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Halloween Costume Treat

Young wife's costume at wild Halloween club party.
Halloween Costome Treat

Here comes another Halloween Party at the Scene, a local nightspot that is a very popular dance club for the under 30s crowd. I am 45 but my wife is 25 and loves to go to the club with her ol' college friends. Every New Years Eve and Halloween time, the club turns up the heat and my wife Casey and I have never missed those hot nights since being married 4 years ago. It's difficult getting a reservation but Casey seems to know the owners well enough to secure our party time. I am not a regular there because I'm out of town a lot but Casey goes clubbing there regularly on Friday nights.

The last years Halloween Party at the club was the hottest party I've ever attended. The costumes are not you normal variety but more original, creative, and highly suggestive. Last year, Casey talked me into getting a little bolder with our costumes because I'm usually just a wallflower that fully enjoys watching my young wife party hard without me getting jealous or feeling left out. Casey knows many regular guys at the club and they encouraged her to 'blow their minds' this years Halloween Party. Last year's party had lots of bare as you dare costumes. Some girls wore transparent catsuits, on girl wore suspender shorts while topless, and some of the guys were just as bold, one wore a Scottish kilt without undies and another worn a swimmers speedo that showed a stuffed long cock.

Casey and I went to New York City for a few days before the weekend Halloween Party. While we were there, she searched for a costume house that specialized in wild adult costumes. She found this place called 'Spice is Nice' and grabbed my hand to go with her to check this place out. The store was on the third floor of a building and you'd never know it was there unless you searched for it. The store was actually a first class place and there were two other couples looking for costumes as well.

One of the girls that was trying on a Maid costume, freely undressed in the open store to try on a pretty hot looking outfit. Casey looked at her and said to me, "I wish I had boobs like hers". Casey isn't endowed with big boobs. She is a thinner 120lbs, 5'6", with a small but perky set of 34A breasts. I assured Casey that many guys love girls with small breasts. She said she knew because many of the guys at the club were always copping a feel. I wasn't shocked, just that I now confirmed what I thought may happen at the club on her nights out.

Casey looked at a few costumes but found nothing that interested her. As the other couples left the store, the store manager, a hot guy around 40, asked if there was anything special she was looking for. She first looked at me, squeezed my hand, looked back at him (his name was Mark). She told Mark that she wanted to really wanted to steal the show at the party we were going to attend. Casey explained to Mark that the Club was pretty erotic and wild during the Halloween Party but she never was brave or crazy enough to show more skin that her legs and butt. Mark made a suggestion that perked Casey's interest but it include me. He suggested going as Adam & Eve. I laughed but Casey pushed him to explain. Mark said he can do a special costume that wouldn't expose me but would excite her possible needs. Explaining more, Mark said since the party was the next night and we'd be leaving New York, he could do a body paint on Casey. Leaves painted over bare naked breasts and a larger leave painted over her naked shaved pussy. She at first laughed, again squeezed my hand tight and asked me if I would please let her do this for her ego. Being not sure of the consequences of her costumed like that, she begged until I agreed. Casey promised I would be rewarded. She knows I love her teasing and flirting with other men. Not sure why but I get excited watching my 'trophy wife' being a fantasy.

Mark said he could begin the body painting now but he'd need to close the store so he could finish the job without interruption. We both agreed he could body paint her now and he would design a more conservative leaf design bottom for me, because I'm more conservatively shy. We went to the rear of the store where Mark had a small studio. As he was preparing the body paint for Casey, she pulled me aside and told me she was dripping wet from excitement because she was going to be painted nude by a stranger. I told her my heart was beating fast because it sounded exciting to me too.

When Mark was done preparing the body paint, he asked Casey to remove her clothes. Peeling off her sweatshirt, Mark stared at her bra-less perky breasts. Casey's nipples poked out stiffer than I've ever remembered. She then peeled down her jeans, now standing in front of Mark wearing just her thong. Casey sat down in front for Mark as he began to outline the pattern over her breasts. Mark asked Casey to remove her thong so her could draw an outline over her crotch and bottom. When Casey slipped off her thong, you could easily see the glistening wetness on her bald pussy lips.

Mark traced a pattern over Casey's mound and finished by following the design up her ass to complete a leaf shape. Casey was smiling like a schoolgirl. Mark then told Casey he was going to apply the body paint within the outlines. We didn't know that he was needing to apply the body paint with his bare hands. As Mark dipped his hand into the paint mixture, he slowly and deliberately massaged the paint over Casey right breast and he made sure her perky nipple received extra attention. Casey was about to drool and my cock was even starting to throb. Mark then textured the paint to look like a leaf and ever stoke he took with his fingers brought a purr from Casey. He then began working on the left breast, following the same slow deliberate massaging detail. I have to say, even though this was an extreme turn on to Casey and me, the body painting was excellent.

About that time, Mark's phone began ringing. He wiped his hands with a wet rag and excused himself. When he left the studio area, Casey looked at me with glassy eyes and told me how wet and horny she was when he was touching her. I told her I was probably just as excited. Casey told me 'No Way". I told Casey if that turned her on so much, to wait until his fingers start massaging her pussy. She said. 'OMG, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to control myself'. I told her to enjoy herself and this was a time in her life where she could experience a memory that we could talk about forever. 'What do you mean?' Casey asked. I told her I didn't care if she wanted to have some fun with Mark because I was enjoying her being pleasured. She asked if I was kidding or really wanted that. I swallowed hard and told her I thought it would be awesome. About that time, Mark returned and apologized for the interruption. He then asked Casey if she was ready for the rest of her body painting. She smiled and joked to Mark that she hoped it would be as exciting as what he already had done. He smiled and told her he could make it as exciting or better if she wanted. Casey's head bobbed up and down rapidly to encourage Mark to go for it. Mark looked at me for a sign. I told Mark that I found it exciting to watch my wife in the jello state and told him that Casey wants what she wants and I never oppose.

Mark began with using a moisturizing cream to prevent any irritation Casey may get from the body paint on her pussy. As he began apply the cream, Casey lifted and spread her legs. Mark continued to massage the cream on her pussy and ass crack. Casey looked me in the eyes and extended her hand to me. I went to stand next to Casey as she squeezed my hand tightly as Mark spent time applying the cream to her pussy. That's when Mark slipped his fingers in Casey and I watched her oils mix with his fingers. Casey then asked Mark if she could see his cock. I giggled and told Mark that 'I told you Casey knows what she wants". Mark then stood up and removed his jeans and boxers. While he wasn't huge, he was hard as a board. Casey reached with her other hand and ran her fingers up and down his shaft.

Casey then squeezed my hand and asked me 'Can I?' I nodded yes and Casey asked Mark to fill her so she could climax with him in her. Mark placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my wife's wet pussy and Casey lifted her hips to allow her pussy to swallow his meat. Casey grabbed Mark's butt and pulled him tight. Mark must have felt Casey's quick orgasm as he too began pumping his cum into her, seemingly never to empty himself. As Mark withdrew his cock from Casey, his cum poured out of her pussy like a dam break. Casey was breathing heavy and squeezed my hand, asking me if I was OK. I said it was incredible, as Mark was looking for something to clean her and himself up. Casey then asked me to touch her wet pussy. As I did, I was excited over the heat of the cum still dripping from her pussy. Mark must have had the longest and strongest cum load ever. Casey then quietly asking if I could give her another orgasm by licking her pussy. While I was a bit hesitant, she guided her direction with legs spread, gaping pussy to me. Being still excited myself, I followed her request and knelt between her legs. Casey groaned as soon as my lips and tongue met her pussy. Casey pulled my head onto her and screamed as she had an even stronger orgasm in my mouth. Her orgasm was so strong that it forced another dose of Mark and her cum into my mouth. I swallowed the salty but erotic cum as Casey released my head and thanked me over and over again.

Mark returned with a wash cloth for Casey and he had dressed himself as well. While being very thankful for the treat Casey gave to him, he also thanked me for allowing him the most exciting day he's had in months. Mark finished his professional body painting job while Casey, Mark, and I joked about the day. Mark didn't charge us the $100 for the body paint costume and the briefs he made for me. He only made us promise to return often when in New York.

On our drive back to Jersey, Casey and I laughed and talked about how exciting the day had been. Casey then told me if I wanted her to be naughty at the Halloween Party, that she would give him memories that they both could laugh about forever.

Well, the Party came and went. I can only say that Casey did what she said regarding being naughty. While I sat and watched Casey dance all night while tipsy from the drinking, Casey had let five of her guy friends slow dance with her while being nude in her Eve body paint. All five have know Casey for years and all five had the time of their lives at the party. Casey managed to slip their cocks in her pussy while slow dancing and had each during the night, cum in her pussy while the danced. Each time she got her dance friend to cum in her, she walked to my table to show me. I would slip my fingers into her pussy, allowing the cum to empty onto my fingers. While I didn't taste any of their cum, our taxi driver was given a treat when he drove us home after the party. Casey gave him his tip by giving him a blow job with his door wide open and her on her knees in our driveway. He blew a good size load of creamy cum into her mouth in which she turned to me who was standing and watching this, and brought her mouth to mine and feeding me a mouthful of his cum. I swallowed what I could and she licked my lips and mouth with what leaked out.

We both enjoyed our Halloween time so much, we can't wait for the New Year's Eve party or two that we'll attend.
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