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Hello, Lover. (First half)

girl meeting up with her virtual lover ...

            On my way to the airport, I realized I was meeting up with a man that I never met, to have sexual relations during the span of the weekend. We spoke online only, and this would be our first meeting. Morally I wasn't sure how to go about it, only addressing the fact that I was highly attracted to this older man living 2 provinces away. I just knew I wanted him. Does this make me a slut? Probably. I decided that it didn't matter, and I did not care as nobody knew about us. We were both private people, and consenting adults. The only difference was the 16 year age gap.
            “Do I look like a slut?” The thought came to mind as I caught my reflection in the panes heading towards the gates. I wore a knee length charcoal pencil skirt, nicely pressed white collar blouse, black stockings, and charcoal pumps.   Yes, you look like a total whore. I giggled, walking as I inspected my reflection in the airport window. Sans blazer, I looked like an off duty stewardess. I ran my fingers through my long black hair to ensure all was in place. You’re a whore, alright. I laughed to myself and strode in.
            At the gate I waited, slowly pacing - staring at nothing. Perhaps I arrived a bit too early but such is never a bad thing. In my pacing I came to realize my nervousness, and excitement. I felt like bursting. How do you greet someone you’ve never met? What do you say when all you’ve exchanged were words? I knew nothing except, I wanted to see him immediately. Cutting through the buzz of my own neuroses, I heard rustling around me and looked up to see a mass of faces pouring down from the top of the stairs and escalator. The crowd grew and grew, and I felt lost but stood still.
            In standing still swarms of faces surrounded me, greeting their loved ones. I spun in circles scanning, but stopped. A towering figure had stepped into my line of view. Listen pal, shoo! -   I shot the intruder an irritated glance, stepped away, and kept scanning. The towering mass spoke. I stood there staring at him, dumbfounded and blushing like a school girl. It was he, and indeed a towering flesh.
            I shook his hand, and he laughed. There was an uncertainty as how I was to greet him in public. It was best to keep it simple. As we made our way out, we spoke casually about one’s day, overlaying and downplaying the underlying excitement. I kept stealing glances at his face. The eyes, the dimples, and the keeper of the smile – oh those lips which I longed to touch. An infectious smile he had, and warm green eyes to compliment. What a gorgeous man. I couldn’t wait to touch him.
            From the airport, I thought I’d be a gracious hostess and took him to a classy dimly lit eatery. We took a booth in the back for a private conversation. During dinner I could not help but smile, as I was suppressing all thoughts of ravaging this man . I figure let him eat first then eat him afterwards. I chuckled at this thought. We sat side by side in a booth, our thighs lightly touching. Time ceased to exist, as we ate, spoke, and laughed. It was delicious to be sitting so close yet barely touching, skin so sensitive to the other’s touch. Deeply I yearned to touch him anywhere. Touch him, grab his cock and get on with it! Easy now, slutty slutterson pace yourself.
            My body was sensitive to his movements. The heat between my hips was growing, inching its way up my body. My chest was pink with excitement and my cheeks flushing in response to his presence. I could not help myself as I instinctively I slowly reached out under the burgundy table cloth and softly caressed his knee - demurely smiling up at him. My thigh slowly and firmly rubbing up against his, as my fingers gently glided upwards. I let my hand rest on his upper thigh, letting the warmth of my hand penetrate the cloth. He took a long deep breath, when I gave his thigh a squeeze. Do you know I want to fuck you on this table? Let them all watch.
            He looked down at me watching me caress his thigh, smiling. Deep into his eyes I stared, my hands riding up and down his thigh, building so much heat. His eyes shifting to the people seated around us, no one was watching. When he wasn’t looking, I inched my little hand closer to his form. His head quickly snapped back to look at me, I laughed. We haven’t even finished dinner yet. Do you know how wet I am right now for you, baby? - Fuck dinner! He was moaning ever so slightly under my touch, trying to keep composed. Staring at his lap I knew he was in tune. I felt such urgency, that I reached out and grasped him. He moaned under his breath, his hand roughly clutching my knee. That’s right baby, touch me.
            His firmness in my hand I gripped hard and tugged slowly, my other hand raking the crotch of his pants. My little pussy was throbbing while I reached out for his zipper, slowly sliding it down. Aching as I reached in - feeling the soft skin of his hard cock. I pulled him out, savoring him under my finger tips, massaging the head. Tracing the veins, and exploring every inch of his manhood. What a beautiful cock. His cheeks now flushed, I leaned over and kissed him softly - teasing with my full red lips as I rigidly tugged on his pulsing hot cock.
             My pussy was quivering, while his hand slightly spread my legs apart. I pressed my breasts against his upper arm, breathing hard as he caressed higher up my inner thigh. He stopped at the top of my stockings, feeling the soft flesh. He pinched the skin inches away from my tingling wetness - I gasped and gripped his cock even harder. God I want to sit on your lap so badly. Bend me over this table, and punish me! I bit my lip hard, on the verge of whimpering as he lifted my skirt high enough to show an inch above my stocking tops. He stopped and stared down for a while, just drinking in the view, knowing that in the shadows of my skirt lay my wetness, all for him. I crossed my legs, winking at him as he looked at me in irritation. I smiled as I spread my legs for him, one hand caressing the inner corners of my wet black lace panties, and one hand stroking the head of his cock.
                “That’s a good girl.” He whispered, reaching down to overlap my hand that now caressed the wet fabric between my legs. He pushed my hand away, gingerly fingering the fabric. At this point, I was in fact losing my mind. In realizing we were still at the restaurant, I quickly scanned the room and smiled, as no one took notice of us in the corner booth. I looked into his eyes deeply pleading Please take me , while his hand explored the wetness of the cloth. His finger was tracing the area before the opening of my outer lips, teasing me. I lightly pushed up against his hand, conveying my readiness to take him. Softly he smiled continuing to tease me, touching, stroking, and pinching the flesh around my pussy, the cloth now soaking with my resignation. I pleaded with him, quietly begging with my eyes absolute hunger. He smiled a cruel smile and continued to play around my agonized flesh. I groaned, as I was ready to cum with him teasing me. I dared not. As if sensing my thought, he slipped a finger under my panties and began to trace the wetness on my outer lips. It made me smile to see him pleased with this. His finger ran from the top to the bottom of my lips, spreading the wetness all over, making a slippery mess. My eyes closing in the deep pleasure and sounds of my wetness, as I boldly leaned down to take his firmness between my rouge lips.
                A deep groan escaped from his lips, as mine glided slowly down his cock taking him all in. My tongue massaging him all over, tasting the light pre-cum that seeped out, just delicious. I closed my eyes savoring him in my mouth, lapping up every inch of his hardness. My heart skipped a beat as he slipped in one finger in me, as I hungrily continued to pump him. I was oozing by now, just so wet and ready for his taking. I didn’t care if I soaked through my skirt. He yanked my panty to the sided and was now inserting two fingers, crooked inwards to tease me into cumming. I gasped in deep anguish as the tension in my abdomen, and pussy grew and grew. I moaned quietly into his cock, sucking slower, and harder. My tongue was moving in circles on the head of his hardness, pumping him with two hands. Harder and gradually faster I savored his cock with every thrust. His one hand now resting on my pussy - unable to focus, while I greedily devoured his cock, as the other was hand clutching a handful of my hair driving my head roughly on his cock.
                “Make me cum baby. You want me to cum in your mouth? Say it, take it.” He whispered quietly, firmly. Yes darling, please cum in my mouth. I nodded obediently, and looked up at him longingly.
                “Baby, I want you to fill my lips.” I pleaded. He gripped my hair harder as I pumped and sucked harder, his hot breath quickening – motivating me even more. I knew that pleasing him would bring me great pleasure. I relished in the feel and shape of the head of his cock, ardently tracing with my tongue in circular motion, licking the opening and savoring the taste of his pleasure. His cock hardening even more, as I passionately pumped him slowly into my eager lips, enjoying the slipperiness of it all.
                I heard a stifled and pained groan as he slightly hunched over and dug his fist into the table, and I felt exhilarated to feel the hot fluid drench my tongue and pour out my full red lips. I kept pumping, swallowing all that he gave me. I stopped and licked his head clean, kissed it and sat up smiling at his flushed face. I giggled watching him trying to regain composure. My eyes were darting about subtly, fully realizing what I had just done. Not a person in sight, thank god for bad service. I chuckled heartedly.
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