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Gone Dogging

Sticks cracked under our feet as we walked along the muddy path. We had planned this route into the forest a few times before tonight. The only difference is this was the night. The moon’s light crept through the leaves of trees overhead. I looked down seeing the shape of my mask in the shadow. As we got closer to our destination, my heart began to race. I had never thought about doing this until tonight.

We reached the stump which we had found a few nights prior to this special night. Hesitantly, I began to sit down. The damp bark of the stump began to dig into my legs as I sat there. My husband, Jack reached into the pocket of his coat. He pulled out a camera quickly and began to give me instructions. He had always been into taking pictures of me as well as being in control. The camera flashed, dazzling me for a brief second.

“Show me your tits baby,” he said with a quiver in his voice.

I did as I was told, revealing my busty chest. He licked his lips as he watched me rolling my tits in my hands. My pink nipples were already hardening from the coldness of the night, none the less I kept them uncovered as he took more pictures.

“Pull your dress up a little,” he commanded.

Again, I did as I was told, rolling up the bottom of my dress. My tight, bald pussy came into view. He licked his lips a few times as he admired my snatch. Another flash from the camera dazzled me. I could feel my pussy begin to dampen as I sat there. My fingers danced around my mound as my other hand rolled my breast. He groaned a little as he took another picture. I moved a little lower, letting my finger tips stroke up and down my slit. A little moan escaped my lips as I rubbed over my clitoris.

My heart beat began to get faster as I started masturbating. Two of my fingers were plunged into the heat of my womanhood. Jack started taking more pictures as I fingered myself quicker and quicker. Under my soft moans I began to hear twigs snapping behind him. With each flash, dark figures began to appear behind Jack.

“Don’t worry dear,” he said in a calm voice.

I closed my eyes and carried on masturbating in front of them. My moans grew stronger as I began to hear the men wanking over me. This was it; there was no going back now. More footsteps began to come closer. I could only imagine how big the crowd of men were as my fingers slipped in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The camera clicked again.

“You can stop now Louise,” he said.

I rapidly pulled my fingers from my hole and let my dress fall. I opened my eyes, seeing at least a dozen men all standing around me. My eyes wandered around, having a good glimpse of all of them. Like us, they all had masks on to conceal their identity. Jack approached me, giving me a passionate kiss as he placed the camera in his pocket. As I stood up, he started to hold my hand. He knew I was a little timid about what was about to happen. We began to head back to the car, our audience trailing behind as we stumbled down the muddy path.

I could hear the men talking amongst themselves about how my appearance. As I looked at Jack, he began to smile at me. I was like a trophy to him and he wanted to show me off as much as possible. The cars came into view. The ghostly, silver moonlight reflected off of the gloss paint of our station wagon. It seemed so picturesque with the trees in and fields in the background, however we weren’t here for scenery. We were here to share our guilty pleasure...

Jack let go of my hand as he unlocked the doors. The group of men began to close around me, just admiring my young, taut body. I began to notice a trend with these men; they were all middle aged, just like Jack. I guess this was the reason Jack seemed to enjoy showing me off. He was almost fifty where as I had just turned twenty-four, I guess he just liked to show others that he still had it. As I looked on at these men, I could hear him setting up the boot for what lied ahead.

A few brief moments passed, and the desolate silence began to surround us. The cold winter breeze hit me like a thousand knives as finally Jack emerged from the car. He popped the boot, showing off our makeshift bed for the night. He took my hand as I moved closer to the car and together we climbed in. Our audience began to surround us as I began to undress. Already the sounds of groaning men began to be heard.

Jack lovingly sucked my nipples as I pulled my dress over my head. I watched his bulge begin to grow as his tongue swirled around my areola. His hand rubbed around my clit, making me moan yet again. As exquisite pleasure rushed through my body, my attention moved to the men staring through the windows at us. My hands moved to Jack’s bulge as he pulled his head away from my chest. h
“You want my dick?” He asked, his hand still rubbing my clit.

I looked at him with my deep blue eyes and nodded.

“Beg for it then,” he commanded.

“Give me your big cock, I want it badly,” I responded.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” he teased.

“Fill my tight pussy with your massive cock,” I hissed.

Our exchange of words must have been too much as I heard one of the men outside begin to ejaculate. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, I began to forget the reason I was worried about this in the first place. Jack began to unbutton his jeans, letting his cock spring up. In a flash I was taking his length into my mouth. The taste of his precum was already oozing onto my taste buds as I started sucking him. Jack began to groan; he always loved my blowjobs and tonight was no different. He gasped as the head of his cock hit my throat. With my hands, I began to cradle his testicles as well as wanking his shaft. He was frozen with pure ecstasy as my head bobbed up and down in rhythm with my hand.

“Good girl aren’t you?” he yelled.

I moaned quietly whilst my mouth got stuffed with his erect, nine inch cock. Again, I heard one of the men outside begin to ejaculate as he watched me sucking my husband’s dick. My moans continued to sound, making the guys crave me more. I pulled my head up slightly, showing the guys my enjoyment as Jack’s cock slipped into my cheek. Jack began to stroke his fingers through my hair as I lubricated him with my saliva. With a few more bobs of my head, I released his cock from my mouth, licking my lips as I did.

I began to lie on my back as I adjusted my mask. I took one quick glimpse at the others as Jack brought his cock to my entrance. He teased me by stroking the head up and down my slit.

“Just do it,” one of the men shouted out.

With one more stroke down my pussy, he pressed in. I let out a loud moan as his entire length was buried in me. He held his cock against my cervix for a second before withdrawing a bit. Immediately, he began to thrust back in. Another loud moan left my mouth as he started fucking me. His balls slapped against my ass repeatedly as each thrust got more powerful than the last. At this point all of the men were grunting and groaning from the sight of us fucking. I looked around at all of them, loving the moment. Just to have all eyes on me was an incredible feeling.

My moans grew ever louder as he continued to fuck me. The slapping of his balls also grew louder with every thrust. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and began to pull him down to me as my orgasm loomed. We began to kiss as his cock carried on pounding me. Our tongues wrestled one another as my body begun to turn to jelly. My muscles began to relax and my eyes rolled back slightly. I started to take deep breaths as I began cumming.

My juices began to flow over his head and down his shaft. I whimpered slightly as Jack kept thrusting deep into me. With each whimper, a man outside blew his load. Knowing this made me feel accomplished, just the fact that I could make multiple guys cum without doing anything with them. It was an extraordinary feeling.

“Fill me,” I screamed as I slapped my hands on the windows.

Jack began to take deep breaths and started thrusting harder. He wanted to give me what I wanted and he wasn’t going to disappoint. After each length inside of me, he grunted. I began to anticipate his semen. I could sense he was close.

“Shit,” he groaned, “Fuck.”

I began to feel his dick tensing against the walls of my pussy. Immediately after, I felt the first string shoot deep into me. I gasped as I felt another enter me, followed by another thick string of his seed. He groaned once more, and one final string of his thick, creamy cum entered me.

As he leaned back up, he playfully rolled my breasts in his hands and removed his now softening cock from my gaping hole.

“See, I told you it wasn’t that bad,” he laughed as I adjusted my mask again.

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