. But I promise you if I thought this was a bad idea I wouldn't be doing it."

"You guys are so weird." Charity said, almost annoyed.

"Later girl," I picked up my stuff and headed back to my new place.

"Call me!" Charity yelled after me.

I got back to the apartment, I decided to leave the bulk of the stuff till morning. I knew I could get Jason to get most of it for me. I grabbed my purse and a small bag and headed up the stairs to our new place. This was going to take some getting used to. I could hear the music from the stairwell, Jason was already celebrating. I never knew what to expect when I came through the door, this time was no different. I walked in to find Jason on the couch with some blond giving him head. Jason looked up and smiled and winked at me. The girl didn't seem to hear me come in because of the music. I rolled my eyes at him and smiled back. I walked over to the table and sat my purse and keys down.

"Oh my God!" The girl jumped up, placing her hands in front of her mouth. "He didn't tell me he had a girlfriend!" She looked terrified.

"Relax sweetie, I'm not his girlfriend." I reassured her. "I just live here." I could tell Jason was about to burst out laughing at the poor girl.

"You gonna finish this or what?" Jason asked the blond, motioning to his very hard dick.

"I think I need to go," she scrambled for her purse and made a b-line to the door.

"Great! You're first night here and you scared away my blow job!" Jason accused.

"Next time call or text so that doesn't happen," I responded. "Besides, you have a bedroom you know."

"Yeah I know, I just wanted to see what would happen when you walked in," Jason laughed.

"Was it everything you hoped for?" I asked sarcastically.

"And more!" He stood up and pulled his jeans up. "You need some help unpacking?"

"No, I'll leave it till morning. I think I'm gonna take a shower and head to bed." I started to walk towards the bathroom.

"Mind if I join you?" Jason asked, rubbing his still very hard dick through his jeans.

"Really?" I cocked my head to the side.

"You cost me a blow job!" He pleaded.

"Okay, fine." I had to give it, he looked so cute standing there stroking his dick and begging.

I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I tossed all my clothes on the floor by the door and hopped in. Jason was right behind me, he tossed his clothes outside the door and within a few seconds he was standing behind me naked.

"I like having you as a roommate," he told me.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Cause we understand each other," he put his hands on my shoulders and kissed my neck. He pulled me closer to him, I could feel his hard dick rubbing up against my ass cheek.

"We do?" I loved teasing him. He moved his right hand down around my waist, bring me even closer to him. His left hand traveled to meet my breast, gently twisting my nipple.

"We both understand that being horny and having sex is normal human behavior, we acknowledge that fact and give into it at will." His right hand traveled down to my pussy, he gently began to rub my clit with his fingers.

"We do," my breath was heavier, I wanted his dick inside me. "Sexual needs are important, we understand that." I said, letting him know that yet again we were on the same page.

He bent me forward slightly, letting the warm water trickle down my face. He slid his dick slowly into my pussy hole. "Oh," I let out a small whimper. His dick always felt wonderful inside me. I loved the way his balls felt slapping my pussy as he drove his dick in harder and faster. This time was no different, his dick was driving its way deep into my pussy hole. I braced on the wall as he pounded away at my pussy.

"Your pussy's so nice and tight," he told me. "I love making you cream." He reached around with his hand and began rubbing my clit vigorously as he continued to fuck my pussy.

"Oh, oh oh, yeah!" I was almost chanting as the orgasm within me began to build.

"Your pussy loves my dick," Jason declared. "Your little pussy want my dick to make it cum? Make you cream all over?"

"Fuck me Jason! Fuck my tight little pussy!" I exclaimed. I braced harder and arched my back. His fingers still hard at work on my clit, he continued to pump his dick harder and harder into my hole. I let out a small scream and began to shake in orgasm. Jason pulled out and squirted his seed all over my ass.

"Nice!" Jason beamed. "I'm gonna like you living here." We both laughed.

"Now get out! I want to take a shower!" I shoved him to get out of the tub.

"Fine, I'm out! Later babe!" He said as he smacked my ass and got out.

I finished up my shower and went to bed. After the night I had, sleep was a welcome treat.

The next few weeks came and went with very few eventful encounters. Jason dated random girls and I dated random guys. I was getting a little frustrated however, because I hadn't gotten laid since the night Jason and I hooked up. None of the guys I was dating were sparking my interest. I decided to play Jason's little game, I invited Tim over after class for a one on one romp session. I knew Jason's schedule and I knew he would be home shortly after Tim and I got started.

I turned up the music, just as Jason had done and Tim and I began to fool around. I don't know if it was the idea of Jason walking in or what but I got really turned on. Tim was kissing my neck and rubbing my breast over my shirt. Next thing I knew I was tossing my shirt off and unhooking my bra. I had on a short black skirt and a pair of red lace thongs underneath. I straddled Tim on the couch, shoving my breast in his face. I could feel his hands grabbing my ass and squeezing. I began to dry hump him to the rhythm of the music. I felt his dick get hard as I was grinding my very wet pussy on top of it through his jeans.

A few times I looked over at the clock wondering what was keeping Jason. Now would be a really good time to walk in, I really wanted to fuck. Tim grabbed my hips grinding my pussy harder and faster on his swollen dick. I could feel myself begin to climax as he shoved my nipple into his mouth and held me steady on top of his dick. Just then the lock clicked and Jason walked in. I flashed him a smile, Tim shoved me off of him.

"Dude, sorry I didn't know anybody was gonna be here." Tim looked so embarrassed.

"I can see that," Jason said motioning to the wet spot on Tim's crotch. "You two having a good time?"

"Of course," I answered.

"I'm gonna head out now," Tim said inching toward the door. "I'll call you." He practically slammed the door on his way out.

"I don't think Tim liked me very much," Jason narrowed his gaze at me.

"Well I hope you're proud of yourself," I smirked.

"Why's that? Timmy got you all hot and bothered?" Jason joked.

"Maybe," I challenged.

"Maybe you need me to finish the job?" Jason walked over to me. "Maybe I'm willing to do that for you."

"Maybe you're willing?" I grinned at him.

"Maybe," he teased.

I dropped down on my knees in front of him and unzipped his jeans. His dick was already hard and my mouth was ready and waiting.

"Trying to seduce me?" He joked.

I was happy to have his dick in my mouth. I loved hearing him moan as I licked and sucked his dick. My pussy was dripping wet, I hadn't felt like this since the first night we fucked in his parent's driveway. I had to have him, all of him. He pulled me up and lead me over to the table.

"Hop on," he instructed.

I sat down and spread my legs wide, he bent down in front of me and began playing with my pussy. I laid back gently playing with my titties, moaning as he touched me in all the right places. With two fingers in my pussy hole he began circling my clit with his tongue.

"That feels so good," I encouraged him.

He flicked my clit with his tongue while moving his fingers in and out slowly. Without warning he inserted his little finger into my ass.

"Feel good?" he asked.

"Mmm hmm," I began to rotate my hips slowly encouraging him to continue.

His lips rested upon my clit and he began to suck, slowly at first, then harder. His fingers still fucking my pussy and ass. I could feel the orgasm mounting as he finger fucked me harder and faster.

"Cream for me Marina," he demanded.

"Ohh, ohhhh!" I screamed in orgasm.

He took his fingers out and I felt his tongue lapping up my creamy cum. I could hear him slurping and licking every drop of my pussy juices.

"Wanna have a little fun?" He asked and smiled. I knew that smile, he was up to something.

"What?" I asked, curiously.

"Ever had sex on a balcony?" He dared as he looked towards the sliding doors.

"No..." I smiled back.

"Want to?" He urged.

"Hell yeah!" I headed to the balcony, tossing my skirt and thongs on the floor on the way out the door. Jason did the same, if we were gonna do this, we were both gonna be naked.

Our balcony overlooked the parking lot, this was gonna be interesting. Thankfully it was night time and most of the tenants were either inside already or gone. I went over to the balcony railing and turned around to face him.

"You do realize that we are naked on the balcony of our apartment for all the world to see?" I said to him.

"You do realize that you look amazing standing naked on the balcony of our apartment and I don't care who in the hell sees it." Jason said as he walked towards me.

My nipples were hard due to the night air, Jason saw this and brought his lips down to kiss them gently. He brought his eyes back to mine, his lips just inches away.

"Ready?" He smiled, sliding his arm around my waist. Pressing his body against mine. My pussy ached for him, yes I was ready.

He turned me around, guiding me to the corner of the railing and told me to hold on. He then lifted my right leg and placed it on the railing. My pussy was exposed to the night air and anyone else that was out there.

"Beautiful pussy," he said as he guided his dick inside. "So wet."

"Aahh, ohhh, ohhh," his dick once again filled my pussy with delight. My titties were bouncing in the moonlight, my nipples still hard from the breeze of the night air. I looked down to see a couple in a red car, the guy was getting his dick sucked as he watched us. A few row back there was a girl masturbating while watching us. "They're watching us," I told Jason.

"Who's watching us?" He asked. Apparently he hadn't noticed.

"The couple in the red car and the girl in the blue jeep." I informed him.

"Let's give me a show then, shall we?" He said and reached around me placing his hand on my clit. "Moan a little for 'em. Let 'em know how good it feels."

I couldn't help but moan, Jason knew exactly what to do and how to touch me.

"Forget about them and let yourself go," he urged me.

His continued pounding away at my pussy, his fingers circling my clit. I had never felt so exposed and so horny in my life. I held on to the railing tightly as he fucked my pussy.

"Yes, ohhh, yes, yes, ohhh, YES!" I let go and let the ecstasy take over. My body shook in orgasm as Jason reached around and grabbed my breast and brought me to him. He kissed me hard as he continued to move his dick in and out of my pussy hole.

"Show 'em how you suck dick baby," he said.

He pulled his dick out of my pussy and I turned around to face him. I squatted in front of him, guiding his dick into my waiting mouth. I loved the taste of my pussy on his dick. I reached down and began to play with my pussy as I continued to suck on him. I began to moan, vibrating his dick in my mouth. My clit was still swollen and ready to climax again. I shoved my fingers inside my pussy hole as I deep throated his dick. My pussy exploded in orgasm just as he did. I could feel his dick twitch in my mouth as he shot his warm seed down my throat.

I could barely stand up after, my body was still shaking from the ordeal. We both made it back inside and fell onto the couch.

"You are the best friend with benefits a guy could ever have." He looked at me and smiled.

"I know." I winked back at him.

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