Fun in the spa

By tigsandtinks

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Our latest fun in public
Wow! What a fabulous day! We'd just been away for a long spa weekend while we had the chance. Now, we always took every opportunity to enjoy each other's gorgeous, sexy bodies, but little did we know what chances we'd have to have some fun.

We were often quite daring in public. For example, in a crowded pub in Leeds, I once got Tigs as hard as I could for as long as I could, then dared him to go to the toilets, make himself cum into his hand, return to his seat, and let me lick every last gorgeous drop from his fingers.

He got his own back. Last trip to London, he dared me to travel on the tube wearing a short dress and no underwear. The train was packed, but he managed to finger my juicy pussy and make me moan into his ear! We returned to the hotel that night by taxi, and he finger-fucked me on the backseat, making sure the driver knew what was going on.

Not long ago, we had a weekend away in the Lakes. Driving down the edge of Wast Water, we pulled off the road, and climbed over the wall. Cars passed by on one side of the wall and his big hard cock was pounding in and out of my arse from behind as I leaned on the stile. It was also not unknown for me to go out in public wearing his cum. You probably get the picture by now?

Anyway, at the spa, we had the horniest time ever. Having had a dual treatment while left alone to chill in the room together, Tigs managed to fuck my soaking wet pussy, filling me full of his hot sticky cum. But that was just for starters.

We spent a fair bit of time in the hot tub, and had it to ourselves for ages. Every five minutes the bubbles would stop for a minute. We used this to our advantage, spending the entire five minutes with our hands in each other's swimming costume. I got him so hard I thought he was going to burst. Well, actually, he did.

After a very near miss, he managed to pull my costume to one side and slip his huge cock all the way into my hot pussy in one thrust, hidden completely by the bubbles. The previous 20 minutes' build up by hand paid dividends, as, within seconds, he unleashed a torrent of delicious, hot cum deep inside me, right there in a public spa. Fabulous!

But still he hadn't finished. Later, we shared a dual massage treatment, laid side by side as we enjoyed a full body massage. Afterwards, we were guided into the relaxation room, along with a dozen or so other clients, laid out on loungers, relaxing after their treatments. Huge fleece blankets were scattered around, free to use. We curled up together on the only available lounger, pulling the fleece over us.

Slowly, I couldn't resist, I had to stroke his cock again. I whispered horny thoughts into his ear, as I stroked him gradually to life. Looking slowly around, he carefully arranged himself so that I could reach him more easily, without giving the game away. The only other couple had just got up and left, leaving about ten women laying on loungers. They were mostly 25-45, and pretty much all slim and attractive. I just knew that any one of them would love to have the delicious cock that I was currently grasping.

I whispered that to Tigs, and he twitched against my thigh, a drop of hot pre-cum leaking onto my skin. I moaned slightly, and the woman opposite glanced in our direction. I squeezed his cock even harder, and continued to wank up and down his shaft as I smiled at her.

A low, very quiet moan escaped his lips, weakly disguised by a cough. The woman held my gaze slightly longer than felt right, and I'm sure she knew. She never said a word. Her eyes fell back to her book, but I noticed only one arm was outside her own blanket. I'm sure she had a glass of water in the other hand when we sat down, but her other hand was now quite obviously between her thighs, judging by the angle of her arm. What it was doing there was anybody's guess, but her eyes kept flicking over at us.

Tigs had spotted this too, and it seemed to make him even harder. Suddenly, his body stiffened slightly, and I felt his thick, hot cum spill from him, as jet after delicious jet landed on my thighs, hidden by our fleece blanket. Slowly, he drained the last drops onto my soft skin, and re-arranged his robe.

We got up to leave. The woman opposite looked up, looked each of us in the eye in turn, and gave a big beaming smile. I'm not certain, because the lights were low, but I'm pretty sure her neck and chest looked flushed. I hope so. I hope she shared all the pleasure that we did, making my gorgeous fella cum all over me in a room full of women, and none of them even knew. Except maybe the one who enjoyed it with us. xx