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Good Neighbors Share

Neighbor shows off his wife
This story is at the suggestion of a Lushstories member, sexywife104.

I was talking to my neighbor Dave in my front yard yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about getting a sprinkler system for my lawn and was asking his opinion. Dave's been in the neighborhood for a good many years and takes a lot of pride in his yard.

"Dave!" We heard a voice yell from the front door. "I need you for a minute."

We both looked over to see his wife Jo with her head poking out of the front door. She smiled sweetly and said, "It will just take a second, and then you can go back to whatever you guys are doing."

Dave gave a heavy sigh and turned toward the house. I went back to my lawn, attempting to figure out where I would place the sprinkler heads. A few minutes later Dave returned with a grin on his face.

"What are you grinning about?" I asked him.

"Jo's horny," he replied. "When I went in the door she was naked. She dropped to her knees right there and started giving me a blow job."

"Wow," I told him. "So umm, excuse me for asking, but why the hell are you out here talking to me if that's waiting for you inside?"

He laughed and said, "I told her that it was really rude of her to interrupt our conversation and the polite, neighborly thing to do is at least invite you to watch."

I laughed appreciatively, "Well go back inside and get at it. I think I can figure out a sprinkler system on my own."

"Actually," he began, "I was serious. Would you like to come over and watch?"

Our eyes met, and my eyebrows rose in question. He simply nodded his head, confirming what he had just told me. "She said that she would leave it up to me, and I'm inviting you. It's up to you."

I was speechless, but my cock would have been yelling if it could. I had to reach down and make adjustments as my dick began to stiffen at the thought of what he was saying.

"Come watch." He said. We've talked about doing this for years, but we could never get the nerve to do it. She doesn't think I'm going to go through with it right now, but you're someone I can trust."

I looked over at my own house. My wife was across town visiting her grandmother and wouldn't be home for hours. I called out to him. Dave stopped and turned around with a questioning look on his face. I caught up to him and said, "Okay, but this is as far as this goes. If you want me to see your wife, that's fine, but I'm not into wife-swapping or anything like that."

Dave grinned and replied, "That's not what I'm asking you. Look, we have always fantasized about showing Jo's body off to other people. We get off on daring situations, but we don't really want to be caught. We did some wild things before we had kids, and now that they're gone, we're going to start it up again. You know, just keeping things fresh."

His wife is a sexy woman in her late 50's or early 60's but she's kept her good looks. She's always worn shorts and t-shirts around the yard and I've admired her body for years. Now, it looked like I was going to see more of it than I'd ever had before!

Dave stopped at the door, motioning for me to stay back a few steps. He opened it and looked inside. I heard him say, "Bob's here. Ready?"

Dave turned to me and said, "Come on in." He opened the door wider and I stepped inside.

Jo was there by the stairs, totally nude. She was kneeling on a plush carpet, her hands folder in her lap, which only caused her arms to push her small breasts together, creating some nice cleavage. She smiled shyly up at me.

Dave smiled and said, "What do you think? Here's my totally naked wife, exposed for you to see."

I stumbled through my words, my tongue thick in my mouth, "Wow! Dave, she's incredibly gorgeous and damn sexy!"

As if on cue, we both reached down and adjusted our thickening cocks in our pants. This brought a smile to Jo's face and she said, "Take those cocks out and show me how much you like looking at me."

 Dave unzipped first and pulled his stiff prick from his pants. He stroked his cock a few times until it was really hard. Jo licked her lips and then turned her eyes to me. I was wearing athletic shorts so I pulled them down slowly. My cock was pulled down along with them until the waistband of my shorts finally freed it. My cock bounced free and whacked me in the belly.

"Nice one, "she said and then turned to Dave. "I want him to watch me suck your cock. I want him to stroke his while I do it."

Dave must have agreed to it, because he quickly walked over to where she was kneeling and offered his cock to her. She reached up and grabbed his ass and pulled him close. She looked at me and kept her stare as she pulled his dick to her lips. She licked all over the head and then slipped it between her lips. She looked up at him once, but then kept her eyes on me as she began stroking him with her hand and sucking on the head of his cock.

I didn't think I could do it, but I started stroking my own stiff cock as if it were something we did everyday in front of each other. A bit of precum oozed out and I quickly spread it all over the deep pink head of my cock.

Dave was really into this and soon was pumping his hips back and forth. She pulled him out of her mouth and while still stroking him, she moaned, "Do you like this? Do you like your wife naked and sucking you while another man watches?"

Dave groaned, "Yesssss! I'm about to cum all over you." As soon as she heard that, Jo took him back in her mouth and really worked him over good. When she felt the first spurt as he jetted into her mouth, she pulled it out and let him come all over her bare tits.

I had been stroking my cock steadily and was about to come myself. I think she realized this, so she let go of Dave and crawled over to me. She assumed the position she had used to suck Dave off. She was on her knees in front of me, looking up, and she said, "Can Bob come on me, too?"

Dave, spent and collapsed against the wall, said, "Yeah babe. Let him come all over you."

She looked up at me and said, "Do it for me. I want you to come all over my tits, my pussy, and my face. Do it now, while he watches his naked wife have another man come on her."

That about did it for me. I leaned forward, almost on my toes, as I stroked faster and faster, whipping my cock in a blurred frenzy. I didn't even notice that Dave had stepped up behind her. Just as I warned her I was about to shoot, he pushed Jo's head forward and said, "Go ahead, baby!"

Now, that would have killed the moment for me, but I quickly figured out what he meant when he guided his wife's head toward my cock. She pushed her lips against it and slid my cock deep into her mouth. I started coming right away.

I shot load after load into her mouth until she gagged a bit and backed up. Cum was oozing out of her mouth as I grabbed my cock and stroked it quickly to spurt more cum onto her tits.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she rubbed the cum from her mouth onto her tits. Then she fell back onto the floor and spread her legs wide and started fingering her clit. I could see her inner thighs smeared with her juices as she rubbed her finger back and forth. It didn't take long before she moaned loudly and clamped her legs together. We stood watching the spasms ripple throughout her body as she kept her finger pressed tightly to her clit.

After a minute, she let out a large breath of air and groaned out, "Somebody better fuck me right now!"

That was my cue. As I zipped up and headed for the door, Dave was dropping his pants to the floor and lowering himself between her legs. He turned to me as I opened the door and said, "Check your email."

I closed the door and left, hearing Jo's voice as she screamed, "Oh! Oh! Oh, Yes!" as I went down the steps.

Later that evening as I checked my email, I got a message from Dave. Attached to it were a bunch of photos of Jo. She was clothed in most of them, but each one had one or more nipples showing. In others, she was sucking his cock. He directed me to an erotic stories website called Lushstories, and told me to look her up. There, under the profile of sexywife104, I found my neighbor Jo.

At the end of the email, he said, "Thanks for coming! We want to see more of you seeing her soon!"

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