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Fun cycle run

Our horny lakeside fuck
Recently, my partner and I went away for the weekend to take advantage of the good weather. We checked into an amazing hotel for a nice quite relaxing weekend.

On the Saturday afternoon we decided to hire a couple of bikes to take in some of the local scenery. I hadn’t exactly packed for cycling but it didn’t matter.

We arrived at the cycle hire place, me, dresses in a skimpy vest top to maximise the amount of sun I was getting, a short skirt and, unusually for me, I decided I had better put some underwear on and opted for a little white thong.

It was a young lad that dealt with us, sorting us out with the correct size bikes and a map of the surrounding area. I couldn’t help put notice that he could hardly take his eyes of my large tits that were straining against my skimpy top.

As he continued to stare at my tits naughty thoughts soon began to enter my head, these thoughts, along with the nice cooling breeze that was caressing my body soon had my large nipples rock hard and clearly visible poking through my top. This just gave the young lad all the more reason to stare!

Eventually we were all organised and opted for a cycle out to a lake where we would stop for a rest before returning.

We set off and after a few miles came to a sign that advertised a pub half a mile down the road. Still feeling horny from being eyed up by the young lad at the hire shop I had a naughty idea.

My partner was a little bit ahead of me, I stopped and quickly pulled up my vest top, unclipped my bra and pulled it off before stuffing it into my bag.

I set off again quickly catching up with my partner.

Darling, I said, would you take my bag for a while please?

He agreed and we stopped and he took my bag. We headed off down the road, this time with me in front.

As we rounded the next corner I could see the pub a bit further down the road. As it was a nice sunny day there were plenty of people sitting outside enjoying a drink.

I slowed down slightly, sat back and pulled my vest top up with one hand, this left my large tits totally exposed, they bounced as I cycled towards the pub, my nipples growing stiffer by the second. I couldn’t resist reaching up and tweaking each of them sending shocks through my body to my clit.

I slowed down even more as we cycled past the pub flashing myself off to everyone sitting outside. Groups of guys began cheering and clapping at the sight of a sexy blonde showing off her big tits and rock hard nipples. This was enough to send the juices flowing into my white thong.

Once we got past the pub I pulled my vest back down both me and my partner laughing at the response I had got!

We arrived at the lake and found a reasonably discreet area where we stopped for a rest.

That was so hot back at the pub, my partner said.

I know, I replied, you should feel how wet I got from doing it.

My partner reached over, lifted my dress and began to rub my pussy through my thong.

Mmmm, he said, you are wet.

He carried on rubbing my clit through my thong before pulling it to the side and sliding a finger inside me. My large lips were nice and moist and he slid inside me easily.

I moaned as he fingered me rocking my hips onto his finger desperate to feel more inside me.

Soon he slid another finger inside me, then another, and before long I was thrusting myself onto all 4 of his fingers, juices running from my pussy and dripping onto the ground.

The breeze teasing my clit and the fact that we were outside, exposed to anyone who might be watching was to much for me and I let out a moan as an orgasm ripped through me causing more of my juices to gush from my pussy.

I pulled down my now soaking thong and discarded it before pushing my partner onto his back.

I pulled his shorts down slightly causing his large stiff cock to spring free. I took him in my mouth tasting the precum that was already seeping from his bulging helmet and began sucking him off.

Before long he was groaning and thrusting himself into my mouth. I let his rock hard dick slide from my mouth and crawled up his body till I was straddling his throbbing prick.

I spread my long moist lips and slowly lowered myself onto him taking him inside my hot, tight, wet hole inch by inch till his entire length was inside me filling me, throbbing in anticipation.

I began to fuck him, bouncing up and down on his dick thrusting myself onto him, my big tits bouncing as I rode him. My partner reached round to my ass cheeks and smeared my warm pussy juice around my tight asshole.

As I fucked him he slid a finger into my asshole pushing it deep inside me. With both holed filled I had another orgasm, my pussy juice dripping out and covering my partners cock and balls.

He slowly lifted me up till his cock slid out of my dripping hole before positioning it at the entrance to my asshole. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and slowly lowered myself onto his cock, which was all lubed up from my pussy juices.

Soon he was fully buried in my tight asshole and began to fuck it hard and fast as I tried not to moan, bearing in mind we were outside at the side of a lake!

The hard pounding he was giving my ass felt amazing and as I quickly rubbed my clit another orgasm tore through my body causing my ass to tighten round my partner cock.

Fuck, he said, I’m going to cum.

I quickly slid off his cock before taking him in my mouth. I sucked him deep and fast tasting my pussy juice and ass from his dick, with a groan and one last thrust into my mouth he unloaded his spunk down my throat.

I swallowed every drop and continued to suck him till his cock went limp in my mouth before licking and sucking every drop of my pussy juice from his balls.

We quickly sorted ourselves out, me deciding not to bother putting my thong or bra back on, and set off back for the cycle hire place.

When we arrived the same young lad came out to greet us.

This time he really couldn’t keep his eyes off my now braless tits which were straining even harder against my vest, my nipples still erect from the hard pussy and ass fucking I had been given!

As I got off of the bike in front of him I took a lot of care to lift my leg extra high and spread them extra wide to give him a really good view of my long pink pussy lips which were still wet and sticky. The look on the young lads face was priceless!

We returned the bikes and he carried on staring at my tits.

Do you like what you see? My partner asked him.

The boy went bright red and tried to stammer some sort of response but just couldn’t come up with the words.

It’s ok, my partner said, Would you like a feel?

The lad looked shocked, and I have to admit, I was a little taken back as well!

Eventually the boy managed a “yes.” He couldn’t believe his luck.

Lets go round there out the way, my partner said, pointing to the back of the building.

All 3 of us quickly made our way round the back. My partner stood behind me, the lad in front of me.

My partner reached round from behind me and lifter my vest to expose my tits to this young stranger. He began to squeeze my tits and play with my hard nipples.

Your turn, he said to the lad.

The boy took a step forward and nervously began to touch my tits and nipples, his confidence quickly grew and soon he was squeezing them and tweaking my nipples with a huge smile on his face and, I couldn’t help but notice, a bulge in his trousers.

As he played with my tits I leaned forward slightly and began to undo his trousers. He froze. I didn’t say a word and simply carried on opening his trousers and pulling his rock hard cock out.

His boxers were already damp with precum and although his cock was relatively small it was rock hard.

I wrapped my hand around it and started wanking him off quickly. Within seconds he let out a gasp and loads of thick white cum shot from his little young dick.

When he had finished spunking I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked his cum from them.

I pulled my vest back down, we thanked him for the bike hire and then left to enjoy the rest of our nice quite relaxing weekend!

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