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Gina 1 - The softball game

Running the bases naled.

Hi, my name is Gina and this is a story about my first naked in public experience. I worked for a small publishing company that shared a building with a construction company. The two companies had been together for several years and we had a friendly competition going with them. It was a Wednesday afternoon and myself and three other girls were eating lunch on a picnic table just outside the building when a couple of guys from the construction company joined us. We talked about the softball game between the two companies coming up the following Friday evening with the usual banter about who was going to win. One of the guys suggested, since we were so sure that we were going to, as we put it, beat the pants off of them, that a side wager might be in order.

We thought he was talking about a money bet and excitedly agreed, but we were speechless when he said the losers would have to run the bases naked. I said we couldn’t commit the others on our team to that kind of bet, but he said it would only apply to he and the two guys at the table and the four of us girls.

Dee shooed them away and we huddled together. Dee was all for it, but Anna was undecided and Marie said absolutely not, her husband would kill her. They looked at me and Dee gave me that you-can’t-say-no look and I said why not, we’re going to beat them anyway and it will be fun seeing their swinging dicks going around the bases. The bet was on.

The word quickly spread and by the end of the day our wager was the major topic in both companies. When I told my husband Jim about the bet, his mouth dropped open in utter shock. I had never done anything like that before and actually never even thought about exposing myself. I was a little apprehensive about telling Jim, not sure how he would react. I shouldn’t have worried though, he was a dynamo in bed that night.

As you might expect, the game drew a lot of fans, a hell of a lot more than in other years. Even the owners of the two companies were there. It was the bottom of the sixth inning, the last inning, and we were up by two runs. I was playing third base and caught a liner for the first out. I was feeling good about our chances when our second baseman flubbed an easy grounder and put a runner on first. The next batter lined a single to right putting runners on first and third. A fly out to deep center scored a run, but there were two outs. The next batter popped up to the pitcher and I was ecstatic until he dropped the ball and it rolled out of bounds. With runners on second and third, the next batter, a girl who hadn’t hit the ball past the pitcher in her last two at bats, punched a little grounder to short where my ever loving husband who hadn’t made an error in years, charged the ball and tossed it about twenty feet over the first baseman’s head. Two runs score and I’m in shock. I am convinced that Jim threw the game, but he vehemently denies it. Bullshit.

I’m now in shock and so is Anna. Dee, however, has a big grin on her face and is pulling me toward home plate. It’s like an out of body experience, I can feel my feet moving and I see the people gathering behind the backstop. I can see their mouths moving but I don’t hear a sound. Dee is undressing and she’s pulling on my sleeve so I start taking off my clothes. Suddenly I’m naked and I see Dee’s naked ass moving away from me and she’s waving for me to follow her. In a trance, I start running the bases trying to cover myself with my hands and when I round third and head for home, I realize what I just did. I hear the crowd yelling and I don’t know what came over me at that precise moment, but instead of being embarrassed, I felt an excitement like never before.

I threw my hands in the air and I yelled at the top of my lungs. I jumped on home plate and ran to Jim. I leaped on him and almost knocked him over. Dee did the same to her boyfriend, Brad. Jim let me down and everyone was giving me high-fives. There I was, naked as could be with a crowd of people I knew and saw every day looking at my body. And I loved it.

Dee got dressed on the field, but Jim carried my clothes to the parking lot where we sucked a few beers and talked about the game. The few guys I worked closely with told me that I would have to do something for the two guys in our group that weren’t there because they were out of town on business. Dee said that we’d figure out something.

I finally got dressed and went home where Jim and I screwed each other to sleep. The next day we talked about my nudity and I told Jim how excited and happy I was to be naked in front of everyone. He smiled and said he’d make sure I was always happy.

On Monday, Dee and I did an impromptu strip in a conference room for the two guys who were out of town for the game.

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