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Fun at Ski Patrol with Kristen

I have fun with my sexy team lead on a boring day.
It’s a slow Sunday in March at Park City Ski Resort. My team is split between two shacks. I’m working with my team leader Kristen for the day.

Kristen is a good-looking girl. We’re the same age, 21. She has shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s about 5’5”. She has a small but nice ass and large 34D breasts.

Kristen and I have got on very well ever since we first met. We have always been attracted to each other, but she had been dating the same guy for years, so I knew nothing would ever happen. And nothing did until today, but at the beginning of the ski season Kristen had broken up with her boyfriend. She was now free to indulge her desires.

We have only been in the shack for about an hour, getting ready for the day when we get a phone call from patrol dispatch. Kristen answers and stands for a moment listening before saying, “10-4” and hanging up.

She turns to me and says, “Dispatch wants us to go down to the King's Crown shack and open it up and we will be stationed there all day.”

“Are we meeting the rest of the team or any pros?” I ask.

“Nope, it's just the two of us. They want us there just in case there are any problems. If we have any bad injuries we will just have base patrol support us.”

“Okay cool.” I grab my gear and pack my stuff into my backpack. I look up as Kristen bends over and I can see a bit of her thong, somehow, riding up out from under all her layers. I smile to myself at that.

We head out the door and grab our skis. We have fun racing each other down to the base of the mountain and the bottom of the King's Crown lift. We chat a bit on the way up, mainly about why dispatch wants us there. Kristen says, “I think it’s because it’s near the end of the season and they just want to air out all the shacks, even the unused ones.”

“Fair enough, hopefully it won’t be too gross and all the gear will be there and work.”

“I certainly hope so.”

We get to the shack and unlock the gear box and start going through what is there. The shack is one of the smaller ones and set high off the ground almost on stilts. It is set a bit back from the lift in the trees and is not nearly as conspicuous as some of the other shacks on the mountain.

We check the gear and find that everything works well as does the heater for the shack. We turn it up fairly high, since it is a rather cold dreary day out.

“I don’t think it’s going to be very busy,” Kristen says. We can see one of the parking lots from where we are and it’s perhaps a quarter full. The tourists aren’t really around this weekend, and it’s only a few locals, who aren’t too snobbish about having fresh snow. It isn’t warm enough for the King's Crown Terrain Park and its lift to be busy either.

The shack is sparsely furnished with a sofa, a desk, a single chair and the gear box, which you can sit on. Kristen picks up the phone and calls dispatch to tell them we are here and that everything is okay. We don’t have to go check rope lines or pads, because the people from base patrol already checked using snowmobiles. It’s going to be a very slow day at King's Crown shack.

I dig out the book I’m reading and Kristen gets out one of her textbooks and we both settle in. We sit reading quietly for almost an hour. There are no interruptions and we are both absorbed in our reading. Suddenly Kristen snaps her book closed and says, “It is far to quiet in here. We need some music or something.”

I jump slightly startled by her. “Uh yeah sure that sounds good,” I say. “Do you have an iPod or something?”

“Yeah I do.” She digs it out of her bag and finds the auxiliary cable for the little boom box in the shack and turns it on. She puts on some Sublime and she starts to dance around and sing along. I laugh as she tries to dance in the ungainly ski boots. She looks at me and says, “I’d like to see you try and dance in these things.”

I get up and start to dance along and sing along as well. (We both love Sublime and it has sort of become our team band.) Of course I fail miserably with the boots and we both collapse on the sofa laughing our asses off. Kristen starts to undo her boots. “Do you think that’s a good idea?” I ask her.

“I don’t see why not. I mean there’s no one around and I can get them back on pretty quickly if I need to. And I know you can get yours on fast.”

I can see the logic in this and I’m soon removing my boots as well.

Kristen is back on her feet quickly and dancing again. I get up and start to dance too. We are dancing around the tiny shack like a pair of idiotic children, and enjoying ourselves immensely. After 15 or so minutes of this, I fall back onto the sofa and Kristen sits down soon after.

We start to talk. “It’s a shame about you and Andrew breaking up,” I say.

“No not really he was kind of a dick and it’s nice to not have to worry about having to try and please him. He was really jealous of any guy friends I might have, and wouldn’t want me to hang out with them, unless he was there. He just didn’t trust me at all.”

“What a fucking idiot,” I say. “He lost a pretty awesome girl when he lost you.”

She smiles at me, “Aw thanks for that.”

I shrug, “It’s just the truth is all. You’re a really cool girl who is fun to chill with and you’re very good looking.”

She laughs and says, “Thanks, you’re a really nice guy, but I already knew that.”

I grin sheepishly and look at my hands and say, “I try to be.”

“No you are. So do you have any special lady friend in your life.”

“No I’m totally single. Footloose and fancy free.”

“That’s so fucking stupid. A good guy like you should have a girlfriend.”

Now I’m really embarrassed. I know she is hitting on me. I’m never sure how to react in this type of situation, but I feel pleased that a girl I have a crush on is hitting on me. I try to change the topic, “So how has school been going?”

“Oh no mister you don’t get off that easily. School is good, but I want to know all about your sex life.”

“Or lack there of,” I mutter.

She laughs at that, “Yes or the lack there of. Come on when was the last time you hooked up with someone, got laid?”

“In October. I hooked up with a girl in the cast of the show I was working on in the fall. Well I did get a blowjob off one of the girls in the cast of the show I’m working on now at the opening night party, as a sort of thanks for being awesome thing I guess.”

“Oh wow, but no dick in pussy action since October?”

“That’s correct madam.”

“That sucks.”

“Indeed it does. How about yourself? When did you last have a dick in your pussy?” I ask her.

She thinks about it for a moment, “About two weeks ago at a friends party. I hooked up with this guy and fucked his brains out. I don’t think I ever got his name.”

I laugh, “Is this a regular thing for you?”

“No, no. It was a one off. This is only the second one night stand I’ve ever had, but the other time was with someone I knew.”

“Okay well that’s good. I don’t want to think of my team leader as a slut.”

“Why not?” she asks and smiles at me seductively, “Don’t you want her to be your slut?”

What? I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Does she really mean it? What will she do if I say yes? I’m sitting totally unsure what to do when she says, “I asked you a question, don’t you want me to be your slut?”

I swallow and say, “Oh yes that would be just wonderful.”

“Yeah it would be,” she says to me. She turns around and walks over to her backpack and bends over to get something out of it. This time her whale tail is even more visible as is a good deal of her lower back. We are both only wearing our thermal tops, having removed our official patrol fleeces and parkas. I’m sure she’s teasing me, but I don’t know what to do.

She stands up and turns around and faces me. She has a couple of candy bars and hands one to me. She grins and says, “Did you enjoy the view?”

“Oh yes, you are wearing an especially nice black thong that I was quite glad to see.” I am trying to be nonchalant, but my heart is racing hoping something is going to happen.

She smiles at me and says, “I’m so glad you like it. Would you like to see all of it?”

I shrug noncommittally and say, “If your offering.”

She tosses me the candy bar she’s holding and then undoes the belt on her ski pants. She opens the fly and pushes her bulky ski pants down and steps out of them. She is wearing slightly baggy thermal bottoms under her pants. I’m sitting slightly stunned as I watch her strip for me. She hooks her thumbs into the waist of the thermals and slides them down off her legs and steps out of them.

Her legs are strong and well shaped from years of skiing. Damn they look good. I look at her crotch. She is wearing a small silky black thong that neatly covers her pussy.

She comes over and sits next to me and picks up one of the candy bars and opens it and starts to eat as though nothing has happened. She looks at me and says, “Are you going to eat yours?”

I pick up my candy bar open it and start to eat it. My mind is racing; I have no idea what to say. I look over at her and say, “It is very nice. Your thong that is.”

“Oh I thought you meant my ass.”

“I don’t really know if its nice, I didn’t get a good look at it.”

She finishes eating gets up and turns around and bends over slightly showing me her lovely ass. “Wow that is a nice ass and some great legs to go with it.”

She laughs, “Thanks I’m rather fond of my legs and my ass. I think it’s your turn now.” That makes me nervous. I don’t have any underwear on under my thermals.

“Umm ok, but I don’t have any regular underwear on, just long underwear.”

She grins, “That’s okay, just take off two layers on the bottom.”

I get up and walk over to where I’m facing her. I glance behind me and realize that if someone really wanted to they could look up here and see me stripping. That gets the blood flowing a bit. I quickly undo the fly of my ski pants and slide them down. Underneath I’m wearing a pair of old fleece plants over my long underwear bottoms. I slid them down and quickly walk back over to wear Kristen is sitting and sit down next to her.

She grins at me and says, “Wow that is some hot long underwear.”

I laugh and say, “Why thank you very much.” I’m nervous as I ask my next question, “I suppose the question now is, does your bra match your panties?”

She smiles and says, “Would you like to find out?”

“Yes please madam.”

She stands up and faces me. I know that anyone below who might look this way could probably see her through the windows at the front of the shack. My heart is racing as she removes her radio harness and sets it on the desk. Then she slowly takes off her thermal shirt. She has a flat taught stomach and a belly button ring. Then her top slides up over her breasts and over her head. She is wearing a black sports bra. It shows a little cleavage but not much, as it isn’t supposed to. She turns slowly on the spot showing me the crossed strings on the back and her wonderful ass once again, before coming back to the couch and sitting next to me.

She sits down and leans close and reaches up and touches my face gently then she kisses me. I kiss back hard. Our mouths open and our tongues are soon racing over one another. My hands run over her body. I cup her breasts and can feel her nipples hardening under my hands. She suddenly breaks off and says, “Your turn.”

I’m confused. “What?” I say.

She points at my radio harness and shirt and says, “Your turn.”

I get it now and get up and face her and remove my radio harness then my shirt. She looks at me hungrily as I turn slowly on the spot. I look out the window and see the people getting off the lift and never knowing what is happening just a few yards away.

I move back to the couch and we are making out again. My hand slides between her legs and I run my hand over her wet thong. She moans into my mouth and grabs my cock through my long underwear. I stop and pull away. I look at her with a big grin on my face and say, “I think it’s your turn.”

She grins and gets up and walks to the edge of the desk and faces me. As she starts to dance I stand up and remove my bottoms. Her eyes look me over. They focus on my hard cock. She licks her lips and reaches down and removes her bra. Pulling it up over her head, revealing her amazing 34D breasts. They are firm with only slight sag due to their weight with perky brown nipples. Then she slips her thong down and steps out of it. I stare at her bare pussy. She has a slight strip of hair at the top, but that is it.

I move fast across the room to her and I’m kissing her. I run my hand down between her legs and start to finger her as she plays with my cock. Running her hand up and down it. I kiss and lick her nipples then I lift her on to the desk and she spreads her legs and guides my cock into her waiting pussy.

She is tight and wet. She wraps her legs around me as I fuck her hard and fast. She is growling in my ear, “Fuck my tight wet little pussy. Fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck me. Make me your slut.”

Fuck it’s hot. I look out the window and see people getting off the lift. They don’t even glance in our direction. If they did, they would get to see me fucking my hot ass team leader. Knowing we might be seen makes me start to feel my climax coming. Kristen has one hand around my neck pulling me in while the other franticly rubs her clit. She is squealing with delight as I fuck her. Then I feel it. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Pull out, cum on me.” I happily oblige her and pull out a second before I start to cum. I spray cum all over her stomach and tits as she keeps rubbing her clit. She grabs one of her nipples and tweaks it and starts to cum. I watch as she turns red and screams as she cums. She leans against me and says, “Fuck that was good.”

I can only grunt my agreement as I stagger back to the sofa and sit down. She stands up and finds some paper towels before coming over and sitting next to me. She cleans herself off, before cleaning off my cock. She tosses the towels into the garbage.

We both sit there for a while listening to the music that is still playing. I reach for my long underwear and start to put it on before she stops me. “What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed. What if we get a call?”

“We won’t, and if we do we just get dressed fast.” She smiles at me and I sit back. If my team leader isn’t worried I guess I shouldn’t be.

“What if someone needs something from us or comes to visit?”

“I don’t think that’s very likely,” she says, “but if they do, we just act fast.”

I nod and sit back when Kristen says, “Fuck I’m fucking starving now. Lets eat lunch.”

I agree and I dig out my lunch as Kristen does the same. I sit eating and I stare at her the whole time as she eats. I still can’t believe what has happened. “Fuck that was hot,” I say again.

“Yeah we will be doing more of that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and that’s an order.” We both laugh at that. We soon finish lunch and Kristen looks at me and says, “Now for desert.”

She kneels in front of me and leans forward and starts to kiss and fondle my cock. I get hard fast.

Kristen has always told me that she didn’t have a gag reflex and proved it a few times, by putting in oral airways, but now she is really proving it. She is taking all my cock in her mouth. Right down to my pubic bone. She moves her head up and down it fast. I place my hands on her head and start to thrust into her mouth.

She relaxes slightly and lets me fuck her face. I slow down a bit and she starts to fuck her own face on my cock. I can feel the head of my cock sliding down her throat. “You’re so fucking hot. You’re so fucking good at this. God damn.”

I can feel I’m going to cum soon. My orgasm is building and I tell Kristen. She pulls off of my cock and looks at me and says, “Well what are you going to do about it?”

A sudden thought strikes me and I grab the back of her head and push her face onto my cock and say, “I’m going to make you eat all of my cum, slut.”

She groans around my cock and I start to fuck her face again. Then I’m cumming. I hold my cock all the way down her throat as I do. I cum straight down her throat. I slowly pull back as I continue to cum. My orgasm subsides and Kristen cleans the last of my cum from my cock. She swallows and says, “Now that was a good desert.”

I laugh and say, “Now I need some desert.”

I lay her down on the floor and spread her legs and start to kiss down her body to her nipples. I suck and play with them and she groans with pleasure. I kiss down along her stomach to her mound. Then I kiss up her thighs to the edges of her pussy. It is a neat tight little thing that is all tucked in. I blow lightly on her clit before I run my tongue up her slit. She tastes great. I lick her and suck her clit whilst using my hands to tease her nipples. She is moaning and arching her back as I reach down with one hand and start to finger her. I also start to touch and play with the crinkled bud of her asshole. She moans and says, “Mmm yes play with my naughty little asshole. I love that.”

I start to finger both her ass and her pussy as best I can. I alternate between the two as I flick my tongue over her swollen clit. Suddenly she is clenching and pushing her pussy against my mouth arching her back. She flushes bright red as she climaxes.

“Fuck Chase I need you in me right now. I need you to fuck me again.”

I am hard again and I crawl up her. I guide my cock into her waiting pussy and start to fuck her. She quickly roles me on to my back and rides me. I love watching my cock go in and out of her tight pussy and watching her tits bounce.

“Chase fuck me from behind.”

In a flash she is on all fours with her head down and ass in the air. I slide my cock back into her. I start to fuck her as she reaches back and plays with her clit. I adjust myself slightly to get better leverage and I start to fuck her hard. I look over and can see out the window again. People occasionally glance over, but no one is coming our way. No one needs us. The radio has been silent for most of the day.

Then the phone rings. We both jump slightly, but don’t stop. I reach over and answer it, still balls deep in my team leader.

“King's Crown this is Chase.”

“Hi Chase this is Greg at dispatch can I talk to Kristen.”

“Yeah no problem.”

I hand the receiver to Kristen, who takes it with he free hand. This means that she has placed her head on the floor of the shack and is supporting herself with her elbow and forehead. Her ass is even higher now. I adjust myself slightly and start to fuck her harder.

Its fun listening to her trying and talk to Greg. “Yeah, no everything is fine here. Uhh. Yup. No we haven’t had anything. Not seen anything. Nope the lift is pretty dead. Mmm. No no I’m alright. Ohh. Yeah we are having a good time here.”

That last one makes me laugh. She looks over her shoulder at me grinning. She says into the phone, “Yeah we will let you know. Good to talk to you Greg.”

She hands me the phone and I hang it up. We both start to laugh.

“Yeah we are having a really good time.”

“I’d say so, now fuck your slut of a team leader hard. Fill me up with your cum.”

With that I start moving as fast as I can. Kristen screams and I feel her pussy spasm as she cums. This makes me shoot my load deep into her pussy. I collapse forward over her back and we both lay panting heavily for a long while. Finally I pull out of her and move back to the sofa and sit down. She joins me and we both get out our books and start to read again.

An hour later I feel her hand slide over to my cock. I look at Kristen who grins at me. We drop our books and start to kiss each other. Soon she is sucking my cock. I pull her around and we 69 on the sofa. Then she gets off me and goes to the gear box and get out an oxygen pack and opens it and start rummaging around.

“What are you doing?” I ask. My cock is rock hard and I want more.

She looks at me and says, “I’m getting some of the nasal airway lube, so you can fuck my ass.”

I blink surprised, “Oh okay.” Then grinning, “That will be fun.”

“Damn right it will be. I want your cum in all my holes before we leave.”

She has the packet of lube out and walks up to the desk turns around and bends forward. I slide my cock up and down her pussy and then slide it in. I open the lube and get some on my fingers and start to finger and lube up her ass. Then I pull my cock out and spread the rest on it. I place my cock at the entrance to her asshole.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, get your cock in my slutty ass!”

With that I push my cock into her tight asshole. I soon have it all the way in and I hold still for a moment, so she can get used to the size and I can get used to the tightness of her ass. Then I start to move. We are both looking out the windows she is propped up on one hand with the other rubbing her clit. I reach around and start to grope her tits. I’m playing with her nipples and kissing her neck. We are totally visible from the top of the lift if anyone were to look.

Soon I’m really pounding her ass. Her tits are swaying and she is moaning as she pushes back against me. Fuck it feels good she is so tight. I’m going to cum soon. I tell her so. Then I notice that the girl who is operating the lift is looking up at us. Watching intently. The lift has shut down I realize and she is just standing there starting at us. We watch her slide a hand into her pants and start to move it. Both Kristen and I know we are going to cum soon.

Kristen screams, “I’m cumming,” just as I let lose my load deep in her bowels. She milks the last of the cum from my cock with her asshole. We quickly grab our clothes and get dressed. I watch as Kristen pulls on her bra and her long underwear, but she hands me her thong. “I just thought you might like it,” she says.

“I will cherish it for ever,” I say grinning at her. We pull on the rest of our cloths and our boots in record time.

“Did you see the lift op watching us when you were fucking me in the ass?”

“Yeah, did. Did you notice she was fingering herself watching us?”

Kristen grins at me and says, “Yeah it was so fucking hot.”

We lock up and grab our skis and walk over to the top of the lift. The girl operating the lift smiles at us and says, “I was watching you guys all day. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

“Thanks,” we say together.

“Are you to a couple?”

Kristen says, “No we’re just friends with benefits.”

She nods. I look at her nametag it says Kim from Auckland, New Zealand. She looks at me and says, “Can I get your number?”

I’m surprised, but happy and I tell her my number and she puts into her phone. “I’ll text you soon,” she says.

Kristen looks at me and says, “She’s hot. We should fuck more often if it means your are going to get the numbers of girls like that.”

I laugh, “Maybe your right.”

“Of course I am, that’s why I’m the boss.” We both laugh and ski to the base and head to the locker room.

I meet up with my roommate and we head to the truck. We load our gear into the truck as he tells me about all the awesome runs he got that day. “It must have been so boring being stuck at King's Crown all day.”

“Nah it wasn’t to bad. I had Kristen to keep me company.”

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